KPK PMS Screening Test 2018| KPPSC PMS Past Paper Screening Test Mcqs 2018


KPK PMS Screening Test 2018 | Kppsc PMS Past Paper Screening Test Mcqs 2018 | KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test and KPK PMS 2021 Screening Test Study Material Update:

The following is the past paper of KPK PMS Screening Test 2018. CSS Prep Forum always try to bring the best to help thousands of competitive students.

How to Prepare for KPK PMS Screening Test 2021?

The number of KPK PMS has been increasing for the last many years, so to crack for the screening has become a dilemma for thousands of PMS aspirants in KPK. Since 2018, Howfiv has introduced One Paper MCQs exam and screening test preparation under the patronage of its highly qualified coaches and officers: Sir Badar Rameez, Sir Syed Kazim Ali, Miss Nirmal, Miss Bakhtawar, Sir Hamza Asif, Miss Zaineb Azam, and ten others. Howfiv, with these coaches’ help, has created thousands of exam-relevant MCQs that could be asked in exams. In CCE Sindh Screening Test 2021, more than 63 MCQs has been taken from the Howfiv website. If you are interested in preparing yourself for KPK PMS Screening 2021, keep preparing yourself by memorizing, practising, and testing thousands of exam-relevant MCQs at the Howfiv website. If you think you are fully prepared or are confused about preparing for the screening test, join the EXCLUSIVE CRASH COURSE of KPK PMS Screening 2021 introduced by Howfiv. 

KPPSC PMS Screening Test Pattern

The pattern of KPK PMS Screening Test would be:

Total Marks400 Marks
Total Number of MCQs100 MCQs
Marks per MCQ4 Marks per MCQ
Time Allowed90 Minutes
Test TypeMultiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)
Recommended WebsiteHowfiv


Although it is not decided yet, as per SPSC Screening test, it might be possible that each incorrect answer will result in deduction of 0.25 marks.


It is also not decided yet, but as per SPSC Screening test model, candidates securing minimum 50% marks will be eligible to appear in the written examination of KPK PMS-2021.


The screening test will contain multiple-choice questions (MCQs) comprising of following subjects (NOTE: 20 MCQs from each of the following 5 sections):

  1. English
  2. Islamiat
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Pakistan Affairs
  5. Everyday Science
KPK PMS 2021 Screening Test

KPPSC PMS Past Paper Screening Test Mcqs 2018

1It is difficult to “discern” the sample that is one the slide unless the microscope is adjusted.DiscardArrangeDetermineDebatec
2Even as a child Thomas Edison had a very “inquisitive mind;” at the age of three he performed his first experiment.ComplexBrilliantMatureCuriousd
3Drink only “tepid” liquids.Slightly warmVery hotSlightly coolVery colda
4Sometimes while living in a foreign country, one “craves” a special dish from homeEatsDesiresPreparesLooks forb
5It is not good business policy to buy “sleazy” materials.UsedOldFewCheapd
6He is “scrupulous” in matters of passing judgments.HesitantCleverCarefulRashc
7The “velour” of the rescue team was praise-worthy.DeterminationCourageSpeedStrengthd
8He is “pre-eminent” scholar of Urdu.PromisingFamiliarProfoundOutstandingd
9He was “provoked” into taking a wrong step.EncouragedArousedPersuadedCompelledb
10The proposal was “turned down” by the committee.RefusedAcceptedRejectedCondemnedc
11The salesman in that clothing store is so _______ that it is impossible to even look at a garment without being ______ by their effort to convince you to purchase.Offensive, ConsideratePersistent, IrritatedExtensive, InducedImmune, Aidedb
12As a scientist, Isaac Newton was capable of______, but his mistakes are remarkable few in light of his______.Errors, AccomplishmentArtistry, FailuresGenius, WorksInnovation, lapsesa
13By comparing the actual architectural ______ of the Aztec pyramids with those reported in ancient Aztec documents, it is possible to ______ the general descriptive accuracy of these records.Design, FalsifyDetails, AssessBlue prints, DelayDevice, Initiateb
14When one advances hundreds ______; and the balance is always in favor of nearly universal ______.Retreat, PeaceBattle, WeaknessRetrogress, DeteriorationSubside, Conflicta
15To understand the people of other culture, one must not form a ______ impression, one must play the role of the _______ and evaluate all of the evidence.Distrustful, SkepticSympathetic, RadicalHasty, AncientGraphic, Artista
16Unless you work very hard ______.You are not being successfulYou will not be successfulYou ought to be successfulYou be not successfulb
17The doctor warns him that unless he gives up smoking ______.His health will soon be recoveredHe will not recoverWill he be able to recoverHe will not sufferb
18How much a man earns is as important as_______.Where does he earnWhy does he earn of allWhen does he do soHow does he do itd
19Shan, where are you? ________ up this tree.There I amThere am IHere I am Here am I c
20He tames animals because he _______.Is fond of themHates themSeldom loves themIs afraid of thema
21The word “Contemporary” stands forA person engaged on temporary basisA person who shows contemptThose existing or living at the same timeOne who speaks rapidlyc
22Which of the following item is most different from fear?FrightScareFuryTerrorc
23Which of the following items, being unrelated, differ from the rest?AntagonismAnimosityHostilityApathyd
24Identify the unrelated word in the group.PoorDiligentIndigentDestituteb
25Amoral is the same asStrictly moralWiseLacking moral sensibilityEthicalc
26Choose the  opposite in meaning to the capitalized word: ABROGATETransgressSignifyRatifyQuestionc
27Choose the  opposite in meaning to the capitalized word: LUMINARYImposterNonentityPilgrimBraggartb
28Choose the  opposite in meaning to the capitalized word: OPACITYTransparenceIridescenceFirmnessSluma
29Choose the  opposite in meaning to the capitalized word: OPPRESSMisapplyMercyMiserableDistressedb
30Choose the  opposite in meaning to the capitalized word: UNSTRUNGPracticeUnnervedCarefreeSuperiorc
31Choose the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the key word: HideousUglyBeautifulSecretRetarda
32Choose the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the key word: IndolenceWrathIndulgenceCatharsisSlothd
33Choose the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the key word: IntercedeArbitrateAbandonReject  Imaginea
34Choose the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the key word: LethargyAlertnessBrokenDrowsinessConspiracyc
35Choose the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the key word: MassacreStabSlaughterMurderAssassinateb
36The young woman was escorted to ______ the court by her solicitor.FromWithUpOffa
37Their life was hedged _______with pretty restrictions.AroundAboutRoundAta
38She was marked ______ by a fiery tempt and a strain of intolerance.Of  OffIn  Into  b
39Your proposal looks good on the paper but I am not yet convinced it can be put ______ effect.InIntoTo On  b
40It rests _______ you to settle your difference as best way as you can.With InOnTo a
41The account of Babur’s life (Tuzuki Baburi) was written in:UrduPersianTurkishArabicc
42Taj Mahal was constructed by:JahangirShah JehanAkbarAbul Fazalb
43World War I came to an end in:1916191819201945b
44Quaid-e-Azam was appointed the Governor General of Pakistan by the:ElectionKingReferendumSenateb
45Nadir Shah attacked on the Sub-Continent in:1730173517391742c
46In which city Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded a school in 1859?DelhiMuradabadLucknowLahoreb
47How many years the First Constituent Assembly last for?78910a
48The first Chief Justice of Pakistan was:Zafar ul HaqAbdur RashidMushtaq HussainSajjad Ali Shahb
49In _______ Minto-Morley Reforms were introduced in India.1907190919111915b
50Hijrat Movement was started in:1918192019221925b
51Quaid-e-Azam was elected president of Muslim League in:190619101916Nonec
52The 20th Constitution Amendment bill was passed by the National Assembly on _______February 2012.14th 16th18th20tha
53Punjab occupies the _______ part of Pakistan.North WesternNorth EasternNorth SouthernNoneb
54Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lies to ______ of Punjab.EastWestNorth  Southb
55On the north-western part, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has common border with ______.India Iran China Afghanistand
56_______ was the first Viceroy of India.Lord Canning Lord DalhousieLord Hastings None d
57Jinnah meet Lord Mountbatten for the first time on:April 5, 1947.   April 15, 1946 . April 5, 1945.  Nonea
58Pakistan become the member of UNO on_______ 1947.16th August 30th September28th November Noneb
59First elected president of the Pakistan first constituted assembly was:Quaid-e-Azam Liaquat Ali KhanMolvi Tameez ud dinNonea
60______was the first Commander in Chief of Pakistan Navy.W MesservyJames WillfredAbdul MajeedNoneb
61Quaid-e-Azam’s official cause of death was:Cardiac arrestTuberculosisCancerNoneb
62Indian Khilafat Deputation visited England to put their view before Lloyd George in______.194019301920Nonec
63The Pakistan Forest Institute, a national organization was established in:195719471967Noneb
64Relics of stone tolls found in caves and terraces that dates back to Pleistocene period have been discovered in:SindhPunjabBaluchistanNone b
65The demand of separate electorate for Muslims was first accepted in the Act of:190919191935Nonea
66Redcliff submitted its formula for the division of India into two countries to Lord Mountbatten on _______ 1947.9th August19th August29th AugustNoned
67Shahab-ud-Din Muhammad Ghouri defeated Pirthviraj in 1192 in the Second Battle of_______.Panipat NagpurTaroriTaraind
68Who was appointed the first President of Muslim League?Nawab Mohsin ul MulkNawab Viqar ul MulkNawab Saleem UllahNoned
69Global hand washing day is celebrated every year on:15th September15th October15th November15th Decemberb
70GIS stands for:General Information SystemGeographical Information SystemGeographical Information SystemGeneral Investigation Systemb
71Which one is the largest ocean on earth?AtlanticPacificArabianNoneb
72Analytical device that couples microorganisms with a transducer to enable rapid detection of target analytes.Microbial biosensor H2O2 biosensorBothNonea
73The measure of acidity and alkalinity of a liquid:pHTDSTSSECa
74The living bacteria and yeast that are good for health especially for the digestive system:Bio aerosolsProbioticsBoth of theseNoneb
75Which of the following arsenic species is more toxic?As (III)As (V)Arsine gasOrganic arsenicc
76Parts per billion is _______ times smaller than part per million.100100010,000100,000b
77_______is biodegradable form of solid waste.Yard wastePlasticsGlassRubbera
78Which of the following is the major source of ground water combination?FertilizersLandfillsSeptic tanksAll thesed
79Heat transfer by:ConductionConvectionRadiationAll thesed
80The supersonic jets cause pollution that leads to the thinning of:CO2 layerSO2 layerO3 layerO2 layerc
81Which of the following might result from overgrazing?DesertificationWater retentionIntroduction exotic speciesAll thesed
82_______ disease is not caused by noise pollution.DeafnessIrritationHypertensionDiarrhead
83Ground water is a part of:AtmosphereLithosphereHydrosphereStratospherec
84Soil conservation refers to:Conversion of sterile soil into fertile soilSoil erosionSoil aerationSoil protectiond
85All are particulate pollutants except:DustSmokeTar  Ozoned
86The principle source of volatile organics is:Industrial processTransportationStationary fuel combustionVolcanoesa
87_______ disease is not water borne.TyphoidDiarrheaDysenteryScabiesd
88Shandur lake is located at the elevation of _______ feet.10,00012,00014,00016,000b
89In 1973, Pakistan signed the following convention dealing with threatened species of wild flora and fauna.CMSCITESCCCNoneb
90Organic farming is very important because of:Eco-friendlyToxic free plantsHealthy for humansAll thesed
91The shortest Surah in the Holy Quran is:Surah NisaSurah AhzabSurah BaqarahSurah Kausard
92Who introduced Jail System for detention of prisoners?Umar (RA)Abu Bakar (RA)Ali (RA)Usman (RA)a
93How many Sajood are there in Holy Quran?10121418c
94The largest army that ever marched out of Madina was in:Ghazwa UhadGhazwa TabukGhazwa SaweeqGhazwa Ahzabb
95The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was poisoned by a Jewish hostess at the time of:Ghazwa Uhad Conquest KhyberGhazwa BadarGhazwa Hunainb
96Complete the series 3, 8, 15, 24,_______.32343635d
97Complete the series: 111, 115, 120, 126, ________.130128133136c
98Complete the series 7, 49, 6, 36, 5, _______.2542315a
99Complete the series: 29, 23, 18, 14, 11,_______.136199d
100Complete the series: 6, 7, 9, 12, 16, 21, 27, 34, _______.50494260c
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