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Most Important Human Tribes MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar

Most Important Human Tribes MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar

General Knowledge MCQs | General Knowledge MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar | Tribes of the World MCQs | MCQs Related to the Tribes of the World | General Knowledge MCQs for CSS, PMS and One Paper Aspirants | MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar

Tribes of the world at different stages of history have been a favourite area for the paper setter of commission exam, such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KKPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS, all screening tests etc. Tribes related MCQs have most of the time included in the 100 marks paper for the posts, from BPS 11 to BPS 18, of Land Records Officer, TMO and Chief council Officer, District Food Controller, AD Anti-Corruption, Excise and Taxation Inspector ,Inspector Police/Anti-corruption, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar , AD Narcotics Force, IA/IB/ NAB/ISI/Passport/CAA, Civil Judge Exam, Labour Officer and Labour Inspector, Deputy Superintendent Jail ,District Zakat Officer ,Ministries, Banks, junior clerks  etc

It has been noticed that millions of students remain unable to apprehend these tribes of the world in sequence. Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar has compiled most important mcqs from the different tribes in the world history to assist millions of students. As soon as you start reading these mcqs, you do not only memorise them but also recall them easily while attempting any one paper exam. General Knowledge MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar.

These One Liners are best for the following types of tests:

Assistant Director FIA Supervisor in Food Department 
Assistant Director ISILabour Officer & Labour Inspector
Assistant Director MODAssistant Registrar Cooperative
Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionCivil Judges Exams 
Assistant Director ANFAssistant Food Controller
Assistant Director ASFLand Records Officer
Assistant Director PassportASI Police & S.I Police
Assistant Director NABAssistant Director Land Records
Assistant Superintendent Jail Ziladar
Deputy Superintendent Jail Tehsildar 
& all other competitive exams

The MCQs by Miss Bakhtawar are as follows:

1Dominant people of the middle East since 7 AD were called:GothHunsArabsMongolsc
2The Islamic rulers and successors of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are called:AmeerCaliphsPresidentKingb
3<p>Cossacks, group of tribes were settled in the southern steppes of Russia in:</p>14th century16th century12th century15th centuryb
4Goths, two nomadic tribes, invaded the Roman empire at the time of its fall in:AD 410AD 510AD 610AD 710a
5Huns, Nomadic tribe which invaded India and Europe in:7th century AD5th Century AD9th century11th centuryb
6Ku-Klux Klan, the US superemacist secret society is hostile to Blacks, Roman Catholics and:MuslimsHindusJewsSikhsc
7Afridis, Fighting race of hill men is found in Waziristan in the West Frontier of:IndiaPakistanIranAfghanistanb
8Bhils, a primitive Dravidian race is inhabiting central:AfghanistanBengalAsiaIndiad
9Daffa, a fighting tribe of Arunachal Pradesh is from:ChinaGermanyIndiaArabc
10Eskimos are the people of Arctic Regions, northern Canada, Greenland and:MexicoAlaskaChardBrazilb
11Kurds are inhabitants of northern Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Parts of Syria and:AzerbaijanGermanyGreeceEthiopiaa
12Maori, Polynesians are natives of:PhilippinesMarshal IslandsNew ZealandGreenlandc
13Mappila are Muslim tribes of Malabar from:ChinaIndiaBurmaArabb
14Flemish are the tribal inhabitants of which of the following countries?BelgiumChilePeruNone of thesea
15Karen people are ethnic groups found in which of the following?Myanmar & ThailandChinaAfricaNone of thesea
16Bushmen are the native people from which of the following continents?North AmericaSouth AmericaAfricaAsiac
17Which of the following are hunting nomads?PygmiesKazaksLappsNone of thesea
18Among the Maori in New Zealand, the largest social divisions are:TribesClansHouseholdNone of thesea
19Which of the following was one of the reasons warfare existed among the Maori in North Island?There are gender division of laborPlanting was hard workIt was a way to acquire new land for plantingNone of thesec
20Cossacks, group of tribes were settled in the southern steppes of Russia in ______.14th century16th century12th century15th centuryb
Prepared by Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar

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