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Most Important EDS Abbreviations Alphabetically | One-Liner of EDS Abbreviations by Miss Nirmal

Most Important EDS Abbreviations Alphabetically | One-Liner of EDS Abbreviations by Miss Nirmal

Everyday Science One Liner | Everyday Science One Liner by Miss Nirmal | Everyday Science MCQs | Alphabetically EDS Abbreviations | Everyday Science and General Science and Ability MCQs for CSS, PMS Aspirants | Everyday Science by Miss Nirmal

The Everyday Science’s alphabetical abbreviations have been the crucial part of the one-paper commission exam, such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KKPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, etc. It has been noticed that millions of competitive students in Pakistan remain unable to grasp the abbreviations related to the subject of everyday science. Miss Nirmal Hasni has written the alphabetical abbreviations of everyday science in a one-liner to help students memorize essential terms that have been becoming the part of each exam, conducted by FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, NTS, etc. As soon as you start reading and memorizing these one-liners, you will be able to solve any EDS and General Science and Ability MCQs, which are asked in one paper 100 Marks MCQs exams, like NTS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC. BPSC, AJKPSC, KPPSC, FIA, ASF, ANF, MOD, Anti-corruption, and all type of competitive exams.

These One Liners are best for the following types of tests:

Assistant Director FIA Supervisor in Food Department 
Assistant Director ISILabour Officer & Labour Inspector
Assistant Director MODAssistant Registrar Cooperative
Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionCivil Judges Exams 
Assistant Director ANFAssistant Food Controller
Assistant Director ASFLand Records Officer
Assistant Director PassportASI Police & S.I Police
Assistant Director NABAssistant Director Land Records
Assistant Superintendent Jail Ziladar
Deputy Superintendent Jail Tehsildar 
& all other competitive exams

The one-liner by Miss Nirmal are as follows:

Sr#One Liner of EDS Chronologically Abbreviations by Miss Nirmal
1  ABM: Anti-Ballistic Missile
2  AC: Alternating Current/Air Conditioning
3  ADH: Anti-diuretic Hormone
4  AEC: Atomic Energy Commission
5  Aided Design
6  AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
7  Alt: Altitude
8  am: Ante Maridiem (Before Noon/Midday)
9  Amp: Ampere
10  AMU: Atomic Mass Unit
11  APTEC: All Pakistan Technology Engineers Council
12  ATM: Automated Teller Machine (Banking)
13  ATP: Adenosine Tri Phosphate
14  ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate
15  AW: Atomic Weight/ Asia Watch
16  AWACS: Airborne Warning and Control System 56. CCTV: Closed-Circuit Television
17  BASIC: Beginner‘s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
18  BCG: Bacillus Calmette Guerin
19  BDS: Bachelor Of Dental Surgery/ Bomb Disposal Squad
20  BIOS: Basic Input Output System
21  BOT: Build, Operate and Transfer/Botulinum Toxin
22  BP: Blood Pressure/ Boiling Point/ Blue Print 13. C/A: Current Account
23  BTU: British thermal Unit
24  CAA: Civil Aviation Authority
25  CABB: Centre Of Agricultural Biochemistry And Biotechnology 16. CAD: Computer-
26  Cal: Calorie
27  CD: Compact Disc/ Civil Defence/ Community Development
28  CD-ROM: Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
29  CECP: Cotton Export Corporation Of Pakistan
30  CFC: Chloro Fluoro Carbon
31  CHASNUPP: Chashma Nuclear Power Plant
32  CMCC: China Mobile Communications Corporation
33  CNG: Compressed Natural Gas
34  CNS: Central Nervous System
35  COM: Computer Aided Manufacturing
36  COMSAT: Communications Satellite Corporation
37  CPU: Central Processing Unit
38  CRO: Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
39  CRT: Cathode Ray Tube
40  CSIRO: Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation
41  CTBT: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
42  CT-Scan: Computerised Axial Tomography Scanning
43  DBS: Data Base Server/ Direct Broadcast Satellite
44  DNA: Deoxyribonucleic Acid
45  DVD: Dynamic Versatile Disc
46  ECAT: Engineering Colleges Admission Test
47  ECG: Electro Cardio Gram
48  EDB: Engineering Development Board
49  EMF: Electro Motive force
50  ENERCON: Energy Conservation Centre
51  EPD: Energy Protection Department
52  ESA: European Space Agency
53  ESRO: European Space Research Organisation
54  ETT: Educational Telecommunications and Technology/ European Transaction on
55  FAT: File Allocation Table
56  FCPS: Fellow Of The Royal College Of Physicians And Surgeons
57  FM: Frequency Modulation
58  FMCT: Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty
59  FRCS: Fellow Of The Royal College Of Surgeons
60  GeV: Giga Electro Volt
61  GHz. Gigahertz
62  GMT: Greenwich Mean Tim
63  GUT: Grand Unified Theory
64  HDL: Hardware Description Language
65  HST: High Speed Technology/ High Speed Train (in UK)/Hubble Space Telescope
66  HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
67  IAEA: International Atomic Energy Agency (UN)
68  IBM: International Business Machine
69  IC: Integrated Circuit/ Intelligence Corps
70  ICBM: Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
71  IEA: International Energy Agency
72  INSTRAW: International Research And Training Institute For The Advancement Of Women
73  INTELSAC: International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium
74  Intelsat: International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
75  IRBM: Intermediate Range ballistic Missile
76  ISP: Internet Service Provider
77  IT: Information Technology
78  ITB: Information Technology Board
79  JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
80  KANUPP: Karachi Nuclear Power Plant
81  KAPCO: Kot Adu Power Company
82  kHz: Kilohertz
83  KV: Kilo Volt
84  kW: Kilowatt
85  KWh: Kilo Watt Hour
86  LAN: Local Area Network
87  LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated emission of Radiation
88  LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
89  LDL: Low Density Lipoprotein
90  LED: Light emitting Diode
91  LONAR: Long Range Navigation
92  LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
93  MAF: Million Acre Feet
94  MASER: Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
95  MCAT: Medical Colleges Admission Test
96  MCV: Mean Corpuscular Volume
97  MDS: Master In Dental Surgery
98  MeV: Mega Electron Volt/ Million Electron Volt/ Multi-experiment Viewer
99  MNP: Mobile Number Probability
100  MRBM: Medium Range Ballistic Missile
101  MRCP: Member of Royal College of Physicians
102  MRCS: Member of Royal College of Surgeons
103  MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
104  MS: Medical Superintendent
105  MSN: Microsoft Network
106  MW: Megawatt
107  NADRA: National Database and Registration Authority
108  NEPRA: National Electric Power Regulatory Authority
109  NM: Nautical Mile
110  NMD: National Missile Defense
111  NPN: Negative Positive Negative
112  NPT: Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
113  NRA: Nuclear Regulatory Authority
114  NTP: Network Time Protocol/ Normal Temperature and Pressure
115  NWD: Nation Wide Dialing
116  OGDC: Oil and Gas Development Corporation
117  OGRA: Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority
118  PEMRA: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
119  Pm: Post Meridiem
120  PNP: Purine Nucleoside Phosphorylase
121  PTA: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
122  PTFE: Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
123  PVC: Poly vinyl Chloride
124  RADAR: Radio Detection and Ranging
125  RADAR: Radio Detection and Ranging
126  RAM: Random Access Memory
127  RBC: Red Blood Cells/Corpuscles
128  RNA: Ribonucleic Acid
129  ROM: Read Only Memory
130  RQ: Respiratory Quotient
131  SALT: Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
132  SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
133  SLV: Satellite Launch Vehicle
134  SMS: Short Message Service
135  SNGPL: Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited
136  SONAR: Sound Navigation and Ranging
137  SONAR: Sound Navigation And Ranging
138  SSGPL: Sui Southern Gas Pipeline Limited
139  STD: Subscriber‘s Trunk Dialling
140  STM: Subscriber Identification
141  STP: Standard Temperature and Pressure/Shielded Twisted Pair/Sodium
142  SUPARCO: Space And Upper Atmosphere Research Committee (Pakistan)
143  TB: Tubercle Bacillus/ Tuberculosis
144  Telecommunication
145  TNT: Tri Nitro Toluen
146  Tripolyphosphate/Spanning Tree Protocol
147  UHF: Ultra High Frequency
148  UHF: Ultra High Frequency
149  UNAEC: United Nations Atomic Energy Commission
150  UNESCO: United Nations Education, Scientific And Cultural Organisation
151  VCD: Video Compact Disc
152  VHF: Very High Frequency
153  WAN: Wide Area Network
154  WAN: Wide Area Network
155  WAP: Wireless Application Protocol
156  WAPDA: Water And Power Development Authority
157  WHO: World Health Organisation
158  WMD: Weapons Of Mass Destruction
159  WWF: World Wildlife Fund
160  WWW: World Wide Web
161  ZPG: Zero Population Growth
162   COMSTECH: Council Of Scientific And Technology Cooperation Of Islamic Conference
163   EEG: Electroencephalogram
164   EPA: Energy Protection Agency
165   HIV: Human Immune Deficiency Virus
166   HTML: Hypertext Mark-Up Language
167   ICU: Intensive Care Unit
Prepared by Miss Nirmal
About Miss Nirmal Hasni

Nirmal Hasni, serving in a Federal Government Organization since 2013, aims to help the students in building and defending an objective stance on the current economic, social, political and governance issues prevalent in and related to Pakistan.

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