Extensive English Essay & Precis Course for CSS and PMS

Are you looking to extensively prepare English essays and precis papers for the CSS 2024 exams? Then, let's join Sir Syed Kazim Ali to learn English grammar and communication skills thoroughly and how to write your ideas and arguments coherently, make assertions and support them with relevant evidence to qualify for the CSS and PMS English essay and precis papers.
Extensive English Essay & Precis Course for CSS

Course Overview

Let’s join to learn how to give your thoughts words fluently, confidently, and grammatically correct to qualify for the CSS and PMS English papers.

Extensive English Essay & Precis Course for CSS and PMS

Qualifying for the CSS exam requires aspirants to have a good command of English written communication skills. However, that greatly depends upon how rationally, analytically, and logically an aspirant writes and transfers his viewpoints and ideas to the examiner. Competitive aspirants think that memorizing facts, figures, and data alone will help them crack these papers. Contrarily to the misconception propagated by some inept teachers and academies, from the essay’s outline and introductory paragraph to the critical analysis and conclusion, an examiner evaluates aspirants’ articulation, grammar, structuring, vocabulary, viewpoints, attitude, and tone. Nevertheless, aspirants build an analytical approach by learning quality books and content alone; they don’t even practice and learn to give their thoughts words. As a result, despite having a great deal of knowledge regarding subjects, aspirants cannot transfer their ideas to the examiner satisfactorily. Regardless of what qualifications you possess and how much knowledge you have by reading quality books, you are declared failed if you don’t know how to give your thoughts words grammatically correct, fluently, and coherently. It is a fact! Even the most learned aspirant cannot understand the flow of coherent ideas and can make occasional errors, and that is where Sir Syed Kazim Ali comes in.

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has opened an Online Extensive English Essay and Precis Course for CSS 2024. This course is specially designed for aspirants who have planned to take the CSS 2024 and PMS 2023 exams and want to dive deep to grip English writing skills, including English grammar, essay writing, precis writing, and communication skills from basic to advanced levels. It equips you with writing skills and gives you the confidence to get the best possible exam results. In addition, this course helps you develop a habit of writing fluently, accurately, and appropriately by improving your core English skills with students at the same level. It is a perfect course if your level is between beginner and intermediate, and it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. So, whether you’re looking for your write-up evaluation or extensive coaching to take your writing skills to the next level to qualify for a competitive exam in Pakistan, Sir Syed Kazim Ali has an English language program to suit your needs.

CSS, PMS English Essay and Precis Course by Sir Syed Kazim Ali focus on your English communication skills and help you give your thoughts words fluently, coherently, and grammatically correct. His thorough evaluation, lecturing methodology, monitoring techniques, and constant feedback help his students develop the confidence required to qualify for the exams. That is why Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been the top English coach for CSS, PMS aspirants with the highest success rate of his students in Pakistan.

Course Schedule

The extensive English essay and precis course for CSS and PMS exams start in the following months.

  1. September
  2. January
  3. May
  4. January
Extensive English Essay and Precis Course for CSS & PMS Aspirants

If you qualify for the admission process, written at the bottom of the course details, you can reserve your seat for a session coming in the months mentioned above. Kindly contact the admin on WhatsApp to know more about advanced reservations:

  • 0332-6105842
  • 0300-6322446

Here, You will Find the Following:

  • Course Details
  • What will you learn?
  • How to register for the course?

Course Details:

  • ✓ Coach Name: Sir Syed Kazim Ali
  • ✓ Course Availability: All year
  • Course Registration Deadline: All year
  • Course Starts On: Just Started (Contact the Admin)
  • Course Yearly Schedule: September, January, and May
  • Lecturing Modality: Online (via Zoom)
  • Course Duration: up to 4 Months
  • Lectures per Week: 4/Week (2 to 4 hours a class)
  • Available Seats: 50 Seats Only
  • Class Size: Up to 50 Students
  • ✓ The Fee of the Course: 15,000/Month

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • ✓ Grammar and Language Focus
  • ✓ Synonyms and Antonyms
  • ✓ Vocabulary Usage
  • ✓ Pair of Words and Idioms
  • ✓ Proverbs, OWS, Phrasal Verbs
  • ✓ Tenses & Voices
  • ✓ Narration and Preposition
  • ✓ Sentence Correction
  • ✓ Punctuation and Translation
  • ✓ Paragraphs Writing
  • ✓ 20-Marks Question Attempting
  • ✓ Precis Writing
  • ✓ Comprehension
  • ✓ Essays Writing

Course Details

In this course, students learn grammar, precis, comprehension, 20-marks question attempting, and essay writing in detail. Moreover, students practice and get the last 10 years past papers evaluated individually by Sir. Each of the students is given individual time for his write-up evaluation. The following are the parts of the course, which students cover in this session:

Basics of the Wiring Process

  • ✓ What is sentence structuring?
  • ✓ What level of grammar do you need to start writing?
  • ✓ How to use contemporary vocabulary appropriately?
  • ✓ How to get focus & organize your thoughts?
  • ✓ How do get ideas & collect information?
  • ✓ How to establish a thesis statement?
  • ✓ How to write all comprehensive topic sentences?
  • ✓ How to grab examiners attention?
  • ✓ How to organize your thoughts coherently?
  • ✓ How to write catchy titles and teasers?
  • ✓ How to start and end a paragraph?

English Language Focus (Basics to Advanced)

  • ✓ Grammar & Sentence Structuring
  • ✓ Sentence Varieties & Sentence fragments
  • ✓ Structural & Clauses Contraction
  • ✓ Nouns and Pronouns
  • ✓ Adjectives and Adverbs
  • ✓ Comparisons and Degrees
  • ✓ Modal Verbs and Their Usage
  • ✓ Gerunds and Infinitives with Their Usage
  • ✓ Conjunctions and Conjunctive Adverbs
  • ✓ Structures after Verbs, Adjectives, and Adverbs
  • ✓ Parts of Speech with Their Particular Usage
  • ✓ Speeches: Narration and Voices
  • ✓ Phrases and Clauses and Their Usage
  • ✓ Misplaced Modifiers & Adjustments
  • ✓ Faulty Parallelism & Adjustments
  • ✓ Verbal Concepts, Errors & Usage
  • ✓ Academic Diction, Mood & Tone
  • ✓ Journalistic Diction, Mood & Tone
  • ✓ Story Diction, Mood & Tone
  • ✓ Articles, Demonstratives, Modifiers & Quantifiers Usage
  • ✓ Punctuation & Punctuation Expressions
  • ✓ Conditional (All Types – Rules, Errors, and Usage)
  • ✓ Auxiliaries & Modals (Rules, Errors, and Usage)
  • ✓ Prepositions (Rules, Errors, and Usage)
  • ✓ Phrases & Clauses (Basic to Advanced)
  • ✓ Advanced Usage of Phrases & Clauses
  • ✓ Sentence Analysis, Transformation & Synthesis

Vocabulary Usage Focus

  • ✓ 750 Modern Vocabulary Words (Appropriate Usage)
  • ✓ 500 Plus Idioms & Phrases (Appropriate Usage)
  • ✓ 500 Confusing Words (Appropriate Usage)
  • ✓ 350 Phrasal Verbs (Appropriate Usage)
  • ✓ 150 Proverbs (Appropriate Usage)
  • ✓ 300 English Expressions (Appropriate Usage)
  • ✓ 250 Smilies & Metaphors
  • ✓ 200 Uncommon Words & Phrases
  • ✓ 500 Most Used Synonyms
  • ✓ 500 Most Used Antonyms
  • ✓ 500 One-word Substitutions

Elements of Paragraph Writing

  • ✓ What is a paragraph?
  • ✓ What is the writing process?
  • ✓ What is a topic sentence?
  • ✓ What is a stance, and how to take it?
  • ✓ What is the way to support a stance?
  • ✓ What is paragraph unity?
  • ✓ How do we write coherently and relevantly?
  • ✓ How to connect sentences and paragraphs?
  • ✓ What are connection and transition words?
  • ✓ What is the effective way of writing paragraphs?
  • ✓ What are effective sentences, and how do write them?
  • ✓ What is a narrative paragraph, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is a descriptive paragraph, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is an argumentative paragraph, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is a comparison paragraph, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is an exemplification paragraph, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is a cause-effect paragraph, and how to write it?

Essay Writing Process

  • ✓ What is an essay?
  • ✓ What is an outline?
  • ✓ What is the thesis statement?
  • ✓ How do we write a thesis statement with specific evidence?
  • ✓ What is the topic sentence, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What are unity and connectivity?
  • ✓ How do we write introductory paragraphs?
  • ✓ How do we write a coherent essay?
  • ✓ What is a narrative essay, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is a descriptive essay, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is an argumentative essay, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is a comparison essay, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is an exemplification essay, and how to write it?
  • ✓ What is a cause-effect essay, and how to write it?

Precis and Comprehension

  • ✓ Introduction to precis writing
  • ✓ Elements of a good precis
  • ✓ Requirements of a good precis
  • ✓ Putting the titles of a good precis
  • ✓ The uses of tenses in precis writing
  • ✓ Last 10 years solved precis
  • ✓ 30 precis writing exercises by Sir Kazim
  • ✓ Introduction to comprehension
  • ✓ Elements of a comprehension
  • ✓ Requirements of a good comprehension
  • ✓ The writing process of a comprehension
  • ✓ Last 10 years solved comprehension
  • ✓ 30 comprehension practice by Sir Kazim

How to join the course?

  • Each interested student has to fill out an online form on the Howfiv website, let’s click on the Contact Mentor.
  • Fill in the fields (Fields with stars are mandatory to fill)
  • Select CSS, PMS English Essay & Precis Course in the field of “What do you want to learn”.
  • Select Batch Coaching.
  • Write a 100 to 300 words paragraph on any of the given questions “Why do I want to learn English” or “Why do I want to take CSS, PMS exam(s)? in the message box
  • When done with paragraph writing, submit your form.
  • The purpose of paragraph writing is to judge your level of English.
  • If our e-system finds your paragraph suitable, it will email it to Sir Kazim, telling him where your English writing skills stand.
  • Within 2 days (sometimes 4 to 5 working days), a representative will approach you on the given WhatsApp number.
  • If your writing skills are of intermediate level (F.Sc. level), the admin calls you for complete registration.
  • If selected, the representative will send you the Zoom link and ID for your first Online Class with Sir Kazim.
  • Congratulations! You have stepped into your desired course.
  • Contact Sir Kazim assistants on WhatsApp 0332-6105842 or 0300-6322446 in case of any difficulty or seek more information about Online Courses.
RS 15000 / Month
Course Level
Course Duration
4 Weeks

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