All Hair Problems, One Solution | Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil, The Best Hair Elixir in the World

All Hair Problems, One Solution| Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil, The Best Hair Elixir in the World

Written by Faiza Jabeen

I used Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil for three months, and now it is two months that I have stopped its application, and all my hair problems vanished as if they never persisted. I have enlisted what I felt and what I experienced after using UB hair oil.

The beauty of a man and a woman depends on the hair they have. If they, especially women, have strong, long, and shiny hair, from their body language to their way of communication, everything grabs the attention of others. Since everybody of us needs to go out either for work or for fun, the thing that gets highly affected by the environment, dust, dirt, and the air is our hair. Whoever give their hair a little attention and care keeps their hair in aspired tone. Since I got married, I have been using various hair elixir, from herbal to medicated and from national to international serums. I don’t remember spending less than 500k on hair products since then. But nothing satisfied me the way Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil did. After using it for three months on the recommendation of my dermatologist, Dr Faryal Zafar, I am compelled to talk about this product bluntly after reading the review “These 4 Hair Oils Cure Hair Problems | The Best Hair Oil in Pakistan You Must Start Using” made by a famous nutritionist. In this blog, I will tell what kind of hair issues I had and how many days it took me to solve all of my hair problems.

Being an alma matter of University of Management and Science Lahore, I always have complete faith in the expensive international products whenever it comes to my health and beauty. Like other LUMS girls, I was also the same who loved spending time reading reviews on different beauty products on Amazon and spending thousands of rupees in placing orders at the website. Not to speak of Loreal and Ouai products, I didn’t leave any hair elixir that I could buy at any local and international websites, the only thing my husband hates about me– hehe. After getting married and shifting to Lahore, I started facing some severe hair issues: frizzy hair, dandruff, split-ends, hair fall – to some extent, and, above all, weak hair with zero hair growth. My mother told me it was happening to me because of water, which was denied to get an adapter with me. There was hardly any dermatologist I didn’t consult in the locality to get all of my hair problems fixed. But instead of getting set, my hair started getting weak and much weaker as I began to apply recommended serums and elixirs. There were days when I was handed over bunches of hairs whenever I comb them – although I have the softest hairbrush. And the desperation was at its peak, and my husband’s money was started taken by me for granted, the thing he hated most about me. It is really true, at least I believe in it now, where you stop, your mother starts. My mother has the same dermatologist whom she has been visiting since I was in her lap. She took me to her. And after listening to my health and beauty woes, she recommended me Ultimate Botanical, a natural botanical extract of herbs and flowers. She guided me about its application and how to get a better and permanent result out of it. She told me that she has been recommending all of his family members, nieces, and friends Ultimate Botanical since she found it 100% natural. I was unaware that all medicated hair oil possess chemicals that give you transient satisfaction. Still, as soon as you stop using them, they will not only give your hair eternal problems but also make them weak, frizzy, and prone to damage – many of you might have experienced the same.

I used Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil for three months, and now it is two months that I have stopped its application, and all my hair problems vanished as if they never persisted. I have enlisted what I felt and what I experienced after using UB hair oil.


It is the filthiest hair problem that almost all men and women face. After 3 to 4 applications (means days of use), my dandruff started fading, and within 7 days, the issue resolved. I don’t have dandruff now.

Hair Fall: 

A girl can survive with an average-look man but cannot live with hair fall. This hair problem has even the power to make girls psychologically disable. Since I shifted to Lahore, I faced the issue, and even I started believing that I would soon become as bald as a coot. But thanks to UB hair oil, solves this problem permanently within 4 to 6 days, but the complete issue was resolved in 30 to 35 days. I don’t have even a single hair fall in the last 4 months.

Weak Hair: 

As soon as my hair fall stopped, my hair started getting strengthened miraculously. If you have the issue, it resolves within 7 days of using UB hair oil.

Hair Growth: 

I have never seen and used even a single hair treatment, oil, elixir, and serum that start growing hair again. But to be very honest, UB hair oil does if you use it continuously for 2 to 3 months. My mother is the witness of the fact.

Frizzy Hair: 

It gives your hair a natural look by solving the frizzy hair issue. UB hair oil takes around 15 to 20 days to get you rid off the issue.


The only hair problem that everybody loathes, and I’m not too fond of it most. Within 10 days of use, I was all free from this issue.

Itchy Scalp: 

The thing that doesn’t allow anybody does anything is itchy scalp. Although it was not the case with me, they got rid of this hair problem with 3 applications to my sister and brother-in-law.

Hair Colour: 

Preserving hair colour to old age has been a dream of everybody. UB hair oil really does protect hair colour.

How to use Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil?

As per my dermatologist recommendation, I use this oil overnight. At the start, I used it daily for 10 days, and after that, I started using it on an alternative day. But, the best thing is that the UB team on their Instagram and Facebook also guide you on how to use this oil if you ask them. They are really cooperative and available 24/7. The only thing that the UB team should focus on is they must have this miraculous product at each cosmetic and pharmacy so that everybody can buy this hair elixir anytime. Currently, they produce 1000 litters for their regular clients.

How to buy Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil?

Unlike other local hair oils, UB hair oil is not available at stores. They guys produce limited oil for their regular clients only. In order to buy UB hair oil, you have to contact them on Instagram or on Facebook to place your order. If you are lucky enough, they will dispatch your order the very next day. Otherwise, like me, you have to wait for your turn. They usually take 3 to 4 days after payment to get the oil delivered to your doorstep.

Available Capacity: 200ml

• 200ml in only Rs. 1,650/- per 200ml (excluding delivery charges)
• Cash on Delivery Price: Rs. 1,900/- per 200ml (including delivery charges)

Because of a large number of orders, it usually takes 2 to 4 working days to deliver UB Hair Oil at your doorstep, depending on the location in Pakistan.

Believing in botanical and homemade hair oil was not easy for me at the start. It might be possible I never gave it use if a dermatologist had not recommended me. But after using Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil, not only me and my family but also my in-laws and friends have the highest level of satisfaction. In my acquaintanceship, nearly 72 persons, whom I know personally, have used and are using this oil, and all of them have the same view I have just shared. Actually, we live in an age of digitalization, where we always believe in those things that we see most; but the truth is that all that glitters is not gold. Whether it was Loreal or Ouai hair oil, nothing abated my hair problems. I always recommend UB hair oil to those women and men who are facing any hair problem. UB Hair Oil indeed claims, “For all hair problems, one solution: Ultimate Botanical Hair Oil.

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