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2000 Most Important Misspelt Words for CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS Students

2000 Most Important Misspelt Words for CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS Students

2000 Spelling Bee MCQs | Spelling Bee MCQs | 2000 Misspelt Words for Aspirants | Misspelt Words MCQs for Aspirants | Misspelt Words MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, AJKPSC, GBPSC, CSS, PMS, GRE, GMAT, GAT, SAT, IELTS by Sir Syed Kazim Ali  

English spelling has a bad reputation among students, incredibly competitive students. The importance of English spelling can be assessed because there is hardly any exam in Pakistan that lacks the MCQs related to spelling, misspelt words. Moreover, despite attempting essay papers following the given recommendations by FPSC, many CSS aspirants fail to qualify for the essay paper in the CSS exam in Pakistan because they commit spelling mistakes. Apart from CSS, each One Paper Commission Exam, 100 Marks MCQs Exam, always ask aspirants MCQs related to misspelt words. To help millions of students worldwide – CSS, PMS, GRE, GAT, SAT, GMAT, IELTS, Sir Syed Kazim Ali has created more than 2,000 spelling bee MCQs. And all these MCQs can be accessed easily at the Howfiv website, only LMS for 5.5 entrance and competitive exams in Pakistan. Thousands of competitive students play quizzes related to the spelling bee at Quiz Corner and learn, prepare, and practice them at MCQs Feed. If you want to write misspelt words free write-ups, thousands of spelling bee MCQs at the Howfiv website is created for you.

2000 Most Important Misspelt Words for CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS Students are best for the following types of tests:

Deputy Director, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)Inspector Customs, (FBR)
Assistant Director Investigation (AD – FIA)Intelligence Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director Legal (AD Legal – FIA)Preventive Officer (FBR)
Inspector Investigation (FIA)Appraising/Valuation Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director, Ministry of Defense (AD – MOD)Police Inspector (Railway)
Junior Admin Officer (MOD)Sub-Inspector (Railway)
Civilian Labor Officer (MOD)Assistant Director, Ministry of Communications
Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau (I.B)Assistant Director, Ministry of Overseas & Human Resources
Assistant Director (I.B)Assistant Director in Federal Secretariat
Inspector (I.B)Assistant Director in Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deputy Director of National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in Interior Ministry
Assistant Director, National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in the Ministry of Finance
Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Cabinet Division
Junior Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Economic Division
Assistant (NAB)Assistant Director in Ports & Shipping
Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionAssistant Director LDA/MDA
Assistant Director PassportAssistant Private Secretary
Assistant Superintendent Jail Assistant Director in Establishment Division
Deputy Superintendent Jail Research Officer in Planning and Development
Assistant Director of Land RecordsResearch Officer in Senate
ASI Police & S.I PoliceResearch Officer in the National Assembly
Assistant Food ControllerSupervisor in Food Department 
Civil Judges Exams Assistant Director, Airport Security Force (ASF)
Tehsildar & Naib-Tehsildar ExamsAssistant Security Officer (ASF)
Assistant Registrar CooperativeDeputy Assistant Officer (ASF)
Labour Officer & Labour InspectorInspector (ASF)
Assistant Director, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF)Inspector (ANF)
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2000 Most Important Misspelt Words for CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, NTS Students by Sir Syed Kazim Ali are following;

3Ommited OmmittedOmittedOmitedc
6Privilege PrevilegePriviledgePrivelege a
7Intermitantly  intarmittantlyIntermittently Intarmitentlyc
8Mischievous MischieviousMischevousMischivousa
9FlyteFlitee FlightFlittec
10Conivance ConnivanseConnivance Conivence c
11Divienation DivarsionDysfunction Dastitutionc
12Asassin AssassinAssasinAssassen b
13AccessibilityAcsessibilityAccessebilityAccessiblity a
16Passanger SymptumQuarellingRefereed
19Endeavour EndaevourEndevourEndeavorea
20Entrepreneurship LeadeshipScholershipPartnarshipa
22Deffusion DefusionDiffussion Diffusion d
24BelievePercieve Recieve Decieve  a
26Unnecesary UnscruplousUnparalleledUnprecented c
28Blokk BlockBlakBlokkb
30Appology Apalogy ApologyApollogyc
32Luccious LusciousLucsiousLuscioucs b
33PeecePeicePiecePeac c
35Diffuse DifusseDiffusseDifuse a
38Obidient ObediemtObedient Obeydient c
40Propellar Propeler PropellerPropelre c
42Complacency ComplacensyCumplacencyComplicencya
44EastEstt EestEastea
45Conscientious Contractaul CorugatedConcenta
46AcreAcherAcerr Akrea
47Supercede  SuperzedeSupersedeSuperceed c
48Careful SkilfullBeatifulUnmendfula
49Budgetery BugetaryBudgetaryBudgetryc
50Rationally RationinngRationaliRationall a
Spelling Bee MCQs by Sir Kazim Ali

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