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Don’t Let Your English Essay & Precis and General Knowledge Papers Spoil Your PMS 2021 Result. Let’s Join Online PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Class by Sir Syed Kazim Ali and Prepare to Qualify for the PMS 2021 (Punjab, Sindh, KPK, GB)

Each year, thousands of students start preparing themselves for the PMS exams conducted by PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, and GBPSC, and end up failing English essay, precis or GK papers. The main reason behind the significant number of failures is students only prepare themselves some weeks before the exam. If students prepare 3 to 4 months before the exams and get their essays, precis, and GK papers evaluated, the chances of their success are increased. The PMS exams revolve around three main subjects: essay, precis, and general knowledge. Whoever qualifies these papers cracks PMS in a single go, and whoever doesn’t give these papers their due importance doesn’t qualify for the exam or remains unallocated. Like each year, Sir Syed Kazim Ali, the best CSS, PMS English teacher in Pakistan, has introduced Online PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Class. The number of seats has also been kept 20 (for the new students) as usual. Already registered students will automatically be transferred into the PMS session after qualifying for the initial test (Kindly Contact Sir Kazim’s Admin). It must be noted that admission in an online PMS prep session will only be granted based on paragraph evaluation. Sir Syed Kazim Ali has introduced two types of Online PMS Prep Session, and their details are below.

  • PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Prep Session
  • PMS English plus Compulsory and Optional Prep Session
    The details related to these sessions is written at the end of the article.
PMS 2021 Faculty Members

It is the faculty members who help students equip with the skills necessary to qualify for the exams. Howfiv has gathered the best and finest minds of the country. All the faculty members are seasoned and highly experienced teachers, professors, and officers with years of exposure. They are;

  1. Sir Syed Kazim Ali (CEO of Howfiv) English Essay & Precis
    The best English language coach at the international level and has been coaching CSS, PMS aspirants for 7 years. He is the only English coach, with the highest success rate, in Pakistan who has taught journalists, officers, teachers, professors, and CSS, PMS aspirants how to write creatively.
  2. Ms Nirmal (Deputy Director NAB) 
    She teaches Current Issues & General Knowledge
  3. Sir Badar Rameez (Deputy Director in a Govt. Department) 
    He teaches Pakistan Affairs, Islamiat, and Current Issues
CSS English Essay & Precis Crash Course

  1. Ms Bakhtawar
    (LRO, FPSC Topper, and have been to Deputy registrar NIRC [FPSC], Land Records Officer PLRA [PPSC], Management Executive (Merger and Acquisition)[NTS] Officer CCP, AD Airport services CAA [NTS]) 
    As a GK expert teacher in Pakistan, she teaches GK, Constitutional Developments, and Urdu
  2. Sir Ali Raza (Flight Lieutenant – PMS, AD FIA, AD I.B Qualified) 
    He teaches Current Issues
  3. Ms Aleeny Khizar (Assistant Director Anti-Corruption, PMS Qualified, Ex. Lecturer Political Science) 
    She teaches Political Science & Social Work
  4. Ms Amreen Mir (Journalist & Social Activist) 
    She is Pakistan’s highly paid blogger and as Sir Kazim’s assistant, she helps students write according to Sir Kazim’s taught pattern.
  5. Miss Zubaida Yahyah (AC Gilgit-Baltistan)
  6. Ms Shazia Sharif (ADPP – Civil Judge Exam Qualified)
Special Focus for PMS 2021 English Essay & Precis

1- The Writing Process

  • What is sentence structuring?
  • What level of grammar you need to start writing?
  • How to use contemporary vocabulary appropriately?
  • How to get focus & organize thoughts?
  • How to get ideas & collect information?
  • How to establish thesis?
  • What is your audience and how to grab its attention?
  • How to organize your thoughts coherently?
  • How to write catchy titles and teasers?
  • How to start and end blogs?

2- English Language Focus

  • Grammar & Sentence Structuring (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Sentence Varieties & Sentence fragments (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Structural & Clauses Contraction (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Agreement Mistakes (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement (Basic to Advanced)
  • Verbs Tense Shifts (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Adverbials (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Conjunctions & Connections (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Misplaced Modifiers & Adjustments  
  • Faulty Parallelism & Adjustments  
  • Verbal Concepts, Errors & Usage
  • Academic Diction, Mood & Tone
  • Journalistic Diction, Mood & Tone
  • Story Diction, Mood & Tone
  • Articles, Demonstratives, Modifiers & Quantifiers Usage
  • Punctuation & Punctuation Expressions
  • Tenses, Voices & Narration
  • Conditional (All Types – Rules, Errors, and Usage)
  • Auxiliaries & Modals (Rules, Errors, and Usage)
  • Prepositions (Rules, Errors, and Usage)
  • Phrases & Clauses (Basic to Advanced)  
  • Advanced Usage of Phrases & Clauses
  • Sentence Analysis, Transformation & Synthesis

All English grammar concepts have been enclosed into MCQs available for registered students only.

3- Vocabulary Usage Focus

  • 750 Modern Vocabulary Words (Appropriate Usage)
  • 500 Plus Idioms & Phrases (Appropriate Usage)
  • 500 Confusing Words (Appropriate Usage)
  • 350 Phrasal Verbs (Appropriate Usage)
  • 150 Proverbs (Appropriate Usage)
  • 300 English Expressions (Appropriate Usage)
  • 250 Smilies & Metaphors
  • 200 Uncommon Words & Phrases
  • 500 Most Used Synonyms
  • 500 Most Used Antonyms
  • 500 One-word Substitutions

All vocabulary has been enclosed into MCQs available for registered students only.

4- The Elements of Writing

  • How to plan thoughts, ideas, viewpoints, and experiences?
  • How to organize them coherently and relevantly?
  • How to build and develop unity?
  • How to begin and end attractively?
  • What is a paragraph?
  • How to connect sentences & paragraphs?
  • What are connection and transition words?
  • What are effective sentences and how to write them?
  • How to write with references?  
  • What is diction and tone?
  • How to write figuratively?

5- Essay Writing Focus

  • Illustrative Type
  • Narrative Type
  • Descriptive Type
  • Analytical Type
  • Definition Type
  • Division & Classification Type
  • Comparison & Contrast Type
  • Cause & Effect Type
  • Argumentative Type

Kindly note that not everybody is given admissions in the course because whenever Sir Syed Kazim Ali opens up any CSS, PMS or Blogging writing-related courses, thousands of students, bloggers, professionals, and aspirants apply within days. This time, the admission will only be granted to 20 new students based on the evaluation of the written paragraph. So, whenever 20 students are completed, Sir Kazim’s admin closes admissions. 

General Knowledge Special Focus on the Subjects

The maximum failure always comes from the GK paper. What All you need to snatch the seat is to prepare, memorize, and cram the GK part of the PMS exam. The PMS GK paper is slightly different from the One Paper 100 Marks MCQs exams. In the PMS GK paper, examiners touch almost 20 subjects, which are the following;

  • Current Affairs Pakistan (Objective MCQs)
  • Current Affairs International (Objective MCQs)
  • Pakistan Affairs (Objective MCQs)
  • Everyday Science (Objective MCQs)
  • Physical Science (Objective MCQs)
  • Biological Science (Objective MCQs)
  • Environmental Science (Objective MCQs)
  • Food Sciences (Objective MCQs)
  • Computer Science (Objective MCQs)
  • Basic Mathematics (Objective MCQs)
  • General Geography (Objective MCQs)
  • Islamiat (Objective MCQs)
  • I.Q (Objective MCQs)
  • International Relations (Objective MCQs)
  • Political Science (Objective MCQs)
  • Indo-Pak History (Objective MCQs)
  • General Geography (Pakistan)
  • General Geography (World)

Courses Details:

1English Coach
Sir Syed Kazim Ali
2GK Coach
Miss Bakhtawar Zulfiqar, Miss Nirmal, Sir Rameez Ch., & Miss Aleeny Khizar
3Available Seats (For New Students)
20 Seats Only
4Available Seats (For Already Registered CSS Students)
15 Seats Only
5Lecturing Method
Online (Via Zoom)
6Lectures a Week
4 Lectures
7Free 2-Day Orientation
None (Available on a request)
8Registration Deadline
None (Admissions Open)
9Classes Start On
1st of each Month
10PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Prep Session
Rs. 17,500/Month
11Fee for (PMS English plus Compulsory and Optional Prep Session)
Rs. 20,000/Month
PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Prep Session

*It is to be noted that Free 2-Day Orientation Session will only be delivered to registered students. For the orientation session, there is no fee. Whoever register himself for the session will be given a chance to take admission in the PMS 2021 Session. If we select 20 students before orientation, no student will be given admission in the session although they will be allowed to take orientation session.

Feel Free to Contact Us at What’s App for any Question | 0332-6105842

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20000-Plus-MCQs-for-Kids-_-GK-Mental-Math-Science-Islamiat-Mental-Ability-etc.-11-2.png

Online PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Prep Session have been divided into two variants by Sir Syed Kazim Ali. Which are the following;

PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Prep Session

This is 3-Month Long Session, and it includes the following subjects;

  • PMS English Essay
  • PMS English Precis
  • PMS General Knowledge (Objective)

The Fee for this session is Rs. 17,500/Month.

PMS English plus Compulsory and Optional Prep Session

This is also 3-Month Long Session, and it includes the following subjects;

PMS Compulsory Subjects

  • PMS English Essay
  • PMS English Precis
  • PMS General Knowledge (Objective)
  • PMS Islamiat
  • PMS Urdu
  • PMS Pakistan Studies

PMS Optional Subjects

  • PMS Political Science
  • PMS Social Work
  • PMS Punjabi
  • PMS Sociology
  • PMS Public Administration

The Fee for this session is Rs. 20,000/Month.

English Essay and Precis Class for CSS 2024

How many seats are there for the Online PMS Prep Class?

Unlike other coaches and academies, getting admission in a class introduced by Sir Syed Kazim Ali always has been difficult. Because of Sir Syed Kazim’s students’ high success rate, everybody wants to enrol in his class. This time for the Online PMS Course, he has only 20 seats. The admission is strictly based on the evaluation of paragraph to understand his students’ writing skills and estimate the time and effort he has to put on his students to let them qualify.

How to register for the Howfiv’s One Paper Commission Exam Prep Course?

Any interested competitive student (from Punjab, KP, Sindh, and GB) can register himself or herself for the Online PMS Class by filling in the form available at the Howfiv website – click here to open the form

Register & Join Now – Register for the Course
  • First Name: 
    Write your first name there in the form
  • Last Name: 
    Write your last name there in the form
  • Qualifications: 
    Write your recent qualifications there in the form
  • Age: 
    Write your age in numbers (21, 27, or 31, etc.)
  • Email: 
    Enter your valid email address there in the form
  • Phone: 
    Enter your valid contact number there in the form Nationality: 
    Choose Pakistani only
  • City: 
    Write the name of your city there in the form
  • What do you want to prepare for?
    Choose “One Paper Commission Exam Prep Course”
  • You want individual or batch coaching? 
    Write batch coaching
  • Message: 
    Write a paragraph, which is compulsory for getting admission to the session. Whoever does not write a paragraph on any of the following topics won’t be given admission.
    The paragraph must be 150 to 500 words.
  1. Why are you interested in a government job? 
  2. What is the objective of your life? 
  3. Why do you want to prepare for the PMS exam?
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20000-Plus-MCQs-for-Kids-GK-Mental-Math-Science-Islamiat-Mental-Ability-etc.-1.png

M. Usman Gul | Hira Ahad

Register & Join Now – Register for the Course

In case of any difficulty while filling in the form, kindly contact admins at the what’s app numbers or use any of the following given forums.

  • Admin’s What’s App | 0332-6105842
  • Admin’s What’s App | 0330-8070982
  • Admin’s What’s App | 0335-5844749
  • Howfiv’s Official Email | 
  • Howfiv’s Official Website |
  • Howfiv’s Twitter | @howfiv
  • Howfiv’s LinkedIn | @howfiv
  • Howfiv’s Instagram | @howfiv
  • Howfiv’s FB Page| Howfiv Page 
  • Howfiv’s FB Group | Howfiv Group
  • Howfiv’s Science Facts | Howfacts
Register & Join Now – Register for the Course

As soon as the system receives your details, it will add you to a whats’ app group created for interested students. All other details will be uploaded there.

If you are unable to submit the form then kindly email us the above-mentioned details in the same manner at

Register & Join Now – Register for the Course
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Available Online Courses
  1. Howfiv’s One Paper Commission Exam Prep Course | 2-Month Course | Let’s Register Now
  2. Online CSS, PMS English Class by Sir Syed Kazim Ali | Let’s Read How to Join
  3. Howfiv Advanced Creative Writing Course (Highly Recommended)
  4. PMS English Essay, Precis and GK Class | 3-Month Course | Let’s Register Now
  5. Online English Tenses & Voices 1-Month Course
  6. PPSC Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar Exams Preparation Course, Study Material, and Mock Tests
  7. Basic English Grammar & Writing Course by Miss Syeda Saba & Miss Amreen Mir
  8. English Essay and Composition for Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies
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