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Whether you are a writer, journalist, house maker, teacher, lecturer, professor, professional, officer, or someone who likes to get together with like-minded people and loves giving his thoughts words to influence the world, CPF Writers Club is your another home, where you get your voice heard and noticed nationally and globally. CPF writers club helps you index on search engines, teaches you the art of writing, and tries to provide the name you deserve.

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No matter how you write or what level you want to take your writing skills, being a CPF Writers Club member, you voice, perspectives, and ideas always get a far larger recognition among millions of readers.

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Giving your thoughts words and getting them published on the CPF lets you communicate with millions of curious readers who always help you become an authority in your niche by constant feedback, comments, and positive criticism.


Grow Your Audience & Engagement

Being a CPF Writers Club member, you do not need to take headache to find developers and designers to build a website and then find SEO person or digital marketer to get yourself noticed. When you are a CPF Writers Club member, you,

  • No need to develop a website
  • No need to buy a domain
  • No need to buy a server
  • No need to pay for SEO
  • Just need to get your ideas published

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Frequently Asked Questions

More About CPF Writers Club

What is CPF Writers Club?

The CPF Writers Club is Pakistan’s most significant online writing club, where hundreds of thousands of competitive aspirants, officers, professionals, and teachers get together and share their ideas and thoughts through writing and publishing them on the Cssprepforum website.

Anyone who loves writing and wants to get greater recognition can become a member of the CPF Writers Club. How to become a member is really simple. You have to fill in the form attached below and submit it. One of our representatives will contact you within seven working days of your submitting the form.

If you are above 21 and have at least a graduation degree, you can join the CPF Writers Club.

Yes, there is a one-time registration fee to become a member of the CPF Writers Club, which is $20 for international writers and Rs. 5,000 for Pakistani writers.

Yes, there is an annual membership fee for WC members, which is $100 for international writers and Rs. 20,000 for Pakistani writers. However, for the students registered in any English course at Howfiv, the membership fee is $50 for international students and Rs. 12,000 for Pakistani students.

The membership fee includes the following. First, all members are taught blogging, content writing, SEO content writing, SEO blogging, story writing, article writing, etc., directly by Sir Syed Kazim Ali. The course and syllabus are available here: “Become a CPF Writers Club Member.” Second, the CPF provides all its members with a unique URL (a domain) displaying their profiles and portfolios. Moreover, CPF saves its members from buying domains and servers and hires developers and SEO persons to get themselves noticed online. At CPF, all WC members are promoted equally.

As soon as you apply for the membership and submit the registration and annual membership fee, your profile becomes live on the CPF website.

As we believe in quality content, we do not let anybody get their stories published themselves. Each member has to email us ( their stories, and our curators read them (edit or correct them if needed) before publishing them. At the CPF, our curators publish members’ articles. 

No. Sir Syed Kazim Ali teaches the art of writing, including blog, SEO blog, article, SEO article, and story writing to all CPF Writers Club Members. So, you do not need an English teacher to learn anything.

No. None of our club members need to hire any SEO person to get themselves seen on Google or any search engine. We get our writers indexed on them.

It is simple and depends on the niche you select. However, in meetings and lectures, our experts guide you about this.
Yes. Sir Syed Kazim Ali delivers one lecture a week on writing, and his admins make members practice a lot for the whole week. Our main aim is to bring your thoughts out on the paper fluently, confidently, and grammatically correct.
Through WhatsApp groups, we add all CWC members to our official WhatsApp group, where they can interact with each other.

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