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Finding the best CSS English essay and precis teacher has become a burning question among thousands of competitive aspirants for years because CSS English has been the bedrock upon which the future of an aspirant stands. And undoubtedly, Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been the best CSS and PMS English teacher, who helps his students give their thoughts words and ideas in a motion required to qualify for the English papers in CSS and PMS exams.

Writing is the primary basis upon which an examiner judges an aspirant’s preparation, intellect, and hard work in the CSS and PMS examinations. Therefore, cracking both competitive exams, CSS and PMS, requires an aspirant to have a good command of written communication skills. However, that greatly depends upon how rationally, analytically, and logically an aspirant writes and transfers his viewpoints and ideas to the examiner. Competitive aspirants think memorizing facts, figures, and data alone will help them crack these papers. Contrary to the misconception propagated by some inept teachers and academies, from the essay’s outline and introductory paragraph to the critical analysis and conclusion, an examiner evaluates aspirants’ articulation, grammar, structuring, vocabulary, viewpoints, attitude, and tone.

Nevertheless, aspirants build an analytical approach by learning quality books and content alone; they don’t even practice and learn to give their thoughts words. As a result, despite having a great deal of knowledge regarding subjects, aspirants cannot satisfactorily transfer their ideas to the examiner. Regardless of what qualifications you possess and how much knowledge you have by reading quality books, you are declared failed if you don’t know how to give your thoughts words grammatically correct, fluently, and coherently. It is a fact! Even the most learned aspirant cannot understand the flow of coherent ideas and can make occasional errors; that is where Sir Syed Kazim Ali comes in. For years, he has been the best CSS and PMS English teacher in Pakistan, with the highest success rate of his students.

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been Pakistan’s best CSS and PMS English teacher and one of the country’s top writing coaches. He is well-known because of his expert command of the English language. He has taught for many years and has several student success stories, including CSS, PMS, GRE, SAT, GAT, and other exams. Moreover, he has been Pakistan’s first English teacher to offer online learning, much before the world did. Surprisingly, his online class never makes students feel like they are learning from afar. Above all, his surprise assessments and constant monitoring ensure that each student absorbs every nutrient of his teachings for the rest of his life. There is no denying the fact writing is an art; some people are born with it, while others excel after finding the proper master, and Sir Kazim is unquestionably the one who makes his students live their dreams. Additionally, he has been famous among CSS, PMS aspirants, journalists, lecturers, and passionate bloggers. The best part of his classes is that he turns his students into professional writers who learn writing skills and start earning through articles, blogs, and research papers. Below is the link to the courses he offers online. You can explore them, but finding an admission with Sir Kazim has always been a hard nut to crack. To secure admission with him, you must have basic English knowledge and qualify for the test. 

Syed Kazim Ali

Founder, Teacher, and Influencer

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been Pakistan best English teacher for CSS, PMS exams, blogging, and creative writing. For years, he has been the only English teacher in the country having the highest success rate of his students. Moreover, he…

Qualifications : ACCA, BSc. (Hon.), MA IR, MA Pol. Science, English Linguistics

Teaching: English writing, English communication skills, CSS and PMS Essay and Precis

Born:  1990

Nationality:  Pakistani

Affiliations: Howfiv, Cssprepforum, Howtests, Englishlet, Storyious, Howsquare

Influenced By: Imam Al Ghazali, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Ibn e Khaldoon, Dr. Israr Ahmad, Dr. Zakir Naik

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