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One Liner for Important events in Islam Chronologically by Sir Badar

One Liner for Important events in Islam Chronologically by Sir Badar

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The chronological order of important events of Islam has been the crucial part of one-paper commission exam, such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KKPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, etc.
It has been noticed that millions of students remain unable to grasp the important events of Islam chronologically. Sir Badar has written the chronological important events of Islam in a one-liner to assist millions of students. One Liner for the important events of Islam is actually prepared for all types of one paper 100 Marks MCQs exams of Islamiat, like NTS, PPSC, FPSC, SPSC. BPSC, AJKPSC, KPPSC, FIA, ASF, ANF, MOD, Anti-corruption, and all type of competitive exams. As soon as you start reading these one-liners, you don’t only memorise them but also recall them easily while attempting any kind of one-paper 100 marks MCQs exam.

These One Liners are best for the following types of tests:

Assistant Director FIA Supervisor in Food Department 
Assistant Director ISILabour Officer & Labour Inspector
Assistant Director MODAssistant Registrar Cooperative
Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionCivil Judges Exams 
Assistant Director ANFAssistant Food Controller
Assistant Director ASFLand Records Officer
Assistant Director PassportASI Police & S.I Police
Assistant Director NABAssistant Director Land Records
Assistant Superintendent Jail Ziladar
Deputy Superintendent Jail Tehsildar 
& all other competitive exams

The one-liner by Sir Badar are as follows:

Important events of Islam

545: Birth of Hazrat Abdullah, father of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

571: Birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

571: Invasion of Makkah by Abraha the Viceroy of Yemen, a year of the elephant.

577: The Holy Prophet (PBUH) visits Madina with his mother.

577: Death of Hazrat Bibi Amna R.A.

580: Death of the grandfather of the Holy Prophet PBUH, “Abdul Muttalib”

583: The journey of the Holy Prophet PBUH to Syria in the company of his uncle Abu Talib.

 583: Meeting of the Holy Prophet PBUH with the monk Bahira at Bisra who foretells of His prophethood.

586: The Holy Prophet PBUH participates in the war of Fijar.

591: The Holy Prophet PBUH becomes an active member of “Hilful Fudul”, a league for the relief of the distressed.

594: The Holy Prophet (PBUH) becomes the Manager of the business of Lady Khadija, and leads her trade caravan to Syria and back.

595: The Holy Prophet marries Hadrat Khadija.

605: The placing of the Black Stone in the Kaaba and arbitration of the Holy Prophet among the Quraish.

610: The first revelation of Wahi in the cave at  Hira.

 610:  The Holy Prophet is commissioned as the Messenger of God.

614: Invitation to the Hashimites to accept Islam.

615: Persecution of the Muslims by the Quraish.

616: Second Hijrah to Abysinnia.

617: By the Quraish, social boycott of the Hashimites and the Holy Prophet .

619: Lifting of the boycott.

619: Deaths of Abu Talib and Hadrat Khadija, which is called “Year of sorrow”.

620: Journey to Taif.

622: The Holy Prophet and the Muslims migration to Yasrib.

624: Battle of Badr

625: Battle of Uhud.

627: Battle of the Trench.

628: The Holy Prophet addresses letters to various heads of states. 629: The Holy Prophet performs the pilgrimage at Makkah.

630: Conquest of Makkah.

630: Battles of Hunsin, Auras, and Taif.

631: Expedition to Tabuk.

32: Farewell pilgrimage of the Holy Prophet PBUH at Makkah.

632: Death of the Holy Prophet PBUH.

 634: Battles of Basra, Damascus and Ajnadin.

634: Death of Hadrat Abu Bakr.

634: Hadrat Umar Farooq becomes the Caliph.

634: Battles of Namaraq and Saqatia.

635: Battle of Bridge.

635: Battle of Buwaib.

635: Conquest of Damascus.

635: Battle of Fahl.

636: Battle of Yermuk.

637: Battle of Qadsiyia.

637: Conquest of Madain.

637: Conquest of Syria.

637: Fall of Jerusalem.

637: Battle of Jalula.

638: Conquest of Jazirah.

639: Conquest of Khuizistan.

640: Capture of the post of Caesaria in Syria.

640: Conquest of Shustar and Jande Sabur in Persia.

640: Battle of Babylon in Egypt.

641: Battle of Nihawand.

642: Battle of Rayy in Persia.

642: Conquest of Egypt.

643: Conquest of Azarbaijan and Tabaristan (Russia).

644: Conquest of Fars, Kerman, Sistan, Mekran and Kharan.

644: Martyrdom of Hadrat Umar R.A.

644: Hadrat Usman R.A becomes the Caliph.

646: Campaigns in Khurasan, Armeain and Asia Minor.

647: Conquest of the island of Cypress.

648: Campaigns against the Byzantines.

651: Naval battle of the Masts against the Byzantines.

656: Martyrdom of Hadrat Othman.

656: Hadrat Ali becomes the Caliph.

656: Battle of the Camel.

657:  Battle of Siffin.

658: The Battle of Nahrawan.

659: The conquest of Egypt by Mu’awiyah.

660: Hadrat Ali R.A recaptures Hijaz and Yemen from Mu’awiyah.

661: Martyrdom of Hadrat Ali R.A. and accession of Hadrat Hasan R.A and his abdication.

661: Mu’awiyah becomes the sole Caliph.

662: The Khawarij revolts.

672: The Island of Rhodes was captured.

674: The Muslims cross the Oxus and Bukhara becomes a vassal state.

677: Occupation of Sarnarkand and Tirmiz.

680: Death of Muawiyah and accession of Yazid.

680: Tragedy of Kerbala and martyrdom of Hadrat Hussain.

683: Death of Yazid and accession of Mu’awiyah II.

684: Abdullah bin Zubair declared him as the Caliph at Makkah.

684: Battle of Marj Rahat.

685: Death of Marwan I.

685: Abdul Malik becomes the Caliph at Damascus.

685: Battle of Ain ul Wada.

686: Mukhtar declared himself as the Caliph at Kufa.

687: Battle of     Kufa.

691: Battle of Deir ul Jaliq.

692: The fall of Makkah.

692: Death of Abdullah bin Zubair and Abdul Malik becomes the sole Caliph.

695: Khawarij revolts in Jazira and Ahwaz.

695: Battle of the Karun.

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