Top 300 One-Word Substitutions for One Paper 100 Marks Exams by Miss Syeda Saba

 Top 300 One-Word Substitutions for One Paper 100 Marks Exams | One-Word Substitutions MCQs | One-Word Substitutions for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC students | One-Word Substitutions by Miss Syeda Saba

One-word substitutions are the most essential and integral parts of vocabulary. They almost become part of each exam – whether it is one paper 100 marks MCQs exams, such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, AJKPSC, GBPSC, etc., or it is entrance exams, such as NTS, NMDCAT, ECAT, EATA, etc. Suppose you memorize the following one-word substitution and start practising them into your daily vocabulary. In that case, you will make your written sentences more precise and easier for your examiners and readers. Miss Syeda Saba has shared the comprehensive list of One-Word Substitution for students who always love preparing vocabulary. She has been teaching English grammar to intermediate and graduation students for years. Other than this, she has been working on students’ basic English to prepare for their One Paper Commission Exams. 

 Why are One Word Substitutions Important for Competitive Students? 

To speak and write precisely has been important for a competitive student. He has less time to display his knowledge in an exam, especially in CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, BPSC, AJKPSC, GBPSC, NTS, etc. While writing in English, students have heaps of thoughts, which they always want to express precisely. Unless they do not have one-word substitutions with them, they remain unable to transfer their ideas to the examiner briefly. On the other hand, in One Paper Commission Exams, students frequently ask vocabulary-based questions from One-Word Substitutions. To solve the One-word Substitutions questions, candidates require a solid vocabulary base. Therefore, One-word substitution is one of the crucial topics in various competitive exams.

Sr#Meaning of the One-Word SubstitutionWord
1A sentence that can be interpreted in more than one way.Ambiguous
2To leave one’s country and go to live in a foreign land.Emigrate
3Fit to be eaten.Edible
4Incapable of being believed.Incredible
5One who is thoroughly proficient in anything.Adept
6Absolute government of one man.Autocracy
7A critical judge in matters of taste.Connoisseur
8Science of health.Hygienics
9Exclusive possession of trade in some commodity.Monopoly
10A composition which bears no name of the writer.Anonymous
11To wipe out.Eradicate
12Fit to be chosen.Eligible
13Incapable of being conquered.Invincible
14A person between childhood and manhood.Adolescent
15A person’s own signature.Autograph
16Compulsory enlistment for military or naval service.Conscription
17A word having the same sound but different meaning.Homonym
18A substance inducing sleep.Narcotic
19To tease a person with hopes that seem continually on the point of fulfillment yet never do so.Tantalize
20A cinema show heeled in the afternoon.Matinee
21A letter which is not claimed by anybody A Dead Letter
22To present a thing as greater than truth.Exaggerate
23Easy to bend.Flexible
24Incapable of being seized.Impregnable
25A grown-up person.Adult
26Place of keeping birds.Aviary
27A number of fixed stars grouped with in an imaginary outline.Constellation
28Words inscribed on tomb.Epitaph
29A fertile spot in a desert.Oasis
30One who abstains totally from intoxicants.Teetotaler
31Undue favour to relatives.Nepotism
32A language which is no more spoken.Dead Language
33To put out of social circle.Excommunicate
34One who can neither read nor write.Illiterate
35Incapable of being wounded.Invulnerable
36A written statement by a person in a court confirmed by oath, used as a judicial proof.Affidavit
37An insolvent person.Bankrupt
38Body of voters who elect a representative.Constituency
39The practice of spying.Espionage
40A maker or seller of optical instruments.Optician
41To apply light touches to man’s body so as to excite, the nerves and usually produce laughter.Tickle
42That which precedes an event.Precursor
43A battle which puts an end to all controversy.Decisive
44Murder (or murderer) of one’s father.Patricide
45Unable to pay one’s debt.Insolvent
46Incapable of being conceived.Inconceivable
47Items of business to be considered at a meeting.Agenda
48A lover of books.Bibliophile 
49A person living at the same time.Contemporary
50The science of morals.Ethics
51Notice of somebody’s death in a newspaper.Obituary
52Very like to take offence.Touchy
53A person who is indifferent to pleasure or pain.Stoic
54A game in which neither party wins.Drawn
55Murder (or murderer) of an infant.Infanticide
56Capable of being seen through.Transparent
57Incapable of being understood.Incomprehensible
58The white of an egg.Albumen
59Having two wives at a time.Bigamy
60A person recovering from illness. Convalescent
61Conventional rules of conduct.Etiquette
62The science of birds.Ornithology
63To make unlawful intrusion on.Trespass
64Marking the skin with indelible ink.Tattoo
65A speech delivered without preparation.Extempore
66Murder (or murderer) of man.Homicide
67Incapable of being seen through.Opaque
68Incapable of being perceived by the senses.Imperceptible
69The chemistry aimed at changing baser metals into gold.Alchemy
70One who attaches undue importance to a creed.Bigot
71A preparation designed to beautify hair or skin.Cosmetic
72The expel evil spirit from a person or a place.Exorcize
73Holding fast the currently accepted opinions on religious doctrines.Orthodox
74Each of two children born at a birth.Twin
75A person with long experience in military or another occupation.Veteran
76First speech of a speaker.Maiden
77Murder (or murderer) of the king.Regicide
78More like a woman than a man.Effeminate
79Incapable of being pleased.Fastidious
80The plea that when an alleged act looks another, one was elsewhere.Alibi
81Science of animals and plants.Biology
82A person who thinks the whole world his home.Cosmopolitan
83A servant managing all the affairs of his master.Factotum
84The properly one inherits from one’s ancestors of father.Patrimony
85Each of three children born at a birth.Triplet
86Having more than one husband at a time.Polyandry
87A disease which causes death.Fatal
88Murder (or murderer) of oneself.Suicide
89Happening at the same time.Simultaneous
90Incapable of being put into practice.Impracticable
91One who writes from dictation for another.Amanuensis
92Spend night in the open.Bivouac
93Quilted covering to retain heat in tea-pot.Teacosy
94One’s betrothed.Finance
95Additional paragraph at the end of a letter after signature.Post-script
96A self-evident, indisputable, hackneyed truth.Truism
97Persons having characteristics of both sexes.Hermaphrodites
98A post for which no salary is paid.Honorary
99One who resides in a country of which he is not a citizen.Alien
100All of one mind.Unanimous
101Incapable of being expressed.Inexpressible
102One who cultivates a thing for pastime.Amateur
103Force a person to make payment for not revealing discreditable secrets.Blackmail
104Half-compartment of a railway carriage.Coupe
105To put coin into motion with a flip.Flip
106Former holder of an office or position. Predecessor
107Having no parallel or equal.Unique
108The quality of doing the right thing at the right time.Tact
109A river on which ships can sail.Navigable
110One who is associated with others in some occupation.Colleague
111One who is present everywhere.Omnipresent
112Incapable of being fixed.Indeterminable
113A person who can both hands with equal ability.Ambidexter
114A person with fear hair and skin.Blond
115Government by the rich.Plutocracy
116A picture in water colour on wall.Fresco
117To put off from day to day.Procrastinate
118Excessively fond of one’s wife.Uxorious
119The power of reading the thoughts in the minds of others.Telepathy
120A battle causing lot of bloodshed.Sanguinary
121One who is all-powerful.Omnipotent
122Incapable of being approached.Inaccessible
123Creatures which can live on both land and water.Amphibian
124A woman affecting literary taste.Blue Stocking
125Government by the people.Democracy
126One who is devoted to human interests.Humanitarian
127To convert from one opinion, creed or party to another.Proselytize
128Capable of dealing with many subjects.versatile
129A six-sided figure.Hexagon
130A child born after the death of its father.Posthumous Child
131One who is skilled in many languages. Linguist
132One who has knowledge of everything.Omniscient
133Incapable of being tired.Indefatigable
134Absence of established government.Anarchy
135Science of plants.Botany
136The husband of an unfaithful wife.Cuckold
137The breaking of images.Iconoclasm
138Fixed number of persons that must be present to make the proceedings of an assembly, society or board valid.Quorum
139A woman of masculine strength or spirit.Virago
140A five-sided figure. Pentagon
141A word no longer in use.Obsolete word
142One who tries to benefit mankind.Philanthropist
143One who eat everything indiscriminately.Omnivorous
144Incapable of being divided.Indivisible
145Medicine able to assuage pain.Anodyne
146A person of middle class.Bourgeois
147A sneering fault-finder to whom nothing appeals.Cynic
148To decorate any manuscript writing with brilliant colors.Illuminate
149A sum of money paid for release.Ransom
150Dissection practiced upon living animals.Vivisection
151An eight-sided figure.Octagon
152A word which has the same meaning as other.Synonymous
153One having the same name.Namesake
154Animals having two feet.Biped
155Incapable of being burnt.Incombustible
156Collection of poems.Anthology
157System of writing and printing for the blind.Braille
158A person ready for criminal undertaking.Desperado
159A person coming to settle in a foreign country.Immigrant
160A person who deserts his party or principles.Renegade
161Stop feeding upon mother’s breast.Wean
162A man who thinks only of himself.Egoist
163A word which has the opposite meaning as other.Antonym
164One who is new in any business.Novice
165Animals having four feet.Quadruped
166Incapable of being corrected.Incorrigible
167Physiological and Psychological study of man.Anthropology
168Short official statement of public importance.Bulletin
169Arbitrary rule.Despotism
170A malicious setting on fire of property.Incendiarism
171A place where meals or refreshments may be had.Restaurant
172A representative of a government.Ambassador
173To decorate a building with lights.Illuminate
174Service offered by a man of his own accord.Voluntary
175One who looks on the bright side of things.Optimist
176Animals living in water.Aquatic
177Incapable of being repaired.Irreparable
178Medicine given to counteracts putrefaction.Antiseptic
179Government of officials.Bureaucracy
180Vessels made of baked clay.Earthen ware
181A professional rider in horse races.Jockey
182A distinguished man of learning.Savant
183To renounce the crown in favour of another.Abdicate
184The ruins of a fallen building.Debris
185The motive of getting some money.Mercenary
186One who looks on the dark side of the things.Pessimist
187Animals which like to live in flocks.Gregarious
188So good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique..Inimitable
189A chemical that counteracts poison.Antidote
190Minister of a state.Cabinet
191The abode of the blessed after death.Elysium
192To carry off a person by illegal force.Kidnap
193To tempt into sin or crime.Seduce
194To do away with a rule.Abrogate
195To go from bad to worse.Deteriorate
196A choice between two things.Alternative
197Those who are hearing.Audience
198Animals which feed on meat.Carnivorous
199Incapable of being tamed.Untamable
200A person appointed by two parties to settle their dispute.Arbitrator
201Girl’s gym that produces strength with beauty.Calisthenics
202Medicine that causes vomiting.Emetic
203The fourth of soap and water.Lather
204The midday nap or rest in hot countries.Siesta
205To destroy completely.Annihilate
206Ecstatic delight.Rapture
207The biography of a person written by himself.Autobiography
208Those who are looking on.Spectators
209Animals which feed on grass.Herbivorous
210Incapable of being elected.Ineligible
211Cultivate of trees and shrubs.Arboriculture
212A picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.Caricature
213Spectators demand for a song to be repeated.Encore
214A false and defamatory statement.Libel
215To make more rapid in speed.Accelerate 
216A document written by hand.Manuscript
217Contrary to law.Illegal
218One who eats human flesh.Cannibal
219Incapable of being solved.Insoluble
220Willful setting on fire another’s house.Arson
221A person not married.Celibate
222A book giving information on all branches of knowledge.Encyclopedia
223Fond of going to law.Litigious
224A post of profit or honor without any duties attached.Sinecure
225A person with narrow and prejudiced views.Bigot
226A belief or custom passed from generation to generation.Tradition
227A remedy of all diseases.Panacea
228Possessed of life.Animate
229One who lives on vegetables.Vegetarian
230Incapable of being quieted.Implacable
231One who undertakes to kill treacherously.Assassin
232Sepulchral monument to person whose dead body is elsewhere.Cenotaph
233A poem narrating achievements of a hero.Epic
234A strict disciplinarian.Martinet
235Individual or part taken as example of a class. Specimen
236Want to rain.Drought
237A person full of crazy or eccentric ideas.Crank
238An office with salary but without work.Sinecure
239That prevents decay.Antiseptic
240Incapable of being seen.Invisible
241Incapable of being avoided.Inevitable
242Art of judging influence of stars upon human affairs.Astrology
243Celebration of hundred year.Centenary
244One who is dainty in eating.Epicure
245The social system in which the mother is the head of the family.Matriarchy
246To import or export goods without payment of custom duties.Smuggle
247Extreme old age.Dotage
248A person full of words.Verbose
249Stealing from the writing of others and offering them to the public as one’s own.Plagiarism
250Liable to be easily broken.Brittle
251Incapable of being heard.Inaudible
252Incapable of being moved by requests.Inexorable
253Science of heavenly bodies.Astronomy
254A child substituted for another by stealth.Changeling
255Government by old people.Gerontocracy
256To apply another’s money to one’s own use. Misappropriate
257Lying with face upward.Supine
258To wander from point at issue.Digress
259Miscarriage of birth.Abortion
260Speak evil of a person in his absence.Backbite
261Liable to be easily burnt.Inflammable/ Combustible
262Incapable of being read.Illegible
263First inhabitants of a colony.Aborigines
264Disbelief in the existence of God.Atheism
265The scar left by a healed wound.Cicatrice
266The rule of saints.Hagiarchy
267The illusive appearance of a sheet of water in a desert.Mirage
268Lying with face downward.Prone
269To free from all blame.Exonerate
270One who journeys to a sacred place.Pilgrim
271To find fault with.Censure
272Prone to believe easily.Credulous
273Incapable of being removed.Indelible
274A partner in crime.Accomplice
275One who writes his own history.Autobiographer
276The faculty of seeing mentally what exists or is happening out of sight.Clairvoyance
277Government of Holy People.Hagiocracy
278A hater of women.Misogynist
279To put oneself in the place of another by understand means.Supplant
280A day of gaiety and festivity.Gala Day
281Feel puzzled and confused.Nonplussed
282One who has a long experience in a field.A veteran
283Growing from childhood to maturity.Adolescence
284Match in which neither party wins.A drawn game
285Morbid fear of heights.Acrophobia
286Scientific study of flying and designing planes.Aeronautics
287A door that is partly open.Ajar
288Fear of open/public places.Agoraphobia
289Related to cultivated land, farming, or farmers.Agrarian
290Money given to one marriage partner after the legal separation.Alimony
291Devotion or support by a citizen to his government.Allegiance
292An institution where one has been educated.Alma mater
293Having all sort of powers.Almighty
294One who loves others selflessly.Altruist
295One who is able to use both hands equally well.Ambidextrous
296A carriage that carries patients to hospitals.Ambulance
297General forgiveness.Amnesty
298Loss of memory.Amnesia
299One who works against law or government.Anarchist
300Occurring once a year.Annual
301Before birth.Antenatal/ prenatal
302To put a date before the actual time.Antedate
303Dislike towards a person.Antipathy
304Those who live on the other side of the globe.Antipode
305A person who studies, collects, or sells antiques.Antiquarian
306A collection of hives for bee keeping.Apiary
307An artificial tank where water plants, fish, etc., are kept.Aquarium
308A study of the ancient people or ruined cities.Archaeology
309A place where people can watch sports and entertainment.Arena
310A government by a small elite class.Aristocracy
311One who does not believe in God.Atheist
312The best people in society.Aristocrat
313One who has given up joys of life for religion.Ascetic
314A place of refuge for debtor, blind, or insane.Asylum
315To sell something by bidding.Auction
316That which can be heard. It’s an antonym of inaudible.Audible
317A person who checks accounts.Auditor
318A large room or building for lectures.Auditorium
319A vehicle that is run by petrol.Automobile
320An official examination of a dead body to discover the cause of death.Autopsy/ Postmortem
321A verb used with main verb to show tense and to form interrogative and negative sentences.Auxiliary
322A man who is not married.Bachelor
323An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure.Barometer
324Rooms in which soldiers live.Barracks
325The place where bees are kept.Beehive
326Inclined to start quarrels.Bellicose
327Occurring twice a year.Biannual
328List of concerned books.Bibliography
329Craze for books.Bibliomania
330Occurring after every two years.Biennial
331Occurring twice a week.Biweekly
332Able to speak two languages equally well.Bilingual
333Large outdoor board for the advertisement.Bill board/ Hoarding
334History of a person written by someone else.Biography
335To cut into two equal parts.Bisect
336Showing disrespect or contempt for God.Blasphemy
337Not capable of seeing.Blind
338Having pale gold hair in color.Blonde
339A place where wine is manufactured.Brewery
340A woman with dark complexion.Brunette
341A high-ranking government official.Bureaucrat
342One who breaks into a house to steal something.Burglar
343Insensitive and indifferent.Callous
344A waterway dug across the land for ships, boats, or irrigation.Canal
345Killing of many people.Carnage
346A list of books.Catalogue
347One who fights for a cause.Champion
348A man paid to drive a privately-owned motor car.Chauffeur
349Abnormal fear of closed places.Claustrophobia
350One who amuses in a circus.Clown
351The person mending shoes.Cobbler
352That which spreads by contact.Contagious
353Pertaining to body.Corporal
354That which can be believed.Credible
355The beginning of the day.Dawn
356That which is likely to cause death.Deadly
357Not capable of hearing.Deaf
358That (ink, stain, mark) can be rubbed out or removed.Delible
359A person acting as a deputy or representative of others.Delegate
360A speaker who can make people emotional.Defunct
361A tyrant or absolute ruler.Despot
362Practical wisdom or management to gain advantage.Diplomacy
363Capable of being divided.Divisible
364A place of permanent residence, especially when it is stated for official or legal purposes.Domicile
365In a state of inaction.Dormant
366Not capable of speaking.Dumb
367A device for turning mechanical energy into electricity.Dynamo
368Considered strange or irrational by other people.Eccentric
369A poem or writing on someone’s death.Elegy
370A substance that changes everything into gold/ a remedy for every disease.Elixir
371A government order that forbids ship to enter or leave its ports.Embargo
372One who leaves a country to settle in another.Emigrant
373Science about insects.Entomology
374A state of balance.Equilibrium
375Having two or more meaning.Equivocal
376A mistake in writing.Erratum
377Lasting forever.Eternal
378Science of words and their origin.Etymology
379One who sits for an examination.Examinee
380That which can be excused.Excusable
381Extreme shortage of food.Famine
382One who believes too much in fate.Fatalist
383A raised ridge on the inside edge of each wheel.Flange
384A citizen of a foreign state.Foreigner
385That which can easily be broken.Fragile
386Killing of one’s brother.Fratricide
387Collection of stars.Galaxy
388Extermination of a race.Genocide
389That which kills germs.Germicide
390One who eats too much.Glutton
391One who feeds on grass.Graminivorous
392A storehouse of grain.Granary
393Without charge; free.Gratis
394A building reserved for gymnastic games with their apparatus.Gymnasium
395One who has religious opinions which differ from the accepted ones.Heretic
396A figure with seven sides.Heptagon
397Order or ranks in an organization or group.Hierarchy
398One who serves for hire.Hireling
399A favourite pursuit followed as an amusement.Hobby
400A map or a scheme that shows the position of stars at a particular time.Horoscope
401Residence for students.Hostel
402Morbid fear of water.Hydrophobia
403One who claims virtues one does not have.Hypocrite
404One who attacks settles belief or institution.Iconoclast
405Incapable of doing work.Impeccable
406Not subject to decay.Imperishable
407One who assumes a wrong character.Imposter/ impostor
408A characteristic distinguishing an individual from others.Idiosyncrasy
409Incapable of being cured.Incurable
410That cannot be described.Indescribable
411That cannot be left.Indispensable
412A period in England’s history that marked the widespread use of factories for manufacturing.Industrial revolution
413That cannot be explained.Inexplicable
414One who cannot make a mistake.Infallible
415That easily catches fire.Inflammable
416That cannot be counted.Innumerable
417That can’t be satisfied.Insatiable
418A medicine that kills germs.Insecticide
419That cannot be parted.Inseparable
420To urge a person to commit a crime.Instigate
421That which can be easily understood.Intelligible
422The intellectual or cultural classes.Intelligentsia
423That cannot be tolerated.Intolerable
424One who is weak or disabled.Invalid
425Not related to the topic.Irrelevant
426That cannot be altered or changed.Irrevocable
427One who is easily annoyed.Irritable
428A part of land surrounded by water.Island
429A court that decides cases according to laws.Judiciary
430A place where dogs are kept.Kennel
431School or class for children.Kindergarten
432Craze for stealing things.Kleptomania
433A place where experiments are made.Laboratory
434The law-making body of a state.Legislature
435A person who has a specialist knowledge of the structure and development of languages.Linguist
436Community interested in literature or the arts.Literati
437Relating to the moon or its movements around a planet.Lunar
438A house for the protection of insane person.Lunatic asylum
439A large-hearted person.Magnanimous
440A speech made for the first time.Maiden speech
441Animals which give milk to their young ones.Mammals
442A written declaration of the intentions of a person or party.Manifesto
443Murdering one’s own mother.Matricide
444Instrument that makes very small objects appear larger.Microscope
445Person or birds moving from place to place.Migratory
446A person who hates mankind.Misanthrope
447Related to coins or money.Monetary
448Having only one wife at a time.Monogamy
449A loud talk by a person either to himself or others.Monologue
450Place where dead bodies are kept.Mortuary
451A place where old things are kept.Museum
452A system of naming things.Nomenclature
453A man having evil reputation.Notorious
454A woman who looks after the sick.Nurse
455A thing no longer in use.Obsolete
456A child whose father or both parents have died.Orphan
457Mystic belief that God is in everything.Pantheism
458A dumb show or silent dramatic performance.Pantomime
459One who depends on others.Parasite
460Funny imitation of someone.Parody
461A permit for travelling and protection in foreign countries.Passport
462One who loves his country.Patriot
463One who goes on foot.Pedestrian
464He who picks others’ pockets.Pickpocket
465One who steals from the writings and ideas of others.Plagiarist
466Vote of the people as to the choice of the sovereignty.Plebiscite
467Having more than one wife at a time.Polygamy
468One who speaks several languages.Polyglot
469Belief in more than one God.Polytheism
470One who is liked by all the people.Popular
471A thing that can easily be carried from one place to another.Portable
472Occurring after one’s death.Posthumous
473After death, medical examination of a body.Postmortem
474The office held by a minister.Portfolio
475A small bag for keeping things.Pouch
476A person who plays for money.Professional
477Wage earning class.Proletariat
478A speech at the start of some play.Prologue
479A fictitious name assumed by an author or a poet.Pseudonym
480A fixed amount or allowance of food or other products.Ration
481One who takes up arms against the government.Rebel
482Too much official formality that creates hindrance.Redtapism
483A cabinet for keeping things cool or freezing.Refrigerator
484Fit to be trusted.Reliable
485A state in which the government is carried on by the representative of people without a hereditary head of state.Republic
486A place where water is stored.Reservoir
487A place with good climate for the sick invalid and convalescent.Sanatorium
488A person having doubts about religion or other.Sceptic
489A port or a harbor on the sea coast.Seaport
490Scientific study of earthquakes.Seismology
491A scientific study of the development, nature, and laws of human society.Sociology
492Related to sun.Solar
493A speech made to oneself.Soliloquy
494One who walks in sleep.Somnambulist
495One who does not live within one’s means.Spendthrift
496One who speaks for others.Spokesman
497One who excessively flatters those in authority.Sycophant
498Person who pays rent for a building.Tenant
499A figure with four sides.Tetragon
500Government by priests.Theocracy
501Insane belief that one is God.Theomania
502One who easily changes his party or principles.Turncoat
503Track for train.Tramway
504A child who stays away from school.Truant
505A threat to break off talks.Ultimatum
506Same kind of dress.Uniform
507That is applicable to all.Universal
508One who looks at the useful aspects of things.Utilitarian
509An ideal and imaginary state.Utopia
510Killing of one’s own wife.Uxoricide
511Having no home.Vagabond
512Word for word or in the exact word.Verbatim
513Liable to attack or injury.Vulnerable
514A place where clothes are kept.Wardrobe
515That is good for one’s health.Wholesome
516A woman whose husband is dead.Widow
517A man whose wife is dead.Widower
518The point of the sky directly over our heads.Zenith
519The few that believe that Palestine is for the Jews only.Zionist
520Science of animals.Zoology
521A place where birds, animals, beasts are kept for show.Zoo
One-Word Substitutions by Miss Syeda Saba
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