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Indus Valley Civilization Question (MCQs) by Sir Rameez

Indus Valley Civilization MCQs by Sir Rameez

Indus Valley Civilization MCQs | Pakistan Affairs MCQs by Sir  Rameez | MCQs Related to the Indus Valley Civilization | Pakistan Affairs MCQs for CSS, PMS and One Paper Aspirants | MCQs by Sir Rameez | Read, Prepare, Test, and Quizzify at Howfiv

The subcontinent has a history of sophisticated civilizations dated back to thousands of years ago. During the Bronze Age (when man learned the use of copper and tin), the population used existing knowledge in a way that has shaped the Indus Valley Civilization (3300-1750 BC), a wonder of prehistoric time. Town planning, agriculture, and sewer system are peculiar features of the Indus valley. The uniqueness of the civilization has made its understanding important, especially for those who are rendering their services in public administration and dreaming of joining the administration. Repeated questions related to Indus valley civilization in competitive exams unfold the examiner’s interest and provides a guideline to crack the exam. Moreover, MCQs relating to Indus Valley Civilization have been a favourite area for the paper setter of commission exams, such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KKPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, OTS and all screening tests etc. MCQs related to Indus Valley Civilization have been most of the time included in the 100 marks paper, for BPS 11 to BPS 18, for the posts of Land Records Officer, TMO and Chief council Officer, District Food Controller, AD Anti-Corruption, Excise and Taxation Inspector, Inspector Police/Anti-corruption, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar, AD ANF /FIA/IB/ NAB/ISI/Passport/CAA, Civil Judge Exam, Labour Officer and Labour Inspector, Deputy Superintendent Jail, District Zakat Officer, Ministries, Junior clerks Banks etc.
It has been noticed that millions of students remain unable to apprehend these historical developments of the Indus Valley Civilization in sequence. Indus Valley Civilization MCQs are the most interactive section updated by Howfiv with its team’s help daily.

Howfiv has successfully gathered and created thousands of exam-relevant questions (MCQs). The category’s questions are generally based on all CSS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, AJKPSC, GBPSC past papers MCQs, the most repeated questions, the essential questions from 1980 to date, and advanced practice questions. With the help of Howfiv, Sir  Rameez has compiled the most important MCQs from the Indus Valley Civilization to assist millions of students. As soon as you start reading these MCQs, you do not only memorise them but also recall them easily while attempting any one paper exam. Pakistan Affairs MCQs by Sir Rameez Chaudary.

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These MCQs are best for the following types of tests:

Deputy Director, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)Inspector Customs, (FBR)
Assistant Director Investigation (AD – FIA)Intelligence Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director Legal (AD Legal – FIA)Preventive Officer (FBR)
Inspector Investigation (FIA)Appraising/Valuation Officer (FBR)
Assistant Director, Ministry of Defense (AD – MOD)Police Inspector (Railway)
Junior Admin Officer (MOD)Sub-Inspector (Railway)
Civilian Labor Officer (MOD)Assistant Director, Ministry of Communications
Deputy Director, Intelligence Bureau (I.B)Assistant Director, Ministry of Overseas & Human Resources
Assistant Director (I.B)Assistant Director in Federal Secretariat
Inspector (I.B)Assistant Director in Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deputy Director of National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in Interior Ministry
Assistant Director, National Accountability Bureau (NAB)Assistant Director in the Ministry of Finance
Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Cabinet Division
Junior Investigation Officer (NAB)Assistant Director in Economic Division
Assistant (NAB)Assistant Director in Ports & Shipping
Assistant Director Anti-CorruptionAssistant Director LDA/MDA
Assistant Director PassportAssistant Private Secretary
Assistant Superintendent Jail Assistant Director in Establishment Division
Deputy Superintendent Jail Research Officer in Planning and Development
Assistant Director of Land RecordsResearch Officer in Senate
ASI Police & S.I PoliceResearch Officer in the National Assembly
Assistant Food ControllerSupervisor in Food Department 
Civil Judges Exams Assistant Director, Airport Security Force (ASF)
Tehsildar & Naib-Tehsildar ExamsAssistant Security Officer (ASF)
Assistant Registrar CooperativeDeputy Assistant Officer (ASF)
Labour Officer & Labour InspectorInspector (ASF)
Assistant Director, Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF)Inspector (ANF)
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The MCQs by Sir Rameez are as follows:

1The Indus Valley Civilization is known as Pre-Aryan Civilization because of the evidence of:ArtCopperPotteryScriptb
2The main occupation of the people in the Indus Valley Civilization was:AgricultureCattle rearingHuntingTradea
3Rice cultivation is associated with Harappan site of:KalibanganHarappaRoparLothald
4The Indus Valley people knew the use of:Gold, silver, copper, bronze but not ironCopper, iron, gold but not bronzeSilver, lead, iron but not goldGold, tin, bronze but not coppera
5Indus Valley Civilization was spread over:Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, AfghanistanAlong Indus riverPunjab, Sindh, Bihar, Rajasthan, GujaratSindh, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir,U.P., Rajasthan, Gujaratd
6The famous figure of a dancing girl found in the excavations old Harappa was made of:TerracottaSteatiteBronzeRed limestonec
7The Great Granary of the Indus Valley Civilization has been discovered at:HarappaMohenjodaroKalibanganLothalb
8Mohenjodaro is also known as:Mound of the GreatMound of the SurvivorsMound of the LivingMound of the Deadd
9The Great Bath of the Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in:HarappaLothalMohenjodaroRoparc
10The Indus Valley Civilization belongs to the:Neolithic agePalaeolithic ageChalcolithic ageMesolithic agea
11The tools and weapons of Harappan civilization were mostly made of:Stone onlyStone and copperCopper, bronze, ironCopper, tin, bronzed
12There are similarities between the seals found at Mohenjodaro and:EgyptChinaSumeriaAfghanistanc
13Which of the following distinguishes the Harappan from other contemporary civilizations of the world?Science and technologyReligion and social structureTown planning and drainageUniform weights and measuresc
14From which one of the following sites was the famous Bull-seal of Indus Valley found?HarappaChanhudaroLothalMohenjodarod
15When Aryans came to subcontinent?1500 BC1600 BC1700 BC1800 BCa
16The religion of Aryans developed into:SikhismBudhismHinduismJudaismc
17The religious book of the Indo-Aryans is known as:The vedasThe YugasThe ShuklasThe Rekhlasa
18The people of Indus Valley Civilization used which metal extensively?SilverIronPlatinumBronzed
19Which was the earliest capital of Gandhara kingdom?HarappaMohenjodaroTaxilaPushkalavatid
20The University of the ancient world was situated in which city?PushkalavatiTaxilaIranAfghanistanb
21Who conquered Gandhara division between 325-327 BC?Alexander the GreatAshokaAryansGuptaa
22Who built Budhist temple in the subcontinent?AshokaMauryaGuptaShungaa
23In 185 BC Bactrian Greeks arrived in which city?LothalGandharaHarappaMohenjodarob
24Bactrian Greeks built new cities at Pushkalavati and ______.TaxilaLahoreHarappaMohenjodaroa
25Who invaded the Gandhara region in 75 BC?AshokaGuptaScythiansBactrian Greeksc
26Scythians came from ______.East AsiaWest AsiaNorth AsiaCentral Asiad
27Who overpowered the Scythians? (Remove)Bactrian GreeksParthiansChandraguptaShungab
28When Kushans came to sub-continent? (Remove)60 A.D.61 A.D.62 A.D.63 A.D.a
29Which city is the capital and central city of Gandhara civilization?TaxilaPeshawarDenaJehluma
30The main occupation of the Indus Valley civilization was: (Repeated)AgricultureCattle rearingHuntingNone of thesea

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