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What is KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test and its Study Material?

What is KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test and its Study Material?
KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test and KPK PMS 2021 Screening Test Study Material Update:

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission (KPPSC), for KPK PMS-2021, has introduced a compulsory screening test to sift candidates for KPK PMS-2021 written examinations. The candidates who qualify for the screening test, if it happens, will become eligible for PMS written examinations. In this article, you will be known what is KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test and KPK PMS 2021 Screening Test Study Material?

KPPSC PMS Screening Test Pattern

The pattern of KPK PMS Screening Test would be:

Total Marks400 Marks
Total Number of MCQs100 MCQs
Marks per MCQ4 Marks per MCQ
Time Allowed90 Minutes
Test TypeMultiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)
Recommended WebsiteHowfiv


Although it is not decided yet, as per SPSC Screening test, it might be possible that each incorrect answer will result in deduction of 0.25 marks.

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It is also not decided yet, but as per SPSC Screening test model, candidates securing minimum 50% marks will be eligible to appear in the written examination of KPK PMS-2021.


The screening test will contain multiple-choice questions (MCQs) comprising of following subjects (NOTE: 20 MCQs from each of the following 5 sections):

  1. English
  2. Islamiat
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Pakistan Affairs
  5. Everyday Science
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KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test Study Material

Although there is no book or notes available for the preparation of KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test, Howfiv website has successfully updated the study materials for it. This is the only credible website where 20 thousands to 40 thousands competitive aspirants prepare themselves for their one paper exams and other competitive exams. The students who have taken the FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC, NTS, AJKPSC, and GBPSC one paper commission exams know the fact that almost 80 to 90 percent MCQs are always taken from the website Howfiv. The links are given hereunder, if you prepare all of these MCQs, you would become capable to score more than 80 percent in KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test.

Pakistan Affairs MCQs for KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test:

Pakistan Affairs MCQs for KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test
P.A Past Papers Since 1980
P.A Most Repeated MCQs
P.A Most Important MCQs
CSS Past Papers MCQs 

Current Affairs MCQs for KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test:

Pakistan Current Affairs
International Current Affairs

Everyday Science MCQs (EDS MCQs) for KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test:

Next to P.A and C.A, the important part that carries up to 10 to 20 questions in FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, NTS, etc. examinations in Pakistan, is EDS. Though there is not even a standard pattern or book available that can help aspirants prepare for the subject, I solely rely on Howfiv. At Howfiv I studied the following and I don’t remember there was even a single question that I attempt in exams was out from Howfiv’s EDS questions.

CSS Past Papers
EDS Past Papers Since 1980
EDS Most Important MCQs
EDS Most Repeated MCQs

Islamiat MCQs for KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test:

CSS Past Papers Since 2000
Islamiat Past Papers MCQs Since 1980
Islamiat Most Repeated MCQs
Islamiat Most Important MCQs

English MCQs for KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test:
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Vocabulary
  • One Word Substitutions
  • Grammar Usage
  • Preposition Usage
  • Article Usage
  • Sentence Completion
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Appropriate Word Usage

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    Kindly confirm and update onformation regarding subjects included in screening test because KPSC only mentioned General English and GK

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    March 2, 2021 at 1:58 pm

    can you please kindly send these material

  • asad
    March 10, 2021 at 10:47 pm

    i need soft pdf copy of all mcqs


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