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Financial Action Task Force (FATF) | for CSS & PMS Aspirants

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) | for CSS & PMS Aspirants

Written by Anum Saba

Financial Actions Task Force (FATF)’s October session held a few days ago, and a crucial decision for Pakistan’s presence in the grey list was made. The final decision was made and Pakistan, despite having achieved much, is remained in the grey list. Although since the last session held in February 2020, Pakistan has improved much, gained appreciation and support from the forum, compared to that in 2018. Currently, Pakistan achieved 21 milestones out of 27, a significant success indeed, compared to 14 points in February 2020. However, foreign media predicts that Pakistan will be blacklisted. Though Pakistan achieved massive and significant progress, it remained unable to mould public opinion that is tarnished by India.

First of all, Pakistan has taken which measures for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. It has established many departments at the national and provisional level during the past few months to counter these problems. The new legislation is made to encounter terror financing at an international level. Hundreds of account were frozen, and transections were stopped along with new punishments for hundi. Different measures such as seizures of accounts, cross border movement of money, and de-registration of non-profit organizations were made. The most important factor to consider is that terror financing (TF) activities need to be controlled through new laws, identifying and investigating TF cases.

In terms of diplomatic front, Pakistan also played its role well by giving briefings to different diplomates regarding actions taken to improve the country’s progress. Some other factors also help improve the country’s’ progress as Chinese diplomates last month show a positive sign that Pakistan has done a great job in achieving FATF merits. More diplomatic work is needed till February 2021 to get out of the grey list.

Although Pakistan has done a lot; however, Pakistani media remains failed in moulding public opinion and bringing a positive image of the country at the international level. On the other hand, Indian media is destroying the image of Pakistan at international comity. It is the need of time that Pakistan should tell her story to the world so that the world came to know well about it.

It is high time for Pakistan to move out of the grey list in the next FATF session of February 2021. Pakistan needs to speed its horse of progress, working against money laundering, and terror financing. Pakistani media must play its role in uplifting the positive image of the country.

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