KPK PMS Screening Test 2016 | Kppsc PMS Past Paper Screening Test Mcqs 2016

KPK PMS Screening Test 2016 | Kppsc PMS Past Paper Screening Test Mcqs 2016
KPK PMS Screening Test 2016 | Kppsc PMS Past Paper Screening Test Mcqs 2016 | KPK PMS-2021 Screening Test and KPK PMS 2021 Screening Test Study Material Update:

The following is the past paper of KPK PMS Screening Test 2016. CSS Prep Forum always try to bring the best to help thousands of competitive students.

How to Prepare for KPK PMS Screening Test 2021?

The number of KPK PMS has been increasing for the last many years, so to crack for the screening has become a dilemma for thousands of PMS aspirants in KPK. Since 2018, Howfiv has introduced One Paper MCQs exam and screening test preparation under the patronage of its highly qualified coaches and officers: Sir Badar Rameez, Sir Syed Kazim Ali, Miss Nirmal, Miss Bakhtawar, Sir Hamza Asif, Miss Zaineb Azam, and ten others. Howfiv, with these coaches’ help, has created thousands of exam-relevant MCQs that could be asked in exams. In CCE Sindh Screening Test 2021, more than 63 MCQs has been taken from the Howfiv website. If you are interested in preparing yourself for KPK PMS Screening 2021, keep preparing yourself by memorizing, practising, and testing thousands of exam-relevant MCQs at the Howfiv website. If you think you are fully prepared or are confused about preparing for the screening test, join the EXCLUSIVE CRASH COURSE of KPK PMS Screening 2021 introduced by Howfiv. 

KPPSC PMS Screening Test Pattern

The pattern of KPK PMS Screening Test would be:

Total Marks400 Marks
Total Number of MCQs100 MCQs
Marks per MCQ4 Marks per MCQ
Time Allowed90 Minutes
Test TypeMultiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)
Recommended WebsiteHowfiv


Although it is not decided yet, as per SPSC Screening test, it might be possible that each incorrect answer will result in deduction of 0.25 marks.


It is also not decided yet, but as per SPSC Screening test model, candidates securing minimum 50% marks will be eligible to appear in the written examination of KPK PMS-2021.


The screening test will contain multiple-choice questions (MCQs) comprising of following subjects (NOTE: 20 MCQs from each of the following 5 sections):

  1. English
  2. Islamiat
  3. Current Affairs
  4. Pakistan Affairs
  5. Everyday Science
KPK PMS 2021 Screening Test

1. Muslim ladies went to battlefield to nurse the wounded in the battle of
Ghazwa Uhad

2. The name of the last sariya was:
Don’t know

3. Hajj Mabroor means:
Accepted hajj

4. Which ghazwa is named as furqan?

5. How many camels are liable for Zakat?

6. “Jehad is not only done with arms, but protecting someone from harsh words is also jihad.” Who uttered these words?
Hazrat Ali (R.A)

7. Traitors of the tribe….

8. Typical dress of hajj is called?

9. Which act is called Illegitimate?
Makroohi Tahreemi

10. Heads of zakat are mentioned in surah?

11. Saum (Ramzan) became obligatory in the year…..Hijra
2 A.H

12. Hazrat Umer (R.A) belonged to which tribe…?
Banu Aad

13. The Hajj delegation was headed by ………..?
Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)

14. A woman can clip what length of her hair which is known as tahleeq?
A short piece not one third or one 1/4.

15. How many verses were revealed on first wahi?

16. The Holy Prophet SAW commanded which Sahabi to write the wahi of Quran
Zaid bin harsa slave of prophet and treated by prophet as son

17. Analogy means

18. The word Ijtehad literally means?
None of these. Its inference

19. Hazrat Muhammad SAW was born three thousand years before which Prophet? 
Hazrat Ibrahim A.S

20. All the children of the Holy Prophet SAW were from Khadija except…….?
Hazrat Ibrahim

Pakistan Affairs

21. The Karachi Agreement of 1949 was signed by the military representatives of India and Pakistan, supervised by the 
UN Commission

22. The object of cabinet mission was to….?
Intern constitution

23. Who was the person behind conversion of east India company from a trading company into regional power?
Lord Clive

24. The movement withdrawn immediately after the Chaura Chori incident was?
Non cooperation movement

25. Chenab Formula was given by….
Sardar yaqoob khan

26. Zia ul Haq requested for re-insertion of which country in OIC?

27. The name of the Governor of Benaras at the time of URDU-HINDI controversy?

28. Doctrine of lapse was adopted by…..
Lord Dalhousie

29. Quaid Azam joined Muslim League on the request of…….?
Muhammed Ali johar

30. “I dont want to die in a slave Hindustan” said by….
Muhammed Ali johar

31. Who presented the flag on 11th August 1947?
Liaqat Ali khan

32. Who was the PM of UK at the time of the creation of Pakistan?
Clement Attlee

33. Operation Eagle was directed against…..?

34. Sukkur, Jinnah, chasma barrages are located on river…..?

35. India consist of how many states?

36. Fourteen points were presented after……… ?
None of these

37. Green Berets are……
The United States Army Special Forces

38. Who is known as the founder of British empire in India?
Robert Clive

39. The name of the simon commission was….
Statutory something like this the third option

Current Affairs

40. which of the following pairing is wrong
Vatican city— Lira
Saudi Arabia—- Riyal
Sweeden—– Mark
Sweden mark although Vatican use euro lira the old currency of italy

41. The NATO route is considered an important international trade route because….
Wind trade facility

42. The congress of USA is situated at/ is also known as…..?
Capital hills

43. First president of India?
Ragendra parshad

44. Incumbent president of India
Parnab mukharji

45. Skopje is the capital of….?

46. Kigali is the capital of….?

47. India is constructing Kishan Ganga on river…..?

48. The name of the premier of China?
Xi jinping chairman of some apex council it was not about premier of china who is liquikan or so

49. Global Crises- Global Responsibilities is the motto of

50. MILF stands for….?
Morro Islamic liberation front

51. CTBT was approved by UN General assembly on….?
Not ctbt it was npt or so 1963

52. The function of Security council is……..?
Take decisions by unanimous vote. If one veto then case may not proceed further

53. British handed over Honk Kong to China on….

54. Portugal hander over Macau to China on…..?

55. Which country, having nuclear capability surrendered its nuclear status after getting independence?
Ukraine Kazakhstan and one other

56. Country having revolving monarchy of 5 year is…..?

57. Proteas are……
South Africa

58. Leader of Hizbullah is……

59. ARAK nuclear power plant is in…

Everyday Science

60. glycolysis produce.

61. what we do to make sea water drinkable.
Distillation like we do of crude petroleum

62. if the thermometer is placed down the fan then the tempreture?
Room temperature

63. the science of heavenly bodies is called?

64. why the blood looks red?

65. when the red blood cell is kept in water………

66. which one is the physical change

67. diabetes is caused by the dysfunction of?

68. mobile phone uses which kind of waves?

69. why the radio signals are clear during night time?
The composition of the ionosphere at night is different than during the day because of the presence or absence of the sun. You can pick up some radio stations better at night because the reflection characteristics of the ionosphere are better at night.

70. color blind cannot differentiate?
Red green

71. what is Stevenson screen?
To protect the instruments

72. Burn caused by steam is more than that of water
Latent heat

73. Universal recipient for blood

74. Aging in humans by which gland
Pituitary glands it vanishes with time

75. Minerals required in larger amount to human body

76. Eggshell is made up of

77. Toxic materials are excreted through
Detoxified by liver

78. A small weight put on pressure cooker increases the ….
Don’t know

79. Rainbow is due to
Dispersion, reflection refraction all involved


80. He was drawn to the vortex of politics at a very early age.
(a) Whirlpool
(b) Field
(c) Arena
(d) Hell

81. Fifty years after independence there can be no alibi for not providing basic amenities
to every citizen.
(a) Cause
(b) Plea
(c) Factor
(d) Reason

82. The community is agog with speculation about the fate of the money collected.
(a) Excited
(b) Worried
(c) Depressed
(d) Annoyed

83. It is quite unseemly that person should so behave with his elders.
(a) Childish
(b) Ugly
(c) Discourteous
(d) Improper

84. The story which Gaurav narrated was very exciting.
(a) Disclosed
(b) Told
(c) Revealed
(d) Explained

85. pay through the nose

86. Weather the storm

87. By Leaps and Bounds

88. No love lost between

89. Drive something home to somebody

90. A change in eating habits to a very thin look is not just an innocent _____ or trend; it is a serious ______ for many women who may suffer from dietary disorders.
a. Victim…..Peril (Chk it)
b. Idea…Response
c. Fad….Hazard
d. Prank……Challenge

91. Just like ferocity is the trademark of a courageous person, ______ is to the _________.
a. Timourousness….hero
b. Temerity—–coward
c. Avarice—-philanthropist
d. Cowardice—crave

92. In this form of business, the management _____ its employees to be docile and prefer to ostracise those who don’t_____.
a. Expects: Disobeyed
b. Requires: Conform
c. Forces: Rebel
d. Allows: Withdraw

93. Dishonest archaeologists who represent a modern utility tool as ______ because of its age may be guilty of taking on trust what they should have _____ in a proper manner.
a. Ancient: established
b. Accurate: Examined
c. False: Reiterated
d. Mythical: Fabricated

94. The lecture droned on about the ______ points of mathematical models to solve poverty, while omitting the details that might _____ the reader’s interest.
a. Week….. sell to
b. Trivial—— boost
c. Stylistic—-irritate
d. Essential—-limit

The young leading the young is like the blind leading the blind: they will both fall into the ditch. The only sure guide is he who has often gone the road which you want to go. Let me be that guide, who have gone all roads, and who can consequently point out to you the best. If you ask me why I went any of the bad roads myself, I will answer you very truly that it was for want of a good guide, ill example invited me one way, and a good guide was wanting to show me a better. But if anybody, capable of advising me had taken the same pains with me, which I have taken, and will continue to take with you, I should have avoided many follies and inconveniences,which undirected youth ran me into.
95. The central idea of the passage is:
a. youth is ill-informed
b. experience is a sure guide
c. pitfalls for the young
d. old is gold

96. A sure guide is a person:
a. who has traveled on the bad roads
b. who has traveled on the path you want to traverse
c. who has gone on all the roads
d. who knows many roads

97. What happens when the blind leads the blind?
a. They can’t lead each other
b. They encounter lot of gains
c. They don’t reach their destination
d. They get better destinations

98. The writer went on the bad roads because of:
a. lack of experience
b. lack of knowledge
c. following ill-examples
d. lack of guidance

99. The expression “gone the roads” would mean:
a. traveled a lot
b. guided many people
c. gone through fewer road
d. having first hand experience

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