A 3-Day Free Orientation For English Essay and Precis Course For CSS and PMS

Free Orientation for English Essay

Are you feeling anxious about your upcoming CSS 2025 and PMS 2024 examinations? Do you dread preparing for the English essays and precis papers? Well, worry no more! Join our 3-day free orientation for English essay and precis course designed explicitly for CSS and PMS aspirants. Join Sir Syed Kazim Ali to learn to communicate confidently, fluently, and grammatically correct, and do not let English essay or precis spoil your CSS or PMS attempt.

Qualifying for the CSS examination is a dream for many aspirants aiming to enter Pakistan’s bureaucracy. However, fulfilling this dream requires much more than having a good command of English. In fact, it demands a profound understanding of writing, communication skills and analytical approaches. The CSS and PMS English papers primarily focus on aspirants’ written communication skills and clarity of expression in English. They require aspirants to showcase their thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints on the selected topic instead of reproducing sentences and paragraphs they cram from the newspapers.

Unfortunately, many aspirants give little importance to English and rely solely on the tips and tricks available on social media by highly advertised inept mentors and mercenary academies. These sources may provide some useful tips, but they seldom teach students how to write an essay. They fail to teach students how to break down the chosen topic, how to write the thesis statement, what is a relevant and coherent outline, what is the topic sentence and how to write it, how to articulate thoughts and give specific pieces of evidence to support them, and how to connect sentences or share transitions between them. Consequently, despite having much knowledge regarding subjects, aspirants cannot satisfactorily transfer their thoughts to the examiner. They fail to impress the examiner and are often left wondering why they did not qualify for the CSS examination. The truth is that the lack of proper writing skills, analytical approaches, and knowledge is the main reason behind the maximum number of CSS and PMS essay failures each year.

Regarding aspirants preparing for the CSS or PMS precis paper, it can be tempting to believe that memorizing grammar rules and practising sentence corrections will guarantee success. However, the truth is that simply relying on grammar books and exercises won’t be enough to crack the paper in the examination. While English does have countless grammatical rules, many of them are not even tested by the CSS PMS examiner. The CSS and PMS precis papers are not designed to test your knowledge of grammar rules. Instead, they aim to evaluate your ability to express yourself clearly in writing. For example, if you place a modifier in the wrong place, the intended meaning of a sentence becomes at odds.

Let’s consider the following sentences.

  • Crossing the road, a motorbike almost struck me. 

The sentence is wrong because it does not communicate the intended meaning to the examiner. The grammatical meaning of the sentence is that a motorbike was crossing the road. However, the intended meaning is that as I crossed the road, a motorbike almost struck me

  • Similar to a floppy disk, data is usually stored in the hard disk in sectors.

The sentence is wrong because it also does not communicate the intended meaning to the examiner. The grammatical meaning of the sentence is that the data is similar to a floppy disk. However, the intended meaning is that “Similar to a floppy disk, the hard drive stores data in sectors.

It is undeniable that writing plays a crucial role in determining the success of aspirants in their exams. To excel in English essays and precis papers, aspirants need to possess excellent written communication skills. No matter how well-read they are, aspirants are bound to fail without the ability to convey their thoughts in a grammatically correct, fluent, and coherent manner. But worry not! The solution to this problem lies with none other than Sir Syed Kazim Ali. With an impressive track record of being the best CSS and PMS English teacher in Pakistan, he has helped countless students achieve their dreams of success. He is the only English essay and precis teacher in the country with the highest student success rate. So, if you want to ace your exams and stand out from the rest, Sir Syed Kazim Ali is your go-to person.

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has announced a 3-Day Free Orientation Session for Extensive English Essay and Precis Course for CSS 2025 and PMS 2024. This course is designed for aspirants who plan to take the PMS and CSS exams in 2024 & 2025 respectively and want to dive deep to grip English writing skills, including English grammar, essay writing, precis writing, and communication skills from basic to advanced levels. It is a perfect course if your level is between beginner and intermediate, and it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. So, whether you’re looking for your write-up evaluation or extensive coaching to take your writing skills to the next level to qualify for a competitive exam in Pakistan, Sir Syed Kazim Ali has an English language program to suit your needs.

Contact Mam Zaineb at WhatsApp 0300-6322446 & Get Your Seat Reserved in Advance.

Studying Competitive English with Sir Syed Kazim Ali Always Makes A Difference

Details for Free Orientation for English Essay

1English Coach
Sir Syed Kazim Ali
2Course Name
Extensive English Essay & Precis Course for CSS 2025 & PMS 2024
3Orientation Registration Deadline
Thrusday, April 25, 2024
(Contact Admin – Whats App 0300-6322446)
4Orientation Starts On
Friday, April 26, 2024
5Orientation Location
Online (via Zoom)
The ID will be shared with those students who register for the orientation.
6Available Seats for Orientation
200 Seats Only
7Orientation Fee
Free (No Fee)
8How to Join Free Orientation?
WhatsApp: 0300-6322446 the following particulars:
1- Name
2- Age
3- City
4- Qualifications
5- Profession
6- Email
7- Contact Number
8- Number of CSS & PMS Attempt
9- DMC (if any)
10- Aspiring for (CSS 2024 or PMS 2023)
9Want to join the course in advance?
Click here – Extensive English Essay and Precis Course for CSS 2025 & PMS 2024

Included in this Online Free Orientation Session!

Sir Syed Kazim Ali’s Online Free Orientation Session for English essay and precis preparation for PMS-2024 and CSS-2025 includes the following:

What are communication skills?
What writing skills you need to qualify for the essay & precis papers?
What grammatical errors we commit while writing?
What is the best way to learn & practice advanced grammar?
What is the difference between grammatical & intended meaning?
How to write a sentence giving complete thought?
How to write sentences coherently?
What is paragraph writing?
How to write a paragraph carrying single idea with evidence?
How to write a paragraph carrying multiple ideas with evidences?
How to write breakdown the essay topic to start writing?
What is an essay’s outline and how to write it?
How to narrow down the topic to start writing an essay?
What is a precis, and how to have a grip on it?
What is a comprehension reading, and how to deal with the questions?
What is the basic difference between information and knowledge, and why can Pakistani students not write creatively?
How to build vocabulary and use them in write-ups?
and much more.


1- Who is this Orientation Session For?

This Free Online Orientation Session is best for CSS and PMS aspirants who:

Need to prepare themselves for CSS and PMS
Want to take CSS-2025 and PMS 2024
Eager to learn written communication skills
Want to improve their English writing ability in all areas and skill
Flunked their essays or precis papers
Want to learn essay writing from the scratch
Want to prepare precis paper from the scratch
Have the wish to give essays or precis papers a serious consideration

2- Who can join this Free Online Orientation Session?

The session is available for all competitive aspirants who have planned to give CSS-2025 and PMS-2024 a try. Whoever registers before the closing date will be allowed to join the session.

Contact Mam Zaineb at WhatsApp 0300-6322446 & Get Your Seat Reserved Now.

3- At which platform will the Free Online Orientation Session be conducted?

The session will be held on Zoom. All aspirants, who registers before the closing date, will be provided Zoom Meeting ID and Passcode by Sir Syed Kazim Ali’s assistant through whats’ app.

4- How long will this Free Online Orientation Session last a day?

The session will continue for three days, and Sir Syed Kazim Ali will be live for 2 to 3 hours daily. His assistant will tell the exact timing.

5- What are the opening and closing dates for this Free Online Orientation Session?

1Registration Deadline
Thursday, April 25, 2024
2Orientation Date
Friday, April 26, 2024
3Orientation Duration
3 Days
4Orientation Timings
Morning & Evening
5Course Commences On
Wednesday, May 1, 2024
6Course Duration
4 to 5 Months of Extensive Preparation

6- How to Register for the 3-Day Free Online Orientation Session?

The session is available for all competitive aspirants who have planned to give CSS-2025 and PMS-2024 a try. Whoever registers before the closing date will be allowed to join the session. You can register for the orientation session by sending the following particulars on our What’s App: 0300-63224460332-6105842

1– Name
2– Age
3– City
4– Qualifications
5– Profession
6– Email
7– Contact Number
8– Number of CSS & PMS Attempt
9– DMC (if Any)
10– Aspiring for (CSS 2025, PMS 2024)

Unlike other institutes and teachers, we do not let all join the orientation session because of a very large number of aspirants – ranging from 300 to 500. So, kindly register yourself as soon as possible by following the procedure.

Message by Sir Syed Kazim Ali

7- How to Register for the CSS English Essay and Precis Course for CSS 2025 and PMS 2024?

The course will commence after the 3-Day Free Orientation Session. There is generally a test after the orientation session based on what is taught in orientation; the top 50 to 60 students – who qualify for the test – are generally granted admission to the course. However, if you are interested in getting admission directly into the course, you need to contact Sir Kazim’s assistant(s) on WhatsApp at 0332-6105842 or 0300-6322446. They will let you know the proper procedure for admission with Sir Syed Kazim Ali. For a further course overview, kindly click on the link below:

How do you secure admission to the course?

There are two possible ways to secure admission to the extensive English essay and precis course for CSS and PMS. 


You register for the online orientation session and attend two days of classes. At the end of the session, Sir usually sets a test for those who want admission to the course. The test syllabus is the same as whatever you are taught in the orientation. So, whoever qualifies for the test is offered admission to the course.


As you know, whenever Sir Kazim introduces an Extensive Session for CSS and PMS preparation, hundreds of aspirants start applying to secure admission to the course. However, Sir grants admission to a limited number of students. This time, there are just 65 seats in the April Session, and 23 seats are already filled. So, you are advised to follow the process to secure your admission to the course in advance. 

How do you secure admission to the course in advance?

You can apply for the course before the orientation session, where you must write a paragraph of around 200 words. Sir judges your English skills through this paragraph. If your basic English (usually at an intermediate level) is OK, the main admin—Miss Zaineb—contacts you for further processing, and you are granted admission to the course.

To secure your admission, Kindly write 100 to 200 words paragraphs on any of the following topics. 

  • 1- Why do I want to become a bureaucrat?
  • 2- What two wishes do I want to make come true?

After writing the paragraph, you have to send it to any of the following WhatsApp numbers 

  • 0300-6322446
  • 0332-6105842

Next Process

If your paragraph is not plagiarized, has little English articulation, and does not contain basic writing errors, Miss Zaineb will contact you for further details and ask for fee submission. 

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. City
  4. Qualifications
  5. Designation (if any)
  6. Contact Number
  7. Email
  8. Any CSS or PMS Previous Attempt
  9. Crossed Copy of ID Card

Your seat is reserved in the course as soon as your particulars are completed and the fee is submitted. 

So, the best option you have is to apply before the orientation session. If you think your English basics are OK and you can quickly learn advanced English writing and communication skills, you can apply for the course now.

Who is Sir Syed Kazim Ali?

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been the best English teacher for CSS and PMS and professional bloggers, writers, and content creators for years. He is one of the English teachers who has recognized himself globally because of his masterful English language command. The best part of him is that he is the only CSS, PMS English teacher in Pakistan whose students’ success result is the highest. He has introduced a unique coaching style that equips anybody with writing skills within 2 to 3 months. As a top English language coach nationwide, Sir Syed Kazim Ali helps his students reach their full potential at a pace that suits them. He knows that CSS aspirants’ approach to learning English is different. And over the years, he has developed a unique teaching methodology, which helps his students crack English essays and precis papers. The way he explains and simplifies the concepts no other English teacher across Pakistan can do. He has successfully taught hundreds of successful students preparing for entrance or competitive exams such as MDCAT, GAT, SAT, GMAT, GRE, CSS, FPSC, PMS, etc. His online creative English writing session gives you the skills and confidence to get the best possible exam results. He focuses on his students’ critical areas, which helps identify their strengths and weaknesses, and equips them with the writing skills they need to correctly and confidently express their thoughts and opinions.

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