The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life

Written by Khizra Khalil

Man gives exorbitant importance to unnecessary things. He works day and night for the sake of worldly success. He forgets that birth isn’t a start, and death isn’t an end of a soul. A soul has existed a billion years ago before our birth, and it will exist even after the destruction of the entire universe. Every soul in the universe has agreed that Allah is our Rab. Allah asked his creatures ‘ ‘Do you want “Ikhtiyar” (the authority of doing good or bad).“ Indeed the man who is very ignorant agreed to get “Ikhtiyar.”It is the responsibility of doing good even if one has the authority to do sin at the same time. So, the purpose of one’s life is to become an Abd-a servant who uses the authority given by Allah with utmost humbleness to prevail goodness.

One cannot live without food, water, and air; on the contrary, man cannot live a peaceful life until he satisfies his soul. If a person observes his vicinity properly, he realises that the concept of virtue is everywhere but in different forms. For example, one might have seen a robber who had looted a bank and helped the poor. Once a prostitute built a mosque to satisfy her inner. Hence, man adopts different kinds of virtues to satisfy his soul.

There are two major classes in our society: Religious class and a well-educated class. The former think that an act of goodness is limited to some rituals (establishing salah -prayer- having a long beard, fasting, and performing Hajj). This class does not hesitate to breach and to practice usury. On the contrary, the later think that keeping promises, speaking the truth and helping the poor is the actual essence of virtuousness. To them, the concept of Namaz, fast, and Hajj is limited to individuals. So, the actual concept of virtue is vague in our society.

The Quran interprets the true essence of goodness. In the Quran, Ayat-ul- Birr explains the concept of real virtue. According to Islam, the true concept of virtue includes Tuheed(faith in Allah and faith in the Day of Judgment), Risalat (faith in prophethood), faith in the angles, faith in the Holy books, Huqooq-ul-Ibad(fulfilling all fundamental rights of human being), and practising Islamic Ibadaat (establishing salah, fasting, distributing alm, and performing Hajj ). The broader spectrum of Birr(virtue) stresses upon human rights. Despite having immense love of wealth, man should not hesitate to help the poor, the wayfarer, orphans, those who do not ask, and to set the servants free.

Surprisingly, man thinks that his peace lies in luxurious life, whereas the inner comfort lies in the remembrance of Allah. If a person heals his brother’s wound, he gets peace of heart.So, good deeds are like the blessing of Allah. William Words Worth rightly said, ”The charities that soothe, and heal, and bless, are scattered at the feet of Man, like flowers.” Man gets many opportunities to serve humanity. Unfortunately, Muslim Ummah has limited itself to some rituals only. Muslims have forgotten the actual purpose of life.

Critical Analysis

Being a Muslim, it is our principal duty to serve humanity. Sadly Muslim world has turned its back on the oppressed. Muslims do not raise their voice against brutality. Muslims in Syria, Ghaza, and in Palestine have been tortured for many decades. Furthermore, people in Kashmir have been maltreated since Pakistan’s inception. It has been observed that the Muslim world is vocal only about its vested interest. It is high time for Muslims to become unite against tyrant.


Allah has granted us the authority of doing good or bad simultaneously. Unfortunately, we think that getting higher designation, wealth, and happiness is necessary for a successful life, but we get temporary happiness (satisfaction) from materialistic things. On the other hand, little deeds of goodness can be a source of eternal peace.

About the writer:

Miss Khizra Khalil is one of the eminent writers, who wish to bring about a positive influence in the society via her write-ups. She has been learning the art of expression and creative writing under the supervision of Sir Syed Kazim Ali, one of the distinguished grammarians in the contemporary world, since 1 month.

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