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Top 50 Blogs in Pakistan | CSS, PMS Aspirants Should Read

Top 50 Blogs for CSS, PMS Aspirants

Top 50 Blogs in Pakistan that CSS, PMS aspirants should read before starting preparation for competitive exams. In Pakistan, nearly 45,000 competitive aspirants apply for CSS exams, and 30,000 plus applicants try PMS exams every year. All of them always find relevant content that could help them prepare for their exams. In the search of the content, they join Facebook groups, like FB and Instagram pages and profiles, subscribe to YouTube channels, but in the end, they find that they have not only wasted their time and energy, but also money in buying low-quality books and contents. On the other hand, a competitive aspirant should always try to reach quality contents and blogs to equip themselves with the best. In this blog, I have gathered all the top-rated blogs related to CSS and PMS exams. These blogs should be saved, bookmarked, and printed by CSS, PMS aspirants as they are all written by officers and those aspirants who scored maximum numbers in CSS, PMS exams. CSSPrepForum is the only available forum that is designed and developed to help and assist competitive aspirants.

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