The Reason Why There Is No-Calculator in Apple iPad

The Reason Why There Is No-Calculator in Apple iPad

Written by Anum Saba

Undoubtedly, technology is emerging in every field of life and produces new pieces of equipment to fulfil users’ needs. The same is the case in the area of mobile devices. Many inventions have been seen in the mobile development industry, and many new articles are presented in the market related to mobile phones. IPad, a portable device, launched in 2010 by Apple Company, however, it runs many applications, but one crucial built-in system is missing that is nothing but “Calculator.”

Though the company, as well as users, are unable to find the reason why there is no calculator in the IPad, it is aptly said that while designing it the coding of the calculator remained unable to grab much attention from developers, and they missed it out. When the owner, Steve Jobs, came to know about the issue he ordered to embed the calculator features in it, but in the end, he ordered not to add it as all the previous versions don’t have it.

Till the beginning of the development of the IPad, no one bothered to embed a calculator feature. So all the versions, including IPadOS 14, didn’t introduce it.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use a calculator in it. If someone wants to use a calculator on his IPad, he needs to install the application from service providers.

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