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Where Pakistan Lost Kashmir | For CSS and PMS Aspirants

Where Pakistan Lost Kashmir | For CSS and PMS Aspirants

Written by Mutahar Iftikhar

Astute diplomacy is to let the other side claim the victory of words. That is exactly what happened in Shimla agreement in 1972 as the Indian side let Pakistani claim the victory by not recognizing Bangladesh and saving ninety thousand war prisoners from Indian Army’s brutality. Whatever happened was quite different than what people of Pakistan thought it was. Indians played their hand quite expediently by putting the burning issue of Kashmir on the back burner, and they were successful because Pakistan’s government was in a precarious situation over the loss of its East wing and ninety thousand war prisoners.

At the start of the summit, Indians brought a long list of demands they wanted Pakistan to fulfil in return of prisoners and lost territory to India in Kashmir. Although they remained unable to fulfil their aspiration to subside Pakistan in the corner of humiliation, they very easily got what, in fact, they wanted. It was not to get the chunk of land in Kashmir, to brutalize the prisoners, or to establish formal ties with Bangladesh but to settle the Kashmir issue for once and all. Pakistanis agreed to solve all outstanding issues with India bilaterally through peaceful means, and that was all they were hoping for in the summit. It was in line with their assessment that only foreign powers could surmount enough pressure on India to force it to solve the Kashmir issue. The only way through which status-co can be maintained is by eliminating the international factor from the equation. That made it a piece of cake for India to keep stalling the issue till the time of its own choosing, considering Pakistan a harmless irritant.

It was a near-perfect diplomatic hand played by the Indian foreign office to checkmate Pakistan, leaving toothless clamouring to it. The recent steps taken by the Modi government in 2019 are corroborating their understanding of the issue. According to them, the Kashmir issue was resolved in 1972, and the latest developments are the continuation of their comprehension of the matter.

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