Cooperation Not Competition Leads the World Towards Peace and Prosperity


Cooperation Not Competition Leads the World Towards Peace and Prosperity Essay for CSS and PMS Aspirants | CSS Essays | PMS Essays | Essays by Sir Syed Kazim Ali

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1. Introduction

  • Cooperation indispensable for peace, prosperity, and development of humanity
  • European Union through cooperation turns deficit into surplus
  • Coordination among the globe necessary to fight challenges: terrorism, climate change
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) attainable only by mutual support

2- Understanding the relationship between cooperation, peace, and prosperity

3- How cooperation leads the world toward peace and prosperity

  • The elimination of social evils, such as poverty, unemployment, and hunger, requires global co-operation
    • Case in point: Southeast Asian Countries, through mutual support and cooperation, turn their social indicators around by 20%
  • Terrorism-a dagger in the heart of global peace- cannot be eliminated without the collective effort
    • Accounts for 5526 lives in 2021, according to Global Terrorism Index, disturbs the social fabric of society
  • Climate change, a cause of several calamities hampering the prosperity of the world, needs world attention for mitigation
    • Case in point: Floods in Pakistan and drought in Iraq needs global cooperation to mitigate the effects
  • Curtailment of harms, like drug and human trafficking, smuggling is only possible through cross-border collaboration
  • Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is unlikely without global cooperation
    • Case in point: Developed countries- America, England, France- must cooperate with developing countries- Ethiopia, Somalia, Afghanistan- to achieve sustainability

4- How competition proves to be a bane for the world peace

  • Countries around the globe at daggers drawn owing to competition
    • Case in point: Pakistan and India have been at war since independence
  • Economic war between super-powers- a blight for under-developed countries
    • Case in point: Vietnam and Thailand have faced severe setbacks in exports of around 4 billion dollars due China-America economic war, according to Asian Development Bank

5- How can the world work together to ensure peace and prosperity?

  • By increasing the role of a global organization to bring warring countries close
  • By giving more economic incentives from developed countries to developing countries to improve their social indicators
  • By enhancing the role of environmentalist organizations in mitigating the effects of global warming
  • By boosting anti-terrorist organization’s role in putting an end to terrorism

6- Critical analysis
7- Conclusion 

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Cooperation is indispensable for humanity’s peace, prosperity, and development in this globalized world. A cooperative community grows exponentially when it knits to uplift all regional social indicators. A glaring example of achieving prosperity through coordination is European Union. Europe, which has once been a food deficit and poverty-driven region, has successfully turned itself into the world’s most developed region through collective efforts. The example of Europe is enough to understand the fact that the countries cannot fight global terrorism, climate change, global warming and human trafficking by themselves if they do not come together collectively. Ostensibly and clearly, the world must come on the same page – through cooperation, not competition – to attain Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for its bright, peaceful, and prosperous future. However, on the other hand, competition always results only in chaos and calamity, and world wars have been evident examples. Therefore, the world must understand the significance of collaboration, and the global community must work hand in hand to make the earth livable. This essay eludes why cooperation, not competition, is necessary for a peaceful and prosperous world.

Cooperation Not Competition Leads the World Towards Peace and Prosperity Essay

Cooperation, Not Competition, Can Lead the World Towards Peace and Prosperity Essay

How Does Cooperation, Not Competition, Lead the World Towards Peace and Prosperity?

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Competition robs the world of a peaceful and prosperous future; however, cooperation among the states would lead the world toward a bright and thriving future. Cooperation among societies is pivotal for better understanding each other and collectively mitigating problems. As it can also be understood by an old saying, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Furthermore, collaboration among personnel is also essential as it leads towards the exchange of ideas and helps innovation. Moreover, through coordination, the world can face any calamity and counter it collectively; therefore, cooperation has much significance for developing a prosperous society.

It is pertinent to elude how cooperation is necessary for peace and prosperity of the world. To begin with, the biggest challenge the planet faces today is growing social evils, such as poverty, unemployment, and hunger. Millions of people around the globe are the victims of these social evils, and individual efforts to curb them are not proving fruitful. Therefore, to make the world peaceful and prosperous, cooperation among the states worldwide is essential to eliminate these evils. For instance, countries of Southeast Asia, under the flag of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, have started free trade and technology exchange, resulting in a 20% decrease in poverty in the last decade. Moreover, the per capita income of the people increased, and the unemployment ratio decreased drastically. Hence, it is evident that countries all around the globe must coordinate to eliminate these evils.

Additionally, terrorism- a dagger in the heart of world peace- is an ever-growing menace that disrupts society’s social peace. Terrorism is not an issue of a single country or a region, but the whole planet is a victim of this heinous evil. According to Global Terrorism Index, terrorist activities account for 5526 losses of lives in 2021. This violence not only disrupts the social peace of society but also engraves everlasting psychological marks in people’s minds. Terrorism cannot be tackled alone by a single nation, but global efforts and communication are required to end this threat. Therefore, global collaboration in the exchange of information, technology, and expert personnel is a must to curtail terrorism. 

Furthermore, another issue that needs global cooperation is climate change-average rise in the Earth’s temperature due to human activities- it is not due to a single country but mostly due to developed countries, such as America and China. Climate change has proven to be a bane to the social and economic prosperity of the world, causing several large-scale calamities. It has affected all areas of life: agriculture, infrastructure, fresh, land water. For instance, due to changes in weather patterns, recent flooding in Pakistan has caused significant loss of lives and economic losses. Moreover, the western region of Iraq has been facing impacts of climate change in the form of dreadful droughts. Therefore, the need of the hour is to develop a mechanism of cooperation among the globe to mitigate the impacts of climate change for a peaceful and prosperous future of the world.

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In addition to this, curtailment of evils like human and drug trafficking and smuggling of goods need collaborative effort. These evils are sore for the sustenance of peace in society. Inter and intra-state high-level and honest communication is required to curtail crimes like these. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), approximately 10-15 billion dollars of drugs enter America through the Mexico border, eventually leading to the corruption of youth in society. Moreover, the eradication of human trafficking from Africa and the selling of human organs in the black market need global efforts. Therefore, cross-border cooperation is a must for the elimination of these evils.

Last but not least, global cooperation is a must to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations for a prosperous future in the world. In fact, if the states remain unable to work together, the dream to achieve these goals – no hunger, no poverty, education for all, and economic sustainability- would be elusive. For this purpose, developed countries, such as America, France, and China, must work hand in hand with developing countries to address their issues and support them in every possible field. As a result, the world can become a comforting home for every individual rather than some specific one.

On the one hand, cooperation makes the world a place worth living in, and on the other hand, competition has always led the world towards chaos. Countries around the globe are at daggers drawn owing to competition. They hate each other and do not want their rival to progress in any regard. A glaring example in this regard is India and Pakistan. Both countries loathe each other and can do anything to stop the other from progressing. Moreover, they are fighting the world’s most expensive war at Siachen just to overpower the other. Hence, competition has always been an obstacle to a peaceful and prosperous world.

In addition to this, economic tussles between superpowers have become a blight for underdeveloped countries. This is because they are facing the consequences of the war, which they were never part of. For instance, Thailand and Vietnam have concurred loss of around $4 billion in exports to China due to the China-America trade war in 2019, reported by the Asian Development Bank. Moreover, the trade war has also impacted many countries in Africa. Therefore, competition has always been a ladder leading to chaos and war.

In order to ensure peace in the world, global organizations, such as the United Nations, must mediate between warring countries, such as Pakistan and India, for a better and prosperous future for both countries. Moreover, the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation organizations must play their role for the betterment of the region by increasing trade and cultural exchange opportunities between the member states. Hence, global and regional organizations can play a pivotal role in boosting cooperation among the states.

Moreover, developed countries, such as America, and France, can play a crucial role in the world’s prosperity by giving trade incentives to developing countries. In this regard, developed countries can offer tariff-free trade and set up manufacturing plants in developing countries to uplift their social indicators, making the world prosperous. Furthermore, World Trade Organization can play its role effectively by offering incentives to developing states. Therefore, by increasing economic cooperation between developed and developing countries, the social indicators of developing countries improve, and the world becomes prosperous.

Additionally, the world must cooperate with the United Nations Environment Program to mitigate the effects of global warming on the globe. Cooperation with the world’s largest greenhouse-releasing countries, such as America, China, and India, is required. Moreover, global campaigns in every country to minimize fossil fuel use are required. Mutual aid is essential in order to fight this global calamity. Therefore, cooperation is vital in the world to fight problems like global warming.

Last but not least, cooperation among countries can be boosted by boosting the role of anti-terrorist organizations, such Financial Action Task Force(FATF). Terrorists’ financial aid can be curbed with the help of FATF. For this purpose, communication among the world is necessary. Therefore, to deal with evils like terrorism, global cooperation has become essential. Hence, peace and prosperity can only achieve through the world’s cooperation.

Critically, competition always leads the world towards chaos and calamity. History has provided a lesson in the form of world wars that competition is a ladder leading to society’s crumbling and falling. However, cooperation builds a peaceful and prosperous foundation of society. In the wake of several challenges, the world faces cooperation among the globe has more significance than it ever had. World leaders must unite and develop a joint mechanism to deal with these issues efficiently. Therefore, to build a better future for future generations, the world must act now; otherwise, it would be useless to cry over spilt milk.

In a nutshell, sustainable peace and prosperity can only be achieved with cooperation. The world needs to join hands to alleviate people of poverty and eliminate hunger. Moreover, cooperation among the countries is crucial to deal with critical challenges. These challenges in the form of terrorism and climate change hinder world peace and prosperity. World leaders must cooperate in curbing these challenges and ensuring peace on Earth. Therefore, the need of the hour is to propagate cooperation among different states and build trust for a peaceful and prosperous future. 

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