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1- Introduction

Advancement in science and technology in a country brings agriculture and industrial revolution, enhances the production of better quality, and nurtures skilful human resources, helping it reach its economic zenith. 

2- Debunking the term

  •  What is meant by the economic prosperity of a country?

3- How can advancement in science and technology help a country achieve economic prosperity?

  • ✓ Surges yield production in the agriculture sector with the use of technology
    Case in Point: China and India, with advanced technology, increases their per acre yield, contributing billions of dollars to their economy. 
  • ✓ Enhances the production of better-quality goods and aids in GDP growth
    Case in Point: China becomes one of the world leaders in exports due to large-scale production of goods, amounts $295.5 billion in 2022
  • ✓ Helps in the implementation of e-governance models, reducing corruption, facilitating a country achieving economic prosperity
    Case in Point: Scandinavian countries, such as Norway and Finland, shifted their sectors to e-governance to reduce red-tapism and corruption 
  • ✓ Ensures formalization of the economy 
  • ✓ Nurtures better human resources, leading to employment opportunities and an increase in remittances 
    Case in Point: India’s economy largely depends upon remittances, which contribute $89.2 billion to the country’s economy 
  • ✓ Provides stability in the energy sector by using renewable sources of energy, lessens imports of oil, boosts the economy
    Case in point: Denmark produces 67% of its energy from renewable sources of energy and saves billions of dollars
  • ✓ Builds innovative society, raising social indicators and per capita income, leading towards economic sustainability 
    Case in Point: People in Silicon Valley in the United States of America has one of the largest per capita income in the world, approximately $ 138,000 per year 

4- Case Studies
✓ Countries that reach their zenith through technology

  •  The United States of America- A shining star in the comity of nations due to advancements in technology
  •  China and Japan- One of the most significant economic giants in the world

Countries lag due to their archaic society 

  • Pakistan- An under-debt country due to medieval technology
  • Senegal- A depreciating economy due to red-tapism issues and orthodox technology 

5- Critical Analysis
6- Conclusion

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Man has always strived for the best and looked for prosperity. From the descendants of Adam from heaven till today, human beings have constantly been struggling to improve their lives. Ostensibly, in the modern world, economic prosperity has become the benchmark of progress and the well-being of humanity. To achieve this, humankind has rested its trust on the shoulders of science and technology. Therefore, economic prosperity and advancement in science and technology of a country always go hand in hand. For instance, America, the world’s largest economy, is a shining star in the comity of nations due to its impeccable technical and scientific advancement. America’s supremacy in the world is enough to comprehend the importance of technological advancement globally, as scientific apotheosis brings agriculture and the industrial revolution to a country, helping it reach its economic zenith. Moreover, the production of goods can be increased, and better-quality items can be ensured for exports. However, technological and scientific lag can result in a country’s economic deterioration in this eco-scientific world. Orthodox and archaic societies can never achieve prosperity in this world. Hence, to attain economic sustainability, a country must attain technical apex, or it would always yearn for others’ help. This essay sheds light on how progress in science and technology would lead a country towards economic prosperity and how primordial methods would weaken it economically. 

To begin with, it is pivotal to understand the meaning of economic prosperity. Economic prosperity means the growth of economic indicators, such as an increase in Gross Domestic Product and per capita income, and the conservation of natural resources for our descendants. Resources must be saved from depletion for sustainable future growth because economic growth would halt without proper resource availability. As a result, social indicators of society drop drastically, and the world becomes a living hell. Therefore, achieving economic prosperity is necessary for a bright future, and it can be done only with the help of advancement in science and technology.  

Discussing the role of science and technology in achieving economic prosperity is inevitable. First, progress in agriculture due to using modern equipment has been a fact. The agriculture sector contributes heavily to realising economic prosperity in a country. A glaring example in this regard is China and India. China and India, with advanced technology, increase their per-acre yield, contributing billions of dollars to their economy. Moreover, China exports agriculture equipment worldwide, another feather in its cap. It also increases food availability for the population; eventually, the evolution of scientific methods uplifts social indicators of society. Hence, progress in agriculture can safeguard a country’s economic prosperity. 

In addition to advancement in the agriculture sector, development in science and technology enhances the production of better-quality goods. The technology guarantees the standardization of items and maintains a specific quality throughout the production cycle. Consequently, the demand for an advanced country’s goods increases drastically compared to a country using obsolete methods. For instance, China has become one of the world’s export leaders due to the large-scale production of quality goods, which amounts to $295.5 billion in 2022. Furthermore, China has also become an economic superpower due to its huge share of exports in the international market, which aids in the growth of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Therefore, the example of China is enough to understand the essentiality of modern technology in achieving economic prosperity.

Besides producing quality goods, science and technology also help implement e-governance in a state, eradicating corruption and red-tapism from society. Extermination of evils, like corruption and red-tapism, would certainly boost a country’s economy, and at the same time, it improves social indicators of society as well. In this regard, a lesson can be learned from Scandinavian countries, as Norway and Finland shift their sectors to e-governance, reducing corruption by up to 70%, a positive sign for the countries economies. Therefore, the expansion of technology in governance can prosper a country economically and socially, and the country would have a brighter future than an archaic society.

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Having discussed the importance of science and technology in implementing e-governance models in a country, technical improvement also helps formalize the economy’s informal sector. The creation of enterprises due to technological advancement would reduce the informal sector. Moreover, they provide employment opportunities to the locals and move from informal to formal earnings, helping formalize the economy. Furthermore, new ventures are more likely to follow big financial companies, so they must work formally. Hence, innovation in society helps a society turn the informal sector into a formal one; thus, it helps achieve sustainable economic growth.

In addition to the formalization of the economy, technical progress in the education sector nurtures better human resources in a country for the future. The youth of a country with an advanced education system has more skills and knowledge than a country with a conventional education system. Therefore, people have more innovative ideas, resulting in entrepreneurship, employment opportunities, and additional remittance services. All these factors chiefly contribute to the economy of a country. For example, India’s economy largely depends upon remittances, which contribute $89.2 billion to the country’s economy, and it is because of its information technology sector. Hence, technological advancement in the education system has become inevitable to achieve economic sustainability.

Moreover, it is important to discuss the role of technical enhancement in the energy sector. In this modern era, energy has become a driving force for the progress of a country in every field, and non-renewable resources are constantly depleting. Apparently, the only resource of humanity is renewable energy sources, and to use them, highly advanced expertise in technology is necessary. Furthermore, renewable energy sources ensure economic uplift by lessening oil imports. In this case, a peculiar example is Denmark produces 67% of its energy from renewable energy sources and saves billions of dollars. Therefore, in this era of industrialization, the conservation of energy resources is vital for economic prosperity, and technological advancement can help a country use their resources efficiently.

Last, progress in science and technology enables society to think innovatively. Therefore, a technologically advanced society has high social indicators, such as better health, education, and justice systems. Moreover, people have high per capita income as compared to medieval society. For instance, Silicon Valley in the United States of America has one of the world’s largest per capita incomes, approximately $ 138,000 per year, because the area has bypassed even countries in techno-scientific advancement. Furthermore, with the possible attainability of economic sustainability, crimes in the country also decrease, leading to a peaceful environment. Hence, science and technology elevate social indicators of society, and people become more prosperous.

Having elaborated on the role of science and technology in the attainability of economic prosperity, it is imperative to mention some countries that, with the help of scientific progress, are progressing towards economic sustainability. In this regard, discussing the United States of America is a must. America has been a superpower owing to progress in science and technology. Apparently, all the large enterprises and technical brands come from the country. Moreover, all the major advancement in information technology has their roots in America, which is why America is leading the whole world. It has the world’s largest economy, the strongest military, and one of the highest per capita incomes. All this progress is due to its innovative and technical society. Technological advancement has proven to be a jugular vein for economic prosperity.

Besides the United States of America, Japan and China have been glaring examples of moving towards economic prosperity through techno-scientific progress. In the recent era, Japan has become the hub of all electronic and automobile companies due to its growth in technology. As a result, it has become the third largest economy in the world, with a share of $4.3 trillion in the world’s GDP. Similarly, China has emerged as another economic superpower in the last two decades due to its highly advanced mass production methods while maintaining the quality of its products. As a result, almost all the products nowadays are made in China. Consequently, it has become the world’s second-biggest economy, contributing $18.3 trillion to its GDP. Hence, it shows how much the most prosperous countries economically have used technology.  

On the one hand, advancement in science and technology makes a country progress by leaps and bounds, and on the other hand, lag in technology makes a country falls into the pit of darkness. An illuminating example of this fact is Pakistan, which due to its medieval technical system, lags behind in every field of life. Due to the non-existence of innovation in the country, the country has to import all the goods; consequently, it has been myriad of debt. Moreover, despite the absence of the latest agricultural equipment and techniques, the country is importing everything from other countries despite being blessed with one the most fertile land in the world. This is all due to backwardness in the field of science and technology. Hence, Pakistan must overhaul its education, science, and agriculture sector to make the country economically sustainable.

Lastly, another country in shambles due to a lag in scientific advancement is Senegal-a west-African country. The country is in a ditch of social evils, such as corruption and red-tapism, due to the non-availability of technical expertise required to apply e-governance models. As a result, corruption and unemployment are rampant in the country, and the future economic indicators of Senegal do not look very lively. Therefore, to dig the country out of social and economic chaos, the government must promote innovative ideas at the grass root level and nurture human resources for expertise in science and technology.

Critically, the role of the advancement of science and technology in economic prosperity is second to one. Every country in this globalized world can only progress with an innovative technology system. Moreover, science and technology have also been critical in uplifting the social indicators of society; consequently, it elevates the economic profile of a country. However, a technological lag can result in economic disparity for a country. Therefore, promoting innovation and technology in society is necessary for the economic sustainability of a country.

In conclusion, advancement in science and technology is critical for economic sustainability in this era. It brings a revolution in the agriculture, energy, and industrial sector. Moreover, it is also pivotal for better governance in a country. E-governance ensures a corruption-free society and paves the way for economic prosperity. It also plays its part in formalizing the economy and making innovation possible through technological progress. Countries like America, Japan, and China are the shining stars in this regard. However, the lag of technology can make a country fall into a pit of social and economic darkness. Therefore, techno-scientific advancement is the gateway to the economic prosperity of a country.

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