Why Individual Liberties Must Be Sacrificed to Secure Collective Liberties?


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Although individual liberties ensure the personal growth of individuals alone at all levels, the promulgation of collective liberties by surrendering a few of the individual rights, like social, economic, and political rights, is a must for the maintenance of peace, security, and prosperity in every domain for mutual benefits of all in the globalized world. 

2-Contextual Understanding: Individual liberties versus Collective Liberties

  • What is individual liberty?
  • Importance of individual liberty in an individual’s life
  • What is collective liberty?
  • Importance of collective liberty in a country

3-Why is Individual Liberties must be sacrificed to Secure Collective Liberties?

  • ✓ To move towards the right direction to peace and prosperity by surrendering some personal economic rights
    Case in Point: The observance of a limited right to own property by individuals facilitating the collection of taxes in the country
  • ✓ To surrender individual legislation right to the elected representatives establishing just institutions for all
    Case in Point: The right to punish transgressor lies with the judiciary instead of the individual’s state of nature’s right depending on his will
  • ✓ To maintain law and order in untoward situations surrendering movement and communication rights
    Case in Point: The imposition of a curfew and blockade of telecommunication during rallies are a few manifestations in the case
  • ✓ To protect countries’ collective interests in some specific emergency situations
    Case in Point: The United States of America (USA) Patriot Act (2001), the Protection of Pakistan Act (2014), and the 21st amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan entered into force after 9/11, curbing the global terrorism instances
  • ✓ To meet the contemporary challenges of today’s world
    Case in Point: Sacrificing the inalienable right to wealth, supporting ‘the more production principle’, via proper legislation and focusing towards the adoption of renewable energy resources

4-Critical Analysis


Individual liberty is essential for the individual’s social, political, and, above all, economic growth and development in a country. Unfortunately, the personal form of freedom has lime-lighted social chaos and economic inequality in primitive times as an outcome of growing absolutism in society owing to the hands of unchecked vested power in every individual’s mind and jeopardized the peaceful co-existence of people in a country. Therefore, individual liberties must be sacrificed to secure collective liberties providing individuals with a conducive environment for achieving peace, security, and prosperity in the country. It has proved, according to the Social Contract theory, “The greater good for the greater number of people can only be achieved if individuals surrender a few of their rights for collective prosperity.” However, undoubtedly, the modern states following the collectivism principle surrender their liberties, most likely a few of their property rights, to pave a direct roadmap towards the country’s multi-dimensional progression and legislation right for the establishment of just institutions. Along with it, the dismal state of the rule of law and certain emergencies in the country also demands the surrendering of individual freedom of association and communication rights for the protection of mutual benefits across the boards. Besides, the contemporary global challenges could also be mitigated with viable solutions by curtailing individuals’ right to wealth in the industrialized era, bearing the fruits of collective benefits in the country. This answer throws light on the question of why individual liberties must be sacrificed for collective liberties.

Before explaining the rationale why individual liberties must be sacrificed to secure collective liberties, it is of great importance to understand the contextual difference between personal and collective liberties. Understanding an outlook of individual liberties. Freedom is the product of rights ordained naturally on an individual, full of opportunities and without restraint. Indeed, it is the unlimited power in the hands of individuals in a society with no checks on the absolute form of liberty of each other. Practically speaking, every individual enjoys his economic, political, moral, and national rights according to the human’s brutish, nasty, and short state of nature, neglecting the harmony and benefit of all and focusing on his vested interests only. Collective liberty is the other social contract between individuals yearning for peace, security, and progression at all fronts in a particular society. Undoubtedly, it focuses on the common good of the people working specifically for the promulgation of general will in society and building a welfare country. Therefore, collective liberties gain central importance in community development, as the chances of mental illness, loneliness, and others end in a group promoting the same culture and nourishing new ideas removing people’s grievances in society.  

To begin with, it is imperative to discuss the rationale why individual liberties have to be sacrificed to protect collective liberties so that everyone can attain maximum benefit out of the equation:

  1. Human beings are in the right direction to progress and prosperity by surrendering some of their economic rights to the state. Without any bargain, the observance of the limited right to own property benefit humans in the future in the form of proper collection of taxes and, later on, in the equitable distribution of the country’s resources, crucial for the up-gradation of the downtrodden segments of society.
  2. The Social Contract Theory’s and communitarianism’s economic principles also speak the same for the modern state’s people, against the libertarianism’s and capitalism’s inalienable principle of owning absolute property and wealth.
  3. They ensure the provision of civil amenities, like education, health, sanitation, and housing, for the needy with these collected revenues from taxes.

Thus, adopting these economic principles by individuals by surrendering their liberties for collective liberties lead them towards progression and sustainability.

Similarly, individuals have surrendered their law-making rights based on their personal interests to the elected representatives to advance collective liberty. To accomplish this purpose, the elected representatives verily formulate laws in the assemblies with two third representation of all the members by focusing on the collective interests of society. As a result of their efficient law legislation, just institutions develop with proper execution of their duties. Having its glance in modern states, the right to punish the transgressor and offender lies with the judiciary, which is antagonistic to the individual’s state of nature’s right to punish the offender according to his own will. Thus, surrendering individual rights has made it easy for the elected representatives to perform their tasks in state institutions for the well-being of society.

In addition, the surrendering of individuals’ basic rights: the right to free movement, association, and communication, for collective liberties plays a vital role in maintaining the country’s law and order situation in untoward conditions. In fact, the sacrifice helps secure the peace and harmony of jolted society. Therefore, the state that protected those individuals’ rights in typical situations now has taken them from the individuals in an emergency situation for the collective well-being of the masses. For instance, the imposition of a curfew and blockade of telecommunication during rallies are a few manifestations of the case where individuals sacrifice their fundamental rights for collective liberties to help establish the rule of law in an unstable country.

Moreover, individual liberties must be curtailed in certain emergencies to protect countries’ collective liberties. For instance, after 9/11, several countries adopted laws, like the United States of America (USA) Patriot Act (2001), the Protection of Pakistan Act (2014), and the 21st amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan, curbing global terrorism instances, limited the individual liberties and promulgate collective liberties. Furthermore, some stringent laws, in some cases, have revoked individuals’ fundamental rights too, which is totally against the libertarianism concept. However, collectivism’s proponents have espoused these laws by arguing that extraordinary circumstances demand extraordinary measures. Hence, surrendering individuals’ fundamental rights in special circumstances for collective welfare is acceptable for them.

Above and beyond, the solution to the contemporary world’s challenges could only be possible by surrendering a few of the economic rights of the individuals and the states to secure collective liberty at large. For instance, the aversion to global warming, an outcome of the unbridled emissions of Carbon dioxide (CO2) owing to the hands of individuals’ increased industrial activities, needs to be reduced for humans’ collective benefit. For this purpose, individuals and states have to sacrifice their inalienable right to wealth, supporting ‘the more production principle’, via proper legislation and focusing towards the adoption of renewable energy resources, as it has been evident from the environmentalists’ research, “The more the production, the more the emissions.” Thus, the single example illustrates that individuals and states need to sacrifice their rights to meet the challenges faced by today’s world.

In a robust diagnosis, individual liberties are the outcome of absolutist, realist ideas, preferring and nourishing human’s social, economic, and political self-interest over the multi-dimensional development of a country at large. But, woefully, it creates anarchy in society and jolts the very peace of the country by giving youth a constant mental dither of war of one is the war against all. Therefore, the sacrifice of personal freedom is the need of the hour to maintain law and order, the rule of law, the sanctity of institutions, and many other mutual co-existence attributes to develop a healthy, welfare society. Because of this, the country, indeed, would seek fruitful opportunities that would contribute to the seamless continuation of national and international affairs of it.

In a nutshell, collective liberties are a necessity of the modern states, as they prevent them from rolling back in the period of the state of nature. In fact, modern states demand a balanced social contract between individuals for the proper development and prosperity of the country on all fronts. So, individual liberties- the main hurdle in the way of development- must be sacrificed to some extent to flourish the rights based on common goods of the community, in which everyone focuses on win-win cooperation and negate some of the personal rights based on vested interests and zero-sum gains.

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