Almost Always, The Creative Dedicated Minority Has Made The World Better


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Thesis Statement: Despite facing oppression, dedicated minorities throughout history have played a crucial role in driving social change, promoting democracy, and advocating for equal rights. To amplify their positive contributions, societies must ensure inclusivity, promote their rights, and raise awareness of their struggles.

  1. Understanding the key term
  2. Status of Minorities in the contemporary world
  3. How creative and dedicated have minorities made the world a better place?
  • Generate force for the pursuance of equal rights for all human beings
    • Case in point: Minority rights groups (MRG) from across South Asia came together in Kathmandu to discuss a new State of Minorities in South Asia report
  • Ignite social and political revolutions
    • Case in point: The civil rights movement is a very obvious and powerful example
  • Mainstream diverse cultures for an inclusive nationalism
    • Case in point: A Case study of Canada- a land of a diverse population
  • Promotes social solidarity among the comity of nations
    • Case in point: A case study of Pakistan- building relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran based on Shia- Sunni population
  • Breaks stereotypes and promotes the soft image of the states
    • Case in point: Bark Obama, the black, elected two times as the president of America

5- The plight of minorities in the wake of rising nationalism around the world

  • Subjugating  basic socio-political rights of minorities
    • Case in point: Atrocities against Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar’s government
  • Turning down  the right to self-determination
    • Case in point: Grave human rights violation in Jammu Kashmir
  • Rebuffing freedom of choice under exclusive nationalism
    • Case in point: The subjugation of Sikhs and Muslims in India

6- What can be done to scale up the role of minorities?

  • To downplay differences among people to raise national consciousness
  • To tailor the education curricula to include content that promotes inclusiveness and pluralism
  • To establish the vibrant role of media
  • To ensure the socio-economic and political rights of minorities
  • To implement laws for the protection and safety

6- Critical analysis
7- Conclusion

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With the dawn of civilizations, minorities have been proactive in the perseverance of culture, wisdom, and integration. The incorporation and guidance of creative minorities have been crucial to the survival of democracy and the socio-political upbringing of the states. Although history has been unkind to minorities, they remained proven to be a force in pursuit of societal change. The 1990s have been a time of rapid change in Central and Eastern Europe, and minorities have figured prominently in this change, which has significantly shaped the dynamics of relations among countries. Similarly, a cursory glance at the international arena reveals the constructive role of creative minorities in generating force for the pursuance of equal rights, igniting social and political revolutions, and promoting solidarity among the comity of nations. However, the minority is a fate no one wants. Withholding religious and socio-political rights, turning down the right of self-determination, and rebuffing freedom of choice, the world has been a culprit to their peaceful sustenance. Nevertheless, the role of dedicated minorities can be scaled up by taking concrete steps, including raising national consciousness, tailoring the education curricula to include content that promotes inclusiveness and pluralism, and ensuring the socio-political and economic rights of minorities. This essay construes the constructive role of dedicative and creative minorities and calls attention to their plight worldwide. Also, it proposes adequate steps to maximize the role of minorities in turning the world into a better place by minimizing their suffering.

Before elucidating Martin Luther King’s viewpoint, “Almost always, the creative, dedicated minority has made the world better.” it is essential to know what minorities actually mean. A minority is a population subgroup with unique social, ethnic, religious, racial, and other characteristics that differ from the majority of the group. In other terms, it is considered the most disadvantaged and subjugated group in the hands of the majority and the powerful. For instance, immigrants, women, and African Americans, among others. They are marginalized groups and are trapped in the cycle of discrimination in the socio-economic and political realm. Throughout history, minorities were known to be the subordinates suppressed by the systems and the people equally. 

Additionally, the status of minorities in the contemporary world is no different from the past. Suppression and discrimination are still associated with religious, ethnic, and racial minorities that, withhold them from prospering. The new wave of nationalism across the globe spelt disaster for minorities. Trump’s America’s first slogan, the Brexit episode, and India’s pursuit of ultra-nationalism manifest the plight of minorities. It paves the way for religious persecution, curtails the socio-political rights of minorities, and has been used as a devastating tool against the minority group. Therefore, despite the era of interconnectedness and pluralism, minorities have remained alienated and marginalized in the contemporary world.

Despite the aggravating situation of the minorities, they never failed to amaze the world by generating a powerful force for the pursuit of equal rights for all human beings. Being suffered from the atrocities of the powerful, they stood up to voice against the laws that inhibit freedom of speech and liberty to enjoy basic human rights. A minority rights group (MRG) from across South Asia, the first of its kind, came together in Kathmandu to discuss a new State of Minorities in South Asia. Moreover, they are playing a significant role in minimizing the rising trend of hate speech in the name of religion, which advocate violence against different groups and led to the sabotage of the right to life. Thus, the efforts at the hand of minorities significantly impacted the lives of the people within the state, eventually aiming to make a peaceful world. 

In the same manner, dedicated and creative minorities are the source of igniting social and political revolutions. The organized struggle for social justice and political rights are set on fire for a major socio-political change. The civil rights movement is a self-evident and powerful example. It aimed to give African Americans the same citizenship rights that whites took for granted and accomplish impressive judicial and legislative victories against discrimination in public accommodation and voting. The struggle has totally evolved the structure of society and brought forth the Civil Right Act into practice. Therefore, creative minorities have utilized their potential effects to change the state’s and society’s overall outlook for a better world. 

Moreover, the dedicated minority has successfully mainstreamed diverse cultures for an inclusive nationalism. The religious, ethnic, and racial groups assimilate into the majority, and the acculturation process emerges, diversifying the society’s outlook and strengthening nationalism. Canada is one such example, with 2.6 per cent of the Sikh population, 19.2 per cent Chinese, and 5.4 per cent Arabs, among others. The minorities have contributed to Canada’s social, political, and economic growth, which portrays good socio-economic indicators in the international arena. Therefore, it is evident minorities’ inclusiveness reflects a hub of diverse cultures that thrive together for the stability and growth of the state and, ultimately a finer world.

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Furthermore, the creative and dedicated minority is an asset to the states as they promote social solidarity among nations. They play a significant role in the informal trans-border relationship and interactions that can benefit all involved through increased stability, trade, and cultural exchange. The Shiites, with seventeen per cent population and Sunni, with the majority of seventy-five per cent population in Pakistan, are one such example. Pakistan enjoys cordial relations with Saudi Arabia and assists one another on socio-economic grounds. Similarly, neighbouring Iran is associated due to its Shiite population in Pakistan and shares cultural patterns and bilateral trades. Thus, the convergence points among these states are based on creative minorities who plays a positive role in promoting solidarity among nations; such positive gestures of minorities maintain peace and stability in the region and the world as a whole.

Additionally, valuable minorities help break stereotypes and promote the states’ soft image. The educated beings make it through to the higher positions in the hierarchy of the organizations and nullify the negative arguments regarding discrimination. Bark Obama, the black who was elected two times as the president of America, is a glaring example. America has long been known for the subjugation of the rights of minorities. However, electing a black as the head of the state has presented a soft image of America in the international arena. Therefore, such a dedicated minority helps the states to rise and own a respectable place among the comity of nations.

Despite the utmost efforts to make the world a better place to live in, minorities have been victims of socio-political discrimination. A cursory glance at the international arena reflects the sorry state of minorities that has created hurdles for them to thrive at their full potential and poses a serious threat to their fundamental rights.  

The subjugation of the socio-political rights of the minority is not new. They have been marginalized and discriminated since ages. The atrocities against the Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar government are a case in point. The government of Myanmar has refused to acknowledge the political rights of Rohingya Muslims and has embarked on a journey of expelling them from Burma. They have left several Muslims standing at sea and labelled them boat people. The lack of food and security and the hostile conditions threaten life. Thus, the socio-political right is still a dream to achieve and a barrio in the making of dedicated minorities.

In like manner, turning down the right of self-determination has created havoc for the minority group. They have suffered by every means, and the world has turned a blind towards it. The denial of their right to self-determination to Kashmiris is yet another example to justify the stance. For several years, the Indian government has systematically subjugated Kashmiris; this phenomenon has caused grave human rights violations. Thus, denying the right to self-determination restricts the minority group into a limited circle, ultimately turning them into violent instead of dedicated and significant people. 

Moreover, rebuffing freedom of choice under exclusive nationalism has narrowed down the scope for minorities. Sabotaging freedom seriously irked minority groups around the world. The destruction of Buddhist monasteries, the religious persecution of the Muslims, and the condition of Uighur Muslims in China illustrate the sorry state of minorities. The world, despite organizational policies, cannot ensure freedom of choice. Hence minority groups remain exclusive from mainstream society and are denied their basic rights. This pushed them to the wall, and the reciprocal force shattered the world’s peace.

To combat the atrocities against minority groups and to ensure their inclusiveness within the states, a few remedies are needed to put in place. Fragmentation within society on the basis of colour, caste, and language makes it difficult for a minority group to thrive to their full potential and make the world a better place to live. Thus, a set of measures is to be introduced to address the peril. 

The first thing to address to scale up the minority group is to downplay and eradicate differences among people to raise national consciousness. Once the difference is rooted out, people will learn to coexist peacefully and significantly improve the plight of minorities. Similarly, tailoring the educational curricula in order to incorporate content that promotes inclusiveness and plurality could be a significant step towards minimizing the atrocities. Raymond Fosdick, the first secretary of the League of Nations, said, “It is always minorities that hold the key to progress.” 

Moreover, there is a dire need to ensure the socioeconomic and political rights of minorities. The quota system must be functional and transparent in the states, enhancing the number of creative minorities coming into the limelight. They must be provided with fair chances of loan provisions for business startups that will ensure their commitment and loyalty towards the state. In like manner, the role of media is instrumental in turning minority groups’ assets into the state. Media, the fourth pillar of the state, has a vibrant role to play in the upbringing of minorities. It can shape public opinion and teach people the pitfalls of exclusive nationalism and the potential benefits of inclusiveness. 

Last but not least is to implement laws for the protection and safety of minority groups. The laws, such as The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, are to be put into practice worldwide to ensure security for distinct identities. Protecting and promoting their identity prevent forced assimilation and the loss of culture, religion, and languages. Moreover, appropriate governance policies, national legislation, and the support of civil society can help minorities to overcome their concerns and play an active role in the growth of the world.

Critically articulated, minority inclusion is still pie in the sky around the globe. Despite the significant contribution of minorities to the world, they are marginalized, disadvantaged, and discriminated against in socio-political and economic realms. However, the creative and the dedicated minority have always been a source of betterment to humanity. From Maimonides, a Jew who occupied an important role in bringing the Islamic recovery of Plato and Aristotle to the Christian world, to the present-day leadership roles of Kamala Harris, the first South Asian American and vice president, and Sandra Lindsay, the first to get Covid-19 vaccine are the ones belongs to the dedicated minority groups that have changed the outlook of the world. Thus, the world needs to recognize the significant role of dedicated minorities that has made the world a better place to live.

To conclude, the dedicated and creative minority has always been a significant class of people who have contributed to the betterment of the world. Putting up the concerns regarding the atrocities of the powerful and the revolutionary approach to change the structure of societies has always been the outcome of the efforts of the creative minorities. However, minorities themselves are deprived of their fundamental rights, and their freedom is severely compromised. So there is a dire need for all the stakeholders to eradicate the menace and provide opportunities for minorities to thrive to their full potential. It is an uphill task but is by no means impossible. The feat can be achieved through relentless and timely efforts. Promoting the values of liberal democracy, such as pluralism, raising national awareness, and the vibrant role of media, the key to success, which will surely draw a significant impact for the betterment of the world.

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