Idioms By Sir Kazim For CSS PMS Aspirants


The following is the list of commonly used idioms. Sir Syed Kazim Ali sets the list to help his students build extraordinary expressions to score the maximum marks.

1A Bad Egg
Meaning A worthless fellow or friend
Ex.A bad egg never helps in difficult times.
2A Beast of Burden
Meaning An animal used for carrying heavy loads or pulling heavy equipment, such as a donkey, mule, or ox.
Ex.In the villages, bulls are still used as beasts of burden in the fields.
3A Bed of Roses
Meaning An easy life; A pleasant place to work or stay
Ex.One should work hard to make his life a bed of roses.
4A Bed of Thorns
Meaning Full of difficulties and troubles
Ex.It is a person’s incompetency that makes his life a bed of thorns.
5A Bird of Prey
Meaning A bird that kills and eats other creatures
Ex.Vultures are the bird of prey, living in every part of the world except Australia and Antarctica.
6A Bird’s Eye View
Meaning A brief survey of something
Ex.The investigation team has taken a bird’s eye view of the tax report and estimated the tax evasion.
7A Black Sheep
Meaning The odd or bad member of the group
Ex.The company detected the black sheep in the team and fired him to maintain positive decorum.
8A Blank Cheque
Meaning Permission to do what one feels necessary with complete freedom
Ex.The British rulers never gave the then Indian Muslims a blank cheque in the form of self-government in the Indian Council Act, 1909.
9A Blue Stocking
Meaning A woman who prides herself on her learning
Ex.At present, the world needs bluestockings instead of women with materialistic mindsets.
10A Bone of Contention
Meaning A cause of dispute
Ex.The Kashmir dispute has always been a bone of contention between Pakistan and India since 1947.
11A Bookworm
Meaning A person who reads a lot
Ex.Parents should focus on their kids so that they would grow up into bookworms instead of social media influencers.
12A Bosom Friend
Meaning A very intimate friend
Ex.It is very difficult to find a bosom friend in today’s fake world.
13A Brainwave
Meaning A sudden good idea
Ex.A brainwave about reading a novel popped up in her mind, which changed her spoiled mood.
14A Breathing-Space
Meaning A short time in which one can have a rest
Ex.There should be a breathing space between at least two classes.
15A Bright Spark
Meaning A very lively, cheerful person
Ex.Having a bright spark as a friend is nothing but a blessing of God.
16A Broken Reed
Meaning An unreliable person or thing
Ex.One broken reed could lead the whole team towards failure.
17A Bull’s Eye
Meaning The inner disk of a target, surrounded by rings of increasing magnitude
Ex.The archer won five thousand rupees as an award for getting full points after hitting the bull’s eye.
18A Burning Question
Meaning A question eagerly discussed by many people
Ex.Political polarization has become a burning question nowadays amid the country’s political instability.
19A Burnt Offering
Meaning A meal or part of the meat, which has been burnt
Ex.She has to cook food again because she cannot serve the guests a burnt offering.
20A Busman’s Holiday
Meaning A holiday spent doing something similar to what one does in one’s job
Ex.Amna works at the restaurant and enjoys a busman’s holiday cooking food for her family.
21A Cock and Bull Story
Meaning An absurd tale
Ex.She told her family a cock and bull story about the trip.
22A Cry in the Wilderness
Meaning A Voice of protest heeded by no one
Ex.The masses’ pleas for basic rights are a cry in the wilderness amid the politico-economic chaos in a country.
23A Dark Horse
Meaning A competitor whose chance of winning the world knows nothing
Ex.He is a dark horse; we had no idea that he had learnt the whole task.
24A Dead Letter
Meaning An issue, law, or matter that is no longer important or that no longer has force or power
Ex.She keeps trying to raise the slogan of gender equality, but it is a dead letter now.
25A Dead-Head
Meaning A person who obtains entrance into entertainment without paying; a Sponger
Ex.There were a lot of dead heads in the last night’s show due to the extreme rush.
26A Dog in the Manger
Meaning A person who prevents others from enjoying what he cannot
Ex.Ali is a dog in the manger; he would never lend his story books to other children even after growing up.
27A Double Entendre
Meaning A remark covering a concealed meaning, usually having a questionable reference
Ex.She always gave me double entendre comments on my dressing.
28A Fancy Price
Meaning A very high price
Ex.You have to pay a fancy price to buy the watch.
29A Far Cry
Meaning Very different; A long distance
Ex.Imparting justice to the masses is a far cry in a politically polarized country.
30A Feather in One’s Cap
Meaning An honour
Ex.Her job approval in the government sector has added a feather to her cap.
31A Fish out of Water
Meaning Appearing to be completely out of place; In a very awkward manner
Ex.Ayesha looked like a fish out of water in the meeting, so the boss did not allow her any task.
32A Fool’s Paradise
Meaning Dreamworld
Ex.You must be in a fool’s paradise if you are thinking about health reforms in such an economic state of the country.
33A Ghost of a Chance
Meaning Even the slightest chance
Ex.There is no ghost of a chance that Ali would win the polo competition today.
34A Herculean Task
Meaning A task requiring tremendous effort
Ex.It is a herculean task to put a rapid end to the anathema of corruption in the country.
35A Jail Bird
Meaning One who is jailed regularly
Ex.Akram is famous as a jailbird minister in his colony.
36A Laughing Stock
Meaning An object of fun and ridicule
Ex.Sana has become a laughing stock in her office due to her stupid activities.
37A Lump Sum
Meaning A sum given at one time to cover several smaller payments
Ex.The lump sum pension of her father was not enough for covering all the study expenses.
38A Man of Letters
Meaning A scholar
Ex.A developing nation needs men of letters instead of mere degree holders to progress in the competitive world.
39A Man of Straw
Meaning A weak person; A dummy; An unreal person
Ex.It’s unworthy to discuss an important issue related to any field with a man of straw.
40A Narrow Escape or Shave
Meaning To escape by a little margin
Ex.The police arrived at the location on time, and the family had a narrow escape from the kidnapping.
41A Queer Fish
Meaning A strange person
Ex.He seems a queer fish to me, so I suggest you stay away from him.
42A Rainy Day
Meaning Time of trouble and difficulty
Ex.She has saved a lot of money in the bank for the rainy days.
43A Red Letter Day
Meaning An auspicious or happy day
Ex.The convocation day is always a red letter day for the graduates.
44Hum and Haw  
Meaning Be indecisive
Ex.She began to hum and haw when I asked about her fiancé.
45A Shooting Pain
Meaning A sharp and recurring pain; A sharp pain constant for a certain duration
Ex.Her leg injury is cured, but she still feels a shooting pain at regular intervals.
46A Slip of the Pen
Meaning A slight error in writing
Ex.A slip of the pen has changed the meaning of her answer.
47A Snail’s Pace
Meaning Very slowly
Ex.She does grab all the concepts but at a snail’s pace.
48A Square Deal
Meaning A fair agreement
Ex.They could not make a square deal in their business, which led them to bankruptcy.
49A Stick-in-the-Mud
Meaning A slow person who is whole without the spirit of enterprise or adventure
Ex.Faiza is a stick in the mud and that is why no one is interested in inviting her to parties.
50A Wet Blanket
Meaning A person who spoils the enjoyment
Ex.You could win a wet blanket award because of your overthinking habit.
51A White Lie
Meaning A minor or acceptable lie
Ex.She told you a white lie, for she does not want to spoil your excitement related to the vacations.
52A Wild Goose Chase
Meaning To try to do something impossible
Ex.It is a wild goose chase to find the right direction without the internet.
53A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Meaning A hypocrite
Ex.We must recognize and be aware of the wolves in sheep’s clothing in our surroundings.
54A. B. C.
Meaning The elementary or basic knowledge of something
Ex.Atiqa is a social sciences student; therefore, she does not know the A.B.C. of medical science.
55Above all
Meaning Something of the greatest importance
Ex.A person’s education, above all, is the only tool for him to bring a positive change in society.
56Above Board
Meaning Legitimate; Honest
Ex.You should always be above board in every matter of your life if you want to be successful.
57Acquit Oneself
Meaning To achieve a distinction with one’s efforts
Ex.Ali’s management group acquitted itself well throughout the food festival event.
58Across the Board
Meaning Applying in all cases
Ex.The government should formulate pragmatic policies across the board to uplift the social, political, and economic structure of the country.
59After All
Meaning Essentially; Ultimately
Ex.I could never hurt her by my words. After all, she is my friend.
60Aid and Abet
Meaning To assist someone in doing something illegal
Ex.To aid and abet somebody in criminal acts is not what a good friend does.
61Air One’s Grievances
Meaning To openly express one’s complaints
Ex.The proper functionality of the local government would provide the masses with a platform to air their grievances regarding prevailing social issues.
62Aladdin’s Lamp
Meaning A lamp that grant’s its owner’s wishes
Ex.You must work hard to succeed in the examination. There is no Aladdin’s lamp that can help you in this case.
63All and Sundry
Meaning Each and everyone
Ex.All and sundry are going to attend the wedding ceremony of their cousin.
64All at Once
Meaning Suddenly
Ex.The government announced to the adoption of a strict lockdown policy all at once when the COVID-19 mortality rate rose.
65All in All
Meaning Of the most importance; All-powerful
Ex.Every branch of the government is all in all in its nature; however, they are accountable to each other too.
66All is Fish That Comes to His Net
Meaning Describes someone’s ability to utilize anything available
Ex.The best quality of Chef Amna is that she cooks delicious food with all the available ingredients, showing that all is fish that comes to her net.
67Alpha and Omega
Meaning The beginning and the end
Ex.I do not even know the alpha and omega of any social sciences subject.
68An Act of God
Meaning An unexpected natural event
Ex.The abrupt change in weather is an act of god for the students appearing in exams next year.
69An Angel of Mercy
Meaning Someone who brings help when needed the most
Ex.Always try to become an angel of mercy for others.
70An Axe to Grind
Meaning Something done for one’s selfish interest
Ex.He offered a lot of jobs to the locals for the development of society, and he has no political axes to grind.
71Answer back
Meaning To respond rudely (usually to a request, instruction, or rebuke)
Ex.She answered back to her parents when they scolded her last night for coming home late from the party.
72Any Old How
Meaning Untidily; Without any special care
Ex.She throws all her dresses and books into her room any old how.
73Apple of Discord
Meaning A cause of dispute
Ex.Water dispute is the apple of discord between Pakistan and India since their inception.
74Apple of One’s Eye
Meaning A treasured possession or person
Ex.Salma is the apple of her mother’s eye; that is why she never lets her daughter go anywhere without her.
75Arm in Arm
Meaning Walking with linked arms (in a friendly manner)
Ex.Both friends were crossing the corridor arm in arm, chatting with each other.
76As A Matter of Course
Meaning Used to say that something will happen as usual
Ex.It is a matter of course that her father would pay the bill for the restaurant after dinner.
77As Bold as Brass
Meaning Having no modesty
Ex.Pakistan’s army prepared its soldiers as bold as brass for the tough defence competition at the borders.
78As Different as Chalk from Cheese
Meaning Very different
Ex.Her method of delivering the lecture is as different as chalk from cheese.
79As Dull as Ditchwater
Meaning Uninteresting
Ex.The movie in the theatre was as dull as ditchwater last night.
80As the Crow Flies
Meaning Directly; Without stopping or deviation
Ex.After having left Naran early in the morning, we reached Lahore late at night just as the crow flies.
81At a Loss
Meaning Uncertain
Ex.Bisma got so excited after the publication of her work that she was at a loss for words.
82At a Stone’s Throw
Meaning Very near
Ex.There is a pond at a stone’s throw from her house, yet she is not allowed to go there alone.
83At a Stretch
Meaning Continuously
Ex.She has been working in the kitchen at a stretch since morning.
84At All Costs or Any Cost
Meaning No matter the price or effort involved
Ex.The aspirants have to follow a strict routine at all costs to complete their daily tasks for better exam preparation.
85At All Events
Meaning In any case.
Ex.The country’s government should formulate and implement pragmatic policies at official levels to curb the menace of corruption prevalent in the country.
86At Arm’s Length
Meaning Avoid being very friendly with someone or something.
Ex.Due to her trust issues, she keeps everyone at arm’s length.
87At Bay
Meaning Keep someone at a distance; Be defensive
Ex.Pakistan’s army always kept the Indian attackers at bay.
88At Best
Meaning Taking an optimistic view; The best estimate
Ex.At best, the basic commodities’ price would not hike in the market this year.
89At Crack of Dawn
Meaning Early in the morning
Ex.She goes for a walk after reciting the Holy Quran at crack of dawn every day.
90At Dagger’s Drawn
Meaning In hostility
Ex.Russia and Ukraine were at daggers drawn for many years, which has now resulted in a full-scale war.
91At Death’s Door
Meaning Close to dying
Ex.The opponents gave him poison, which led him to death’s door. But luckily, he is safe and healthy now.
92At Home
Meaning Comfortable
Ex.She would feel at home after some days in her new city.
93At Large
Meaning Free; On the loose
Ex.Many criminals are at large due to the lack of accountability in the country.
94At Length
Meaning In detail
Ex.She delivered the lecture at length to the whole class.
95At Random
Meaning Unsystematically
Ex.Kashifa piled up all her books at random on the desk.  
96At Sea
Meaning Confused
Ex.I was at sea when confronted with the Current Affairs question paper, for I have never studied the subject.
97At Sixes and Sevens
Meaning A state of confusion
Ex.Go to sleep. You will be unable to work when you are sleep deprived and at sixes and sevens.
98At Stake
Meaning At risk
Ex.Sahir’s life was at stake, but he ran after the thief to get the money back from the latter.
99At the Eleventh Hour
Meaning At the last moment
Ex.Please don’t submit your work at the eleventh hour. Anything can go wrong with technology, leading you to a loss.
100Bad Blood
Meaning Animosity
Ex.The bad blood between the two families brought about the tragic end of Romeo and Juliet.
101Bad Debts
Meaning Debts that are not expected to be paid by the customer
Ex.A business went bankrupt due to significant bad debts.
102Bad Shot
Meaning A wrong guess at something
Ex.When Sandy hit a bad shot, he immediately tries to cover up.
103Bag and Baggage
Meaning Belongings
Ex.I took my bag and baggage and left for Hunza. 
104Balance of Mind
Meaning Mental health
Ex.Amna has lost her balance of mind due to severe depression. 
105Be All Over (Someone)
Meaning To treat someone with care and affection
Ex.I hate Milli being all over me because she irritates me a lot.
106Be at the Bottom of
Meaning To cause something (usually bad)
Ex.The lust for power is at the bottom of all the ongoing political turmoil in Pakistan. 
107Be Staring (Someone) in the Face
Meaning Obviously visible to someone
Ex.I stared my boss in the face and threw my resignation paper towards him.
108Bear Fruit
Meaning To give positive results
Ex.I strongly believe his tireless hard work would bear fruit.
109Bear the Brunt
Meaning Bear the burden of something
Ex.I had to bear the brunt of the carelessness of my teammate after losing the game.
110Beat about the Bush
Meaning To talk vaguely, rather than to the point
Ex.I am fed up with his habit of beating around the bush instead of answering my questions.
111Beauty and the Beast
Meaning A beautiful woman with an ugly male partner
Ex.The couple is famous for the beauty and the beast, but the wife finds her husband the most handsome man in the world.
112Beck and Call
Meaning Ready to obey someone’s orders
Ex.She is always at her husband’s beck and calls without questioning him.
113Behind One’s Back
Meaning Without someone’s knowledge or consent
Ex.Aly’s team member left no stone unturned to convince the organizers to replace her in the match behind her back. 
114Behind the Scene
Meaning Secretly
Ex.The people who help others behind the scenes are real heroes.
115Below the Belt
Meaning Immoral
Ex.Marry made a joke about Ken’s obesity in public, which was below the belt.
116Better Half
Meaning Partner; Spouse
Ex.He introduced his better half at the party last night for the first time after his marriage.
117Beyond Question
Meaning Obvious; Certain
Ex.The way Ahmed has taken the business to its peak in no time, his hard work and passion are beyond question.
118Bird of a Passage
Meaning Traveller
Ex.Since he is a landscape photographer, being a bird of passage is the compulsion of his profession. 
119Bird-Eye View
Meaning An aerial view; A general view
Ex.On our Photowalk with Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab, we got a chance to have a bird’s eye view of the whole walled city of Lahore through Minar-e-Pakistan.
120Birds of a Feather
Meaning People of similar interests
Ex.After noticing the two friends doing everything together, I started believing the fact that the birds of a feather flock together.
121Bide One’s Time
Meaning To wait for a good opportunity
Ex.Iqra has wasted two years biding her time, but she could not find a good job. 
122Bite One’s Tongue Off
Meaning To regret having said something
Ex.Politicians often have to bite their tongues off after making false accusations.
123Bite the Bullet
Meaning To decide to do something difficult or unpleasant that one has been putting off or hesitating over
Ex.My children decided to bite the bullet and clean their rooms so they could go to the park.
124Black and White
Meaning Used to indicate something written
Ex.Please send me the application in black and white. I cannot accept any verbal request. 
125Black Someone’s Eye
Meaning To bruise someone’s eye
Ex.Arif punched Aslam so hard that he blacked his eye.
126Blaze the Trail
Meaning To work hard to promote a cause
Ex.Elon Musk has blazed the trail in the advancement of technology.
127Bleed One White
Meaning To take all of the money someone has
Ex.The contractor would have bled the department white, but, fortunately, he was apprehended in time.
128Blessing in Disguise
Meaning Something negative unexpectedly gives a positive outcome
Ex.The Congress Ministries of 1937-1939 proved a blessing in disguise for the Muslims of the sub-continent.
129Blind Alley
Meaning A wrong or fruitless direction
Ex.The CID turned out to be in a blind alley in its investigation of the labyrinth crime. 
130Blind Date
Meaning Meeting of two people who have not previously met
Ex.Milli had a blind date with her fiance; therefore, she was very nervous. 
131Blood and Iron
Meaning Military compulsion; The force of armies
Ex.The boot marks in the dust smelt of blood and iron.
132Blood is Thicker Than Water
Meaning Family relationships and loyalties are the strongest and most important ones
Ex.Although blood is thicker than water, I supported my brother’s opponent because he was right.
133Blow Hot and Cold
Meaning Constantly change one’s mood from one of enthusiasm to one of apathy
Ex.The media, meanwhile, has blown hot and cold on the affair.
134Blow One’s Own Trumpet
Meaning To praise oneself
Ex.He just doesn’t stop blowing his own trumpet about being a professional and world-famous guitarist.
135Blue Blood
Meaning Aristocratic descent
Ex.The princess’ blue blood did not stop her from having a soft corner for her slaves.
136Bolt from the Blue
Meaning An unexpected and surprising event
Ex.His failure was a bolt from the blue for him as he had never seen a failure in his life.
137Bone Idle
Meaning Very lazy
Ex.Her sister is bone idle. She never even gets up to get a glass of water for herself.
138Bread and Butter
Meaning Material welfare; What sustains life
Ex.His bread and butter depend upon his going to the factory every day.
139Break the Ice
Meaning Put people at ease with each other
Ex.She is very good at breaking the ice at new committee meetings because of her friendly and engaging nature.
140Break the News
Meaning Announce the news (usually bad news)
Ex.The doctors broke the news of their son’s illness to them.
141Bring Home
Meaning Make one realise something
Ex.Her misconduct was brought home to her; however, she started playing the victim card to steer clear of the situation.
142Burn Midnight Oil
Meaning To work hard or study until late at night
Ex.CSS aspirants burn the midnight oil for months before exams.
143Burn the Candle at Both Ends
Meaning Work all day and far into the night
Ex.He is burning the candle at both ends just to become capable enough of supporting his family.
144By and By
Meaning Soon; After a short while
Ex.By and by, the couple started to get used to living with each other without fighting all the time.
145By Dint of
Meaning As a result of
Ex.By dint of hard work, Samina landed the job of her dreams.
146By Fits and Starts
Meaning Irregularly
Ex.If you work by fits and starts, you are not going to reach anywhere in life.
147By Hook or by Crook
Meaning By fair means or fouls
Ex.They decided to flee the country by hook or by crook.
148By Means of
Meaning By using something
Ex.By means of power, he can do whatever he wants in his life.
149By Return of Post
Meaning By the very next post
Ex.You should have informed your boss of your absence by the return of post.
150By the Order of the Day
Meaning Something which happens frequently or commonly
Ex.Using sunblock and goggles is the order of the day if you are going on snowy mountains.
151By Word of Mouth
Meaning Orally
Ex.The news of their leader’s death has, yet, spread by word of mouth, but it has to be confirmed.
152Call a Spade a Spade
Meaning Speak plainly; Say precisely what one means
Ex.To some, her quality of calling a spade a spade might be annoying, but to others, it is something quite praiseworthy.
153Call Attention to
Meaning Draw attention to
Ex.I have to call the Prime Minister’s attention to the topic of climate change, for it is one of the most discussed and crucial problems of the day.
154Call to Account
Meaning Demand an explanation
Ex.The boss called the whole team to account, and – in the end – the culprit was caught.
155Carried Away
Meaning Overcome by emotion
Ex.I get carried away whenever I see his interviews where he has told his painful journey to success. 
156Carry Weight
Meaning Influence; Strength
Ex.Her argument does carry weight, for she is well-read in the subject.
157Cast Pearls before Swine
Meaning Offer valuable things to people who do not appreciate them
Ex.To ask her to study is to cast pearls before swine. She is way too occupied with flaunting her father’s money.
158Chain Smoker
Meaning A person who smokes continuously
Ex.He used to be a chain smoker, but – thankfully – he has been making improvements in his lifestyle now.
159Change One’s Tunes
Meaning Adopt a different attitude
Ex.The way she changes her tune with her boss is so deceptive because all I have seen her do is misbehave.
160Cheek by Jowl
Meaning In close proximity
Ex.The two planes flew by cheek and jowl and made the ground control scared of a collision.
161Child’s Play
Meaning Something very easy
Ex.After months of practice, writing has become a child’s play for her.
162Close One’s Eyes to (Something)
Meaning To ignore something, especially something blameworthy
Ex.The boss has closed her eyes to Rameen’s bad behaviour.
163Cold Reception
Meaning Lacking in warmth and affection
Ex.She is a babysitter, so she needs to be affectionate. I don’t understand how she might manage her job with her cold reception.
164Cold War
Meaning Unfriendly relationship between two nations but with no military engagement
Ex.The US is in a cold war with many countries around the globe.
165Come into Line
Meaning Agree
Ex.It is not important that all team members always come into line while making a decision. They might often disagree, but they do it respectfully.
166Come to Light
Meaning Be Discovered
Ex.Her misconduct has come to light after months of her mentally torturing her teammates.
167Come to the Point
Meaning Speak directly
Ex.Please come to the point and do not waste the committee’s time.
168Crocodile Tears
Meaning Hypocritical tears shed by an unfeeling person
Ex.I cannot explain in words how much her crocodile tears annoy us all.
169Cupboard Love
Meaning Affection springing from an interested motive
Ex.Rohail’s cupboard love for Imad springs from the former’s ill motives. He wants to gain fame by befriending Imad. 
170Curtain Lectures
Meaning Private admonitions were given by a wife to her husband
Ex.The husband had to give his wife curtain lectures for misbehaving at the party.
171Cut One’s Own Throat
Meaning Act so as to ruin oneself
Ex.Her bad attitude doesn’t hurt others as much as it cuts her own throat. She just has not realized it yet.
172Dirt Cheap
Meaning At an excessively low price
Ex.It was surprising that their house was dirt cheap.
173Dispose of
Meaning To get rid of
Ex.Please dispose of the used syringes.
174Do (someone’s) Heart Good
Meaning To give (someone) a feeling of pleasure
Ex.I love doing someone’s heart good in these testing times.
175Dog Cheap
Meaning Very cheap
Ex.Substandard clothes are dog-cheap in the market.
176Dog One’s Footsteps
Meaning Constantly follow one, as a dog follows close to its master’s heels
Ex.Fame has been dogging her footsteps wherever she goes in the world.
177Dot and Carry One
Meaning Irregularly
Ex.His pulse went dot and carry one after listening to the death news of his father.
Meaning Duplicity; Trickery
Ex.I am sick of Rida’s double-dealing; she would always play the victim card after doing bad with others.
179Draw the Line at
Meaning Set limits
Ex.She has to draw a line at her attitude, or it will get her in trouble one day.
180Drop a Line
Meaning Send a brief letter or note
Ex.Please drop my boss a line that I would not be able to attend the conference.
181Drop in the Ocean
Meaning A meagre, negligible contribution when a huge amount is needed
Ex.His sister’s contribution, although was a drop in the ocean for the loan he had to pay back, meant a lot to him.
182Dutch Courage
Meaning Courage that results from indulgence in strong drink
Ex.Dutch courage will not stay long. It will be over as soon as you are sober.
183Eat One’s Heart Out
Meaning To make oneself ill by being unhappy by longing for something one cannot have
Ex.Her rejection of the Fulbright scholarship has made her eat her heart out.
184Every Dog Has His Day
Meaning The period of enjoyment allowed to any creature is a short one
Ex.Don’t be sad at your rejection, for every dog has his day.
185Every Now and Then
Meaning Frequently
Ex.Every now and then, I go visit my grandparents in Lahore.
186Eye Wash
Meaning Deceit
Ex.The whole interview process is nothing but an eye-wash. Selected candidates have already been informed of their selection.
Meaning Circumstances, etc. that bring enlightenment and surprise
Ex.His bank’s going bankrupt was an eye-opener for him, for he started working hard afterwards.
188Face the Music
Meaning Face trouble or unpleasant consequences of one’s conduct
Ex.I asked you to stay away from cheating in the exams. Now that you have been caught, face the music.
189Fair and Square
Meaning Honest
Ex.Let’s have a fair and square deal and involve no third parties who could deceive us.
190Family Tree
Meaning A chart showing someone’s ancestry
Ex.The family tree of humanity starts from the Prophet Adam PBUH.
191Far from
Meaning Not at all; By no means
Ex.Do not, in any circumstances, believe her. All she says is far from the truth.
192Feel in One’s Bones
Meaning To know by intuition without having any proof
Ex.The mother felt it in her bones when her child in America was shot.
193Feel Run Down
Meaning Feel depressed or exhausted
Ex.I am feeling run down after coming back from the tour.
194Flesh and Blood
Meaning Human nature
Ex.Although she was not his flesh and blood, Mr. Abdul Quddoos loved Alia like his real daughter.
195Flog a Dead Horse
Meaning Waste one’s efforts on something that is already decided
Ex.Stop flogging a dead horse. This plan has already been decided.
196Fly off at a Tangent
Meaning Suddenly introduce a new or irrelevant topic into the discussion
Ex.She is so uninterested in the meeting that she keeps flying off at a tangent.
197Follow in Someone’s Footsteps
Meaning Do as someone else did before
Ex.We should follow in the Sahaba’s footsteps if we are to gain success in this life and the hereafter.
198For Better Or Worse
Meaning Whatever the result may be
Ex.We have already spent a month travelling to find the agent; now, for better or for worse, we have to continue our journey.
199For Good
Meaning Forever
Ex.After getting deceived by his brothers, Aslam left his house for good.
200For Nothing
Meaning No real purpose
Ex.The company they are working for does not even exist, so all their efforts are for nothing.
201For the Sake of
Meaning For someone
Ex.I do not give donations to get fame; I just help the poor for the sake of humanity.
202From the Bottom of One’s Heart
Meaning Sincerely
Ex.Ali wants to thank you from the bottom of his heart for helping him get through hard times.
203Generation Gap
Meaning The difference between the attitudes of young and old people
Ex.Lack of communication and interaction widens the generation gap.
204Get (Something) Across
Meaning To be or make (something) understood
Ex.I have to try harder to get the idea across to my students that they are responsible for their own learning.
205Get off the Track
Meaning Be diverted from the main subject of discussion
Ex.Do not get off track; we are looking at CSS past papers not guess papers.
206Get on Someone’s Nerves
Meaning Irritate someone
Ex.Alia’s husband got on her nerves all the time.
207Get the Better of
Meaning Overcome
Ex.Alina refuses to let circumstances get the better of her.
208Get to the Bottom of
Meaning To discover the explanation of the real facts of (a mystery, etc.)
Ex.Police can get to the bottom of a case for me.
209Get to the Core of Something
Meaning Examine thoroughly
Ex.Scientists have been trying to get to the core of the changing magnetic field of the planet.
210Give (Someone) the Benefit of the Doubt
Meaning To assume that (someone) is innocent or is telling the truth because there is not enough evidence to be sure that he is not
Ex.The captain gave him the benefit of the doubt.
211Give Birth to
Meaning Bring into the world; Produce
Ex.My sister has just given birth to a daughter.
212Give Ears to
Meaning Pay attention
Ex.Ali should give ear to what his father has to say.
213Give Rise to
Meaning Cause to happen
Ex.Unemployment is possibly the single greatest factor that increases the crime rate and public discontentment.
214Give the Game Away
Meaning Reveal someone’s plans
Ex.Sherlock is so smart that he would never give the game away even under extreme pressure.
215Give up the Ghost
Meaning To die
Ex.My old air cooler has finally given up the ghost.
216Go All Lengths
Meaning Use every effort
Ex.Mona goes to all lengths to avoid doing work.
217Go by the Book
Meaning Follow or administer rules strictly
Ex.My friend is often careful about going by the book when it comes to practising English writing.
218Go Like a Bird
Meaning Usually without resistance, difficulty
Ex.With persistence and hard work, she went through all difficulties like a bird and achieved her goals.
219Go Like a Bomb
Meaning To move very fast; To sell extremely well; To be very successful
Ex.The wedding ceremony went like a bomb, and everybody enjoyed themselves.
220Go of the Deep End
Meaning Lose one’s temper
Ex.Zahid does not go off the deep end even when his childhood friend deceived him.
221Go Out of One’s Way
Meaning Take extra pain or unnecessary trouble
Ex.Zaineb frequently goes out of her way to help people in need.
222Go with the Crowd
Meaning Follow the popular opinion or fashion
Ex.Minahil was never one to follow the crowd, so we were not surprised when she dropped out of college to start her own cosmetics business.
223Go Wrong
Meaning Malfunction
Ex.The medical project failed, but I do not know what went wrong.
224Good Wine Needs No Bush
Meaning A good thing requires no advertisement, it commends itself
Ex.The project Sir Syed Kazim Ali has initiated is so excellent that it needs no ad campaign, just as good wine needs no bush.
225Hang One’s Head
Meaning To look ashamed or embarrassed
Ex.Hamza hung his head in shame over his failure.
226Hard and Fast
Meaning Rigid
Ex.There is no hard and fast rule to joining the basic grammar session.
227Have a Bone to Pick
Meaning Have a cause of complaint
Ex.I have a bone to pick with you, Ania; I heard how you spoke ill about me at the ceremony last night.
228Have a Face Like a Fiddle
Meaning Not to look cheerful or happy
Ex.Sohail had a face as long as a fiddle after learning he had failed his CSS exam.
229Have a Knack for
Meaning Special ability or cleverness to do something skilful
Ex.Ali has a knack for making girlfriends.
230Have Bats in the Belfry
Meaning To be lightly (but harmlessly) insane
Ex.Ahsan must have bats in the belfry if he thinks he can convince his father to let him get a tattoo for his birthday.
231Have Butterflies (in One’s Stomach)
Meaning To feel a fluttering sensation in one’s insides as a result of nervousness
Ex.I used to get butterflies in my stomach before organic chemistry tests.
232Have One’s Back to the Wall
Meaning To be in a very difficult or desperate situation
Ex.Mani finds himself with his back to the wall now that lenders are coming after him for more money than he makes.
233Have the Best of Both Worlds
Meaning To benefit from the best features of two different sets of circumstances
Ex.Shams had the best of both worlds; he worked as an ordinary member of the industry but spent a lot of time with the managers.
234Have the Brass Neck to Do Something
Meaning To be sufficiently shameless and impudent (to do something unacceptable)
Ex.My in-laws have got a brass neck to ask me to get a day off when I am so busy.
235Head Or Tail
Meaning Any sense
Ex.Aliha’s handwriting was so bad that we could not make head or tail out of it.
236Heave in Sight
Meaning To appear
Ex.All the friends had been walking for hours in the barren desert when finally a small town heaved in sight.
237High and Dry
Meaning In a dry place; Safe
Ex.When Fatima missed the last bus home, she was left high and dry and had to walk home in the rain.
238Hold No Brief for
Meaning Not to have any reason to support or speak in favour of
Ex.This website holds no brief for a coach that has done nothing to distinguish himself in the past.
239Hold out a Carrot
Meaning To encourage someone to do something by promising a reward
Ex.Universities hold out a carrot in the name of scholarships to entice students.
240Hue and Cry
Meaning Noise
Ex.A terrific hue and cry were raised against the new curriculum policies.
241Hush Money
Meaning Money paid to hush up some matter so that it does not become public
Ex.He claimed that the minister had offered him hush money to keep their corruption a secret.
242In a Body
Meaning All together
Ex.The cops moved swiftly in a body towards the building.
243In a Nutshell
Meaning In brief; In a word
Ex.I am sorry to interrupt you, but could you please give me your project summary?
244In the State of Nature
Meaning Naked
Ex.The spa is located in a suburb of the state so that guests can enjoy their vacation in a state of nature.
245In Cold Blood
Meaning Planned and done without exciting passion
Ex.This case involved a twelve-year-old girl shot in cold blood as she sat alone at the roadside.
246In Consequence of
Meaning As a result of
Ex.Hamid lost a lot of money as a consequence of some risky business deals and investments.
247In Deep Water
Meaning In difficulties or trouble
Ex.Having lost his child’s passport, he is now in deep water.
248In Full Swing
Meaning At its busiest; Busy and thronged
Ex.The wedding ceremony was in full swing by the time he arrived.
249In Good Faith
Meaning Trusting
Ex.Hania was acting in good faith for her patients.
250In One’s Favor
Meaning For one’s benefit
Ex.I hope the final decision of the court will be in my favour.
251In Quest of
Meaning In search of
Ex.The geologists went on a quest for minerals and metals.
252In the Air
Meaning Being talked about
Ex.Everything is up in the air, but the final decision seems nowhere in sight.
253In the Long Run
Meaning In the end
Ex.All my hard work will be worth it in the long run once I have qualified for the CSS exams.
254In the Nick of Time
Meaning Just in time
Ex.The cops arrived in the nick of time to arrest the murderer.
255In the Same Boat
Meaning In the same, usually difficult position or circumstances
Ex.My dear friend, do not despair; you are one of the millions in the same boat of poverty.
256In the Seventh Heaven
Meaning Extremely happy
Ex.Iqra was in seventh heaven when she received the acceptance letter to the Civil Services Academy.
257In the Twinkling of an Eye
Meaning In an instant
Ex.Zain was back from the market in the twinkling of an eye.
258In the Wake of
Meaning Following close upon
Ex.The jury was set up in the wake of the investigation of a murder case.
259Jump the Queue
Meaning Push oneself in front of a queue, in order to get on to a vehicle or to get served with goods before one’s turn
Ex.Hadi jumped the queue at the ticket counter to buy tickets for an old lady.
260Keep a Secret
Meaning Not tell anyone else
Ex.Everyone knows that Nimra can not keep a secret.
261Keep an Eye (on)
Meaning To watch over
Ex.You need to keep your eye on the milk so that it does not bubble over.
262Keep Hold of
Meaning Not let go
Ex.The mother told her kid to keep hold of her hand while they visited the market.
263Keep One’s Ear to the Ground
Meaning To pay attention to all that is happening around one
Ex.I know Zain is keeping his ear to the ground in case word got out about the property papers.
264Keep One’s Temper
Meaning Not get angry
Ex.Amna is so humble, but it is hard to keep her temper with the kids after being kept awake by them all night long.
265Keep One’s Word
Meaning Abide by promises one has made
Ex.Bazil always keeps his word, so if he has promised to help you move, he will be there.
266Kick up (a Row, a Fuss, etc.)
Meaning Make a noise or a fuss
Ex.At Metro stores, if you kick up a fuss about a product that did not meet your expectations, you will almost definitely get a refund.
267Kith and Kin
Meaning Friends and relations
Ex.We are gathered here with kith and kin to celebrate our son’s wedding dinner.
268Know All Answers
Meaning To be in complete command of a situation and perfectly able to deal with any developments, especially if too proud of this ability
Ex.Ali thinks he knows all the answers to every situation.
269Lame Excuse
Meaning Unsatisfactory reasons given to defend one’s conduct
Ex.When the manager asked him why he was late, he just gave lame excuses about his alarm clock not going off.
270Lay One’s Cards on the Table
Meaning Reveal one’s true intentions
Ex.Sherlock would never lay his cards on the table. You could be his best friend and not know what he is up to when a case comes along.
271Lay the Corner Stone
Meaning To make a regular beginning
Ex.The chancellor held a ceremony to lay the cornerstone for a new library.
272Learn One’s Lesson
Meaning Reform after experiencing the consequences of mistakes
Ex.I have certainly learned my lesson about buying from daraz online store.
273Lend One’s Name to
Meaning Allow it to be quoted in support or in favour of
Ex.My company lends its name to one of the biggest poultry seminars in the country.
274Let the Cat out of the Bag
Meaning To explain a mystery
Ex.How did the manager find out we were planning a surprise party for him? Who let the cat out of the bag?
275Lick Someone’s Boots
Meaning To flatter (someone) and do everything he or she wants
Ex.Ali is just the manager’s assistant; there is no need to lick his boots.
276Like a Ton of Bricks
Meaning Immediately and heavily
Ex.The sudden unemployment and rent increase hit him like a ton of bricks.
277Like Clockwork
Meaning Very smoothly and without faults or problems
Ex.Everything is going like clockwork, so we should be ready to start the project by the end of the year.
278Like Getting Blood out of a Stone
Meaning (Usually of obtaining something) very difficult
Ex.It is like getting blood out of a stone to get money back after returning online shopped items.
279Like One’s Bread Buttered on Both Sides
Meaning To want to live etc. in great comfort or luxury
Ex.The manager wants his bread buttered on both sides, secretly investing in fast food companies while publicly backing poultry production initiatives to gain popular support.
280Like the Back End of a Bus
Meaning Very unattractive
Ex.Aina looks like the back end of a bus, but she is really kind, sweet, and intelligent.
281Long Hours
Meaning The hours like ten, eleven, and twelve, which require the greatest number of strokes of the clock
Ex.Our teacher is used to working long hours.
282Look Blue
Meaning Be sad or depressed
Ex.My brother looked blue when he saw a thief before him.
283Look on the Bright Side
Meaning To be optimistic
Ex.Your mother is very sick right now, but try to look on the bright side; she can be treated with medicine.
284Lose Heart
Meaning To become discouraged
Ex.We should never lose heart, even in the face of adversity.
285Lose One’s Marbles
Meaning To become insane
Ex.When he started ranting about how the government was out to get him, I thought he’d lost his marbles.
286Maiden Speech
Meaning One’s first speech
Ex.The new young senator from Sindh was about to make her maiden speech and had invited journalists to interview her.
287Make a Bolt For It
Meaning Run away suddenly
Ex.Ali’s brother kept a tight grip on his collar, in case he should make a bolt for the door.
288Make a Clean Breast of
Meaning To make a full confession
Ex.Zain will feel better if he makes a clean breast of his theft.
289Make a Clean Sweep
Meaning To get rid of everything unnecessary or unwanted
Ex.In an effort to clean the store room, we need to make a clean sweep and throw all the junk out.
290Make a Fool of
Meaning Trick him
Ex.My mother advised me not to let him make a fool of me.
291Make a Hit
Meaning Score; Make a success
Ex.The whole band started working on the second album with the sole intention of making a hit.
292Make a Mouth (at)
Meaning Make a wry face as in contempt
Ex.When he saw the child puke in the van, he made a mouth at him.
293Make a Noise about
Meaning Talk or complain in order to attention
Ex.She knows how to make a noise and claim police harassment.
294Make a Scene
Meaning Create an embarrassing situation by displaying emotion
Ex.My parents always make a scene with their fighting wherever we go for a trip.
295Make Allowances for (Someone)
Meaning To judge (someone) less severely, or require (them) to do less well than other people
Ex.The company makes allowances for the new employees’ lack of experience.
296Make Amends
Meaning To do something to improve the situation after doing something wrong, stupid, etc.
Ex.Hashir wanted to make amends for causing his marriage to fail.
297Make Eyes at
Meaning Look lovingly at
Ex.Ali was making eyes at her from across the room.
298Make One’s Mark
Meaning Become distinguished
Ex.Anum set out to make her mark as a CSP officer.
299Make One’s Point
Meaning Present opinions convincingly
Ex.Dr. Iqra studied one-hundred migraine patients aged eighteen to sixty to prove her point.
300Make Someone’s Blood Boil
Meaning To make (someone) very angry
Ex.The opposition’s hate-filled speeches make the government’s blood boil.
301Make Someone’s Blood Run Cold
Meaning To frighten or horrify (someone) very much
Ex.The rage in his eyes made her blood cold.
302Make up One’s Mind
Meaning Decide
Ex.She made up her mind to become a doctor.
303Make Time
Meaning To schedule time to see someone or do something
Ex.He made time in his busy schedule and decided to visit his students on their insistence.
304Mean Business
Meaning Be in earnest
Ex.He is working very hard and really means business when he says he is going to get the office organized.
305Meet Halfway
Meaning Compromise
Ex.He is very stubborn; thus, he is never willing to meet his friends halfway.
306Neat as a Pin
Meaning Very neat and tidy
Ex.She keeps her house as neat as pin.
307Neck and Neck
Meaning Keen and close
Ex.The two teams were neck and neck in the race to win the national championship.
308Never Say Die
Meaning Don’t despair
Ex.It doesn’t look good for the team, but never say die.
309Now and Then
Meaning Occasionally
Ex.He likes to go to that restaurant now and then.
310Null and Void
Meaning Ineffective
Ex.The order was therefore held null and void.
311Of Late
Meaning Recently
Ex.He has been feeling unwell of late, so we have advised him to take a break from work and spend some time with his family.
312Of No Avail
Meaning Of no use
Ex.We tried to keep him alive but of no avail.
313Of One’s Own Accord
Meaning Of one’s free will
Ex.I wish that Sally would choose to do a job of her own accord, rather than due to her husband’s insistence.
314Off and On
Meaning Irregularly
Ex.He`s been seeing the woman off and on but I don`t think that their relationship is very serious.
315On the Contrary
Meaning On the other hand
Ex.It wasn’t a good thing; on the contrary, it was a huge mistake.
316On the Eve Of
Meaning The day before
Ex.I felt sick on the eve of the race.
317On the Horns of a Dilemma
Meaning In a critical situation
Ex.Joe found himself on the horns of dilemma.
318On the Verge Of
Meaning Very nearly
Ex.The company was on the verge of going bankrupt due to corrupt employees.
319Once for All
Meaning Finally
Ex.Of all the things she felt, she feared he’d reject her once and for all.
320Open Secret
Meaning Supposedly secret fact known to many people
Ex.It’s an open secret that the security service bugged telephones.
321Out and Out
Meaning Completely
Ex.The whole project was out an out disaster.
322Out of Bounds
Meaning Outside the permitted area or limits
Ex.when the ball would be hit out of bounds by my side, I could not move past the lines to go get it.
323Out of Date
Meaning Obsolete
Ex.My supplements are out of date, I’ll have to go buy a new ones.
324Out of One’s Mind
Meaning Insane
Ex.She was out of her mind in sorrow.
325Out of Order
Meaning Not in a working condition
Ex.This coffee machine is out of order, so don’t put coins in it.
326Out of Sorts
Meaning Unwell
Ex.I’ve been feeling tired and generally out of sorts.
327Out of Stock
Meaning Not available for sale
Ex.The is a fast-selling item and can go out of stock quickly.
328Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire
Meaning From a bad position into a worse one
Ex.I have changed schools due to a toxic environment, but going to this one is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.
329Out of the Question
Meaning Impossible; Not to be discussed at all
Ex.Wearing a stained blouse to dinner was the out of question.
330Over and Above
Meaning Besides
Ex.I’ll need another twenty dollars over and above the amount you have already given me.
331Over and Over Again
Meaning Repeatedly
Ex.I have told him over and over again that I would not be going, but he won’t listen.
332Over Head and Ears
Meaning Completely
Ex.They were overhead and ears in debt, so they decided to flee the country.
333Pass Away
Meaning Die
Ex.The director of the company passed away last week.
334Pave the Way
Meaning Make conditions easy
Ex.The discovery of the X-ray machine paved the way for the development of new effective treatments.
335Pay Through the Nose
Meaning Pay very dearly
Ex.If you visit any major city these days, you better be prepared to pay through the nose for a hotel room.
336Plain Sailing
Meaning A trouble-free course of action
Ex.The first few months were difficult, but I think it’s plain sailing from here on.
337Play with Fire
Meaning To do something dangerous or risky
Ex.You would play with fire if you try to cheat on the test.
338Pluck Up Courage
Meaning Become brave
Ex.He finally plucked up the courage to ask her out on a date.
339Point Blank
Meaning Bluntly; At close range
Ex.He fired the gun from point-blank range.
340Presence of Mind
Meaning Ability to think calmly in a crisis
Ex.The child showed great presence of mind by grabbing the falling baby.
341Pull One’s Legs
Meaning Impose upon; Try for a joke; To make someone believe something that is untrue
Ex.I panicked when he said the test was tomorrow, but then I realized he was just pulling my leg.
342Pull the Strings
Meaning Do something from behind; Be the hidden cause of something
Ex.It turned out that his brother was the person pulling the strings behind the operation.
343Put an End To
Meaning Stop; Abolish
Ex.The new mayor vowed to put an end to the violence.
344Put One Across On (Someone)
Meaning To deceive or play a trick on (someone)
Ex.These two guys might think themselves smart, but they would have to get up very early in the morning to put one across to him
345Put Somebody in the Picture
Meaning Keep someone informed
Ex.I’ll put you in the picture as soon as a final decision has been made.
346Rank and File
Meaning The important as well as the humble people
Ex.The party’s rank and file began to question the prime minister’s choice of advisers.
347Rat Race
Meaning Competitive struggle in work
Ex.Paul got caught up in the rat race and was never at home.
348Rear Its Ugly Head
Meaning Used of something unpleasant or unwelcome
Ex.I knew that the leak we patched would eventually raise its ugly head.
349Red Tape
Meaning Official formality and delays
Ex.She could have finished the project last week, but it was impossible to cut through all the red tape.
350Road Test
Meaning The roadworthiness of a vehicle
Ex.They are road-testing the car tomorrow. 
351Round the Clock
Meaning The whole day and the whole night
Ex.The nanny has been working round the clock.
352Rub Shoulders (With)
Meaning Be associated with
Ex.The awards dinner gave me the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of today’s greatest American poets.
353Run Riot
Meaning Act without restraint
Ex.I dread them coming here because they let their kids run riot.
354See with Half an Eye
Meaning To see without difficulty
Ex.Susan has a keen eye for detail, so each dress is beautifully finished off.
355Serve One’s Needs
Meaning Meet one’s requirements
Ex.The library serves the needs of the community.
356Serve One’s Time
Meaning To work as an apprentice for an agreed number of years
Ex.The library serves the needs of the community.
357Set an Example
Meaning To establish a model
Ex.Dad was always telling Bill to set a good example for his younger brother.
358Set Measure To
Meaning Limit
Ex.However, with few exceptions, the cottages are styled within the vernacular revival idiom
359Set Ones Heart On (Something)
Meaning To want (something) very much
Ex.Jane set her heart on going to London.
360Show One’s Face
Meaning Appear in public
Ex.Louis stayed in his Harlem apartment for three days after his defeat, too ashamed to show his face.
361Show Oneself in True Colors
Meaning To show or express one’s reality
Ex.He pretends to be very generous but he showed himself in his true colours when he refused to give money to charity.
362Sick at Heart
Meaning Very sorrowful and unhappy
Ex.I rise to speak, sick at heart about the dispute
363Sit On the Fence
Meaning Remain uncommitted
Ex.It would be good if you stop sitting on the fence and choose whose side you are on.
364Smell a Rat
Meaning Suspect something fishy
Ex.If I will don’t send a picture, he will smell like a rat.
365Snake in a Grass
Meaning A treacherous person
Ex.While pretending to be your friend he was slandering you behind your back.
366Sour Grapes
Meaning Disappointment
Ex.She said that she and her husband didn’t want to join the club anyway, but it was clearly sour grapes.
367Sow Ones Wild Cats
Meaning Enjoy a life of pleasure while young
Ex.You can’t sow your wild oats forever! Soon, you’ll want a wife and a house.
368Speak Daggers
Meaning Express hatred or anger in words or facial expressions
Ex.She’s always speaking daggers because she’s so miserable.
369Speak One’s Mind
Meaning Reveal one’s views frankly
Ex.Jenni is very shy, so she does not speak her mind.
370Split Hairs
Meaning Serve as a strong testimony to
Ex.Although we both agreed to divorce, my husband is splitting hairs about our settlement.
371Start from Scratch
Meaning Start from the beginning
Ex.We don’t have a lot of money so we’re going to have to start from scratch.
372Steal a March on Somebody
Meaning Do something before somebody else, and so gain an advantage
Ex.Our rival company managed to steal a march on us by bringing out their software ahead of ours.
373Step into Someone’s Shoes
Meaning Succeed someone
Ex.No one will be able to fill her shoes after she retires.
374Stir Up Trouble
Meaning Cause trouble
Ex.He has been warned about stirring up trouble on Twitter.
375Storm in a Tea Cup
Meaning An exaggerated incident
Ex.This seems to me to be rather a storm in a teacup.
376Sweep the Board
Meaning To win everything
Ex.Spain swept the board in boys’ team competitions.
377Take (Someone’s) Mind Off (Something)
Meaning Help someone stop thinking about something
Ex.The good thing about running is that it takes my mind off any problems I have.
378Take a Leaf Out of Someone’s Book
Meaning Follow someone’s example
Ex.She is taking a leaf out of her husband’s book by going into television.
379Take Aback
Meaning To surprise or astonish
Ex.When I told him my answer, he seemed taken aback.
380Take One’s Time
Meaning To use as much time (to do something) as one wants
Ex.Take your time and plan your career, rather than haphazardly doing whatever comes your way.
381With One’s Tongue in One’s Cheek  
Meaning Speaking or writing in an ironic or insincere way
Ex.He said that he was a huge fan of Imran Khan although I suspect it was tongue in cheek
382Take/Carry Coals to Newcastle
Meaning To take something to a place where there is already a great deal of it
Ex.You are taking or giving something to someone, which he does not really need. Perhaps, he already has a lot of it. Giving Kohli a bat on his birthday is like carrying coals to Newcastle.
383Talk the Hind Leg Off a Donkey
Meaning To talk a great deal and for a long time
Ex.She rarely spoke, but her brother could talk the hind legs off a donkey.
384Tell Apart
Meaning To distinguish
Ex.The twins were identical, and we couldn’t tell them apart.
385Thank One’s Stars
Meaning Be lucky
Ex.I thank my lucky stars every day for my wonderful husband.
386The Breath of One’s Nostrils
Meaning Something as valuable as life itself
Ex.He hailed this week’s arms agreement but in the same breath expressed suspicion about the motivations of the United States.
387The End of the Line/Road
Meaning The point beyond which one can no longer continue or survive
Ex.If one has liquidated all his holdings and spent all that money, he has come to the end of the line concerning his finances.
388The Gift of the Gab
Meaning Fluency
Ex.She’s got the gift of the gab; she should work in sales and marketing.
389The Last Straw
Meaning In addition to a task that makes it intolerable
Ex.She has been unhappy with him for a long time, but when he crashed her car, it was the last straw.
390The Lion’s Share
Meaning The largest portion of anything
Ex.My sister grabbed the lion’s share of the pizza.
391The Long and the Short
Meaning Summary
Ex.I could give you a lot of reasons for my decision, but the long and short of it is that I just don’t want to go.
392The Man in the Street
Meaning A common man
Ex.It was the man on the street who suffered as the value of the currency fell.
393The Salt of the Earth
Meaning The wholesome portion of a community
Ex.Radio is indeed the salt of the earth; life seems dull without it once you get used to it.
394The Small Hours
Meaning The morning hours after midnight
Ex.He left for Lahore in the small hours.
395Throw Cold Water (On)
Meaning Discourage, To temper the excitement or enthusiasm someone feels about something
Ex.Ann always throws cold water on her brother’s idea of initiating a new business.
396Tip of the Iceberg
Meaning A small evident part or aspect of something largely hidden
Ex.After the party, the messy kitchen was the tip of the iceberg; the rest of the house was in an even bigger mess.
397To Add Fuel to the Fire
Meaning To make matters worse
Ex.Don’t add fuel to the fire by telling his parents about his smoking; they are already very angry at him for stealing money.
398To All Appearances
Meaning Seemingly
Ex.The giant corporation was, to all appearances, doing quite well, but just last week it filed for bankruptcy.
399To and Fro
Meaning In opposite directions
Ex.The boat was rocking gently to and fro in the water.
400To Be at One’s Wits End
Meaning To be too puzzled to know what to do
Ex.I’ve tried every possible source without success, and now I’m at my wit’s end. 
401To Be Caught Napping
Meaning To be caught unaware
Ex.The security personnel were caught napping when the thieves broke in, so the whole staff was fired.
402To Be Caught Red-Handed
Meaning Caught while doing something wrong
Ex.The child was caught red-handed while stealing sweets from the cupboard; his mother grounded him for a week.
403To Be Dead Certain
Meaning To be very sure
Ex.I am dead certain you would never get past level 4 because it has a glitch.
404To Be On the Wane
Meaning Declining
Ex.The moon is on the wane after the 14th of the Lunar calendar.
405To Be On One’s Last Legs
Meaning To be about to fall, end, or, collapse
Ex.The government is on its last legs due to severe political instability in Pakistan.
406To Be Run Over
Meaning To be crushed
Ex.The poor cat was run over by a fast car on the highway.
407To Be Under a Cloud
Meaning Under suspicion
Ex.Zuckerberg is under a cloud ever since allegations of privacy breach against Facebook.
408To Be Up and Doing
Meaning To be active
Ex.I am glad to see her up and doing after the long days and sleepless nights of depression.
409To Be Well-to-Do
Meaning To be wealthy
Ex.The well-to-do family is always found on the go; one day they are in Dubai and the next day, in Turkey.
410To Be Wide Awake
Meaning To be quite alert
Ex.I am wide awake now because I have slept continuously for 14 hours.
411To Be Worth While
Meaning Worth the time or trouble involved
Ex.Preparing for the CSS exams is worthwhile, given the perks and privileges coming with the service.
412To Bear in Mind
Meaning To remember
Ex.Please bear in mind to wear your seat belts at all times to avoid any injuries resulting from air turbulence.
413To Bear With
Meaning To be patient with someone
Ex.Please bear with me unless I finish my speech so that we can go for lunch together.
414To Beat a Retreat
Meaning To retire
Ex.I had to beat a retreat when I saw my class fellow in the mall, for I do not like interacting with people from school anywhere.
415To Beat the Air
Meaning To struggle in vain
Ex.Everybody used to tell him that he was beating the air, but he stayed resilient; now, he is running the biggest LMS in the country.
416To Beggar Description
Meaning Difficult to describe
Ex.My love for historical places and hilly areas beggars description; I can sit there all day gazing at the scenery and – yet – not get tired.
417To Bell the Cat
Meaning To do something risky or dangerous
Ex.We pushed Sarah to bell the cat by asking her to hand over three applications for leave to our stern boss.
418To Bid Fair
Meaning Promises
Ex.The tour plan bids fare to be full of fun.
419To Bid One’s Time
Meaning Waiting for a favourable opportunity
Ex.The thief was bidding his time until he got an opportunity to steal my parrot when there was nobody around the cage.
420To Bite the Dust
Meaning To fall in battle
Ex.Every enemy of Islam has had to bite the dust, for none can win against Almighty Allah.
421Go Bananas  
Meaning To become extremely angry or excited
Ex.Whenever I see Sally, I just go bananas! She’s fantastic.
422To Break Down
Meaning To begin to cry
Ex.The 8-year-old broke down in front of his class when a student made fun of his speech.
423To Break Into
Meaning To make a forced entry
Ex.Thieves broke into the empty house only to find out that they were surrounded by police and had nowhere to run.
424To Break the Ice
Meaning To start a discussion
Ex.To break the ice and start working on the plan, the newly formed team decided to play a team game and get to know one another.
425To Break the News
Meaning To disclose the news
Ex.News channels always strive to break the news before one another, often times compromising on the facts.
426To Breathe One’s Last
Meaning To die
Ex.Mr. Chips breathed his last surrounded by his beloved students and colleagues.
427To Bring to Book
Meaning Legally punish or summon someone to account for their actions
Ex.The courts bring criminals to book and make sure that the writ of the state reigns supreme.
428To Bring Up
Meaning To look after one’s family
Ex.In our society, it is the male counterparts’ duty to bring up the family and provide for all its needs.
429To Build Castles in The Air
Meaning To think of imaginary schemes
Ex.Building castles in the air will not get you anywhere. You have to work hard for whatever you want to achieve.
430To Burn One’s Boats
Meaning To leave no means of retreat
Ex.Tariq bin Ziad burnt his boats after entering the Iberian Peninsula for invasion so that he and his forces would either conquer the land or get killed.
431To Bury the Hatchet
Meaning To cease fighting
Ex.America has decided to bury the hatchet after decades of fighting in Afghanistan.
432To Call a Spade a Spade
Meaning To speak bluntly or exactly as one thinks
Ex.He is often considered rude for calling a spade a spade, but someone has to say the truth out loud.
433To Call in Question
Meaning To doubt or question
Ex.A great amount of contamination in the Petri dishes calls into question the workers’ compliance with the lab safety protocols.
434To Call Names
Meaning To speak disrespectfully to or of a person
Ex.You should not have called her names due to her disability; it is rude.
435To Carry One’s Point
Meaning To succeed in one’s aim
Ex.America, after failing to carry its point in the Afghan war, has made a hasty escape from the land.
436To Carry Out
Meaning To put into action
Ex.Please carry out the task according to the instruction manual, and do not try anything new.
437To Carry the Day
Meaning To win a victory; To prove superior
Ex.At last, Jim carried the day with his resilience and hard work; no one could beat him in any of the races in the triathlon.
438To Check or Nip in the Bud
Meaning To destroy at an early age; To lose no time in suppressing
Ex.Evil should be nipped in the bud. If it is allowed to grow, it may destroy a society.
439To Chop Up
Meaning To cut something into smaller slices
Ex.While chopping up onions, he couldn’t cry.
440To Come into Force
Meaning Of law or regulation to begin to be enforced
Ex.New laws regarding road safety have come into force after the recent highway accidents.
441To Come of Age
Meaning To reach the age of twenty-one, when the law permits a man to manage his own affairs
Ex.After coming of age, one realizes the realities and responsibilities of life.
442To Come to a Head
Meaning Reach a critical point
Ex.The political situation of the country has come to a head. If pragmatic steps are not taken immediately, the country might face a horrible collapse.
443To Come to Grief
Meaning To be ruined; To fall completely
Ex.Sri Lanka has come to grief as political and economic chaos cripples the island
444To Cry for The Moon
Meaning To ask for something impossible
Ex.Children often cry for the moon, not understanding what their parents can afford and what they cannot.
445To Cry Over Spilt Milk
Meaning To spend time in useless regrets
Ex.I told you to work hard, but you never paid heed to my advice. Now that you have failed, it is no use crying over spilt milk.
446To Cry Wolf
Meaning To raise a false alarm
Ex.Don’t believe her; she always cries wolf just so we would do all the work for her.
447To Curry Favor
Meaning To seek to gain an advantage by means of flattery and hypocrisy
Ex.Ministers often curry favour to win the support of those in power.
448To Cut a Figure
Meaning Present oneself or appear in a particular way
Ex.Celebrities cut a figure for award shows; they are not who they seem to be.
449To Cut Dead
Meaning To totally ignore someone, usually out of anger or displeasure
Ex.After I had a fight with her, I cut her dead when I saw her in the market.
450To Dance Upon Nothing
Meaning To get hanged
Ex.The serial killer had to, finally, dance upon nothing.
451To Deal With
Meaning To treat
Ex.I can’t believe I have to deal with the never-ending queries of juveniles.
452To Dispense With
Meaning To give away; To do without
Ex.The school has dispensed with its routine timing owing to the poor law and order situation in the country, so the students are allowed on the premises even after 8 AM.
453To Dispose Of
Meaning To sell-off
Ex.Please dispose of the used gloves, masks, and other personal protective gear after a single use.
454To Drag in by the Head and Shoulders
Meaning To drag one by force or violently
Ex.He who drags you in fights by the head and shoulders is not your friend. Rather, he is your worst enemy.
455To Draw Up
Meaning To make a plan
Ex.He drew up a plan to go around the world in 120 days, covering all the major historical cities.
456To Eat Dirt
Meaning To submit to insult
Ex.Pakistani films often have to eat dirt because of their poor storylines.
457To Eat One’s Mutton
Meaning To dine
Ex.We planned to eat our mutton after the meeting in the restaurant down the lane.
458To Eat One’s Words
Meaning To withdraw all that one has said
Ex.Politicians, after making promises to the public, often eat their words once they come into power.
459To End in Smoke
Meaning To end without being fulfilled
Ex.Imran Khan’s plan of a long march ended in smoke because the government put a lot of hurdles in the way of the caravan.
460To Fall Flat
Meaning To have no effect
Ex.Half of the stand-up comedian’s jokes fell flat because he was not well-prepared, and his comic timing was not good.
461To Fall Foul Of
Meaning To get annoyed; Come into conflict with
Ex.After getting foul of the group, she was unsure how to work on the group project.
462To Fall in Love With
Meaning To become enamoured of
Ex.I immediately fell in love with my new parrots the moment I saw them.
463To Fall On One’s Feet
Meaning To meet with unexpected good-luck
Ex.He was devastated after losing his 15-year-old job, but he fell on his feet when he was hired by a multinational company.
464To Fall Short
Meaning To be less; To decrease
Ex.Your resume has fallen short of the required skill set, so you will not be getting the job.
465To Fan the Flame
Meaning To make angrier
Ex.Do not fan the flame by discussing the conflict; he is already very angry.
466To Feather One’s Own Nest
Meaning To make oneself rich or strong in a position
Ex.Politicians keep feathering their own nest, rather than working for the betterment of the people of their country.
467To Fight Shy of
Meaning To avoid
Ex.He always fights shy of conflicts owing to his friendly and peaceful personality.
468To Find Fault with
Meaning To find things wrong with someone or something
Ex.The jury could not find fault with Amna’s arguments; hence, she won the debate competition.
469To Get Rid of
Meaning To dispose of
Ex.Please get rid of all the worn-out clothes because you don’t wear them anymore.
470To Give the Back
Meaning To leave or quit
Ex.He would not have given us the back during the project if he were honest with his job, but he never wanted to work in the first place.
471To Go Back on a Person
Meaning To not do something one said one would do
Ex.It is no surprise that the politicians go back on the countrymen after coming into power.
472To Go to the Bad
Meaning To sink into poverty and disgrace
Ex.The horrible economic situation has further worsened the common man’s situation,  and a majority has – hence – gone to the bad.
473To Go to the Dogs
Meaning Deteriorate very badly, used of persons, organizations, institutions, etc.
Ex.Ever since Mr. Ali left the business, the whole organisation has gone to the dogs.
474To Grease the Palm
Meaning To bribe
Ex.It is very easy for an outlaw to get his way by greasing the palm of the law and order departments in third-world countries.
475To Have All One’s Eggs in One Basket
Meaning To risk all one’s goods in the same venture
Ex.Don’t invest all that you have earned in a single project. Rather, divide it into smaller investments so that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.
476To Have Many Irons in the Fire
Meaning To have many projects carrying on at one time
Ex.He has many irons in the fire; Android and iOS applications, online classes, and a side business to earn.
477To Have No Backbone
Meaning To lack strength of character
Ex.Having no backbone, Jim was rejected as an aspiring member of the school discipline committee.
478To Hold Good
Meaning To be valid
Ex.Other than biological laws, the majority of the scientific laws have held good and stood the test of time.
479To Hold One’s Own
Meaning To maintain what one is struggling for
Ex.No matter the circumstances, he always holds his own and never gets distracted from his goal.
480To Hold One’s Tongue
Meaning To keep quiet
Ex.Please hold your tongue while the teacher speaks.
481To Hold out
Meaning To offer resistance
Ex.Undoubtedly, the unarmed Palestinians have been holding out the Israeli forces for decades.
482To Hold Water
Meaning To be correct, valid, sound, or reasonable
Ex.Your theory does hold water when we do not consider gravity, but I wonder if it would still be valid if we include the effects of gravity on matter.
483To Keep Another in the Dark
Meaning To keep someone in ignorance of an event
Ex.It is not good to keep your parents in the dark about your activities. You should always share your whereabouts with them.
484To Keep Body and Soul Together
Meaning To sustain life
Ex.It is difficult to keep body and soul together in this era of socio-economic chaos.
485To Keep Dark about Anything
Meaning To preserve secrecy about anything
Ex.I suggest you keep dark about your plans unless you achieve your target, or your enemies will try to pull you down.
486To Keep the Wolf from the Door
Meaning To be in a position to get two meals a day
Ex.He had to resort to illegal means to earn enough to keep the wolf from the door.
487Keep Up Appearances
Meaning To keep oneself looking calm despite serious problems
Ex.Even with all the trouble, Sadia was having at home with her husband, she managed to keep up appearances.
488To Kick the Bucket
Meaning To die
Ex.Mr. Chips kicked the bucket while remembering his beloved late wife Kathy.
489To Know No Bounds
Meaning To be without any limits or end
Ex.Corruption knows no bounds among the political elite of the country.
490To Lay Heads Together
Meaning To consult together
Ex.If both of them lay their heads together to look for a solution, there is no issue in the world they cannot resolve.
491To Lead a Dog’s Life
Meaning To pass a miserable existence
Ex.The poor man, after losing his only possession – a bicycle – had to lead a dog’s life.
492To Lead a Person a Dance
Meaning To cause someone unnecessary trouble
Ex.Rather than leading us dance, you should have told us earlier that the investment was not going to be fruitful.
493To Leave No Stone Unturned
Meaning To do all in one’s power
Ex.Quaid e Azam left no stone unturned in uniting the Muslims of the Subcontinent under the flag of the Muslim League.
494To Let Bygones Be Bygones
Meaning To ignore the past
Ex.I have had a few fights with my friend over the years, but now that we have grown up, we have let the bygones be bygones.
495Chicken Out  
Meaning To decide not to do something because one is afraid
Ex.Jane was going to go parachuting with us, but she chickened out at the last minute.
496To Lick the Dust
Meaning To fall in battle
Ex.Under the great commander Erwin, we shall not rest until those traitors have licked the dust.
497To Lie with Any One
Meaning To be the duty of anyone
Ex.Choosing my career path lies in what my family prefers for me.
498To Live a Cat and Dog Life
Meaning Of spouses or romantic partners, a life together is typified by arguments, fights, and disagreement
Ex.The couple lives a cat and dog life ever since the issue of property arose.
499To Look Daggers
Meaning To look angrily
Ex.Don’t look daggers at me; I haven’t done anything wrong.
500To Look for
Meaning To search for
Ex.Can you please help me look for my glasses? I had put them on the table, but they are not there now.
501Ring A Bell  
Meaning To arouse a response
Ex.Whenever I see a bee, it rings a bell. I remember when I was stung by one.
502To Make Both Ends Meet
Meaning To have two square meals a day
Ex.Despite his meagre income, he tried to make ends meet by working extra hours. 
503To Make Faces
Meaning To make a distorted, silly, or humorous facial expression at someone
Ex. Emily made faces and struck out her tongue to make the baby laugh.
504To Make Fun of
Meaning To ridicule
Ex.Although you did not mean to hurt him, he is angry because you made fun of him.
505To Make Oneself at Home
Meaning To feel as if one were in one’s own house
Ex.I really make myself at home when I visit my friend. 
506To Make out
Meaning To understand
Ex.If John could not make out with me, he would have asked me for more help.
507To Move Heaven and Earth
Meaning To try one’s utmost
Ex. I had moved heaven and earth to pay for my college bills. 
Meaning In disorderly haste or confusion, chaotic, haphazard, disordered, etc.
Ex.My books, notes, and papers are always scattered on the desk in a helter-skelter manner.  
509To One’s Heart’s Content
Meaning As much as one wishes
Ex.Iqra prefers buffet over à la carte so that she can eat to her heart’s content.
510To Pass for
Meaning To appear; To pretend to look like
Ex.The suspect was arrested when he tried to pass for a student.
511To Pick a Quarrel
Meaning To start a quarrel
Ex.Mill intended to pick up a quarrel with his brother about his stolen chocolate. 
512To Pick One’s Pocket
Meaning To steal money or other valuables out of one’s pocket, purse, backpack, etc.
Ex.I already advised you to be conscious of your belongings in this mall as anyone could pick your pocket here, and it happened. 
513To Play the Game
Meaning To play one’s part fairly
Ex.If you want to qualify for the competitive exams, you must play the game and study smartly.
514To Play Truant
Meaning To keep away from school without the knowledge of one’s parents
Ex. He fell with the bad company and began to play truant for a useless hockey match.
515To Put in
Meaning Contribute
Ex.The volunteers put in their time towards cleaning up the town.
516To Put off
Meaning To postpone
Ex.I have to put off my plan to take exams this year since I am not yet prepared for them. 
517To Put out
Meaning To extinguish
Ex.Her mother told her to put out the fire before leaving the house.
518To Put the Cart before the Horse
Meaning To put the wrong thing first
Ex.John always puts the cart before the horse; thus, he fails to submit most of his projects on time.
519To Put to the Proof
Meaning To test
Ex.His dedication was put to the proof even after years of efficient performance. 
520To Rain Cats and Dogs
Meaning To rain heavily
Ex.You must consult the weather forecast before going out in that storm. It is raining cats and dogs.
521To Run down
Meaning To blame; To condemn
Ex.Do not run down my friends. If you do not know the truth, better be silent
522To Run Over
Meaning To check
Ex.She ran over her belongings before leaving the hotel. 
523To Say Grace
Meaning To ask the divine blessing before commencing a meal
Ex.I love the way my grandfather says grace before iftars in Ramadan. 
524To Show a Clean Pair of Heels
Meaning To escape
Ex.The thief showed a clean pair of heels when he saw the police. 
525To Stare in the Face
Meaning To threaten; To be ready to overwhelm
Ex.She stared him in the face and said that she never wanted to see him again.
526To Steal a March on
Meaning To go ahead
Ex.Misha got the contract because she had the potential to steal a march on her competitors.
527To Steer Clear of
Meaning To keep away safely
Ex.I always advise my brother to steer clear of bad company. 
528To Strike While the Iron is Hot
Meaning To act decisively and take an opportunity when it arises
Ex.My brother got a promotion today, so I asked him to buy me a cellphone. I thought I would better strike while the iron was hot.
529To Take Affect
Meaning To operate; To act as intended
Ex.Fortunately, the medicine toot affect, and the patient felt relieved. 
530To Take by Storm
Meaning To capture after a sudden
Ex.The locusts swarm attacked from the south and took the village by storm.
531To Take French Leave
Meaning To go off secretly, without notice
Ex.Emily just got married. So, she took a french leave from work to spend time with her husband. 
532To Take the Bull by the Horns
Meaning To attack something formidable in a bold and direct fashion
Ex.The matter is not going to be resolved by itself. We have to take the bull by the horns to settle it. 
533To Take Time Or Occasion by the Forelock
Meaning To avoid delay; To be on the alert for every available opportunity
Ex.Time flies here with such a frightful rapidity that I am compelled to seize occasion by the forelock.
534To Take to One’s Heels
Meaning To run away
Ex.The thief took to his heels when he saw the police. 
535To Talk Shop
Meaning To talk about one’s business
Ex.Mrs. Shilpa threw a dinner for all her business partners to talk shop.
536To Tell Upon
Meaning To ruin
Ex.My sister told me about my gravy chicken by adding extra salt to it while I was on call.
537To the Backbone
Meaning Thoroughly; Essentially; Staunchly
Ex.He revised all the important topics to the backbone a day before the exam.
538To Throw Cold Water upon
Meaning To discourage, to prevent something from being done
Ex.Our teacher threw cold water upon our plan to visit Naran.
539To Throw Daylight upon
Meaning To reveal; To display to view
Ex.The fluency in her speech throws daylight upon her intelligence.
540To Throw Dust in a Man’s Eyes
Meaning To try to lead someone astray
Ex.Marry could mislead everyone, but she failed to throw dust in my eyes.
541To Throw Mud at
Meaning To abuse; To speak evil of
Ex.You, being a renowned politician of the country, must be prepared to have more mud thrown at you than an ordinary woman.
542To Tread upon the Heels
Meaning To follow closely
Ex.Ali treads upon the heels of his father in every matter.
543To Try One’s Luck
Meaning To see if one would get success
Ex.Mr. Shams decided to open a branch of his restaurant in California to try his luck. 
544To Turn One’s Back upon
Meaning To desert; To forsake
Ex.Misha has a tendency to turn his back on serious problems.
545To Turn One’s Coat
Meaning To change to the opposite party
Ex.It is not the first time that Sheikh Rasheed has turned his coat.
546To Turn over a New Leaf
Meaning To change for the better
Ex.After a minor accident, Mill decided to turn over a new leaf and drive more carefully.
547To Turn the Tables
Meaning Reverse a situation and gain the upper hand
Ex.I planned a surprise dinner for my sister, but she turned the table by surprising me when I reached home.
548To Weather the Storm
Meaning To face a difficulty successfully
Ex.Pakistan has successfully weathered many political and economic storms.
549Tread on Someone’s Corns
Meaning To hurt someone’s feelings
Ex.Alina is very arrogant; she always treads on other people’s corns.
550Turn a Blind Eye (to Something)
Meaning To pretend not to see or notice something
Ex.The kind shopkeeper turned a blind eye to the little boy who secretly picked chocolate from his store.
551Turn a Deaf Ear to
Meaning To refuse to listen to
Ex.The international world has turned a deaf ear to the cries of the innocent Palestinians for food and shelter.
552Turn One’s Nose at
Meaning Scorn at; Treat with contempt
Ex.I never turn up my nose at dessert, no matter what it is.
553Turn over a New Leaf
Meaning To commence a new course of life; To improve in conduct
Ex.After a minor accident, Mill decided to turn over a new leaf and drive more carefully.
554Turn Tail
Meaning Run away in a cowardly way
Ex.The robber turned tail when he accidentally saw a gun hanging on the wall of the house.
555Turn Turtle
Meaning To capsize
Ex.The bus ran off the road and turned turtle in the ditch. Fortunately, all passengers were saved.
556Under a Cloud
Meaning In disgrace
Ex.Although James was not a tyrant, he should not come here since his name is under a cloud these days.
557Under Fire
Meaning To do something dangerous or risky
Ex.I appreciate her courage, for she can easily withstand fire
558Under Lock and Key
Meaning Safely locked away
Ex.My father has kept all our documents under lock and key.
559Under One’s Thumb
Meaning Under one’s complete control
Ex.Ann has got her husband under her thumb. He does exactly what Ann says.
560Up to One’s Eyes in (Something)
Meaning Deeply involved in something
Ex.I cannot join you at the lunch because I am up to my eyes on my project.
561Up to
Meaning Scheming something; Engaging in mischievous behaviour
Ex.I cannot say what those children are now up to.
562Ups and Downs
Meaning Changes in fortune
Ex.Pakistan’s economy has been facing many ups and downs since the country’s inception.
563Upset the Applecart
Meaning To spoil plans; To obstruct progress
Ex.Tom really cannot keep secrets; he always upset the apple cart before time.
564Upsides with (a Person)
Meaning To Be Even with
Ex.Although he managed to be upsides with his enemy by breaking his arm, he had to go to jail.
565Vicious Circle
Meaning A sequence of reciprocal cause and effect, in which two or more elements intensify and aggravate each other, leading inexorably to a worsening of the situation
Ex.The vicious circle of corruption is badly hitting the country’s economy.
566Wash Dirty Linen in Public
Meaning Discuss personal matters of a scandalous or unpleasant nature before strangers
Ex.Listen, our relationship may have real problems, but it’s unfortunate that you have chosen to wash our dirty linen in public.
567What the Doctor Ordered
Meaning The very thing that is needed
Ex.A cold glass of water would be just what the doctor ordered.
568When All is Said and Done
Meaning Considering all the facts
Ex.When all is said and done, I believe I had a very enjoyable time on my vacation
569When the Balloon Goes up
Meaning When the trouble starts
Ex.He is always getting us into trouble, but he is never here when the balloon goes up.
570White Elephant
Meaning A rare, expensive possession that is a financial burden to maintain
Ex.The antique vases I bought from an auction are white elephants. I could not get them clean from anywhere. 
571Win One’s Laurels
Meaning Win honour
Ex. It takes a lot of struggle to win laurels in this field, and your achievements here always make me feel proud.
572Wishful Thinking
Meaning Unrealistic thinking based on hopes, rather than facts
Ex.Hoping for a camera as a birthday gift is just wishful thinking as your parents are already fed up with your hobby of photography. 
573With a View to
Meaning In order to
Ex.Safa inaugurated this school with a view to providing quality education to all.
574With Flying Colors
Meaning Honourably
Ex.Sally deserves a party because he has passed his final exams with flying colours.
575With High Hand
Meaning Arrogantly; Imperiously
Ex.You cannot win others’ hearts with high hands; you need to be more polite and patient. 
576With One Foot in the Grave
Meaning Having but a very short time to live
Ex.Her uncle has one foot in the grave and would die if he won’t able to receive treatment soon. 
577With One’s Eyes Open
Meaning With full awareness of what one is doing
Ex.I always keep my eyes open for a mid-season sale on winter coats.
578With Open Arms
Meaning Warmly; Affectionately
Ex.When I visited my old friend after years, her whole family welcomed me with open arms.
579Within an Ace of
Meaning Very near to
Ex.I came within an ace of going into the army, but I could not be selected because of my weak eyesight. 
580You Can’t Both Have Your Cake and Eat it
Meaning There are two options that someone wants, but they can’t have both because the options conflict with each other, so they can only pick one
Ex.If you want to buy a house, you will have to cut down on your expenses, for you can’t both have your cake and eat it too.
581Tilt at Windmills   
Meaning To waste time-fighting enemies or trying to resolve issues, which don’t even exist (Imaginary)
Ex.It is time for the government to stop tilting at windmills and start fighting against the real enemy, unemployment.  
582To Harp On the Same String
Meaning To repeatedly talk about a subject in an annoying manner
Ex.Nobody likes to sit in his company; he always harps on the same string about how to become a billionaire in a month.
Ex.It is no use harping on the same string if you are not going to do anything about your health issues.
583At Cross Purposes
Meaning To be in conflict with somebody or something
Ex.Their marriage could not work for long because they were at cross purposes with each other.
Ex.Her being at cross purposes with her teammates led the whole team to lose the football match.
584Out of Pocket
Meaning Lack of enough money; Something paid for with one’s personal money
Ex.The constant dinner parties hosted for his friends left Aslam out of pocket.
Ex.It is illegal for the laboratory to ask me to pay for the lab chemicals out of pocket.
585Put On the Market
Meaning To put something out for purchase
Ex.With a heavy heart, they had to put their only possession, a motorcycle, on the market to pay their son’s hospital bills.
Ex.If something is out on the market, especially on e-commerce websites, you should do proper quality assurance before buying it.
586To Rough It
Meaning To live in uncomfortable situations where no usual amenities are available, e.g. hiking tour. 
Ex.James and Milly had nowhere to live; thus, they had to rough it in a shade till they found some safe place.
Ex.The hikers roughed it in a hut with no running water.  
587To Speak Of
Meaning To talk about something, something worth mentioning
Ex.There is nothing to speak of as of yet; we will talk later.
Ex.The doctors told Jeremy’s family there was nothing to speak of in terms of his health improvement.
588All The Rage
Meaning To be very popular currently
Ex.Wearing a waist chain instead of a belt is all the rage nowadays.
Ex.Online meetings are all the rage now; thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, nobody has to go to in-person office meet-ups anymore.
589Shake in One’s Shoes
Meaning To be very frightened/nervous
Ex.When police were investigating the crime, every suspect seemed shaken in their shoes.
Ex.Stop shaking in your shoes, Maria. The manager is not going to fire you.
590The Whole Ball of Wax
Meaning The whole thing or the whole matter or affair
Ex.There’s nothing more to tell you about my affair. That’s the whole ball of wax.  
591Cut Someone Dead
Meaning To ignore someone
Ex.The millionaire was so arrogant he would cut people dead while they served him all day.
Ex.One should not adopt a child only to cut him dead.
592Beside The Mark
Meaning Something irrelevant or unrelated
Ex.He could not score a single point on the quiz, for all his answers were beside the mark.
Ex.My fondness for the apartment is beside the mark because I do not afford to live there.
593Once in A Blue Moon
Meaning Something that happens very rarely
Ex.After the death of his family in a plane crash, he visits his hometown once in a blue moon.
Ex.He is so diet-conscious that he only eats fast food once in a blue moon.
594A Piece of Cake
Meaning Some easy-to-accomplish task
Ex.Securing the first position in the board exams was a piece of cake for her because she was the brightest student in her city.
Ex.You might think doing a job is a piece of cake, but once you begin your career, you will surely experience hardships.
595Het Up
Meaning Highly worried or angry (Not calm); Indignant; Irate
Ex.I was really het up about the new corporate tax.
Ex.You should not get so het up about a few scratches on your car.
596Kill Two Birds with One Stone
Meaning To do a single action resulting in the solution of two problems
Ex.My friend has decided to kill two birds with one stone – visit Lahore to get her documents as well as meet her friends.
Ex.Cycling allows you to kill two birds with one stone by cutting your fuel costs and helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.
597Eager Beaver  
Meaning A hardworking and eager person
Ex.New volunteers are always eager beavers.
Ex.I know she is an eager beaver right now. Wait till she has worked here for a couple of months, and you will see the change in her personality.
598Get Out of Hand
Meaning To get chaotic or unmanageable
Ex.The men had a small fight initially, but as more and more people began to join in, the situation got out of hand.
Ex.Inflation is getting out of hand as Dollar rates keep soaring.
599Comparing Apples to Oranges
Meaning To make a comparison between two completely different things or persons
Ex.Comparing the steel and textile industries is comparing apples to oranges.
Ex.Being an entrepreneur allows you to define your journey; don’t compare apples with oranges by saying entrepreneurship and a job are similar things.
600Stuff and Nonsense   
Meaning Rubbish or Nonsense
Ex.Competitive aspirants don’t understand the qualifiers’ lectures. The lectures are all stuff and nonsense.
601Hit The Nail On the Head
Meaning To be accurate or precise
Ex.The pressure was intense; it was his last chance to get the answer right, and he, surprisingly, hit the nail on the head and won the competition. 
Ex.You had really hit the nail on the head when you guessed that Sahir was scheming against our business.
602Burn The Midnight Oil
Meaning To stay up late to work on something important
Ex.How could she not have won the competition after burning the midnight oil while working on her speech?
Ex.CSS aspirants burn the midnight oil for months before appearing in the exams.
603Make A Long Story Short
Meaning To cut extra details and get to the necessary point
Ex.The introductory and conclusion paragraphs only require you to summarize your answers, to make the long story short.
Ex.Please make the long story short; I do not have much time to stop by and listen to how you ran into your friend at the mall.
604Wag One’s Chin
Meaning To talk too much
Ex.She is always seen wagging her chin, and this is exactly why her friends get annoyed with her.
Ex.When the friends hold a meet-up every month, they can’t wait to wag their chins, play games, and have fun.
605Sail Against the Wind
Meaning To work for something while facing great opposition 
Ex.Sir Syed Ahmed Khan sailed against the wind and managed to get the then Muslims out of their grave situation.
Ex.It is good to define your path and choose a different journey for yourself, but sailing against the wind is not always appreciated.
606Keep One’s Eye On the Ball
Meaning To remain alert to the surrounding events
Ex.Amelia would do better in her classes if she would keep her eye on the ball.
Ex.If he wants to get along in this office, he should have to keep his eye on the ball.
607Explode The Myth
Meaning To prove that something people believed for a long time is wrong.
Ex.The frequent up-gradation of Photoshop has exploded the myth of photography as a tool of reality.
Ex.The recent stats exploded the myth that global warming is the problem only for rich countries.
608Yoke Around Someone’s Neck
Meaning Something that oppresses people; a burden.
Ex.Ali’s greedy kids are a yoke around his neck.
Ex.His high-interest debts have now become a yoke around their neck.
609Tamper with (Something)   
Meaning To try to change something, to attempt to alter something
Ex.I think somebody has tampered with my door lock.
Ex.Please don’t tamper with electrical appliances with your bare hands. You might hurt yourself critically.
610Be A Cold Fish
Meaning A person who is distant and insensitive
Ex.He hardly ever speaks to anyone. He is a cold fish.
Ex.He is a lovely person, but his wife is a bit of a cold fish.
611A Watched Pot Never Boils
Meaning Time seems to move very slow when one is waiting for something to occur.
Ex.She kept reloading the university’s website to check her result all morning, but the HOD has not published it yet as a watched pot never boils.
Ex.She has been waiting for that henna to dry for two hours now. It is like a watched pot never boils.
612To Call Shots
Meaning To be in charge of how something should happen
Ex.He has been showing low grades in his studies; thus, he is now not in a position to call the shots.
Ex.The principal calls the shots, and nothing happens in the school without his approval. 
613Dead Wood
Meaning People or things that are no more productive or effective because they have been used for a long time
Ex.The manager cleared away the deadwood in his revised duty roster.
Ex.I think it is time to cut the deadwood from our team so that we can work more efficiently.
614Waiting in The Wings
Meaning Ready to do anything to take over someone else’s job or position
Ex.Mrs. Aisha is going to be retired next year, and his junior manager Mr. Mill is just waiting in the wings.
Ex.He was waiting in the wings, hoping that a member of the cricket team would drop out and he would get a place on the team.
615Lump in (One’s) Throat
Meaning To have the feeling of something as if one were going to cry. 
Ex.The national anthem is something that makes anybody feel like having a lump in his throat.
Ex.I had a lump in my throat as I watched the final scene of the movie.
616A Chip On Your Shoulder
Meaning To have an unpleasant attitude or way of behaving to seem willing to instigate conflict.
Ex.Mia has had a chip on her shoulder ever since she could not get the promotion she was expecting.
Ex.I do not understand what is his problem. He always seems to have a chip on his shoulder.
617At The Drop of a Hat
Meaning Immediately; Without any delay
Ex.She is always ready to go camping at the drop of a hat.
Ex.I call John whenever I am in trouble because he can come at the drop of a hat to help me.
618Upset The Apple Cart
Meaning To mess up or ruin something
Ex.He upset the apple cart by telling his sister the truth about Jane. 
Ex.Shifa always upsets the apple cart by never agreeing with anybody on the team. 
619Take (Something) With a Pinch of Salt
Meaning To listen to a story or explanation with considerable doubt
Ex.She must take anything her ex-husband says with a pinch of salt.
Ex.The committee took the guilty student’s explanation with a pinch of salt. I am sure no one believed him.
620Think of The Devil
Meaning Used when a person someone is talking about suddenly appears
Ex.Think of the devil! We were just planning to call you over
621Method in Madness
Meaning To have a purpose behind one’s actions even though it seems mad.
Ex.My project may look strange, but there is a method to my madness
Ex.Though his staff is often confused by the way he runs the office, I believe there is a method in his madness.
622A Square Peg in A Round Hole
Meaning A person in the misfit situation
Ex.I think he is not a square peg in a round hole. It is just that no one understands him.
Ex.I felt like a square peg in a round hole in my new class until I made some new friends.
623A Stick in The Mud
Meaning A person who is dull and old-fashioned
Ex.Tipu is such a stick in the mud; thus, he never goes to any fun events at school.  
Ex.My father is such a stick in the mud. He never allows us to try anything new.
624(Be) Labor The Point
Meaning To spend too much time on a certain point of conversation.
Ex.I do not want to belabour the point, but we should get things settled as soon as possible.
Ex.If the attorney would agree not to belabour the point further, we would place it on the agenda for the next session.
625The Salt of the Earth
Meaning A very good and honest person
Ex.Mrs. James is always the first to help anyone in trouble. She is the salt of the earth.
Ex.Annie’s mother is the salt of the earth. She has five children of her own and yet fosters three others.
626See Eye to Eye With
Meaning To agree fully with someone; To have the same views about something
Ex.My wife sees eye to eye with me about the arrangements.
Ex.She is looking for a new job as she does not see eye to eye with her manager. 
627On Thin Ice
Meaning In an uncertain and risky situation
Ex.If you do not want to find yourself on thin ice, you must prepare yourself in time. 
Ex.My sister was already on thin ice with the trainer when she injured her knee.
628Draw A Blank
Meaning To get no response; To fail to remember
Ex.I looked in the files for two hours, but I drew a blank.
Ex.I tried to remember his address but I drew a blank.
629A Step in The Right Direction
Meaning To move toward success
Ex.Yoga cannot solve all health problems, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.
Ex.We are hopeful that the new economic policy is a step in the right direction for the sustainable growth of the country.
630Give Away
Meaning To distribute
Ex.What we achieve without effort we give away without regret.
Ex.John decided to give away everything he had and become ascetic. 
631The Acid Test
Meaning A decisive test that proves the effectiveness and skillfulness of someone or something
Ex.Marry has had an easy contest so far, but the next round would be her real acid test.
Ex.The acid test of a good doctor is how he deals with his patients in an emergency.
632At a Cross Roads
Meaning To be at a stage in your life when an important decision has to be made
Ex.After his graduation, he is at a crossroads about choosing his first job.
Ex.Emily is at a crossroads in her career. She is confused about whether she should accept her new job or not.
633Keep One’s Nose to The Grindstone  
Meaning To work hard for a long period of time without stopping  
Ex.The boss told me to keep my nose to the grindstone or be fired.
634Knock/Throw Someone for A Loop  
Meaning To sock or surprise someone
Ex.Finding about the company being sold out to its competitors knocked everyone for a loop.
635Letter Perfect  
Meaning Correct in all detail
Ex.His memory is so strong that his narration of our Kashmir tour in 2015 was letter-perfect.
636Off The Wall  
Meaning Unusual
Ex.He has made an off-the-wall investment; we doubt the board of directors would agree with him.
637Out to Lunch  
Meaning Crazy; Out of touch with the real world
Ex.I’m sorry, I was out to lunch. Could you please repeat what you said earlier?
638Salt Something Away  
Meaning Save something for the future, secretly and usually dishonestly
Ex.Mary salted some extra candy away for use during the holidays.
639Take Someone to The Cleaners
Meaning To defeat someone completely
Ex.There was a real rough guy there who threatened to take me to the cleaners if I didn’t cooperate.
640Wear The Pants  
Meaning To be the dominant partner in a relationship
Ex.Nowadays, it is becoming common for both partners to wear pants in a relationship; they tend to make decisions by discussing matters with each other.
641Twiddle Your Thumbs  
Meaning To do nothing
Ex.Don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs. Get busy!
642Vamp Up  
Meaning Repair and improve something
Ex.After getting registered for the desert rally, he vamped up his car and got ready to win the race.
643Whittle Something Away
Meaning To make something gradually decrease in value or amount
Ex.Aslam got scolded because he whittled the soap away by carving it into animal shapes.
644Winkle Out  
Meaning To get something out of place or position
Ex.The police often winkle confessions out of suspects by using coercive means.
645Give Someone the Bum’s Rush  
Meaning To eject (or be ejected) forcibly
Ex.The doorman gave Bill the bum’s rush at the restaurant because Bill did not have a tie on.
646Loom Large  
Meaning To be worrying or frightening and seem hard to avoid
Ex.The exams were looming large on the horizon.
647Besetting Sin  
Meaning A fault to which a person or institution is especially prone
Ex.You have to be careful of what you say. Getting offended easily is her besetting sin.
648To Hang Fire  
Meaning Delay
Ex.Our plans have to hang fire until we get planning permission.
649To Put the Lid on
Meaning To keep something under control
Ex.It is high time we put the lid on the sectarian conflicts in the country and start living with more inclusiveness and tolerance.
650Flavour of The Month  
Meaning Temporarily popular
Ex.You have changed your majors thrice already. Are you sure Sociology is also not just your flavour of the month?
651Zero Hour
Meaning A time when a crucial decision or essential action must be taken
Ex.The Prime Minister called for a meeting with the Chief of Army Staff at zero hours because of the critical security situation.
652Gloom and Doom  
Meaning The feeling that a situation is bad and is not likely to improve
Ex.She is always full of gloom and doom, for she has never seen a happy moment in her life.
653To Pig Out  
Meaning Eat ravenously
Ex.I don’t go out for lunch with you because your pigging out annoys and embarrasses me a lot.
654Bag People  
Meaning Homeless people
Ex.Bad weather doesn’t affect people living in homes as much and as severely as it affects bag people with not even a roof for shelter.
655Compassion Fatigue
Meaning The physical, emotional, and psychological impact of helping others
Ex.His constant charity and social services have made him reach a point of compassion fatigue, for he is there for all, but no one is there for him.
666Blow One’s Top
Meaning Lose one’s temper
Ex.He annoyed me so much that I blew my top and stormed out of the room.
657Find One’s Feet
Meaning To grow in confidence in a new situation as one gains experience
Ex.It takes time to learn the office routine, but you will gradually find your feet.
658Call It a Night
Meaning To go to bed to sleep
Ex.Guest after guest called it a night, and at last, we were alone.
659The Tip of the Iceberg
Meaning Only a small part of a much larger problem
Ex.The lost tickets were just the tip of the iceberg; the main problem was awaiting them ahead.
670Below Par  
Meaning Average or normal amount, degree, health or condition
Ex.I feel a little below par today. I think I am getting a cold.
671From Pillar to Post  
Meaning To and fro
Ex.My father was in the army, and we moved from pillar to post year after year.
672In A Jiffy
Meaning In an instant, very soon, or very fast
Ex.Hey, just wait a minute. I will be there in a jiffy.
673Leave in The Lurch  
Meaning Abandon or desert someone in difficult straits
Ex.True friends would never leave you in the lurch; rather, they stick by you through thick and thin
674It Is About Time
Meaning Used to emphasize that something should have occurred a long time ago, but the expected thing didn’t happen in the past
Ex.It’s about time he got a job. His parents are getting too old to earn for him.
675Out of The Wood  
Meaning Free from difficulties
Ex.When the patient got out of the woods, everyone relaxed.
Meaning A fist-fight
Ex.Modi was involved in a punch-up with his wife’s former lover.
677A Close Shave  
Meaning A narrow escape from danger
Ex.What a close shave I had! I nearly fell off the roof when I was working there.
678To Step into (Someone’s) Shoes   
Meaning To take over a job or to fill someone’s position
Ex.I tell you, I wouldn’t want to step into Mr. Aslam’s shoes. Sure, the pay would be better, but I don’t want all that stress!
679Cold Comfort  
Meaning Slight consolation or encouragement
Ex.She knows there are others worse off than she is, but that’s cold comfort.
680A Rule of Thumb
Meaning A practical method of doing or measuring something, usually based on past experience rather than on exact measurement
Ex.It’s the rule of thumb that the bus will be late whenever I’m in a hurry.
681To Militate Against  
Meaning To make it difficult for something to happen
Ex.His unfriendly attitude militates against him making friends.
682To Be Cognizant Of  
Meaning Having knowledge or awareness
Ex.Students doubt their teachers being cognizant of their misconduct in class.
683Wages of Sin
Meaning The results or consequences of evil-doing
Ex.You cannot avoid the wages of sin – If you eat unhealthy food, you are bound to become ill.
684Smash Hit  
Meaning A song, play, or movie, that is very popular
Ex.Pakistani Films are so substandard that any Hollywood movie released here, instantly, becomes a smash hit.
685Murphy’s Law
Meaning Humorous axiom stating that anything that can go wrong will go wrong
Ex.I am always on time in class; however, today, as I am late, the attendance will be marked earlier, and this is Murphys’s law.
686Place in The Sun
Meaning A dominant or favourable position or situation
Ex.To find your place in the sun, you will have to work hard day and night.
687Wooden Spoon  
Meaning An imaginary prize given to the person or team if they finish last in a race or competition
Ex.It doesn’t matter even if you get a wooden spoon in the competition. What matters the most is that you enjoy the games.
688Beard The Lion in His Den  
Meaning To visit an important person in order to tell or ask them something unpleasant
Ex.It has been a week since I have been trying to get in touch with the CEO; I think I will now have to beard the lion in his den.
689Groan Inwardly  
Meaning Feel dismayed by something but remain silent
Ex.Although I groaned inwardly at his attitude, I didn’t say anything out loud because of the crucial situation at home.
690Plough Back  
Meaning To put profits made by a business back into it
Ex.He ploughs back all the profits earned by his project to further make improvements in it.
691Be Left Holding the Baby  
Meaning Be left with an unwelcome responsibility
Ex.The whole family decided to go to the mall for Eid shopping, while I was left holding the baby by being asked to decorate the house.
692Cap in Hand  
Meaning In a respectful; Humble manner
Ex.He came to receive his friend’s family with a cap in hand. This down-to-earth attitude of Ammar is loved by all.
693Show and Tell  
Meaning A public display or demonstration or a visual presentation accompanied by an oral explanation
Ex.I decided to take my parrots to the show and tell at school. The students loved learning about my pets.
694To The Death  
Meaning Until death or until someone is dead
Ex.Some people in underdeveloped areas fight to the death for the sake of not getting their children vaccinated.
695To Be Ill at Ease  
Meaning Nervous; Uneasy; Anxious
Ex.I was ill at ease when she made inappropriate jokes.
696To Preen Oneself   
Meaning To pride oneself on an achievement, personal quality
Ex.Although the government has not done much for the general public, it is preening itself on its so-called achievements.
697Prima Facie  
Meaning Based on the first impression
Ex.The prima facie evidence points towards Jim’s murder attempt by Alex. However, the police think this might not be the case.
698Break One’s Fall  
Meaning Interrupt a tumble or descent
Ex.To break the economy’s fall, the government has decided to take a loan from the IMF.
699Wash One’s Hand Of  
Meaning Disclaim responsibility for
Ex.After having misled the team, he washed his hands of the team’s failure by saying that nobody was bound to work according to his suggestions.
700To Become Reconcile To  
Meaning To accept or be resigned to something not desired
Ex.Parents often have to become reconciled to their children’s wishes for the latter’s happiness.
701Itching Palm  
Meaning A desire for money; Greed
Ex.Your itching palm will undoubtedly get you into trouble one day. Stop running after money, and, rather, focus on your goal.
702Not to Mince Matters  
Meaning To say what one means clearly and directly, even if it upset others
Ex.My sister taught me not to mince matters and talk to the point.
703Hang Up  
Meaning To end a telephone call
Ex.While I face signal issues on a phone call, I always apologize before I hang up.
704Turn Someone In  
Meaning To create feelings of dislike, repulsion, disgust, etc.
Ex.Tom has a lot of problems; please do not turn him in because he does not deserve misconduct.
Meaning Traitor
Ex.Although everyone knew Emily was a turncoat, her daughter had a hard time believing it.
706Where the Shoe Pinches  
Meaning Source of trouble, grief, difficulty, etc.
Ex.I have been through such a situation after my father’s death, so I know where the shoe pinches.
707Make for  
Meaning Cause of
Ex.The incident is going to make for a better understanding between the two brothers.
708Yeoman’s Service  
Meaning Efficient or useful help in need
Ex.Iqra’s team has done yeoman’s service in raising money for the organization.
709Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor
Meaning It is better to avoid a dangerous situation than to confront it
Ex.My father has always taught me that discretion is the greater part of valour.
710A Casting Vote  
Meaning The vote that gives one group a majority when the other votes are equally divided
Ex.The speaker used his casting vote in the favor of the majority.
711Look Down Upon  
Meaning Regard someone with a feeling of superiority
Ex.We must not look down upon the poor.
712To Let the Grass Grow under One’s Feet  
Meaning Waste time by delaying doing something
Ex.If you keep letting the grass grow under your feet and not work on the project, mark my words, you will face severe repercussions.
713Penny Wise and Pound Foolish  
Meaning Not willing to spend small amounts of money; Careful and economical in small matters while being wasteful or extravagant in large ones
Ex.I don’t get people who are penny wise and pound foolish. What use is saving money on a flower yet buying a whole extravagant bouquet?
714The Primrose Path
Meaning The path of pleasure, self-indulgence, etc.
Ex.Having won the lottery, he started walking the primrose path.
Meaning A breaker or destroyer of images esp. religious
Ex.Sania is an iconoclast because she refused to be bound by tradition.
716A Swan Song  
Meaning Final achievement or public appearance
Ex.Marry is resigning tomorrow; this project was her swan song.
717A Freudian Slip  
Meaning An unintentional error that seems to reveal subconscious feelings
Ex.It seems that was a Freudian slip because she was not willing to expose their secret.
718A Gordian Knot  
Meaning An exceedingly complicated problem or deadlock
Ex.Although Pakistan, according to GPI, is now ranked 152 among 172 peaceful countries in the world, terrorism is still a guardian knot of the country
719A Cog in The Machine  
Meaning A small or insignificant member of a larger organization or system
Ex.I am going to start my own business because I am tired of just being a cog in the machine
720A Sugar Daddy
Meaning A rich, older, man who supports or spends lavishly on a usually much younger girlfriend
Ex.Better be careful of your boss. He is sort of a sugar daddy.
721Wool Gathering  
Meaning To be daydreaming; Not concentrating
Ex.Lost in her fantasies, the girl spent most of her day woolgathering and building castles in the air.
722Under the Harrow  
Meaning In distress, upset, troubled
Ex.Many families are under the harrow because of the economic recession.
723A Gold Digger  
Meaning A woman who associates with or marries a man chiefly for material gain
Ex.Better be careful, she is a sort of gold digger
724Walk with God  
Meaning To live in obedience to His commands, and have communion with Him
Ex.Every Muslim should try to walk with God in his daily routine.
725On The Thin Ice  
Meaning In a risky situation, endangered
Ex.After failing the exam fourth time, he was on thin ice with his father.
726Unearthly Hour  
Meaning Absurdly early or inconvenient
Ex.I love to call my sister at unearthly hours only for my inner satisfaction.
727The Milk Human Kindness
Meaning Kind behaviour, is considered to be natural to human beings
Ex.You are selfish; you do not have milk of human kindness
728To Pay Through the Nose  
Meaning To pay too much money for something
Ex.We paid through the nose to stay in a five-star hotel in Turkey.
729To Lose Face  
Meaning To look stupid
Ex.One must not do such things that he has to lose face.
730To Bring Grist to The Mill  
Meaning Something that is useful to someone for a particular purpose
Ex.As a novelist, I feel that any experience, good or bad, will bring grist to my mill.
731To Keep One’s Fingers Crossed  
Meaning To hope that things will happen in the way that you want them to
Ex.I am keeping my fingers crossed that my sister clears the written test for the job.

CSS 2022 Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Papers

The following are the CSS 2022 Pakistan Affairs solved past papers questions. These questions have been evaluated and checked by Pakistan’s top Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs coaches, who are either lecturers or officers and scored the highest marks in this paper. They include Miss Saba Baloch (CSS-2021), Miss Aimeen Mirza (CSS 2018), Miss Nirmal Hasni (DD NAB), Sir Rameez Ch. (Lecturer & Deputy Director), and Miss Zaineb Azam (the highest scorer – 76). Moreover, these questions have been attempted on the same pattern taught by Sir Syed Kazim Ali to his students who have been scoring the highest marks for years.

Q.1Discuss The Issues And Mistrust In US-Pakistan Relations After The Withdrawal Of The U.S. Troops From Afghanistan.
Q.2What Is The Volume Of The Grants, Aids And Loans In Pakistan’s Economy In The Last Ten Years To Stimulate Growth? Discuss
Q.3Why Did Pakistan Join Western Defense Pacts? What Cost It Had To Pay For It. Explain
Q.4Every State Designs Its Foreign Policy On National Interests Rejecting Feelings And Emotions. Why Did Pakistan Prefer Emotions, Feelings, And Ideology In Its Foreign Policy? Also, Analyze Its Impacts
Q.5Evaluate The Factional Politics Of The Early Years (1947-58) And Their Impact On The Democratic Process Of Pakistan.
Q.6Discuss The Federal Structure Of 1973 Constitution Of Pakistan After 18th Amendment. Why criticism On 18th Amendment Started Recently?
Q.7Discuss The Role Of Regional And Nationalist Political Parties In Pakistani Politics? How Far These Parties Are Necessary For The Political System?

CSS 2021 Solved Pakistan Affairs Questions

Q.2Enumerate the measures adopted by Pakistan to spotlight on the plight of Kashmiri people in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir after 5th August 2019.
Q.3Now Outdated Question
Q.4How CPEC phase II will galvanize industrialization and employment in Pakistan?
Q.5Discuss the Significance of Renewable Energy Resources for Pakistan.
Q.6How Pakistan should combat the 5th generation war?
Q.7Political Stability is mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan. Elaborate.
Q.8Critically Evaluate the Evolution of Muslim Separate Identity in the Sub-Continent.

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14Cooperation, Not Competition, Leads The World Towards Peace and Prosperity Essay
15Money And Success Do Not Change People; They Merely Amplify What Is Already There Essay

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