How Powerful is Our Sense of Smell?

How Powerful is Our Sense of Smell

The power of the nose to smell scents is infinite. You might think you can only be craved by the strong aroma of Biryani or Pizza, but your nose is far more alert than your mind. The fact given would give you a shock

The human nose can detect aromas far more than one thinks. So, what the human nose knows might be limitless. Although proven numbers had not reached above 10,000 till the time, the scientific literature now claims the human nose has the power to detect and differentiate at least 1 trillion odours. The research has not only amazed the advanced scientific world but also has proven the words of the most righteous human, Muhammad (PBUH). Hence, the believers, Muslims, can immediately relate the hypothesis to the time when people even could smell the backbiting.
Hazrat Jabir ibn Abdullah says,

“We were once with Muhammad (PBUH), and we could smell a foul corpse/stench. He (PBUH) asked, ‘Do you know what smells like this? This is the stench of those who backbite the Believers”

(Musnad Ahmad, vol. 3, pg. 351)

Recently, Astronauts have even detected the scent of outer space, which, according to Tony Antonelli-a NASA astronaut- smells strong, Smokey, and unique like seared steak, raspberries, and rum. Additionally, NASA has launched EAU DE SPACE, smell pf space, and EAU DE LUNA, the smell of moon perfumes, the most unbelievable inventions for earthlings.

However, measuring the sensory capacity of the nose had not been as facile as measuring the sight, estimated by wavelength and hearing, computed by frequency. Therefore, the smell could not be measured by the theories of energy and physics because different scents can activate infinite receptors in the nose differently. For instance, around 275 diverse chemicals had involved in making the fragrance of a rose. So, the chain of experiments had been performed to calculate sensory capacity. In this regard, Keller, an olfactory researcher, prepared scents with 10, 20, and 30 compounds made out of 128 chemicals and asked some volunteers to smell and differentiate the odour of given combinations. More than half of the subjects succeeded in distinguishing the mixtures. Hence, with his experiments, he also concluded that the ability to differentiate smells varies from person to person, and no two noses can be the same.

Knowing the unlimited capacity or sensory stimuli to detect the smell, one must be aware of the most prevalent disorder, Cacosmia disorder, affecting around 14 million people in America. It is a type of Parosmia, a problem in the pathway of smell, with causes varying from severe head injury to routine nasal inflammation. Cacosmia, being very common, is also considered a cause of delay in authentic researches to measure humans’ smell capacity, but the evidenced number has already reached one trillion.

To sum up, Humans have been granted myriad olfactory nerves that together make sense of smell immensely strong. The innate yet extraordinary characteristic is one of the reasons that how human is a masterpiece of the creator.

“It is He who has produced you and made for you hearing and vision and hearts; little are you grateful.”

(Al Qur’an 67:23)

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