How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the World?

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the World

Artificial intelligence has long gone from delusion to necessity in our lives. However, are machines becoming smarter and quicker than us? Do humans need to be afraid of the rapidly changing world? are the questions remain in never ending debate

Artificial intelligence (AI), the ability of a system to think, learn, and perform tasks, is the most progressive development, transforming every walk of life. Although AI is not a futuristic vision, it underpins our present-day lives in several fields: in finance, facilitating payments and making inestimable calculations; in national security, protecting critical cyber networks and ameliorating defense strategies; in health care, improving diagnostic imaging and developing new drugs; in criminal justice, upgrading law enforcement and introducing the fairer sentencing system; and many more. Further, an AI system has developed automatic driverless commuter trains, robotic pets, and motorized assistants.

Nevertheless, the increasing penetration of AI into numerous aspects of life has drastically changed the perspective of decision-making. Thus, advanced robot-advisers make decisions based on analytical considerations without any emotional involvement. Resultantly, the machines, along with performing multiple tasks, execute critical decisions, either with or without human supervision. Therefore, the AI would outstrip humans in critical decision-making, analytical learning, visual acuity, speech recognition, and language translation.

Apprehensively, the predominant perturbation is that a machine would not need to be smarter than humans, or it would pose a critical risk. For instance, in the case of social media, the algorithms have substantial control over what people choose to engage with. In other words, social media algorithms exploit the users and propagandize them. So that their behaviour can be more predictable, hence, boosting click-based revenue. Another controversy is that, as all the work would base on AI in our daily lives, people would be put out of work, thus, leading to unemployment and laziness. Additionally, tech billionaire Elon Musk has alleged that artificial intelligence can be more dangerous than nukes.

Despite the valid concerns, its effects on the world are undeniable. It keeps developing every day; however, we need to take precautious steps to use the positive aspects of the invention to create a better world.

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