How Do Allergies Protect Us?

How Do Allergies Protect Us

People with allergies suffer a lot. Although allergies are the most annoying health condition for patients, there are many healthier perks of having allergies.

Allergy -an inappropriate reaction of the immune system to a particular stimulus- is a chronic health condition, affecting anyone, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status. Although the allergic runny nose, itchy eyes, and respiratory obstruction can be annoying and fatal, they work as a supernatural power to protect humans from malignancies. According to research from Ohio State University, people with allergies are at 50 per cent lower risk for developing gliomas, a brain tumour, than those without allergies. However, how the unwanted inhaled allergens causing infuriating symptoms can be protective is a question asked by many sufferers.

Sometimes, particular substances, which are healthier for some persons, can be allergens for others. For instance, some people are allergic to pollens, dust, and mud; conversely, others are hypersensitive to certain foods, pets, and medicines. Perhaps, it is a way for the immune system to keep the toxins out of the body. Hence, when a particular substance is inhaled and enters into the body of a susceptible person, his immune system mistakes that substance as a danger, stimulating the immune cells to secrete a specific antibody, Immunoglobin E, reacting against the allergen. Thus, the IgE produced in response to allergies can degrade and detoxify the toxic and fatal invaders to attack the immune system in the future. That is why the Hygiene Hypothesis suggests that the children exposed to germs early in life, having already produced antibodies in them, develop fewer allergies later. Nevertheless, the hygiene theory is not proven yet.

Consequently, besides knowing that there is no cure for allergies, sometimes, people start taking medications rather than avoiding the allergens. As a result, their immune system weakens instead of strengthening because the medicines, working as passive antibodies, do not allow the immune system to develop active immunoglobins.

To sum up, treating allergy symptoms with medicines is not recommended by health care experts. Although it seems convenient, however, the body can miss the opportunity to train its defense system by taking medicines frequently. Thus, identifying causative allergens and reducing exposure to them can be helpful in using the allergens in strengthening the immune system for good.

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