Untold Facts About Global Positioning System -GPS-?

Untold Facts About Global Positioning System -GPS-

The global positioning system has almost covered the entire planet through smartphones. However, there are many things you must not know about proprietary GPS and navigation systems although you are pretty much relying on the same for proper guidance. Here are a few untold facts about the three-decade-old technology

Geo Positioning System, GPS, is a space-based navigation technology that provides the pinpoint location of anything on the earth with ultra-high accuracy. Although the GPS project has been started by the US Defence Department in 1973 for military operations, it has not been in the mainstream until 2007. However, due to its high ubiquity, GPS has progressed far beyond its original military purpose and created an incredible value for the global public as it is now packed in all the devices, including mobile phones, action cameras, automobiles, weather radars, aircraft, and farming equipment.

Being dependant on the geo-positioning system, people often wonder how a wireless device can navigate so precisely. Mainly, the GPS has three fundamental segments: satellites, receivers, and control systems. As almost 31 satellites orbit around the earth at different angles collecting data from all over the earth, they continuously emit radio signals. In response to the approaching signals, the portable receivers, for instance, your mobile phones, become active and measure the time and location of the satellites. The distance is then measured by triangulation, tri referring three, as three minimum satellites are always required to produce accurate signals. Meanwhile, the control systems are responsible for the proper functioning of the entire GPS by tracking, controlling, and communicating with the satellites.

Apart from the GPS installed on smartphones, other highly advanced and incredibly accurate devices are now available in different industries, doing multiple tasks. From settling the disputes between the landowners to providing audit trails of financial transactions, the GPS is now a central need of life across the globe, transforming everyday lives in various ways. Moreover, GPS is also used to map cultivable soil, monitor the movement of wild animals, and track disastrous weather conditions in real-time. Above all, GPS shoes are now available to facilitate the patients of Alzheimer’s disease, helping their families to locate them, in case they are lost.

Hence, using physical maps or asking strangers for directions is now a thing of the past. As technology always continues to expand, one can only imagine what GPS technology would look like. In the future, GPS would be used for space navigation. Yes. Space navigation.

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