Five Strangest Places on the Earth?

Five Strangest Places on the Earth

From the natural colour palette to the shining water, Here are the five strangest places in the world, which prove that Mother Nature is miraculous

Nature is the art of God, and, indeed, God is the best artist. All the brilliant glories of the natural world either enchant or scare humans. From the natural paints palette of China to the shining water of Maldives, Mother earth stirs our minds with its mystery and leaves our jaws dropped. Hence, when Allah says in Quran:

Praise be to God. He will show you His Signs, and you will recognize them. Your Lord is not heedless of anything you do (Qur’an, 27:93)

He emphasizes and guides the people to examine his surroundings. Thus, when a person observes and thinks, he realizes everything on the earth exhibits exceptional skills of the Creator, the Almighty.

1 The Sea Of Stars, Maldives:

For instance, multiple glowing beaches and bays exist that shine at night. One of them is on the Vadhoo island of Maldives. It is known as a tropical paradise or Sea of the Stars, famous for its glow in the dark waves. For ages, natives have thought that there existed magic in the waves of water. However, the reality is quite interesting. The shining fairies in the water of Vaadhoo beach are nothing, but a biological phenomenon of Bioluminescent marine microorganism, Lingulodinium Polyedrum, which emits glowing blue light in response to any physical stimuli, as a defence mechanism. Resultantly, the phytoplanktons activate luciferase, a protein mixed with oxygen, creating neon blue light. The science behind it seems complex, but the after-effects are worth watching.

2 The Rainbow Mountains, China:

Moving to China, the Rainbow mountains, an earth’s paint palette, is another breathtaking surreal reality. The most colourful mountain range is proven to be created by the deposits of sandstones and slits, tectonic shifts, climatic conditions, and erosion of sedimentary beds. Every colour imparted on the layers of the mountains is due to the oxidation of different minerals, and the given verse speaks of varying red, black, and white shades or mountains.

Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby fruits of varying colours? And in the mountains are tracts, white and red of varying shades and [some] extremely black.
(Qur’an, 35:27)

3 The Magnetic Hills, India:

Another miraculous spot is the magnetic hills or anti-gravity hills located in Ladakh, India. It is called the way to heaven because gravity does not seem to exist there, and hills freakily attract all the objects towards themselves. Some people still speculate that either there are ghosts or magnetic attractions. However, even plastics were found to be attracted by the wrongly interpreted magnetic hills. According to various researchers, it is now proven that the phenomenon behind the anti-gravity hills is nothing but the tricky optical illusion. Hence, the slopes of the hills are so shallow that the inner ear can not detect them. Standing on the magnetic hill, the brain of the person assumes the road either uphill or downhill. That is why the yellow signboard with The Phenomenon That Defies Gravity instructs visitors to park vehicles behind it.

4 The Confluence of The Arve and The Rhone Rivers, Switzerland:

In depicting the specular occurrences, water steps ahead land and air.
The Holy Qur’an has mentioned:

He has set free the two seas meeting together. There is a barrier between them. They do not transgress. (Qur’an, 55:19-20)

Among the recognizable confluences of the world, the confluence of the Arve and the Rhone is one of the most breathtaking phenomena to experience. The former brown coloured, emerging from France, and the latter blue coloured, emerging from Europe, meet at a certain point in Geneva. The two beautiful rivers make natural confluence and do not mix up to a distance of 700 meters because of the density difference between the waters of both. Moreover, the brown colour of the Arve is due to mud in its long pathway, and the soothing green colour of the Rhone is due to its origin from the Alps.

5 The Crooked Forest, Poland:

Last but not least, Poland, the land of fields, is known for its mysterious crooked forest, the oddly shaped pine trees forest. The widely known fairy tale forest has been in the limelight because it has been a part of several Disney movies. Although forest offers real danger, it provides the real adventure of a fairy tale. Contrary to all the above-mentioned places, humans are thought to be the true culprits in this regard. Some historians believe that humans might have transformed it for making construction material or some other manly purposes. However, No one is certain about the exact reason, hence, titled *Unexplained Nature. Nonetheless, the sight of the forest is magical.

Hence, Nature wonders come in all shapes and sizes. Mother nature is Powerful, and The Almighty Allah and His Holy Book are the eternal truth.

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