Top 300 Sentence Completion MCQs for One Paper 100 Marks Exams

Top 300 Sentence Completion MCQs for Any Kind of One Paper 100 Marks MCQs Exams | Top 300 Sentence Completion MCQs for One Paper 100 Marks MCQs Exams, such as FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, AJKPSC, GBPSC, FIA, MOD, NAB, ASF, ANF, Senior Auditor, etc. We have gathered and compiled past paper MCQs and the most repeated and most important Completion of Sentences MCQs asked by FPSC, PPSC, and NTS in their exams for the last many years. These MCQs are based on vocabulary. By preparing, learning, and memorizing these vocabulary MCQs, millions of aspirants can prepare themselves enough for the real exams. In order to grip these 300 sentence completion MCQs for any kind of One Paper 100 Marks MCQs Exams, you need to practice them on a regular basis at the Howfiv website. If you have memorized them all, must test them by playing them at Quiz Corner on the Howfiv website. If you have not learned them, then you must prepare them one by one at MCQs Feed at Howfiv website. More than 25,000 competitive aspirants use Howfiv to prepare and qualify for their One Paper Commission exams. The website is free and has helped thousands of aspirants to qualify for their dreamed exams and step into their dream jobs. Other than these 300 MCQs, more than 2,000 exam-related vocabulary based MCQs is already on the Howfiv website.

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Each of the sentences given below has one or more blanks. What you need to do is to choose the most appropriate vocabulary word to fill in the blanks and complete the meaning of the sentence.

Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands, and ______.communicatesputs its foot downstays coolgoes to workd
It has been argued that politics, as ______, has always been systematic organization of common hatreds.a practicea theoryan idealan enigmaa
Although her initial anger had ______ somewhat, she continued to ______ the careless mechanic.abated; beratediminished; appeaseblazed; assailsubsidized; condonea
The writings of the French philosopher René Descartes are ______, most of the readers have difficulty following his complex, intricately woven arguments.generictrenchantabstruseelongatedc
The legendary figures like Waseem Akram must always be ______.rejectedrespectedadoredadmonishedc
As long as nations cannot, themselves, accumulate enough physical power to dominate all others, they must depend on ______.alliesfreedomeducationresourcesa
An ______ is the best spouse any woman can have; the older she gets, the more ______ he is in her.goods provider; satisfiedengineer; confidentlawyer; wrapped uparcheologist; interestedd
Since the writer frequently ______ other scholars, her objection to disputes is not only irrelevant but also ______.supports; overbearingquotes; curiousignores; peevishattacks; surprisingd
It was a war the king and his more prudent counselors wished to ______, if they could, and were determined in any event, to ______ it as long as possible.denounce; denyprovoke; delaycurtail; promoteavoid; postponed
The extensive public shock at the news of the verdict of guilt was caused partly by ______ news stories that had ______ acquittal.biased; predictedsensational; condemnedimpartial; mentionedlocal; denounceda
Moving and parked, the automobile devours urban land, leaving the buildings as mere ______ of habitable space in a sea of ugly and dangerous traffic.remnantsislandsblocksmountainsc
Jane was in the midst of the ______, half suffocated by the dust and stunned by the trampling of the ______ herd.range; grazingcloud; stampedingcorral; browsingpasture; mud-cakedb
The satisfactions and powers of primeval people, although few and meager, were ______ their simple and few desires.simultaneous withruined bycommensurate withsubstantiated byc
It is almost always desirable to increase the yield of a crop, if ______ increases are not also necessary in labour, energy, and other inputs of crop production.commensuratepredeterminedmeasuredcompatiblea
The availability of oxygen gas is an essential ______ for animal life, while carbon dioxide gas is equally ______ for plant life.choice; optionalduplication; selectivecondition; essentialluxury; harmfulc
It comes as no surprise that communities have codes of behaviour; however, the character of the codes can often be ______.predictableconfusingexplicitadmirableb
Although often extremely critical of the medical profession as a whole, people are rarely willing to treat their personal doctors with equal ______.contemptimpetuositymockerycondescensiona
You would never have believed that your article was so ______, if you had not received so many calls.insipiddetailedcontroversialinsignificantc
Nearly ______ by disease and the destruction of their habitat, Koalas are now found only in isolated parts of eucalyptus forests.dispersedcompiledinfuriateddecimatedd
Dependence on foreign sources of heavy metals, although ______ remains ______ for the foreign policy of the United States.deepening; a challengeunavoidable; a precedentexcessive; a dilemmadiminishing; a problemd
Literature is inevitably a ______ rather than ______ medium for the simple reason that writers impose their own vision between the reader and reality.transparent; an opaquedistorting; a neutralflawless; inexactflexible; rigidb
Congress is having great difficulty in developing a consensus on energy policy, primarily because the policy objectives of numerous members of congress rest on such ______ assumptions.commonplacetrivialdivergentfundamentalc
Philosopher’s problems arise when people asks questions that, although very ______, have certain characteristics in common.relevantabstractdiversecontroversialc
Deep ideological ______ and internal power struggles ______ the government.divisions; paralyzeddisputes; facilitatedagreement; stymiedsimilarities; protracteda
In an age without recordings or radio, an age ______ by print, fiction gained its greatest ascendancy.denigratedemphasizeddecimateddominatedd
Lewis tried to ______ a boring speech with ______ slurs against women’s liberation.enliven; gratuitousextend; terselend precision to; accurateanimate; well-deserveda
The modern world’s small, portable computers contrast markedly with the earliest electronic computers, which were ______.inventedusefuleffectiveenormousd
It was John’s view was that the country’s problems had been ______ by the foreign technocrats; hence, to invite them to come back would be counter-productive.exacerbatedascertainedattackedanalyseda
While young parents can compensate for adversity old parents may ______ it.eradicateneutralizeexacerbateamelioratec
Reconstruction of the skeletons of extinct species like dinosaurs is ______ process that requires much patience and effort by paleontologists.a disheveleda nascenta worthlessan exactingd
During the widespread fuel shortage, the price of gasoline was so ______ that suppliers were generally thought to be ______ the consumers.reactive; shieldingstable; blackmailingexcessive; gougingprohibitive; placatingc
There are no ecosystems or vegetation types whose study has been ______ to the extent that they do not ______ the ecologists any longer.perfected; hinderprevented; challengeprolonged; requireexhausted; interestd
Although some of the information the author reveals about American life might surprise Russians, his major themes are ______ enough.familiarthoroughoriginalvitala
A misconception commonly held by novice writers is that sentence structure mirrors thought; the more convoluted the sentence structure, the more ______ the idea.ridiculousinconsequentialblatantfancifuld
Although the General’s carefully qualified public statement could hardly be ______, some people took ______ it.respected; liberties withfaulted; exception tocredited; pot-shots atinoffensive; umbrage atb
Although Diana ______ great enthusiasm for her employer’s project, in reality her interest in the project was so ______ as to be almost non-existent.displayed; pre-emptiveexpected; indiscriminatefeigned; perfunctorydemanded; dispassionatec
Although formidable winters are a norm in the Dakotas, most of the people were unprepared for the ______ of the blizzard of 1888.ferocityinevitabilityprobabilityimportanta
Cirrus Howard is defined as all cloud forms which are built of delicate threads, like the ______ of some sort of marvelous wool.hanksfiberschunksnucleib
Known for their devotion, dogs were often used as symbols of ______ in Medieval and Renaissance painting.resistanceantagonismgenerosityfidelityd
After several years of television, people have become “Speed watchers”; consequently, if the camera lingers, the audience’s interest ______.beginsvariesflagsbroadensc
The headmaster declared that the students were not simply ignoring the rules but openly ______ them.redressingacceptingreviewingfloutingd
The former king, by divesting himself of all regalities, ______ the consideration that customarily protects monarchs.debasedmeritedforfeitedextendedc
French folktales almost always occur within the basic ______ that correspond to the ______ setting of peasant life.contexts; hierarchicalchronologies; genericstructures; personalframeworks; duald
Jim and Jack’s mutual teasing seemed ______, but in fact it ______ a long-standing hostility.bitter; revealedaimless; producedfriendly; maskedclever; avertedc
Tony’s ______ should not be confused with miserliness; as long as I have known him, he has always been willing to assist those who are in need.intemperanceintolerancefrugalityapprehensionc
The sociologist responded to the charge that his new theory was ______ by pointing out that it did not in fact contradict accepted sociological principles.hereticalunprovenbanalcomplexa
The ‘cosmic evolution theory’ suggests that the universe, having begun in a state of simplicity and ______ has ______ into a great variety.equilibrium; modulatedcontrast; metamorphosedhomogeneity; differentiatedproportion; acceleratedc
Many of the actresses were cold, even ______ towards their young, inexperienced director.laudatoryhostilecommendatorylukewarmb
Mr. Green laboured ______ to reach the current stage.lightlyrapidlyincessantlyrashlyc
Every single generation is a secret society and has ______ enthusiasms, interests, and tastes which are a/an ______ both to its predecessors and to posterity.embarrassing; escapehidden; inspirationincommunicable; mysterytraditional; riddlec
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Top 300 Sentence Completion MCQs for One Paper 100 Marks MCQs Exams

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