How did corruption affect Pakistan’s socio-economic fabric? What are its causes and impacts, and what suggestions you put forward to mitigate them?

How did corruption affect Pakistan's socio-economic fabric What are its causes and impacts, and what suggestions you put forward to mitigate them

CSS Current Affairs | How did corruption affect Pakistan’s socio-economic fabric? What are its causes and impacts, and what suggestions do you put forward to mitigate them?

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1- Introduction:

Corruption posing a severe predicament to the country’s feeble economy and volatile national-security environment is a serious threat to the sovereignty and prosperity of Pakistan. Moreover, in Pakistan’s perspective, it allows nothing to move in the intended direction unless the palm of the deliverer is greased. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to counter the drastic impacts of corruption through the adoption of pragmatic steps, such as the increase in literacy rate, the formulation of an active, independent judicial system, and the removal of discretionary powers from the government officials, to make a prosperous Pakistan.

Current situation: –

Impacts of corruption in Pakistan: – 

  • Augmenting the crime rate in the state 
  • Tarnishing the image of the country 
  • Decreasing the Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)

Causes of corruption in Pakistan: – 

  • The high rate of illiteracy
  • The politicization of the government departments 
  • The grant of discretionary powers to the government officials

Measure to fizzle out the conundrum from Pakistan: – 

  • An increase in the literacy rate
  • The depoliticization of the government departments
  • The removal of discretionary powers from the government officials 
  • The positive role of media 
  • The formulation of an active, independent judiciary 

Critical analysis: –

Conclusion: – 

Answer to the Question


Corruption- the abuse of a public office for private gain – is a serious threat to the country’s sovereignty and prosperity. Moreover, it poses a severe predicament to its feeble economy and stability. It has become a fact that an underdeveloped country bears a unique cocktail of lethal impacts because of corruption. In the prospect of Pakistan, it allows nothing to move in the intended direction unless the palm of the deliverer is greased. Currently, no institution is free from corruption and acts like a serpent in the grass, for it not only augments crime but also acts as a deterrent against Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs). However, the monster has not taken shape in a day or a night; instead, the predominant illiteracy and the politicized government departments are the main culprits. Therefore, it has become imperative to counter the drastic impacts of corruption by adopting pragmatic steps, such as the increase in literacy rate, the formulation of an active, independent judicial system, and the removal of discretionary powers from government officials. If God forbids the measures are not taken seriously, Pakistan will remain in the abyss of poverty and instability. The question concerned, on the whole, throws light over the impacts, causes, and remedies to counter corruption in Pakistan.

“Treating masses equally is to eliminate corruption from society.”

(M. A. Kakar, Assistant Director, P. O. Balochistan)

Current situation: –

Currently, the issue of corruption is at its peak in Pakistan. It affects multiple areas in different forms, such as nepotism, abuses of power, and bribery. Moreover, Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, in 2021, ranked Pakistan at 124th number based on corruption-free governance. Pakistan has taken numerous measures to counter corruption and the situation but in vain; moreover, she is moving down the list with each passing year. 

The consequences of a corrupt system are precarious. First of all, it augments the crime rate in society, providing an edge to kill a person for money, indeed, much little. Criminals know they can by justice in the courts through lawyers and law enforcement officials paying bribes. And it is, in fact, the fact that corrupt officials do sell justice in Pakistan. Similarly, corruption has tarnished the image of Pakistan internationally. Like Transparency International, organizations rank countries according to the level of corruption; as a result, Pakistan being 124th in serial has lost its respect before the developed, enriched nations. In addition, when a country is highlighted with rampant corruption, it negatively impacts Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) as they never invest in a corrupt state, putting their wealth and money at risk. It is why they never bother to invest in third world countries. Above all, corruption is deteriorating Pakistan in all directions.

“Ignoring corruption is to helping the corrupt in spreading corruption.”

(Jalandar Khan, HOD Sociology Dept. UOB)

There are several causes behind the tangled issue. However, the first and foremost reason is illiteracy. Forty per cent of the population is illiterate, and an illiterate person is unaware of his constitutional rights. Therefore, he easily becomes ready to pay a bribe for his end. Adding more to it, an illiterate individual never bothers to perform illegal acts, for he knows he can easily become free by paying bribes. Secondly, politicians who never tolerate an honest officer in their lobby are usually made the ministers of different government departments. They favour the officers dictating them precisely in their department. In contrast, the officer who does not follow their orders and works against the whims and wishes of the politician is transferred to a farsighted location and treated as a criminal. Thirdly, certain government officials, like the deputy commissioners, are granted discretionary powers, who, instead of using money on the required fields, distribute it among the influencers or their relatives. In addition to it, there are even no special laws to hold them accountable. Thus, it is the need of the hour to eliminate the causes for a politically and socially stable Pakistan.

“To educate a man is to start eliminating corruption in society.”

(Najeebullah, a journalist)

However, as there are always some cures to disease, robust and globally accepted strategies can fizzle out the problem in no time. In the first phase, the government has to adopt measures to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan, for, with the rise in literacy rate, the general public would become aware of their rights. Consequently, they might not easily become ready to pay bribes, and officers have to work without being paid. Adding more to it, the government departments must be free from political interference so that an honest officer can exercise his powers with complete potential in the public interest. The politicians would be unable to violate the rules and regulations with the help of a government official. Similarly, the government officials must not be vested with discretionary powers, which are used to benefit their relatives from the public funds. In this way, they violate the rights of millions of people for a small number of relatives. Thus, the prescribed measures are necessary for the better future of Pakistan.

Similarly, media can help Pakistan to eliminate corruption from the land of the pure. It is the only source that has access to every corner of the world, with the help of T.V, radio, and other accessories. Therefore, the media can have a strong check over the policies of a government and can easily expose their drawbacks before the masses with the power to stand against the policies. Furthermore, an independent judicial system is a must in a state to end corruption. It can punish the corrupt and take strict actions against the departments responsible for the elimination of corruption. Therefore, the prescribed measure can be fruitful if adopted devotedly.

“To breed corruption is to destroy a nation socially, politically, and economically.”

(Jalandar Khan, HOD Sociology Dept. UOB)

Critical analysis 

Corruption is of great concern at both the national and international levels. Moreover, it impacts the society of a country politically and economically, like an increase in poverty and a decrease in foreign direct investments. There are certain causes- illiteracy and politicization, behind the impacts, which demand strong measures to counter them. Thus, to curb the impacts and make Pakistan a corruption-free state, every member of society must be a responsible whistleblower of the concerned department. 


In a nutshell, corruption is a predominant feature of under-developed countries. Corruption is, indeed, found more strengthened in countries where there are institutional weaknesses, such as political, judicial, and bureaucratic. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to take steps that can curtail the monster’s strength, and it is easily possible through institutional reforms. Moreover, it will not only help to curtail corruption but also help to improve the development of other institutions. 

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