Briefly describe the most popular and accepted theory about the origin of the universe.

Briefly describe the most popular and accepted theory about the origin of the universe.

The General Science and Ability Past Paper Question has been attempted by Hamza Kaim Khani, a CSS English and Compulsory Course student.

In this question, examiner has asked to give brief overview if the most popular and widely accepted theory about creation of universe. Although there are number of theories regarding origin of universe, you have to write about Big Bang Theory – most popular and accepted one.

Most Popular and Accepted Theory about Origin of Universe

The big bang theory of expansion is considered the most popular and accepted theory about the origin of the universe. It was given in 1920s. It describes how the universe came into existence around 13.7 billion years ago.  Sometimes this theory is called the big bang theory of explosion, but due to absence of space and time, there was no explosion, but an expansion.

Salient points of the theory:

Before expansion

  • When there was nothing, there was a singularity, highly dense and very hot.
  • All matter and energy were present in the singularity in undifferentiated manner.
  • Gravity was strong enough to hold mass and energy together.
  • At that time, there were no space and time.
  • Somehow opposite force dominated gravity and singularity began to expand.

After the start of expansion

  • Time and space came into existence
  • The temperature of singularity started drastically decreasing.
  • Formation of atomic sub particles took place, and, consequently, first atom, Helium, came into existence.
  • With the decrease in temperature, other elements also came into existence.
  • When these elements came into contact with each other, they laid the foundation of constituents of the universe: stars, plants, galaxies, asteroids, gases, dust etc.

Scientific justification of the Big Bang Theory

  • Hubble’s law provides a strong base to this theory to be accepted. According to this law, “all the galaxies are moving away from each other with certain receding speed, which is proportional to the distance between their centres, as evidenced by red shift”.  He observed the red shift, a phenomenon in which the energy of a wave emanating out of a body decreases as it moves away, while galaxies were moving away from each other. So, it means that if the galaxies are moving away from each other, at some point of time, they were united.

Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2, also validates this theory. According to this equation, matter and energy can be converted into each other.  And this theory also states that the singularity contained undifferentiated matter and energy, which resulted in matter and energy after expansion.

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