How Pakistan should combat the 5th generation war?

How Pakistan should combat the 5th generation war

CSS Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Paper 2021 | How Pakistan should combat the 5th generation war?

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Question’s Breakdown:

In this question, the examiner wants you to explain ways to counter the fifth-generation war in Pakistan. So, you have to take a stance, and then describe in your own words what the fifth-generation war is. Next, you must add a current scenario and the implications of the fifth-generation war in Pakistan. Then, you must pen down 4 to 5 steps to combat the ongoing war. In the end, write a critical analysis and conclusion.


1- Introduction 

Fifth-generation war, a silent enemy, poses dire impacts on Pakistan’s political and economic stability. The most effective tools the country needs to counter the heinous war are none other than economic inclusiveness, good governance, provision of timely justice and the media’s productive role.

2- What is a fifth-generation war?

A type of proxy war waged against any economy by using data and information technology to fulfil various vested interests set by a country or a union.

3- How has the war entrapped Pakistan? 

  • Pakistan dangling in the typhoon of the fifth generation war
  • India, at the forefront, propagating falsified gambits against Pakistan
  • Economic declivity, defamation of the state internationally; evidence of the ongoing war

4- What are the implications of the fifth generation war for Pakistan?

  • Sectarian drift
  • Economic decline: Receding Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and increasing debt traps
  • Ameliorating national integrity
  • Diplomatic implications

5- Steps to combat the fifth generation war

  • Deliverance of good governance
  • Assurance of economic inclusiveness
  • Promotion of justice
  • The efficacious role of media

6- Critical analysis 
7- Conclusion 

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Answer to the Question


Fifth-generation war, a silent enemy, poses dire impacts on a country. Like many other countries, Pakistan too, staggers in the storm of the heinous war ploys. It has halted the country’s politico-economic stability and peace drastically. However, the country’s most potent tools to counter the outrageous war are good governance, economic inclusiveness, promotion of justice, and the positive role of media. As a known fact, the repercussions of the nascent but perilous war are comparatively lower in the world’s dominant economies than the developing ones. Economic deprivation provokes people to get indulged in malicious activities. Therefore, being a developing state, Pakistan should keep an eagle’s eye on its economic performance. Along with that, good governance is mandatory for the country’s peace. Additionally, the provision of timely justice and the true role of media can turn the tide and steer the country’s ship toward peace and harmony. To cut short, by adopting all the above measures, Pakistan can easily surmount the challenges emanating from this new face of hybrid warfare.  

“With faith, discipline, and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you can not achieve.”

(Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah)

Fifth-generation war is a type of proxy war. any state wages war by manipulating data using social media platforms against the victim state to gain vested interests. It is comparatively more dreadful than a conventional war; as in this case, the unseen enemy encompasses every tool, from bombs to bots. Unluckily, the war has entrapped Pakistan badly. Currently, Pakistan is dangling amidst misinformation, fake propaganda, and perceptions. Indian Chronicles, an EU DisinfoLab report, shockingly unleashed the Indian government’s envious network spreading misinformation and propaganda against Pakistan. However, along with India, possibly many other states, apparently friends or foes, are actively involved in disseminating false controversies against it. The country’s continuous political-economic declivity, defamation internationally, and internal security issues provide enough evidence of the ongoing war. 

Pakistan is confronting significant threats of the 5GW both internally and externally. Internally, the war has made the country politically, economically, socially, and culturally fragile. However, the issue has grave impacts. First, it has used religion and sect as weapons and triggered the sectarian drift countrywide, creating political instability. Second, it has torn down its economic fabric by manipulating its political stability, which, in turn, hinders the country’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Consequently, unemployment, inflation, and poverty have become Pakistan’s fate. Third, by dissipating false information, the war has disbanded the social and cultural bonds of the nation. For instance, provincial disharmony and national disintegration are on the blaze in the country. Due to a lack of awareness among the masses, public opinion is easily moulded against the state. Besides this, externally, the hostile states propagate anti-Pakistan themes, such as defaming her on the international platform, portraying her as a hub of terrorism, and isolating her in the region. All these implications are nasty for the country’s existence. 

The country’s political, economic, social, and strategic efforts are indispensable to mitigating the challenges of the war. Politically, Pakistan should display good governance across the board to combat the fifth-generation war. Eradicating all the social evils: inflation, unemployment, illiteracy, corruption and extremism, from society would win public trust in the state’s favour. Additionally, providing quality education to the natives would enhance awareness and resilience against anti-state propaganda. In this regard, revision of the curriculum, encapsulating patriotic conception and sacrifices rendered in the salvation of Pakistan, is mandatory. As it is rightly said, “Education is the panacea for all the evils.” Moreover, the government should endorse national integration by inculcating the ideology of Pakistan in the nation, as only a united society can win the battle, whether conventional or non-conventional.

The economy has always enhanced a nation’s conflict management and regional credibility. There is a dire need to sustain economic inclusiveness in Pakistan’s case, and implement tax, and financial reforms to elevate the nation’s economy. Thereby, the creation of new employment avenues by attracting the FDI bears fruits of economic strength. Also, the country’s economic upswing will help get out of the debt trap. In brief, the government’s ultimate aim should be to achieve self-resilience in the economic sphere. 

Furthermore, an independent and unbiased judiciary is the strength of a country. Similarly, in time justice, the provision of in time justice helps the government build the public’s trust and gain their loyalty. In Pakistan’s case, providing easy and prompt justice is an effective way to successfully combat the prevailing fifth-generation war. Timely dispensation of justice will develop a sense of protection and satisfaction among the public. Not only this, but it will prevent them from indulging in anti-state activity. 

Another vital tool to defend the country against pernicious conflict is the media’s constructive role. In this regard, devising wise media and social media policies, laws, and other communicational mechanisms should prioritise the national interest while standing independent and unbiased. Most importantly, all the media platforms must shun disinformation and negativity and stop playing the games of external enemies. Additionally, they should exhibit a great sense of responsibility by building Pakistan’s positive image globally.

Critical Analysis 

To evaluate critically, the land of pure is dangling in the storm of the fifth generation war. The country, therefore, needs to strengthen its politico-economic stability to mitigate the Challenges emanating from the fifth-generation war. In this regard, providing good governance, rooting out all the social evils from society, assuring economic inclusiveness, and providing instantaneous justice is the need of an hour to attain resilience against any hostile intentions, internally or externally. Furthermore, the media’s positive role is indispensable to winning this war. Similarly, an independent judiciary is pivotal for the country’s peace and stability. Moreover, the current curriculum of the education sector needs revision. It must include the ideology of Pakistan and sacrifices rendered in the salvation of Pakistan. 


In a globalised world today, Pakistan, like many other countries, is facing multiple threats to its sovereignty both by internal facets and antagonistic states. These soaring challenges call Pakistan for a wide-ranging discourse for an in-depth insight into this ever-present threat spectrum- emerging in the skin of fifth-generation war (5GW)- and gearing up for all elements of national power to prop an efficacious response against the prevailing menace. However, Pakistan’s strategic policies and strenuous efforts of all the tyres of the government bear bright chances to carve a win-win situation for the country. Last but not least, Pakistan can combat the dreadful war, not through weapons but through soft power and a strong economy.

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