Political stability is mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan. Elaborate.

CSS solved Pakistan Affairs Past Papers | Political Stability Is Mandatory For Economic Prosperity In Pakistan. Elaborate.

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In this question, the examiner expects you to prove that political stability is necessary for the economic prosperity in Pakistan. So, first, you need to explain the terms political stability and economic prosperity. Second, formulate a relationship between the two terms. Then, go on with writing about the situation of political instability in Pakistan. After that, write 3 to 4 arguments to prove the need for political stability in Pakistan for economic prosperity. Then, you can write a paragraph suggesting ways to enhance the political stability in the country. Last, end your answer with a critical analysis and a conclusion.

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the relationship between political stability and economic prosperity
  • Current situation of political instability in Pakistan and its impacts on Economy
  • Why is political stability mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan?
  1. The Smooth Running Of The State With Proper Implementation Of Policies
  2. Increase productivity and employment opportunities
  3. Monitoring of institutional efficiencies
  4. Making efficient long-term policies for the handling of resources
  5. Creating an environment lucrative for investment
  • How can Political Stability be attained in Pakistan?
  • Critical analysis
  • Conclusion
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Answer to the Question


Political stability, consistency in the smooth running of a state’s political system, is indispensable for a country’s economic prosperity. In fact, in a state where political instability has wreaked havoc, economic growth rate indicators show miserable statistics in GDP development, private investment, and inflation. According to an IMF report, data from 113 countries from 1950 to 1982 show that GDP growth is significantly lower in countries and periods with a high propensity for a government collapse. Unfortunately, Pakistan is among those countries where political instability has negatively impacted the country’s economic life, increasing inflation, decreasing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and enhancing corruption and poverty, among other factors. As a case in point, starting from 1999, when the military regime ousted the civil government in Pakistan, the country’s economy was growing at a 4.2% rate. By the end of the military regime in 2008, the economic growth stood at 1.7%. Therefore, it is obvious that the country’s economic growth remained low due to political volatility, increased corruption, and unemployment and low production were also witnessed. Hence, political stability is a sine qua non to improve the economic growth of Pakistan.

Good government is one of the most important factors in economic growth and social wellbeing.

Joe Lonsdale

Understanding The Relationship Between Political Stability And Economic Prosperity

Political stability is a condition where countries’ political system continues without any interruption from other actors. For instance, when there is the regular holding of elections, strengthening of the legislature, executive and judiciary, and the non-interference of non-political actors in the administrative machinery of a state, political stability can be achieved. On the other hand, economic prosperity implies the improvement in the economic conditions of the people, their living standards and jobs. In fact, a country with a strong and stable political structure can experience stable economic growth. Indeed, a powerful, safe environment where a political authority knows its duties and responsibilities also eliminates the uncertainty of the future. In the same way, the economy in support of such a strong political environment will ensure steady growth. In contrast, unstable structures in politics, of course, is the most important factor affecting the economic stability of a state. Thus, there is an obvious link between political stability and the economic stability of a country where the former is the precondition for the latter.

Without political stability there can be no economic prosperity (…), that’s the bottom line.

Ray Jovanovich

Persistent Situation Of Political Instability In Pakistan And Its Impacts On Economy

Pakistan has been experiencing fluctuation in growth rate since 1970, when a great political turmoil resulted in the war, due to which Pakistan had to face a great loss of men and money. As Pakistan recovered from the aftershocks of war, the growth rate became sustainable. However, it started to diminish again at the end of the 1990s strictly due to political unrest and inconsistent policies. Even today, the weak political institutions and administration have left various loopholes in the country’s political system, which are being exploited by non-political actors, specifically the institute of the army. Additionally, there is a meagre check and balance among the three pillars of the state, with each pillar trying to increase its power at the expense of others. Furthermore, other non-state actors like religious and political organizations, such as Tehreek e Labaik Pakistan, exploit the Islamic character of the constitution to create violent protests in the capital territory and other adjoining areas. Such protests affect the country’s law and order, increasing extremism, violence and undue favours of the government for these actors. These things result in political instability, impacting the country’s economic growth. As a matter of fact, Pakistan’s Gross Domestic Product has fluctuated between five per cent and two per cent for decades due to political instability.

The biggest challenge of Pakistan is how to improve our state institutions and governance, so we can tap our potential.

Imran Khan

How Is Political Stability Mandatory For Economic Prosperity In Pakistan?

Political stability is an important element for economic development as political instability has a very acute problem of not only the developing countries but also in developed countries. Unfortunately, political instability has caused multiple problems for Pakistan, including a lack of foreign direct investment, vulnerable law and order situation, rampant corruption and nepotism, and interference of military elites in the country’s political system. All of these issues have wreaked havoc on the country’s economic development, increasing inflation and poverty and decreasing the people’s living standards. Therefore, it is an absolute need for political stability in Pakistan so that economic prosperity can be the outcome. The following paragraphs deal with the necessity of political stability for economic development in Pakistan.

  • The Smooth Running Of The State With Proper Implementation Of Policies

Political stability is the prerequisite for economic growth as it ensures the smooth running of the state with efficient implementation of policies. Economic growth in Pakistan cannot be achieved if the country’s policies are not executed religiously; the gap in theory and practice creates room for uncertainty. For example, under the current legal dispensation, the exports of computer software, IT Services or IT-enabled services are exempt from tax as provided under clause (133) of Part-I of the Second Schedule to the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. However, if there is a violation of the policies, then the exports of such items will be affected, impacting Pakistan’s export volume. Thus, this would lead to economic volatility.

Developing policies with a lack of implementation is like planting a tree that does not produce a fruit.

  • Increase productivity and employment opportunities

The political stability in Pakistan can uplift its economy through increased productivity of the industrial units and the creation of employment opportunities. If there is an improved law and order situation due to political stability, the industrial units working in the country can work efficiently. This would increase their productivity and yield, which would, in turn, enhance the supply and exports of Pakistan. Moreover, such units will be able to expand their industries or businesses, generating employment opportunities for the people. Therefore, such positive impacts would help the economy of Pakistan to grow.

  • Monitoring of institutional efficiencies

One of the most important aspects of political stability in Pakistan would be efficient monitoring of institutions which can help its economy. It is a universally acknowledged truth that the ineffective monitoring of the institutions can lead to rampant nepotism and corruption, which hinders the economic growth of a country. Nevertheless, when there is political stability in Pakistan, all the institutions, including governmental, private or semi-government, would be efficiently observed, decreasing the chances of corrupt practices and increasing their efficiencies.

  • Making efficient long-term policies for the handling of resources

Political stability implies the efficient handling of a country’s natural resources due to the government’s long-term policies. However, in Pakistan, there is a lack of long-term policies as the incumbent government discards the previous government’s policies. So, the newly elected government opted for short-term policies that proved futile in the long run. For example, most of the policies adopted by the government revolve around infrastructure development that is achieved in a short time. This decreases the chances of making policies for social reforms, such as education or health, as they require more time to execute. The lack of such policies hinders the development of human resources, which is a sine qua non for the economic uplift of a country. Therefore, political stability is the need of the hour for Pakistan, so the long-term policies would help economic prosperity. 

  • Creating an environment lucrative for investment

The political stability in a country attracts foreign investment, paving the way for economic development. In Pakistan, the lack of political stability and worsened law and order situation has resulted in low FDI throughout its history. Moreover, due to continuous political volatility, the economy of Pakistan has become aid driven. Nevertheless, the aid is also not spent for the required purpose making the donors lose interest. Thus, political stability is the need of hours to enhance the chances of investment in the country. As a result, the economy of Pakistan will get the required boost and would grow.

“If you want to see economic equity, start by supporting your local business. One small business in one small neighbourhood, is the backbone of sustainable economic progress.”

Abhijit Naskar

How can Political Stability be attained in Pakistan?

As evident from the above-mentioned reasons, political stability in Pakistan would lead to economic prosperity, so it is pertinent for Pakistan to take pragmatic steps to attain political stability. First, the independence of the judiciary needs to be maintained as a non-biased and neutral judicial system serves the country’s constitution well. The judiciary in Pakistan needs to be free from political meddling, which can endanger its integrity as an institution. For this purpose, the separation of power among the pillars of the state in the constitution of Pakistan needs to be followed in its true spirit. Second, for attaining political stability, the national interest needs to be above the personal and vested interests of the political and military elites of the country. For this purpose, any action proved to be against the integrity of the state needs to be punished for setting an example. Third, there needs to be an effective monitoring system in the government institutes to deal with the menace of corruption. Moreover, this would help to keep a check on the efficiency and productivity of the institute in utilizing the given revenue or aid for the development of the people. Fourth, the law and order situation of the country needs to be managed well to deter the notorious elements in the society, such as extremist religious groups, which decreases the chances of investment in the country. If these steps are followed religiously, the menace of political instability will be managed in Pakistan.

Critical Analysis

In a critical diagnosis, various elements in the country have remained responsible for the worsened political scenario of the country. First and foremost is the role of military leadership in interfering in the country’s political affairs. Initially, it was directly involved in politics through martial law, and recently, it stayed backstage but still manoeuvres with the system. The continuous military coups have not led a truly representative political culture to develop in Pakistan, thus, impacting the political stability. Moreover, the power play between the opposition party and the government has largely impacted the country’s political system. The main objective to gain power and seats has blinded them to the country’s national interests. Therefore, their strategies to weaken each other have negatively impacted the political stability of Pakistan, hindering economic growth.


In a nutshell, political stability is a prerequisite for the economic prosperity of a country. In contrast, political instability shortens the policymakers’ horizons leading to suboptimal short-term macroeconomic policies. This leads to a more frequent switch of policies, creating volatility, thus, negatively affecting the economic performance of a country. Unluckily, the political instability in Pakistan has badly damaged its economy. Despite its enormous economic resources, the economy has remained in the dark shadows during most of its historical discourse due to political volatility. Moreover, political instability has flourished corruption and a lack of efficient administration. Thus, the present and immediate need of the time is a stable political system, which is incumbent to run the smooth affairs of the state and enhance the chances of investment, employment and productivity.

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