How English Writing Skills Help You Qualify for KPK PMS: A Journey of A Qualifier

How English Writing Skills Help You Qualify for KPK PMS: A Journey of A Qualifier

Stepping into the government of Pakistan through PMS always attracts thousands of graduates from KPK and Punjab each year. The number of aspirants sometimes exceeds forty thousand. However, instead of understanding the ecology of the exam, a great many students start their preparation blindly by believing social media pages and social media cum competitive teachers. As a result, only 2 to 3 per cent qualify for their exams. Being a lecturer and GSA teacher, I have been contacted by a great number of aspirants with the same question, “How did I qualify for my PMS KPK exams in the first go?” The following article will help you know how I cracked my KPK PMS English Essay paper on the very first attempt.

English writing skills are part and parcel of qualifying for PMS exams. Cracking for the PMS KPK or Punjab exams moves around knowledge and its presentation. Therefore, written communication skills are the primary tool that helps aspirants present their viewpoints and transfer their thoughts to the examiner on a particular topic. However, when it particularly comes to KPK PMS, aspirants think that memorizing facts, figures, and data alone will help them crack these papers. Since there is no proper English writing teacher available in KPK for PMS English essay and precis papers’ preparation, thousands of aspirants start relying on the tips and tricks of random qualifiers, especially appearing on social media with the help of some paid FB pages and groups, YouTube, and Instagram profiles. Apart from this, a number of aspirants join these mentors for their preparation; however, when joined- maximum do not keep their words; instead, they detract the student via readymade material and tricks. They teach students only tips and tricks rather than teaching them the proper way of writing an essay: how to break the chosen topic down; how to write the thesis statement; what is a relevant and coherent outline; what is the topic sentence and how to write it; how to articulate thoughts and give specific pieces of evidence to support them; and how to connect sentences or give transitions between them. And, consequently, despite having a great deal of knowledge regarding subjects, aspirants cannot transfer their thoughts to the examiner satisfactorily. That becomes the main reason behind the maximum number of CSS, PMS essays and precis failures each year, making CSS English essays and precis papers a monster for thousands. So, relying on the qualifiers’ tips and tricks and inept mentors, instead of learning written communication skills, the result is always a failure.

PMS KPK English papers: essays and precis, require aspirants to write their ideas, thoughts, and viewpoints on the selected topic rather than reproducing sentences and paragraphs they crammed from the newspapers. Thus, aspirants with better writing skills, analytical approach, and knowledge can easily give their ideas a motion required to qualify for both papers. Coming towards my success, I qualified for KPK PMS on my very first attempt, but it took me around one and a half years. Like other thousands of KPK aspirants, I moved to Islamabad and Lahore for my preparation because of social media attractive advertisements. However, within some weeks, I became fully aware of teachers’ inabilities I joined for my preparation. They were young qualifiers, who qualified for the PMS or CSS exams. Instead of teaching us subjects and how to attempt questions, they were busy convincing us to buy their or some academies’ notes, which were even less than scrap. Wasting a lot of money on buying books and notes and joining two to three academies within 3-4 months, I became hell desperate and shattered. Thanks to Miss Nirmal (DD NAB), Zubaida Yahya (PAS), Sir Zulfiqar (SDPO), and Dr Aimeen Mirza (CSS Qualifier), who recommended me some teachers: Sir Syed Kazim Ali, Sir Razi Abidi, and Sir Muzafar Bukhari, for my English essays and precis papers preparation. First, I approached Sir Razi, but he was old enough to teach aspirants because of his age. Second, I contacted Sir Syed Kazim Ali, undoubtedly the best CSS, PMS English coach in Pakistan. Unlike other teachers, he not only instructed me on the pattern of essay writing but also taught m how to give my thought, accurate words fluently and coherently. And with his months of coaching, I, along with other fellows, became capable enough to qualify for our PMS KPK exams. Following is a detailed guide on how writing skills can help qualify for exams and how can you learn and practice them from home.

Importance of English Writing Skills for qualifying PMS:

Why should one prefer learning English Writing Skills for qualifying PMS rather than focusing on a lot of book reading is the question that comes to almost every aspirant who starts preparing for the exams. First, reading books can only develop a concept in your mind; it cannot help you convey your thoughts and ideas fluently to the examiner. Contrarily, learning the English Writing skills can help you express your point of view quite clearly. Additionally, if you know how to write, it would help you relate your thought to the given questions that are probably going to be based on an unseen scenario/topic, thus, helping you create an impregnable expression in front of the examiner. As a result, your chances of scoring maximum marks increase by almost a hundred per cent. Above all, the English Essay paper that is the lynchpin of all KPK PMS examinations can be easily tackled if you know how to crack a specific topic. So, learning writing skills can give you an edge over thousands of aspirants – no matter what institute they come from or what degree they possess. 

Whether a PMS or CSS qualifier can help you prepare KPK PMS?

Moving further, multiple CSS and PMS qualifiers and academies ads have been passed through my eyes that assert to teach you everything about every subject including English Essay paper, which even they are unaware of how they themselves qualified it. To clear the confusion, always keep in mind the most important thing, the qualifiers are the qualified officers, not the qualified teachers. They, themselves, qualified for the exams because they joined experienced teachers, not officers or qualifiers for their preparation. Being a PMS qualifier and a person who scored the highest marks in PMS English papers, I openly confess that we qualifiers can guide you a tract for the preparation according to our experiences. Still, we cannot teach you the English writing skills required to qualify for the English essay and precis papers. Unfortunately, 70-80% of serious aspirants fail the PMS exams every year because they are misguided by the so-called qualifier instructors. Thus those instructors- in no way- can help you grasp the basic and advanced concepts of a particular subject until they are the subject specialist. Nonetheless, if you want only timely assistance, you can freely approach them. But if you want to learn writing skills, you have to approach seasoned and expert English coaches, like Sir Syed Kazim Ali and Sir Razi Abidi. 

Who are the best available teachers for preparing the English Papers for KPK PMS?

Since the English Essay Paper is considered the most difficult among all exams, taking time to find the best teachers for its preparation is worth it, and if you find the one, you are saved. Although there are many good names in the field of English in Pakistan, the following are the three peerless mentors who prepare their students for exams with full dedication. First, Sir Razi Abidi is one of the most experienced English teachers who have taught thousands of aspirants to date. But he- being very senior- is now too aged to give his students the required time and energy. Notwithstanding, if you think you have practised the basics and want to get professional help, you can join him. Second, Sir Muzaffar Bukhari is also considered a renowned teacher of English Basic grammar and précis. He teaches his students English grammar rules and their usage thoroughly. Thus, he is the best teacher for the English Précis paper. Yet, when it comes to Essay Writing, he cannot assist you to much extent. Third, Sir Syed Kazim Ali is the best-known teacher for English Essay and Precis papers in Pakistan. He is the only competitive teacher who trains his students on how to pen down their thoughts. Unlike other teachers who exhort aspirants to cram books and newspapers, he teaches his students not only the basics of précis paper but also the complexity of essay paper through his exceptional way of mentoring. Moreover, as KPK lacks expert English teachers, joining Sir Syed Kazim Ali is also worthy because he teaches online, which saves your accommodation and commuting costs too. He gives his students online coaching so that students from all over Pakistan can avail themselves of the chance to learn the best for the exam from home without any hurdles. He is the only competitive teacher who has the highest success rate for his students in the CSS and PMS exams. I am only the one manifestation of his dedication and exceptional efforts he put into his students who Passed KPK PMS on the very first attempt without finding it a colossal Challenge.

In a nutshell, cramming books are not a way to crack competitive exams. Every aspirant must learn how he can give his thoughts and words fluently and coherently to convey his ideas to the examiner with more clarity and obtain maximum marks in the exams. In one line, focusing on English Writing Skills, not falling prey to qualifiers, and finding a dedicated subject specialist are a prerequisite for qualifying for the competitive exams.

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