PMS Punjab GK Paper 2014 | PMS Punjab Solved GK Past Paper MCQs 2014


PMS Punjab GK Past Paper 2014 | PMS Punjab Past Paper Solved GK MCQs 2014 | PMS Punjab-2021 GK Paper and PMS Punjab 2021 GK Paper Study Material | PMS Punjab 2021 Preparation

The following is the past paper of PMS Punjab GK Past Paper 2014. CSS Prep Forum always try to bring the best to help thousands of competitive students.

How to Prepare for PMS Punjab 2021?

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PMS Punjab 2014 GK Solved Past Paper

1Which article of the 1973 Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan prohibits all forms of slavery, forced labor and child labor?37112518b
2Under the Factories Act, 1934 no adult employee, defined as a worker who has completed his or her 18th year of age can be required or permitted to work in any establishment in excess of _____ hours a day and _____ hors a week.7,428,489,488,56b
3Servile is the opposite of:PuerileFutileHaughtyFoulc
4In the election of the President of the United States of America, the largest number of members of  the ‘Electoral College’ are elected from the state of:New YorkTexasCaliforniaFloridac
5Out of the following, the largest ethnic group by population without having a state of its own is:KurdsWelshUighursSikhsa
6The first President of Palestinian Authority, Yasir Arafat, died on:11th September 20069th November 200112th December 200711th November 2004d
7Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body?Vitamin A Vitamin BVitamin CVitamin Dd
8The imaginary line of zero degree longitude which passes through Greenwich is called:MeridianEquatorTropic of CancerTropic of Capricorna
9The famous book ”East of Eden” is the work of:John SteinbeckR.W. EmersonBertrand RussellEmest Hemingwaya
10Bastille Day is the commemoration of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the revolutionary uprising in:CanadaBelgiumUSAFranced
11Sui generis is a Latin term which means:Sui gasGenerousUniqueCommonc
12The Strait of Hormuz lies between:Iran and IraqIran, Oman and UAEUAE and QatarUAE and Omanb
13Rand’ is the currency of:SomaliaEcuadorSouth AfricaTanzaniac
14UNICEF is a(n):ECO organUN bodyOIC projectEuropean bankb
15Which one of the following statements is false?Unenforceable’ means that there is no remedy for breach of a conventionThe laws of the constitution are enforceable in the courtsThe conventions of the constitutions are binding political rules which are not enforceable in the courtsConstitutional conventions are not binding on anyoned
16Which one of the following statements is false?The legislative function is primarily responsible for making, unmaking and amending the lawThe legislative function is inferior to the judicial function of governmentThe executive function gives effect to and enforces the lawThe primary judicial function is to interpret and apply the law, resolve disputes, provide remedies and determine punishments when the law is breachedb
17In torts, the principle ”Restitution ad integrum” means:Compensation for damagesRestoration to the original conditionRestriction on integrationNone of theseb
18‘Southern cross”, a constellation found in the southern region of the night sky, consists mainly of:Seven starsThree starsFive starsNone of thesec
19Sylhet District at the time of partition was part of the province of:BengalAssamBiharUnited provincesb
20Euphonious is the opposite of:StridentMerryLiteraryLethargica
21Yangtze River does not pass through which country?MongoliaThailandTaiwanAll of abovea
22The Inca Civilization flourished in:South AmericaNorth AmericaAustraliaIndonesiaa
23The largest city by population in the Great Lakes Region is:TorontoMontrealChicagoDetroitc
24An ordinary mobile phone communicates by using:Sound wavesMicrowavesRadio wavesUV wavesc
25Stock indices at Tokyo are known by their popular name of:Dow JonesHang SengNikkeiFTSEc
26Annuity is:A sum of money received on a regular basis as one of a series of fixed paymentsA financial product designed to pay out a stream of payments to the holder at a later point in timeBoth a and bAnnual payment of duesa
27Hobson’s choice means:Giving no choice at allTo make the best choiceTo make the worst choiceTo settle for a compromisea
28The phenomenon of ‘Arab Spring’ sparked by the self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi, a fruit-seller in:EgyptTunisiaMoroccoSyriab
29The hurricane in October 2012 which caused wide-spread damage in the eastern sea-board states of the USA was:KatrinaSandyIsaacIreneb
30A voucher may be:wages sheetBank receiptPayment billAll of aboved
31Kyoto the name of Libyan Protocol talks about:EmpowermentPollutionAgricultureNone of theseb
32What was king deposed by Colonel Gadhafi in 1969?King AbdullahKing IdrisKing SaudKing Sadaatb
33Who said, ”Where wealth accumulates, men decay”?Abraham LincolnWinston ChurchillO liver GoldsmithFranklin D. Rooseveltc
34Baikal Lake is situated in:KazakhstanRussiaUSAAngolab
35What is meant by ”Laissez-Faire”?Mixed economyNon-interference of government in economic affairsControlled economyNone of theseb
36The Arab League was formed in:CairoJeddahTehranRiyadha
37The Agreement which provided for territorial allocations as spheres of Western influence in the Middle East, in case of break-up of Ottoman Empire, is known as:Treaty of AlexandropolBalfour DeclarationTreaty of AnkaraSykes-Picot Agreement d
38The country with the highest GDP in the world in 2015 was:QatarLuxembourgSingaporeKuwaita
39‘Brazuca” is the name of:The standard shoulder-fires anti-tank weapon of US armyA man portable recoilless anti-tank rocket launcher weapon of US armyThe official match ball of FIFA World Cup 2014A brass musical instrument incorporating a telescopic tubingc
40For how many years did Nelson Mandela remain in prison?27 years37 years17 years10 yearsa
41When the stock market is going down, it is called:BearishCrashingBullishSlumberousa
42Decibel is a unit used for meaning:Speed of lightIntensity of soundIntensity of heatNone of theseb
43The element required for solar energy conversion is:SiliconGermaniumUraniumSeleniuma
44A change in an individual’s behavior prompted by information and experience refers to which one of the following concepts?LearningRole selectionPerceptionMotivationa
45Which of the following approaches says that ethical issues should be judged on basis of some universal code?DeontologicalEthical SkepticismUtilitarianismNarcissisma
46Literally the word ”ethics” stand for:Understanding human natureStudy of mortalityProperties of chemical substancesBoth b and cb
47The mental act, condition or habit of placing trust or confidence in another shows which of the following options?MotiveAttitudeBehaviorBeliefd
48The hottest planet is:MercurySaturnJupiterVenusd
49Laissez-faire’ means:Non-interference of state in economyExtra ordinary political activityFast-pace industrialization of a countryRescue operation in flood-affected areasa
50Which of the following events occurred first in history?American War of IndependenceRussian RevolutionFrench RevolutionChinese Revolutiona
51The famous painting ”Sunflower” was done by:MichelangeloVan GoghPablo PicassoLeonardo da Vincib
52Economic crisis of 1930s originated in:France USABrazilRussiab
53The headquarters of a APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) is in:ChinaMalaysiaJapanSingapored
54Which country is included in the ”Morn of Africa”?EgyptSudanSomaliaKenyac
55ASEAN was formed in:1965196019671975c
56Which of the following country is located in the ” Levant” region?IranIraqFranceSyriad
57‘Thomas Cup” is associated with:Lawn tennisTable tennisGolfBadmintond
58What is the age of the ”Father of French Revolution” (J.J Rousseau)?71 years66 years69 years59 yearsb
59Who is called the ”Father of French Revolution”?Thomas HobbesJ.J RousseauFrancis BaconMontesquieub
60‘Divine Comedy” was written by:GibbonDanteGoetheMiltonb
61Which one of the following scientists is known as father of astronomy?EinsteinCopernicusArchimedesNewtonb
62In France, the Bastille Day is celebrated on:14-May14-Jun14-Jul14-Augc
63The ‘Swaythling Cup’ is associated with:BadmintonLawn TennisVolleyballTable Tennisd
64In 1774 Oxygen was discovered by:NewtonPriestlyFaradayB. Franklinb
65In the history of World the Stone Age is also known by the name:Paleolithic periodMesolithic periodNeolithic periodChalcolithic perioda
66Pedagogy is the science of:BirdsSpacePharmacyTeachingd
67One Megabyte is equal to:1000 bytes10000 bytes100000 bytes1000000 bytesd
68Maple Leaf is the national emblem of:GermanyChinaCanadaNone of thesec
69‘Wheel” is a symbol of:PeaceProsperityProgressSpeedc
70Which of the following country’s parliament is called ”Diet”?DenmarkRussiaJapanNone of thesec
71Who invented bicycle?NelsonKarl Voh DraisLouis BrailleJohn Hallb
72What is the total area of Australia?8,787,801 sq.km8,687,000 sq.km7,891,000 sq.km8,192,921 sq.kmc
73Which of the following is a Baltic State?EstoniaRomaniaSerbiaBulgariaa
74What is meant by EQUINOX?Day and Night are equalThe longest nightThe shortest dayThe longest daya
75Which sea is located in Central Asia?Red SeaNorth SeaAral SeaSea of Japanc
76What is viticulture?Cultivation of grapesGrowing small plantsGrowing tobaccoCultivation of spicesa
77Widow’s Tears is the name of a:PeninsulaLakeIslandPlantd
78Kalahari Desert is located in:BotswanaPakistanAustraliaMozambiquea
79The author of the ”New Deal” was:Michael GrunwaldPresident WilsonPresident KennedyPresident Washingtona
80The currency of Portugal is:ZlotyPesoEuroEscudoc
81What is the name of the Parliament of Denmark:National AssemblySenateFolketingNone of thesec
82The 1st Asian Secretary-General of the United Nation was:Tryve LieVijay Lakshmi PanditU ThantKurt Waldheimc
83The headquarters of EFTA is in:LondonGenevaRomeParisb
84‘Bread for the world, Institute” which focuses on problems of poverty and hunger in the world, is based in:LondonWashingtonGenevaNew Yorkb
85‘ANSA” is the news agency of:GermanyIndiaItalyUSAc
86‘Aeroflot” is an airline of:CanadaSri LankaRussiaJapanc
87‘Tegel” is an international airport in:GreeceUSAGermanyTurkeyc
88Broadway Street’ of USA is famous for:BankingStock exchangeCinema hallsShopping centersc
89What is the new name of Leningrad?St. PetersburgRed SquareMoscowStalingrada
90Which country is called the ‘Cockpit of Europe’?BelgiumCanadaUKSwedena
91Which city is called ‘Land of Seven Hills’?RomeVeniceShirazBabylona
92Which is the highest military award of Italy?Medal of HonorMedal for VelourMilitary CrossIron Crossb
93Football World Cup 2010 was won by:SpainFranceItalyBrazila
94In human body, flat bones are found in:NeckSkullLegsChestb
95If there were no atmosphere, what would be the color of the sky?RedBlueBlackWhitec
96Contours’ are lines connecting places having:Equal temperatureEqual PressureEqual HeightEqual rainfallc
97‘Our sweetest songs are those that tell us of saddest thoughts”. These words are attributed to:John KeatsWilliam WordsworthPercy Bysshe ShelleyJohn Miltonc
98Who created the famous character of ”Dracula”?Stanley KubrickJohn PolidoriJames CameronBram Stokerd
99White goods’ are:Basic raw materialsElectronic GoodsCosmetic articlesGoods imported from Western countriesb
100America’s Cup is associated with which of the following sports?CanoeingYachtingAmerican FootballParaglidingb

CSS 2022 Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Papers

The following are the CSS 2022 Pakistan Affairs solved past papers questions. These questions have been evaluated and checked by Pakistan’s top Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs coaches, who are either lecturers or officers and scored the highest marks in this paper. They include Miss Saba Baloch (CSS-2021), Miss Aimeen Mirza (CSS 2018), Miss Nirmal Hasni (DD NAB), Sir Rameez Ch. (Lecturer & Deputy Director), and Miss Zaineb Azam (the highest scorer – 76). Moreover, these questions have been attempted on the same pattern taught by Sir Syed Kazim Ali to his students who have been scoring the highest marks for years.

Q.1Discuss The Issues And Mistrust In US-Pakistan Relations After The Withdrawal Of The U.S. Troops From Afghanistan.
Q.2What Is The Volume Of The Grants, Aids And Loans In Pakistan’s Economy In The Last Ten Years To Stimulate Growth? Discuss
Q.3Why Did Pakistan Join Western Defense Pacts? What Cost It Had To Pay For It. Explain
Q.4Every State Designs Its Foreign Policy On National Interests Rejecting Feelings And Emotions. Why Did Pakistan Prefer Emotions, Feelings, And Ideology In Its Foreign Policy? Also, Analyze Its Impacts
Q.5Evaluate The Factional Politics Of The Early Years (1947-58) And Their Impact On The Democratic Process Of Pakistan.
Q.6Discuss The Federal Structure Of 1973 Constitution Of Pakistan After 18th Amendment. Why criticism On 18th Amendment Started Recently?
Q.7Discuss The Role Of Regional And Nationalist Political Parties In Pakistani Politics? How Far These Parties Are Necessary For The Political System?

CSS 2021 Solved Pakistan Affairs Questions

Q.2Enumerate the measures adopted by Pakistan to spotlight on the plight of Kashmiri people in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir after 5th August 2019.
Q.3Now Outdated Question
Q.4How CPEC phase II will galvanize industrialization and employment in Pakistan?
Q.5Discuss the Significance of Renewable Energy Resources for Pakistan.
Q.6How Pakistan should combat the 5th generation war?
Q.7Political Stability is mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan. Elaborate.
Q.8Critically Evaluate the Evolution of Muslim Separate Identity in the Sub-Continent.

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  7. IMF Bailouts: Roads to Stability or Recipes for Disaster
  8. Can Foreign Aid Help A Country Achieve Economic Stability?
  9. Consequences of American Withdrawal from Afghanistan on South Asia
  10. Money And Success Do Not Change People; They Merely Amplify What Is Already There
  11. Almost Always, The Creative, Dedicated Minority Has Made The World Better

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