What influence Mujadid-Alf-Sani have on the history of Muslims of India?

What influence Mujadid-Alf-Sani have on the history of Muslims of India?

What influence Mujadid-Alf-Sani have on the history of Muslims of India? | Best for CSS, PMS Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, and Essay Papers

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Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi rejuvenated the religious spirit of Islam in the Muslims of the Indian sub-continent by promoting the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. He courageously opposed un-Islamic amalgamation in the concepts of religion; above all, he initiated the idea of a separate identity between Hindus and Muslims.

Historical background

Religious influence

  • Opposed the then newly-born Deen – Deen-i-Elahi
  • Clarified the wrong concepts of Wahdat-ul-Wajud
  • Initiated struggle against atheism
  • Focused on spiritual growth and teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)
  • Revitalized the true spirit of Islam

Social influence

  • Implemented policies based on true Islamic values
  • Created awareness about two different religions in society
  • Prohibited inter-religion marriages

Political influence

  • Persuaded political elites about Islamic concepts
  • Differentiated between Hindus and Muslims
  • His teachings ultimately gave birth to the Two-Nation Theory

Economic influence

  • Re-Execution of jizya tax on Non-Muslims
  • Reinforcement of Muslim posts in the civil courts

Critical Analysis 


Answer to the Question


Shaykh Ahmad al-Farooqi Sirhindi, renowned as Mujaddid-Alif Sani-the reviver of the second millennium, revitalized Islam in the sub-continent. His religious efforts left a magnificent mark on the politics of the Sub-continent. He undoubtedly pointed out the differences between Hinduism and Islam by conflicting the newly born deen, Deen-i-Elahi, and influenced the then Muslims of the Sub-continent about Islam. Ahmad Sirhindi, the pioneer Muslim reformist, preached to the then Muslims about the extreme policies and un-Islamic laws of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Actually, he dedicated his purpose to purifying Islam and liberating it of the accreditations of Hindu Pantheism and the philosophy of Wahdat-ul-Wajud. Moreover, he focused on spiritual growth, closeness to Allah, human understanding, and reality by following the Sunnah of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions. As a matter of fact, his teachings and preaching ultimately gave birth to the idea of the two-nation theory – the base of ideological Pakistan. Thus, it is not wrong to say that he created a considerable and long-lasting impact on separate identities in the Sub-continent.

During the Mughal era, the Muslim society was involved in several Hindu customs and practices, opposite to the mandate of the Quran and Sunnah. Actually, the then Muslims were persuaded to learn Hindu teachings, culture, and civilization. Moreover, to find a middle ground among Hindus, Jain, Parsi and Muslims, Mughal Emperor Akbar proclaimed his Deen-e-Illahi, which was purely based on obtaining political interests rather than religious priorities. Besides, the proclamation of Deen-e-Illahi by Emperor Akbar is considered one of the biggest controversies of Islamic history in the sub-continent. As a result, Islamic teachings have been deviated by adopting customs and practices of other religions. Furthermore, Emperor Akbar also waived Jaziya -an Islamic tax recovered from Non-Muslims to defend their lives and property – which showed his extreme liberal policies. In these circumstances, Sheikh Ahmed Sirhindi determined himself on the task of purifying Islam.

One of the most influential impacts of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi’s teachings includes religious rejuvenation. He showed the misconceptions of Deen-e-Illahi to the Muslims and came out with full strength to curtail the influence of this satanic faith. In fact, the impact of Deen-e-IIlahi seriously altered Muslim beliefs and views, as it bifurcated the then Muslims into several divisions and encouraged heretic approaches and practices. Furthermore, he initiated his struggle against atheism and worked diligently to restore the original teachings of Islam -the concept of Tauheed. He counselled the then Muslim to live their lives according to the principles of Islam. Likewise, he clarified the wrong concept of Wahdat-ul-Wajud-and presented Wahdat-ul-Shahud in comparison to it. Thus, his religious efforts immensely changed the history of the Subcontinent.

Undoubtedly, the work of Mujadid-Alif-Sani filled the space in routine matters of Indian Muslims not only from a religious perspective but also in societal aspects. It was a great achievement of Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi to bring back the Shariat in society. He wrote multiple letters to government officials, which emphasized the need for true teachings of Islam. He imparted his role by edifying the people of the sub-continent; significantly, he focused on the three most influential classes of that time- the religious scholars, Sufis and Aristocrats. Moreover, he discussed with them the implementation of Shariah to overcome all the societal, religious, and political evils of that time. He blatantly opposed the amalgamation of Islam, inter-religion marriages, and the most prevalent concept of that time, Karamat-miracles of saints. Hence, he struggled to implement Shariah in the Sub-continent with true letter and spirit.

Though Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi was not a politician, his influential personality created a political influence in the Sub-continent. He originated a separate line between Hindus and Muslims; thus, he laid the foundation of the two-nation theory. In addition to this, he raised his voice against the unfair concepts of the Mughal Emperor, specifically Akbar’s belief in Sulh-e-Kul-peace with all. He started leading nobles near the emperor and, through them, exerted an influence to bring a change in the Courts of that time. In particular, he urged Muslim emperors to re-impose jizya on non-Muslims. And so, Allama Iqbal called him guardian of Muslim millah in his poem “Punjab k peerzadun k nam”;

He, the guardian of the estate of millah in India
Whom Allah awakened at the right time

No doubt, Hazrat Mujadid Alf Sani was the most influential religious character in the history of the Sub-continent. He was a scholar and a captivating orator. Mujadid Alf Sani was the only individual in the history of India who opposed Emperor Akbar and Jahangir then faced imprisonment. He is considered the pioneer of Muslim self-assertion because he condemned un-Islamic practices and Hindu-Muslim amalgamation. In short, Hazrat Mujadid-e-Alafsani provided pure Islamic teachings and eradicated the immoral concepts of the so-called Mystics of that time.

In a nutshell, the teachings of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi created a ripple effect in society and eradicated religious, social, and political evils of that time. Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi, indeed, countered unorthodox Sufism and mystic beliefs. He continued preaching Islam till the end of his life. In particular, he drew a discrepancy between Islam, Hinduism, and atheism. He corrected scholars, saints, and the king of that time. He primarily laid the foundation of a separate state, as he initiated the concept of a separate identity between Hindus and Muslims.

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