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Ayesha Tanveer

Ayesha Tanveer is a student of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. She, being a pharmacist, is an expert reviewer about the pharmaceutical industry and products. She has been reviewing medicines based on their uses, side effects and interactions a human body can experience with different eating habits and lifestyles. Moreover, her reviews are considered credible enough among the community of educated. Moreover, her passion is to explain a drug by comparing and contrasting, considering human physiology and pathophysiology so that her readers and followers can decide what medicines they should go for. As a hospital pharmacist, she describes counselling patients while dealing with the non-complaint and non-adherent patients (they don’t take their medication as prescribed). Her priority is to tell about the medicines, their rational, safe, effective, and economic use to her colleagues and health care professionals. If you want to get yourself updated about the medicines your beloved use, follow her on her social media accounts to get an immediate update of her reviews, articles, and blogs.

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