The Surprising Characters on Friends Who Were Originally the Show’s Main Couple

The Surprising Characters on Friends Who Were Originally the Show's Main Couple

Written by Uswa Zainab

When someone talks about Friends, a Netflix series, probably the first thing that its eager viewers think of is all the hilarious, high-spirited one-liners, for example, Joey’s “How you doin’?”, and next the romantic tie-ups in the series, especially Ross and Rachel’s relation. The couple’s love story flourished in the second season, and, now, the pair is known throughout the world as one of the best couples in the history of television.

However, another couple Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc were planned, they couldn’t succeed to come up to scratch. They wanted their characters, Phoebe and Joey, to come in together, but the showrunners planned Monica and Joey to be the item. And they weren’t just a pair in a non-committal love affair, they were actually the Ross and Rachel of the series.

According to Vulture, the creators of Friends David Crane and Marta Kauffman at first had Monica and Joey pairing up, explaining:

Initially, the story would have opened out as: Joey, an interminable playboy, would’ve finally be tempted and enslaved by Monica while trying to ascend in the world of acting. Crane, himself, found this version of Joey ‘boring’; therefore, he updated Joey to be a funny and warm person in the friend group, and, altogether, added warm, pleasant relationship with Monica.

It isn’t wrong to say that the initial idea would’ve been weird. Entertainment Weekly – an American monthly entertainment magazine – reports that not only Crane found the idea monotonous but also the actor LeBlanc, who played Joey, himself, was impassive to his character, running after Monica. He wasn’t eager to play someone the audience find creepy and hit on everyone.

It can be said that Joey underwent some significant revisions to make Friends what it is today, and, perhaps, it’s for the best. Although Joey and Monica don’t get married in the end, but at least Monica gets her upbeat ending with Chandler.

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