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Go Yell It on the Mountain: Iceland Will Blast your Scream into the Wilderness

Go Yell It on the Mountain: Iceland Will Blast your Scream into the Wilderness

Written by Uswa Zainab

One might not be capable of letting out all the anxieties with a loud, free scream in the wilderness unless one lives on a huge land of several acres and doesn’t have any neighbour in sight. Thanks to the tourism board of Iceland, one can practically do this.

As the travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler reports, a particular website, Looks Like You Need to Let It Out, is set up by Iceland where one can record one’s strident scream to be blasted on an outdoor speaker in Iceland. Seven speakers are placed in different remote areas of Iceland, the person who screams can decide which one has to bear testimony to his rumbling shriek. For instance, he can send his squeal to the intimidating waterfall in South Iceland, Skógafoss, or to Festarfjall, an abraded subglacial volcano situated on the Reykjanes peninsula.

In 1970, Arthur Janov, a psychotherapist, had come up with the idea of treating anxiety and trauma by screaming. It was named “primal therapy”. This strategy became favoured among many celebrities such as Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Although this method definitely isn’t accepted all over the world among psychologists, especially for the treatment of serious trauma, a lot of people can vouch for feeling a definite emotional release after making a good, loud shout, especially after an extremely stressful day, week, or months-long quarantine.

A psychotherapist and mental health consultant, Zoe Aston, who worked on Iceland’s initiative, told Condé Nast Magazine that people aren’t furnished to deal with the emotions that they are having, and, as people don’t move much, there is a physical buildup of emotions, possibly producing blockages and stuff like anxiety and stress. This ‘let out technique’ might help shifting the emotional blockage with the intent that the part of mind suffering for several months can be liberated to work well, and move forward to a good understanding and decision-making about whatever happens.

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