Role of Media in Pakistan: Merits and Demerits


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In Pakistan, media has played both roles: positive and negative. Where it has emerged as the source of news and entertainment for the people of society, it has become a chief element in spreading sensationalism, and fabricated and partial news’. However, strengthening the investigative journalism culture, abstaining from spreading biased and self-interested news, and the mature functioning of the media agencies may help the country reap more fruits from the blessing.



  • Emerging as a source of contemporary affairs and entertainment
  • Acting as a watchdog on government policies
  • Promoting awareness of the social and political issues of the country 
  • Enacting the right of freedom in society 


  • Emerging as an important weapon of 5th generation warfare
  • Spreading false and biased information
  • Spreading sensationalism 
  • Depicting fabricated and biased culture and norms of the Pakistani society


  • To strengthen the investigative journalism in the media 
  • To abstain from partial and self-interest policies
  • To secure the rights of journalists
  • To screen each news and information from gateways
  • To endorse mature and objective policies while depicting countries’ image internationally
  • To keep check and balance on the different media groups



Answer to the Question


In the era of globalization, media has entered in social, political, economic, and religious arenas of society. It is an important source of building society via spreading perceptions and norms. Being a sole and dominant source of information and contemporary affairs, the media has been crafting people’s perceptions on several issues. Nevertheless, media has also emerged as the power for society’s helpless, unauthoritative class. Moreover, it has been an effective medium for mass awareness of the government’s social and political policies. However, media has also hampered the country in multiple ways:

  • Spreading fabricated and partial pieces of news
  • Distorting the peace of society by sensationalism
  • Depicting the wrong image of Pakistan for their vested interests

To fix it, Pakistan must create grounds for the investigative journalism culture, secure journalist rights, and endorse a mature and objective policy in building Pakistan’s soft and influential identity across the globe. The following answer highlights the merits, demerits, and recommendations regarding the role of media in Pakistan.  

Currently, Pakistan owns around one hundred TV channels. Out of a hundred, nearly forty-two channels are dealing with current affairs. According to the statistics of 2014, there are about 120m viewers on TV, 140m viewers on radio, and 30 m newspaper readers. With a large network, the Pakistani media has faced a crisis of credibility and authenticity. Moreover, in different regimes, the media has been the target of various successive governments to unveil bad governance. Thus, the media in Pakistan yet seems bewildered to pronounce hard stances against the social evils in Pakistan. 

No doubt, the media has influenced Pakistani society to a great extent. It has emerged as the sole provider of news, information, and entertainment to the citizens of Pakistan. It is credited for creating an enlightened polity. Moreover, with the gain of power, the media has acted as a watchdog on government policies. The community of journalists would openly debate and criticize the immature measures taken by the government as an expression of freedom of speech. Undoubtedly, the media has been promoting awareness of the social and political issues of the country, unveiling the weaknesses of the governance, and giving critique policies of them. Moreover, it has evolved as the voice of society’s helpless, poor, and non-authoritative class. Numerous cases have gained justice because of the pressure built by the media on the government. Thus, media has played a vital role in crafting Pakistani society. 

As a matter of fact, media is a double-sided sword. It has both – positive and negative – roles in society. Where the media has been a source of news and issues for the public, it has also been an integral weapon of the 5th generation warfare. Few channels and newspapers that the anti-Pakistani agencies fund create partial and fabricated perceptions and opinions based on their vested interests. As a result, a group of people comes into existence, in society, with perceptions of Pakistan’s ideology. Moreover, different channels and newspapers in quest of rating and TRP break incomplete and false news to the public, creating sensationalism in the state. Similarly, few channels have been involved in depicting the inappropriate face of Pakistan. The absence of efficient monetary agencies has given leverage to the media persons to use abusive language, hold destructive criticism, and execute character assassination of political and religious personnel based on fragile and false accusations. Thus, media has consequences on the polity.  

To fix the emerging issue – the inept role of media, Pakistan needs to take severe and mature steps. Funding and strengthening investigative journalism through seminars may attract journalists to undertake large investigating projects. Furthermore, the regulatory agencies should work efficiently to ensure that the news channels and newspapers promote unbiased and impartial information. New pragmatic policies are the need time to enhance the system of investigation and collection of information. In addition to it, it should be ensured by each media house that they follow the gatekeeping concept strictly – filtering hysteria and sensationalism. Moreover, government and the monetary agencies must also introduce laws to protect the rights of journalists. Last but not least, all media houses must ensure they depict a positive image of Pakistan globally. There is no doubt media can play a vital role in exploring the potential of Pakistan and making it known to the world.  

in Pakistan, the role of media has been enormous. It has a history of ups and downs. Despite many sanctions imposed at different times, the media has gained back its power. Now, media houses and journalists have to take advantage of their power. As it is aptly said, 

“Power without accountability collapses a system in no time”. Helping the state grow politically, socially, economically, and religiously should be an efficient and unending role of media. Its credibility can be regained by abstaining from sensationalism.   

Like any social evil, the role of media has a huge impact on society. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, media, a tool of sensationalism, has been used by politicians to build culture and norms based on their dreadful perceptions and opinions. To overcome the challenges, such as the circulation of fabricating and biased news’, the use of media for the political interest by the politicians, defaming Pakistan across the globe, and inadequate credibility of resources of information, the pragmatic and critical approach of the regulatory authorities is required. Pakistan must combat the 5th generation warfare through its unbiased and objective policies in the media stream.   

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