PMS Punjab GK Paper 2017 | PMS Punjab Solved GK Past Paper MCQs 2017


PMS Punjab GK Past Paper 2017 | PMS Punjab Past Paper Solved GK MCQs 2017 | PMS Punjab-2021 GK Paper and PMS Punjab 2021 GK Paper Study Material

The following is the past paper of PMS Punjab GK Past Paper 2017. CSS Prep Forum always try to bring the best to help thousands of competitive students.

How to Prepare for PMS Punjab 2021?

The number of PMS Punjab has been increasing for the last many years, so cracking the GK paper has become a dilemma for thousands of PMS aspirants in Punjab. Since 2018, Howfiv has been introducing One Paper MCQs exam and screening test preparation under the patronage of its highly qualified coaches and officers: Sir Badar Rameez, Sir Syed Kazim Ali, Miss Nirmal, Miss Bakhtawar, Sir Hamza Asif, Miss Zaineb Azam, and ten others. Howfiv, with these coaches’ help, has created thousands of exam-relevant MCQs that could be asked in exams. In CCE Sindh Screening Test 2021, more than 63 MCQs have been taken from the Howfiv website. If you are interested in preparing yourself for PMS Punjab 2021, keep preparing yourself by memorizing, practising, and testing thousands of exam-relevant MCQs at the Howfiv website. If you think you are fully prepared or are confused about preparing for the screening test, join the EXCLUSIVE COURSE of Punjab PMS 2021 introduced by Howfiv.

PMS Punjab 2017 GK Solved Past Paper

1Inventor of the computer “Mouse” was _______? Oleg LosevLatham SholesEarnest DahlDouglas Engelbertd
2Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to ________? ChinaTurkeySt HalenaSt Petersburgc
3In CT Scan , CT stands for _________?Computerized TomographyComputed TopographyCardiac TamponadeCarrier Testa
4In which of the following countries Normandy is situated? ItalyFranceRussiaGreeceb
5Sir Laurence Olivier was _________?An actorA novelistA scientist An astronauta
6Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan belongs to _________?KenyaUKCongoGhanad
7Capital of Ghana is ________? Addis AbabaHarareAccraKumasic
8Ghana is the new name of _________? Diamond CoastGold CoastSilver CoastBlack Coastb
9Old name of Congo is ________?ZaireFormosaBjarkanAfricusa
10Black pole is a seaport and resort in _____?USAFranceGermanyEnglandd
11Rakh Ghulaman Life stock Farm is located in _______?BhakkarVehariDG KhanSukkura
12The world’s largest fresh water lake is ____?Lake HuronCaspian seaLake SuperiorLake Victoriac
13World’s deepest lake is _______?Lake VictoriaLake BaikalLake MarianaLake Michiganb
14The Ural Mountains are situated in ________?NorwayDennmarkRussiaSwedenc
15Second largest oil-proceeding country in the world Is _________?QatarIranKuwaitSaudia Arabiad
16Bering Strait is situated between Russia and _______?ItalyIranUSATurkeyc
17International dateline passes through _________?Bering StraitTorres StraitFlorida StraitMalacca Straita
18On which country the Britain imposed the opium war? RussiaChina AfghanistanMongoliab
19Shortest day in Australia is ___________? 21-Jun21-Sep21-Dec21-Mara
20Little Boy was dropped on ________ ? Pearl HarbourNagasakiHiroshimaNone of thesec
21The Treaty of Sevres was signed in ________?1913191519181920d
22Mustafa Kemal abolished Khilafat in ______?1924192719311935a
23What starts with “We the peoples of the United Nations?”Universal Declaration of Human RightsStatute of the ICJCharter of the United NationsNone of thesec
24Kohi-i-Judi is located in _________ ? TurkeySri LankaSaudi ArabiaEgypta
25Mount Sinai (Koh-i-Toor) is situated in _______ ?LibyaSaudi ArabiaEgyptNone of thesec
26Adam’s Peak is located in _____ ?NepalIndiaSri LankaBhutanc
27Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) became a republic in __________?1972197419761978a
281 yard is equal to _________?0.6144m0.7144m0.8144m0.9144md
291 BTU is equal to _________?955 Joules990 Joules1055 Joules1211 Joulesc
301 gram of pure gold is is equal to __________ milligrams.95610001076None of theseb
311 inch is equal to _________?2.54cm3.00cm3.54cm4.00cma
32If 5x-15 = 50, then x is __________?-351317c
33Oldest continiously inhabited city in the world is _________?MakkahDamascusCairoJerusalemb
34The partition of Bengal was annulled in _________?1905190819101911d
35Gandhara civilization is in ________?PakistanIndiaNepalBangladesha
36The oldest monarchy in the world is in ________?ChinaUnited KingdomJapanNorwayc
37The father of homeopathy was ________?Samuel HahnemannAl-ZaharaviAlfred WagnerHerodotusa
38“The Wealth of Nations” was written by_________?Alfred NobelJM KeynesAdam SmithNone of thesec
39“The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx was originally written in ______?GermanLatinEnglishMandarina
40The event of Boston Tea Party occurred in _____ ?1573167317731873c
41Rai Ahmed Khan Kharal was born in 1803 in Jhamra, a village of_____ district.MultanOkaraSahiwalFaisalabadc
42Faiz Ahmed Faiz was arrested in ________ ?Rawalpindi CaseIslamabad CaseLahore CaseNone of thesea
43Pride and Prejudice is a romance novel written by ______? James JoyceEmily BronteGeorge ElliotJane Austend
44Cholera is spread by which of the following?VirusBacteriaFungusAlgaeb
45Which of the following diseases is not caused by virus?CholeraJaundiceFluTyphoidd
46Name the enzyme that digests starch. AmylaseGlycogenTyrosineLactasea
47Vitamin C is also known as______?Oxalic acidAcetic acidAscorbic acidFormic acidc
48Which element is used as moderator in nuclear reactors. Light waterDense waterFresh waterHeavy waterd
49Guava has the highest level of _______?Vitamic CVitamic  B4Vitamic DVitamic Ka
50The book “Conversation with Myself” was written by _____?MK GandhiMA JinnahNelson MandelaNone of thesec
51Diameter of Jupiter is 11 times the diameter of the______?  EarthMarsVenusMercurya
52Which is the hottest planet ? SunMercuryVenusPlutoc
53Plato was the teacher of ________ ?SocratesAristotlePtolemyHerodotusb
54Jinnah joined the All India Muslim League in _______ ?1913190919111915a
55Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place on _______ ?13-Jun-1213-Apr-1713-Aug-1813-Apr-19d
56Jallianwala Bagh is located in ________ ?AmritsarLahoreGurdaspurPatialaa
57The first ever Nobel Prize in the field of Physics was awarded to _____?Hendrik LorentzAlexander FlemingWilhelm RontgenPierre Curiec
58Which of the following is included in the list of Seven Wonders of the World?Statue of LibertyLighthouse of AlexandriaGreat Wall of ChinaBermuda Triangleb
59200 students applied for an exam. Out of them 180 appeared and 70% of them passed. How many failed?34404854d
60If (X+Y) + (X-Y) is equal to 112, then the value of X and that of Y will be ______.56677791a
61Who invented the printing press?Leonardo da VinciJohannes GutenbergChester CarlsonCarlos Gliddenb
62Lira is the currency of ________?FranceMoroccoTurkeyGreecec
63A completes a job in 20 minutes and B does so in 30 minutes. If they do the same job together, how much time will thwy take?12 minutes24 minutes36 minutes51 minutesa
64Copper reserves are found in which of the district of Balochistan?SuiNokundiChagaiNone of thesec
65Kachura lake is located in______?Gilgit-BaltistanBalochistanSindhKPa
66Patella bone is present in_____?Face HandsLegsFeetc
67Working Boundary is the border between Pakistan and _________ ?IndiaAfghanistanIranIndian-Occupied Kashmird
68RAM stands for _________? Read Access MemoryRandom Action MemoryRandom Added MemoryRandom-access Memoryd
69URL stands for ___________ ?Uniform Resource LocatorUniversal Resource LanderUniversal Report LocatorNone of thesea
70Melinda Gates is the CEO of __________ ?AppleMicrosoftBill & Melinda Gates FoundationNone of thesec
71Length of Siachen glacier is _________ ?47 miles57 miles65 miles91 milesa
72Persecution of Rohingya Muslims is in Myanmar’s state of_____?KachinKayinRakhineShanc
73KHAD was the secret agency of ______ ?KazakhstanIranLibyaAfghanistand
74National bird of Pakistan is __________?ParrotChakorPigeonBatairb
75Muhammad Husain Azad wrote ________ ?Peer-e-KamilAbdullahAab-e-HayatJannat Ke Pattec
76Silicon Valley is located in __________?CaliforniaTexasNevadaOhioa
77The only Hindu state in the world___________?IndiaBhutanNepalMyanmarc
78Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was first awarded in _______?1969197919891999a
79Malabar is the historical name of_______?MumbaiChennaiKolkataKeralad
80Katas Raj Temples are located in _______ district.BahawalpurChakwalLahore Mirpurb
81Amnesia is the loss of __________?IntelligenceBalanceMemoryNone of thesec
82Mood swings to extreme levels happen due to_______?Acute Stress DisorderBried Psychotic DisorderBipolar DisorderAnorexia Nervosac
83War and Peace is a novel by_______?Leo TolstoyWinston ChurchillWilliam ShakespeareWilliam Wordswortha
84Most powerful hurricane to hit the Caribbean in 2017 was____?SandyKatrinaNikkiIrmad
85Sir James Chadwick discovered ________? NeutronProtonElectronHyprona
86During the process of photosynthesis, plants release________?Carbon DioxideSulphur DioxideOxygenOzonec
87Hujjatullah-il-Baligha was written by _______?Maulana ShibliShah WaliullahIbne InshaHassan-al-Bannab
88Which of the following is a hereditary disease?AnaemiaLeukemiaMyopiaHaemophiliad
89What is the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy ?SpiralCircularLinearOblonga
90Seats in the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan were increased from 69 to_______?72747982c
91Height of K2 is _________?8177 meters8611 meters8573 metersNone of theseb
92Before the partition of India in 1947, how many Princely States existed?502530562732c
93The largest barrage of Pakistan is _________? Sukker BarrageTaunsa BarrageJinnah BarrageKotri Barragea
94If you have caries, which doctor should be consulted ?PaediatricianOrthodontistOrthopaedistOphthalmologistb
95A human heart weighs on average _______?250-300 grams300-350 grams400-450 grams500-600 gramsa
96Sharm el-Sheikh is _______?A beach in BakuA restraunt in DubaiA holy place in Saudi ArabiaAn Egyptian d
97LNG stands for _______?Liquefied Natural Gas Liquid Natural GasLiquefied Neutral GasLow Neutron Gasa
98Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty to the American People?SpainEnglandFranceGermanyc
99Habsha is the old name of __________ ?EthiopiaZaireUgandaNigeriaa
100Dengue fever is also called _____?Black FeverBreakbone FeverPlasmodium FeverRemittent Feverb

CSS 2022 Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Papers

The following are the CSS 2022 Pakistan Affairs solved past papers questions. These questions have been evaluated and checked by Pakistan’s top Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs coaches, who are either lecturers or officers and scored the highest marks in this paper. They include Miss Saba Baloch (CSS-2021), Miss Aimeen Mirza (CSS 2018), Miss Nirmal Hasni (DD NAB), Sir Rameez Ch. (Lecturer & Deputy Director), and Miss Zaineb Azam (the highest scorer – 76). Moreover, these questions have been attempted on the same pattern taught by Sir Syed Kazim Ali to his students who have been scoring the highest marks for years.

Q.1Discuss The Issues And Mistrust In US-Pakistan Relations After The Withdrawal Of The U.S. Troops From Afghanistan.
Q.2What Is The Volume Of The Grants, Aids And Loans In Pakistan’s Economy In The Last Ten Years To Stimulate Growth? Discuss
Q.3Why Did Pakistan Join Western Defense Pacts? What Cost It Had To Pay For It. Explain
Q.4Every State Designs Its Foreign Policy On National Interests Rejecting Feelings And Emotions. Why Did Pakistan Prefer Emotions, Feelings, And Ideology In Its Foreign Policy? Also, Analyze Its Impacts
Q.5Evaluate The Factional Politics Of The Early Years (1947-58) And Their Impact On The Democratic Process Of Pakistan.
Q.6Discuss The Federal Structure Of 1973 Constitution Of Pakistan After 18th Amendment. Why criticism On 18th Amendment Started Recently?
Q.7Discuss The Role Of Regional And Nationalist Political Parties In Pakistani Politics? How Far These Parties Are Necessary For The Political System?

CSS 2021 Solved Pakistan Affairs Questions

Q.2Enumerate the measures adopted by Pakistan to spotlight on the plight of Kashmiri people in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir after 5th August 2019.
Q.3Now Outdated Question
Q.4How CPEC phase II will galvanize industrialization and employment in Pakistan?
Q.5Discuss the Significance of Renewable Energy Resources for Pakistan.
Q.6How Pakistan should combat the 5th generation war?
Q.7Political Stability is mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan. Elaborate.
Q.8Critically Evaluate the Evolution of Muslim Separate Identity in the Sub-Continent.

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