PMS Punjab GK Paper 2005 | PMS Punjab Solved GK Past Paper MCQs 2005

PMS Punjab GK Paper 2005 | PMS Punjab Solved GK Past Paper MCQs 2005

PMS Punjab
GK Past Paper 2005 | PMS Punjab Past Paper Solved GK MCQs 2005 | PMS Punjab General Knowledge Paper 2005 | PMS Punjab-2021 GK Paper and PMS Punjab 2021 GK Paper Study Material | PMS Punjab 2021 Preparation

The following is the past paper of PMS Punjab GK Past Paper 2005. CSS Prep Forum always try to bring the best to help thousands of competitive students.

How to Prepare for PMS Punjab 2021?

The number of PMS Punjab has been increasing for the last many years, so cracking the GK paper has become a dilemma for thousands of PMS aspirants in Punjab. Since 2018, Howfiv has been introducing One Paper MCQs exam and screening test preparation under the patronage of its highly qualified coaches and officers: Sir Badar Rameez, Sir Syed Kazim Ali, Miss Nirmal, Miss Bakhtawar, Sir Hamza Asif, Miss Zaineb Azam, and ten others. Howfiv, with these coaches’ help, has created thousands of exam-relevant MCQs that could be asked in exams. In CCE Sindh Screening Test 2021, more than 63 MCQs have been taken from the Howfiv website. If you are interested in preparing yourself for PMS Punjab 2021, keep preparing yourself by memorizing, practising, and testing thousands of exam-relevant MCQs at the Howfiv website. If you think you are fully prepared or are confused about preparing for the screening test, join the EXCLUSIVE COURSE of Punjab PMS 2021 introduced by Howfiv.

PMS Punjab 2005 GK Solved Past Paper

1Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa are poems of Allama Iqbal in his book.Bange-e-DaraBal-e-JiabreelPayam-e-MashriqZarb-e-Kaleema
2Who coined the name of All India Muslim League.Sir Zafarullah KhanSardar Abdur Rab NishtarSir Muhammad ShafiNawab Saleemullah Khand
3Through which of the following media does sound travel the airwarm airsteelcold airc
4Who was the first elected president of Pakistan. Zafarullah KhanM.Ali BograF.M Ayub khan Abdul Rab Nishtarc
5The higher commission education (HEC) was established in September 2002,who is its chairman.Dr. Shaista SohailGhulam AbbasAsharaf QaziJalal Ahmada
6Memoirs is an autobiography.Jane AustenBill ClintonRichard Nixon George Bushc
7Macbeth is a drama written by.ShakespeareJane AustenCharles DickensJohn Miltona
8“There is no restriction in Islam” is a verse of.Surah BaqrahSurah AlaqSurah KausarNone of thesea
9Battle of Plassey was fought between Siraj-ud-Daulah and.Lord CliveLord CanningWarren HastingShah Alama
10Foundation of Muslim League was at.AligarhLahoreDhakaNone of thesec
11Durand line treaty was signed in 1893 by a British civil servant Durand and king of Afghanistan.Amir AmanullahAbdul RehmanNoor AhmadNone of theseb
12Lion’s share of UNO’S budget is being spent on.diseasesnatural diseasespeacepovertyc
13America’s ”Greater middle east initiative plan” is for the purpose of.democracyhelp of Israel kingshipNone of thesea
14Tsunami hit 12 countries on 26th December 2004.Where was its epicentre.javabalisumatraBorneoc
15Which Muslim country has lowest per capita income.SomaliaKenyaUgandaAfghanistana
16First country which issued currency notes in the world.GreeceChinaItalyRussiab
17The Spratly Islands are disputed between China and.VietnamMalaysiaPhilippinesall of thesed
18Al-Hilal newspaper is associated with.Maulana Mohammad ali jauharMaulana Abdul kalam azadMaulana Zafar ali khanMaulana shaukat alib
19The idea of Pakistan was written by.Stephen Philip CohenHarold Pintermartin bidNone of thesea
20Khanki headworkers is situated on the river.ChenabIndusRaviJheluma
21Braille education system was introduced by Louis Braille for.blindsdeafdumball of thesea
22Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is also called.chashma barragekotri barrageguddu barrageJinnah barrageb
23Kremlin is a fortress where there are government offices, palaces and is in.JapanChinaRussiaThailandc
24Which month of Hindi year is called brother of March.chetbaisakhmaghphaguna
25The capital of Taiwan is.HanoiTaipeiminskandorra la vellab
26Olympic air belongs to which country.GreeceCanadaGermanyChinaa
27Bosphorus, strait connects the black sea with.Aegean seaMarmara seared seajava seab
28Abel Tasman discovered the country.AustraliaUSANew ZealandGeorgiac
29Which is the longest river in Asia.NileIndusYangtzeHang HOc
30ATM is the abbreviation of.Automated Teller MachineAutomatic Tell MachineAutomobile Tax MachineNone of thesea
31Which country is called the playground of Europe.TurkeyFranceSwitzerlandSpainc
32Naira is the currency of.NigerNigeriaTogoSwitzerlandb
33Second largest ethnic group in Afghanistan after Pushtun.UzbekhazaraTajiktartarc
34Shintoism is mostly followed in which of the following countries.ChinaThailandNepalJapand
35Who is the author of the book ”Clash of Civilizations”.Samuel HuntingtonS.M BurckeMerry johnbill Clintona
36Which is the oldest human rights organization in the world.Anti-slavery international Asia watchfreedom houseAmnesty internationala
37What was the magnitude of earthquake as a special representative of UNO’S Earthquake relief.
38Which country sent most paramedical aid to Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake.chinaCubaUSAUKb
39The largest producer of solar energy in the world is.USAGermanyChinaHollandc
40Who came to Pakistan after earthquake as a special representative of UNO’S earthquake relief.bush seniorBill ClintonKofi AnnanGeorge W.Busha
41Which country’s constitutions is not in written form.USADenmarkNew ZealandUnited kingdomboth c & d
42What is Holocaust.killing of Jews during world war IKilling of Jews during world war IIKilling of Germanskilling spree of American during warb
43Antara is the news agency of.IndonesiaChinaMalaysiaTaiwana
44Word ”Tsunami’ ‘belongs to language.JapaneseUrduEnglishGreeka
45UNO declared the decade 2004-2014 as the decade of environmentEradication of terrorismEradication of povertyEducation decadea
46The novel ”War and Peace” was written by.leo tolstoytito perduePB. ShellyShakespearea
47Where was barbari Mosque situated.ayadhyaagraDelhiKolkataa
48Gandhara civilization was situated between the rivers.Chenab and JhelumRavi and Chenab Jhelum and KabulIndus and Jhelumd
49Main cause of 2005 riots in France was.change in employment rulesDeath of two foreignersOpposition party’s strikeNone of thesea
50Which is the second biggest natural gas field of Pakistan.Dhulia (Punjab)Sui (Balochistan)Kandkot (Sindh)Mari (Sindh)d
51Who was the president of USA during first world war.Woodrow WilsonFranklin D.RooseveltJ.F.CanadyRichard Nixona
52The country that has the largest army in the world.USAChinaRussiaIndiab
53The English poet who died in his young age.PB.shellyJohn MarshalJohn KeatsWilliam Blakec
54Paradise Lost’ ‘was written by.John MiltonCharles DickensWilliam BlakeBertrand Russella
55Which disease is more common in males than females.Heart diseaseDementiaColour blindnessHerpesa
56Which is the most famous brand of the world.Nokiacoca colaMicroNone of theseb
57Archipelago is a.cluster of islandsgroup of seasgroup of studentsArmya
58Who discovered the law of Gravitation.Sir Isaac NewtonLouis PasteurGalileo GalileiWilliam henrya
59Florence Nightingale was a.Nursereligious reformersoldierNone of thesea
60The president of the USA who was/were killed during his term in office.J.F KennedyRichard NixonAbraham Lincolnboth a & cd
61According to a new research the world oldest disease is.InfluenzaMalariaplagueleprosya
62In which continent there is no glacierAfricaAustraliaAsiaNorth Americaa
63Who was the first president of Pakistan Muslim League.Sir Aga khan IIINawab-Khaliq-us-zamanNawab wiqar MulkNawab Mohsinul Mulka
64Centre of Tamil tigers of Sri Lanka is.CanadyColomboJaffnaNone of thesec
65Etymology is the science (study)of.Insectswordsmedicinesspaceb
66Which is the oldest organization of the world.UNOAfrican unityLeague of Nationscommon wealthc
67Who is called the father of computer.Charles BabbageKonrad zuseMerry johnNone of thesea
68Where days and nights are equal all the year.NairobiNew YorkLondonOsloa
69where Jhelum and Chenab rivers meet.TrimmupanjnadRasoolKhanki headworkersa
70Red sea and Mediterranean sea are connected by.Bosporus straitSuez canalMalacca straitpalk straitb
71Which crop is longest according to period between cultivation and harvest.cottonsugarcanericewheatb
72Silicon valley is famous for.computersfilm industrycarssugarcanea
73which is the largest search engine on internet.MSNGoogleYahooNone of theseb
74Furakha dam on river ganges is disputed between. India and PakistanIndia and NepalIndia and ChinaIndia and Bangladeshd
75which is biggest bird in the world.ostrichkiwiEagleNone of thesea
76The writer of the book “khaki shadows”.S.M BrukeK.M ArifAslam BaigHasan Askarib
77Which dam is constructed by India under the violation of Indus waters Treaty.Sallasal DamBaglihar DamWullar Damall of thesed
78What is mean by causeway.A raised pathMarsh soilSalty oceanRoad on Hilla
79Which country consumed largest quantity of coal in the world.RussiachinaUSAIndiab
80The “Night watch” painting belongs to.Rembrandt van RijinPalde PicassoLeonardo da VinciMichelangeloa
81Headquarters of freedom house is situated in.WashingtonGenevaLondonNone of thesea
82Harappa city is situation on the bank of.Ravi riverChenab riverSutlej riverIndus rivera
83Bismarck was the great leader and statesman of.GermanyRussiaItalyFrancea
84First Muslim who won the Nobel prize.Anwar SadatYasir ArafatSherein ebadiYousef alia
85Which day is observed on 15th May every year.water dayenvironment daypostal dayfamilies dayd
86Kigali is the capital of.TogoUgandaNamibiaRwandad
87Which is the largest contributor to the UN’S budget.USARussiaJapanChinaa
88Sabakzai dam is being constructed under WAPDA vision 2025 in.PunjabSindhBalochistanKPKc
89The oldest Anthem of the world.JapanChinaRussiaGreecea
90What is Big Ben?clockTowercinemaRoada
91Who was the first viceroy of India.Lord ripenLord CanningLord CurzonLord Mayob
92Napoleon Bonaparte was the king of.FranceItalyRussiaSpaina
93Helvetia is the old name of.NetherlandsHungaryJapanSwitzerlandd
94Great sandy desert is situated in.AustraliaSouth AfricaChadChinaa
95Headquarters of World Economic Forum is situated in.ColongnyDavosWashingtonParisa
96Which is the wisest bird in European countries.owleagleparrotsparrowa
97Which is the largest road tunnel in the world.rokkoapenninest.GotthardLaerdal tunneld
98The founder of Algebra was.Al-KhwarizmiUmar KhayyamLao-TzuAbu Yousefa
99Martian Luther was a.Founder of protestant setFather of English poetryGreat leader of Franceall of thesea
100Anemometer is an instrument to measure.velocity of windMagnetic powerElectricityrecording the grapha

CSS 2022 Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Papers

The following are the CSS 2022 Pakistan Affairs solved past papers questions. These questions have been evaluated and checked by Pakistan’s top Pakistan Affairs and Current Affairs coaches, who are either lecturers or officers and scored the highest marks in this paper. They include Miss Saba Baloch (CSS-2021), Miss Aimeen Mirza (CSS 2018), Miss Nirmal Hasni (DD NAB), Sir Rameez Ch. (Lecturer & Deputy Director), and Miss Zaineb Azam (the highest scorer – 76). Moreover, these questions have been attempted on the same pattern taught by Sir Syed Kazim Ali to his students who have been scoring the highest marks for years.

Q.1Discuss The Issues And Mistrust In US-Pakistan Relations After The Withdrawal Of The U.S. Troops From Afghanistan.
Q.2What Is The Volume Of The Grants, Aids And Loans In Pakistan’s Economy In The Last Ten Years To Stimulate Growth? Discuss
Q.3Why Did Pakistan Join Western Defense Pacts? What Cost It Had To Pay For It. Explain
Q.4Every State Designs Its Foreign Policy On National Interests Rejecting Feelings And Emotions. Why Did Pakistan Prefer Emotions, Feelings, And Ideology In Its Foreign Policy? Also, Analyze Its Impacts
Q.5Evaluate The Factional Politics Of The Early Years (1947-58) And Their Impact On The Democratic Process Of Pakistan.
Q.6Discuss The Federal Structure Of 1973 Constitution Of Pakistan After 18th Amendment. Why criticism On 18th Amendment Started Recently?
Q.7Discuss The Role Of Regional And Nationalist Political Parties In Pakistani Politics? How Far These Parties Are Necessary For The Political System?

CSS 2021 Solved Pakistan Affairs Questions

Q.2Enumerate the measures adopted by Pakistan to spotlight on the plight of Kashmiri people in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir after 5th August 2019.
Q.3Now Outdated Question
Q.4How CPEC phase II will galvanize industrialization and employment in Pakistan?
Q.5Discuss the Significance of Renewable Energy Resources for Pakistan.
Q.6How Pakistan should combat the 5th generation war?
Q.7Political Stability is mandatory for economic prosperity in Pakistan. Elaborate.
Q.8Critically Evaluate the Evolution of Muslim Separate Identity in the Sub-Continent.

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  7. IMF Bailouts: Roads to Stability or Recipes for Disaster
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