How can corruption be managed in Pakistan?

How can corruption be managed in Pakistan

How can corruption be managed in Pakistan? | Best for CSS, PMS Current Affairs, Pakistan Affairs, and Essay Papers

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To reduce the corruption crisis in Pakistan, the government has to ensure transparency in governance and should encourage democratic values in the country. Notably, the revampment of the judicial system and public administration can also significantly help tackle this prevalent matter.

The different ways to mitigate the corruption crisis

  • To ensure transparency
  • To bring reforms in the judicial system
  • To shift towards e-governance
  • To promote democratic values in the country
  • To upgrade the public administration
  • To empower accountability institutions

Critical analysis


Answer to the Question


The crisis of corruption in Pakistan cannot be resolved by using a haphazard approach. The tackling of the sustaining endemic requires multiple steps, which should be taken altogether. Also, the government can learn from the developed countries that have integrated their governing system with technology and have ensured the strict rule of law, which has significantly helped them reduce the crisis. In the case of Pakistan, the country has to look for other options to improve the rule of law and incorporate technology in governance. For instance, the government should promote democratic values in the country, such as improving press freedom and civic participation. Moreover, the government has to eliminate every political or bureaucratic influence on the accountable institutions. Above all, ensuring transparency and upgrading public administration can significantly dent the aggravating crisis. This question discuss the way forwards that, if taken pragmatically, can help the country manage the corruption.

Steps to manage the corruption in the country 

To reduce the crisis of corruption, first, the country has to increase the transparency and improve the regulatory framework because simplifying the vague administrative procedures, making simple rules and laws, and filling the administrative lacunas can reduce the corruption many folds as it can eliminate the monopoly and discretionary power of government officials. Moreover, the reformation in the judicial system is the need of the hour. Importantly, the law should be equally and judicially applied to everyone. Also, instead of delaying the cases, the judicial system must logically conclude the cases early as justice delayed is justice denied. Moreover, the judges have to give exemplary punishment and avoid impunity to people who commit corruption. It, as a result, will create deterrence in people, and they will avoid corruption due to fear of severe punishment. Furthermore, the government has to shift towards e-governance as incorporating technology in governance can eliminate the human biasness factor and make the governing process more streamlined and transparent; consequently, it can reduce corruption opportunities.

Similarly, flourishing democratic values, including the freedom of the press, the effective role of opposition, and good civil participation, can help a lot in curtailing the crisis:

  1. Freedom of the press can help the media partially discuss government policies and highlight corruption, which can, therefore, stop the people from doing corruption as they fear getting exposed through media.
  2. Opposition can stop the government from making policies that are not good for the public and only serve a few influential.
  3. The government should take initiatives for the capacity building of government employees and create an accountability mechanism to stop the abuse of dictionary powers given to certain employees by the departments.

Apart from it, the accountable institutions must be independent and not have any kind of political or bureaucratic influence on them to function at their best.

Critical analysis

Although reducing corruption is a complicated task, the government can manage the crisis by using combinations of steps, such as reforming the judicial system, ensuring transparency, and incorporating technology in governance.   


In a nutshell, corruption, which has badly impacted both developed and underdeveloped countries, can be reduced through cannot be eradicated entirely. For it, the government has to shift from its past strategies, which have again and again proved ineffective. Therefore, it has to bring crucial judicial and public administration reforms. Moreover, the introduction of technology and accountability-related departments’ empowerment can become a strong opposing force against corruption.

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