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Whether you have qualified for the CSS or PMS examination or scored above 70 marks in any compulsory and optional subjects, Cssprepforum is the website that helps you recognize among thousands of competitive aspirants across the country through your past papers solutions!

1- ✓ Apply Accordingly2- ✓ Get Shortlisted3- ✓ Get Interviewed
4- ✓ Achieve Milestone5- ✓ Get Hired & Paid6- ✓ Payment: Rs 500 to 2000 per question


Writing is the primary basis upon which your work and intellect are judged in the exams and among millions of competitive aspirants. However, it has been noticed that almost all the CSS-solved past papers and study material published lack quality and do not help aspirants understand topics thoroughly. The next irony is that CSS and PMS coach in academies never teach their students how to attempt 20-mark questions in the exams; as a result, thousands of competitive aspirants remain unable to score above 50 in compulsory and optional subjects. To help CSS aspirants prepare well and score high, Sir Kazim’s students – mostly officers and top scorers – started publishing solved essays and 20-mark questions of PA, CA, and GSA from 2020 to date. These solutions aimed to help thousands of aspirants understand how to attempt a question to score high. Now the Cssprepforum website has become Pakistan’s most trusted and visited website among the CSS, PMS, Judiciary, and descriptive aspirants; a number of aspirants have been requesting us to publish all solved past papers of compulsory and optional subjects the way we have already published English essays, Pakistan Affairs, General Science and Ability, and Current Affairs. So, Sir Syed Kazim Ali, the country’s best English coach having the highest success rate of his students, has decided to hire qualifiers, aspirants, and coaches to get them to solve past papers in which they scored above 70.

What is this online job opportunity?

Sir Syed Kazim Ali has introduced an online job opportunity for those who scored above 70 in any compulsory or optional subjects. He believes if top scorers start publishing solved past papers and quality preparatory material for the competitive aspirants, they collectively not only help millions of aspirants from getting trapped by academies and the academy mafia but also have their own far larger recognition across the country. So, it is the best opportunity for all those hard-working aspirants who have proved themselves by scoring above 70 in any compulsory and optional subjects. As getting articles published on the Cssprepforum website is challenging, and so is being hired. Whether qualified or not, if you have scored above in any subject, you can be hired by Cssprepforum, a brainchild project of Sir Syed Kazim Ali.

What are the available subjects?

The following are the available subjects from them you can choose only one in which you have scored above 70 marks. Suppose your score was less than 70, but you still can prove yourself through the past papers’ solution; you can get hired. 

1✓ Pakistan Affairs
2✓ Current Affairs 
3✓ Accounting and Auditing 
4✓ Economics
5✓ Political Science 
6✓ International Relations 
7✓ Statistics 
8✓ Geology 
9✓ Business Administration
10✓ Public Administration
11✓ Governance and Public Policy 
12✓ Town Planning and Urban Management 
13✓ History of Pakistan and India 
14✓ Islamic History and Culture 
15✓ British History
16✓ History of USA
17✓ European History 
18✓ Gender Studies 
19✓ Environmental Science
20✓ Agriculture and Forestry
21✓ Botany
22✓ Zoology 
23✓ Law
24✓ Constitutional Law
25✓ International Law
26✓ Muslim Law and Jurisprudence
27✓ Mercantile Law 
28✓ Criminology 
29✓ Philosophy 
30✓ Journalism and Mass Communication 
31✓ Psychology 
32✓ Geography 
33✓ Sociology 
34✓ Anthropology 

How Does It Work?

1- ✓ Apply Accordingly2- ✓ Get Shortlisted3- ✓ Get Interviewed
4- ✓ Achieve Milestone5- ✓ Get Hired & Paid6- ✓ Payment: Rs 500 to 2000 per question

How to apply?

To apply for the online job opportunity, everybody – qualifiers, CSPs, or top scorers – has to follow the same procedure. Therefore, all interested applicants must send the following particulars to Howfiv’s admin on WhatsApp 0332-6105842.

✓ Name
✓ Age
✓ Qualifications
✓ Achievements (if any)
✓ Designation (if any)
✓ City 
✓ Province 
✓ DMC(s)
✓ Contact Number
✓ Email 
✓ Subject Name (you can choose more than one subjects)
  • ✓ The cssprepforum team – usually comprised of officers, teachers, professors, and experts – will review your particulars and shortlist applicants. 
  • ✓ All the shortlisted applicants will be added to a separate WhatsApp group for further updates.
  • ✓ Next, they all will be called for an online meeting with Sir Syed Kazim Ali, where they will be interviewed and told how they could secure their seat as a writer on the Cssprepforum website. 
  • ✓ All the applicants will be given a task to attempt a past paper question on the told pattern. If they make it through, they will be hired. 


How many CSS and PMS aspirants visit the Cssprepforum website daily?

It varies. Well, on a daily basis, nearly 5000 aspirants visit the Cssprepforum website. 

What will be the payment and its method?

If selected, you will be paid for each question, ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000 per question. The payment per question increases if aspirants love reading your solutions and send us their feedback. 

How do I know I am shortlisted?

The cssprepforum team – usually comprised of officers, teachers, professors, and experts – will review your particulars and shortlist applicants. We shortlist applicants on several bases, for example, scores in the selected subject and scores in other subjects. 

Is sending DMC necessary?

Yes, we do not consider applicants who do not send their DMCs because we have to verify your scores. 

Can I cut my ID card number while sending my DMC(s)?

If you do not cut, it is better. However, you can cut it but have to present it again if asked because we need an ID card number to verify your DMC online. 

I scored less than 70. Can I apply?

If you think you are an authority in a subject and can attempt questions better than those who scored above 70, you can apply. We will allow you to solve a said question and send it for review. Then, if our team finds it worthy, you can be hired. 

If I work with CPF or Howfiv, will Sir Syed Kazim Ali teach me?

Suppose you are shortlisted for a subject; Sir Kazim and his team will interview you. If you get selected, Sir Kazim will teach you how to attempt the question that can help aspirants understand and prepare well and also help you become the best writer. Remember, getting selected does not mean you will be admitted to Sir Kazim’s class. 

Will all the solutions be published under my name?

It depends upon Howfiv and Cssprepforum’s discretion. If they think it is ok, they will publish with their names. Otherwise, if you charge us per question, there is no point in getting things published under your name. However, it will be discussed in the session.

Can I publish my articles and solutions if I do not get selected?

Yes, you can do that if you want to get your articles published on the Cssprepforum website and have a profile. But for this, you have to apply first and prove that your articles and solutions are well-searched and help thousands of competitive aspirants prepare well for their examinations. 

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