Efficient use of natural resources can make Pakistan a prosperous nation. Discuss in the light of the present situation in Pakistan


CSS Solved Past Papers | CSS Solved Pakistan Affairs Past Paper 2019 | Efficient use of natural resources can make Pakistan a prosperous nation. Discuss in the light of the present situation in Pakistan

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Pakistan is rich in natural resources, including vast mineral deposits, highly agricultural land, a deep seaport, and abundant young labour. However, none of them has significantly impacted socio-economic development due to mismanagement of resources, wrong political priorities, and rampant corruption. Therefore, it is high time the efficient use of natural resources must be ensured through technological awareness, proper management, and foresighted policies to gain maximum output from the country’s natural assets.

What are the important natural resources of Pakistan?

  • Vast mineral deposits
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Highly fertile land
  • Deep Seaports
  • Abundant Young labour

What is the current situation of the exploitation of natural resources in Pakistan?

    On Economic grounds:

  • Ignored agriculture and mining sectors
  • Lack of Research and development

    On environmental grounds:

  • Overutilization of nonrenewable natural resources
  • Increased pollution and global warming

    On Political grounds:

  • Inept policies based on political interests
  • Prevalent corruption and red-tapes 

How can the efficient use of Natural Resources make Pakistan Prosperous?

    On Economic grounds:

  • To provide incentives for agrarian reforms and mining projects
  • To invest more in research and development

    On Environmental grounds:

  • To use alternate renewable energy resources
  • To focus on the proper management of resources utilization

    On political grounds:

  • To make foresighted policies for the long term without vested interests of politicians
  • To reduce corruption and red-tapes in resources utilization programs

Critical Analysis


Answer to the Question


Nothing assists a developing country to prosper socially, politically, and economically the way proper utilization of natural assets does. Since Pakistan-with its unique geostrategic location- is home to countless natural resources, including vast mineral deposits, renewable energy resources, highly fertile land, a young labour force, etc., it has the potential to be more than an Asian tiger. Contrarily, the country cannot meet its basic needs with a soaring inflation rate, a stagnant economy, towering external debt, and a high fiscal deficit. Additionally, it faces the challenges of increased pollution and global warming due to over-concentration on the burning of resources for energy production of industries, neglecting the natural treasure of agriculture. Consequently, the nonrenewable energy resources are depleting. Above all, inept leadership, wrong political priorities, corruption, and mismanagement have ruined the treasure of gifted land, leaving nothing for development and progress. Therefore, the effective utilization of natural resources- through proper incentives for the real wealth of the country, the use of alternative renewable energy resources, and foresighted development policies- is the only way that could help the country not only ameliorate economic progress but also reduce pollution, improve the social condition, and increase political values, making Pakistan a prosperous nation.

“The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased; and not impaired in value.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

What are the important natural resources of Pakistan?

Pakistan is a land of mush splendour with enormous natural potential. It has a vast range of natural resources. From the world’s second-largest salt mine to large reserves of coal, gypsum, limestone, and silica, the mineral resources have been a valuable means of the country’s economic and industrial growth. Renewable energy resources, including solar energy, biomass, and wind energy, play the role of the powerhouse in the energy sector of the country. Additionally, the gift of the Indus river, along with a widespread canal network, makes it the most capable agrarian country. The region- due to its fertility- is famous as the granary of the east. Deep seaports- for instance, Bin Qasim port, Gawadar port, etc., have also been the game-changer for Pakistan’s economic and infrastructure development. Besides, the country is rich in young labour, with a pooling population of more than 225 million. Cutting it short, the land of the pure is blessed with natural resources, which can play a significant role in the nation’s progress globally.

What is the current situation of the exploitation of natural resources of Pakistan?

In the current state of affairs, the nation of Pakistan is marred with economic stagnation, political instability and environmental hazards. Unfortunately, the successive government has ignored the country’s natural wealth. Pakistan is based on agriculture, with forty percent of GDP coming from the agriculture sector in the 1960s. However, all the governments have been hesitating to spend on agriculture focusing more on industrial development. Consequently, the country has failed to stabilize the economy through either sector. Moreover, no research and development have been promoted regarding the mining of unexplored huge mineral resources of coals, graphite, natural gas, and many more. Instead, all energy needs are met with few extracted nonrenewable energy resources of coal and gas without proper management. Hence, they are also depleting with every passing day, leaving behind nothing to run energy sectors. Further, excessive burning of resources and unnecessary chemicals evolving industrial products also leads to pollution and global warming, thus, destroying the environment. Politically, inept leadership, rampant corruption, and unproductive short-term policies have aggravated the situation, hijacking all resources project investments to political elites. Thus, the country is at the stake of disaster due to the inefficient utilization of natural wealth.

How can the efficient use of Natural Resources make Pakistan Prosperous?

Despite all the ineptness, Pakistan still has a lot left, which, if used efficiently, can make the country prosper to the peak of its glory. Firstly, the country’s real wealth needs to be explored and developed. The agriculture sector is the cornerstone of the economic development of the country. Therefore, more incentives should be provided for the agrarian reforms. The country has lagged much in the exports of crops like rice, wheat, and barley, which once used to be the biggest contributor to the trade balance. The mining sector should also be flourished through proper technical awareness and research and development so that the hidden bulk of treasure can be explored efficiently and independently, which could, in return, play a key role in the country’s economic development. Secondly, efforts should be made to utilize renewable energy resources that are cheap and untenable and environment friendly. Further, resource management institutions should try to manage the utilization through proper awareness seminars and programs. In this way, the general public could be exhorted to think before wasting resources. Thirdly, the government should make farsighted long-term policies solely for the land of pure and its people without any vested political interests. Social evils like corruption and red-tapism involved in projects of exploitation of natural resources should be dealt with rigorously.

Critical Analysis: 

Critically, despite being the cenacle of all kinds of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, Pakistan has been unable to cope with the socio-economic challenges. Although the environmental hazards have clasped the whole world, they leave an irreparable impact on the developing states. Like Saudi Arabia and China, many countries have well exploited their natural resources of oil and young labour, respectively, and have made themselves a few of the strongest economies in their regions. Likewise, Pakistan could also utilize its resources as the lynchpin to become a self-sufficient nation on the world map.


In a nutshell, natural resources have been an asset to the socio-economic development of Pakistan, which has made it a centre of attention around the globe. However, although many projects have been planned in Pakistan, where the natural resources have been utilized for development efficiently, the current situations of mismanagement and overexploitation of the resources have led the country on an unsustainable path. Nonetheless, the efficient exploitation of resources through the foresighted development policies could strengthen the state’s economy and uphold its integrity. In any case, otherwise, the state would fall behind, staying dependent on other countries.

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