Covid-19 A Blessing for Environment

Covid-19 A Blessing for Environment

Written by Anum Saba

Corona Virus COVID-19 has created a hype; however, it is worth beneficial for one thing that is nothing but climate. With the countries undergoing lockdown and freezing of activities such as closing or minimum usage of factories has significant results in improving air quality. It does not only reduce carbon emission but also disturbed energy usage globally. It paralyzed the use of fossil foils as both the ground and air travel is rear. Pakistan, a country with the worst air pollution, has seen a significant reduction in air pollution and blue skies visible in many regions.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) has a drastic impact on pollution with transportation, industrial fossil fuels, and oil power sectors. It is dangerous for the health of children and the root cause of many diseases. 

Reports show that air pollution in the region is closely related to larger economic activates. We can sustain an environment pollution free with the help of some measures such as:

  • Need to adopt technological methods which help in the reduction of air pollution.
  • New hydro-tracking refineries should be built and move toward low Sulphur fuels.
  • Better public transportation facilities should be employed, and the culture of carpooling should be introduced.
  • Walking and cycling should be encouraged.
  • Revolt in the renewable sector.

Although Corona turned the world to its knees; however, it helps to see an improvement in air quality which ensures that we can achieve better air quality by reducing fossil fuels. 

About the writer:

Miss Anum Saba is one of the bonafide students of Sir Syed Kazim Ali. She has completed her 4.5 month-course on Online Creative English Writing and Advanced Grammar under his patronage. Having done graduation in computer science and courses in creative English writing, she loves writing blogs and articles on various topics: current affairs, everyday science, technology, beauty, cooking, and entertainment.

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