Human Resource Development Is a Key to Progress and Prosperity

Human Resource Development Is a Key to Progress and Prosperity

PMS Ministerial Solved Essays | Human Resource Development Is a Key to Progress and Prosperity

This PMS Ministerial essay is attempted by Zainab Arshad Cheema on the given pattern, which Sir Syed Kazim Ali teaches to his students, who have consistently been qualifying their CSS, and PMS essays. Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been Pakistan’s top English writing and CSS, PMS essay and precis coach with the highest success rate of his students. The essay is uploaded to help other competitive aspirants learn and practice essay writing techniques and patterns.

How To Attempt 25-Marks PMS Ministerial Essay?

Unlike CSS or PMS essays, the essays asked in the PMS ministerial or any descriptive examinations in Pakistan are of 25-marks. All you need to qualify for the PMS ministerial essay paper is to understand the topic, create an outline displaying the proper plan of your essay and write an introduction precisely carrying the thesis statement. An introductory paragraph of such essays is a 150- to 200-word paragraph that gives your examiner a quick overview of your essay and its organization. It should express your thesis (or central idea) and your key points. Remember, the introductory paragraph is a concise summary of the essay, upon which your success standstill. However, the body of your essay will develop and explain these ideas much more thoroughly. As you will see in the solved essay below, the proportion of your introduction that you dedicate to each kind of information and the sequence of that information might vary, depending on the nature and genre of the essay you select. Nevertheless, in some cases, some of this information is implied rather than stated explicitly. For better preparation, revise my lectures on how to attempt a 20 or 25 marks essay, write its outline and introduction and prove your arguments with relevant evidence in the essay’s body paragraphs. 


1- Introduction

  • Human resource development is one of the core tenets upon which the social and economic sustainability of a country depends. It is an efficient and competent human resource capital that go hand in hand with the sustainable progress and prosperity of a country, steering it up for unfathomable growth in the comity of nations.

2.- Understanding the Term Human Resource Development and its Significance in Today’s World

3- How Human Resource Development Is the Key to Progress and Prosperity of a Country

  • Increases the employment rate of a country, paving the path towards economic stability
    • Case In Point: Japan has a significantly lower unemployment rate as per International Labor Organization (ILO), which was about 2.8% in 2022, lower than the global average.
  • Grows the spending power and overall living standards of a country, resulting in reducing poverty and overall social development
    • Case In Point: According to World Bank Data 2022, Switzerland consistently ranks among the countries with the highest GDP per capita of around $87,600, placing it among the top countries worldwide with high spending power.
  • Fosters the inclusion and equality indicators in society, owing to the continuous  learning environment and higher work opportunities
    • Case In Point: According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Sweden has relatively lower income inequality and  higher inclusion due to expedient human capital
  • Encourages the  FDI (foreign direct investment) in a state, steering it towards prosperity and progress
    • Case In Point: According to data from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Singapore received more than $2 trillion in FDI in 2022 due to its efficient human resource capital, making it 7th top recipient of FDI in the world
  • Enhances the effectiveness in workforce productivity and adaptability, directing the country on the way of continuous development
    • Case In Point: According to data from the Organization for economic cooperation and Development (OECD), Germany has ranked among the top countries in terms of labour productivity.

4- Case Studies

  • Countries that reach to the zenith of sustainable  progress and prosperity through human resource development
    • Singapore
    • China
  • Countries that lag behind in every field, owing to the substandard  human resource development
    • Pakistan
    • Afghanistan

5- Critical Analysis

6- Conclusion

Human resource development, the process of enhancing overall skills and the competencies of individuals, is one of the core tenets upon which a country’s social and economic sustainability depends, helping it navigate to reach the heights of unsurpassable glory. Contrary to this, countries with poor and substandard human capital are deeply entrenched in the quagmire of social, political and economic chaos, leaving them oblivion to dangers and lurking in the dark territory of the unknown. Therefore, a country’s sustainable progress and prosperity go hand in hand with efficient human resource development, steering it up for unfathomable growth in the comity of nations. For instance, Singapore, a country known for its efficient human resource worldwide, has achieved remarkable development and improved its social and economic sustenance. In fact, competent and expedient human resource has a great vitality to improve employment rate, FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), social inclusion, and the productivity and competitiveness of a country’s workforce. On the other hand, a state’s stagnant human resource development can entail various negative consequences, compelling it to stand on the edge of a deep cliff. Thus, with changing geo-economic and global dynamics, countries must attain efficiency and excellence in human resources to reach the apex of affluence and long-term stability. This essay shows how human resource development is the key to progress and prosperity and how countries lag owing to their weakened and incompetent human capital.

Human resource development is referred to the process of increasing the skills, competencies, knowledge, and abilities of an individual or a society. The process not only involves planned and systematic activities to enhance human competitiveness but also engages the employee workforce in different training workshops to enhance their efficiency, making them able to play a productive role in the country’s development. In fact, in today’s world, the significance of human resources cannot be overstated, as it is one of the core principles followed by most developed nations, which helped them to attain effective human resource capital.

To begin with, human resource development plays a pivotal role in enhancing the employment rate, and lessening the poverty of a country, making it able to stand with stability on social and economic fronts. For instance, According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), Japan experienced a lower unemployment rate of about 2.8% in 2022, which was quite lower than the global average, owing to its great investment in human capital that led to social and economic sustainability. The country has witnessed this stability due to prevalent lifelong learning culture, efficient educational system, and productive vocational training institutions. Thus, it is undeniably the effective human resource development that paves the path for a country’s overall sustenance.

Moreover, it is the result of the efforts of competent human resources that helps in enhancing the spending power and the living standards of a country, resulting in boosting overall social development. For illustration, as per the World Bank Report 2022, Switzerland has consistently been ranked among the countries with the highest GDP per capita of about $87,600, placing it among the top countries worldwide with high spending power. It is because Switzerland is a country that has always focused on skilled human capital, high-quality education, and continuous learning culture, resulting in an increased employment rate and an overall good quality of life.  So, it can be aptly said that it is an effective human resource capital that acts as the key to the progress and prosperity of a nation.

Furthermore, the focus on building effective human capital increases inclusion and equality indicators in society, leading it to achieve maximum progress and prosperity. For example, According to the data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Sweden has relatively lowered income inequality and higher inclusion due to expedient human resources. The country is bearing the results due to the higher human capital investment, increased focus on human inclusion and continuous learning process along with the distinct collaborative approaches. Hence, the developed human resource is central for accelerating the progress and prosperity of a nation.

Additionally, the effectiveness of human resources is crucial for sustainable growth, which makes headway in attaining long-term economic prosperity for a country. To illustrate, Singapore is the leading state that attracted more than 2 trillion FDI in 2022, owing to its efficient human resource capital, making it the 7th top FDI recipient in the world. Undoubtedly, the massive FDI in the country is one of the main factors behind its stable growth, which results due to supportive business policies, continuous learning and up-skilling culture, and pro-immigration laws and regulations. Briefly, the stability of a country has proved to be contingent on competent human personnel.

Last but not least, the productivity and adaptability of a country’s workforce enhance to a  significant level due to the greater focus on human resource development, aiding it to achieve sustenance and long-term progress. As an example, Germany has consistently been ranked among the top countries in terms of labour productivity and adaptability by maintaining its competitive edge in the global market. The country has not only adopted a dual educational system but also improved its technological learning capacity for the maximization of its inclusive growth. Therefore, human resource development aptly corresponds to the sustainable progress and prosperity of a country.

Besides this, there are many other glaring examples of developed countries that have progressed by leaps and bounds through the development of competitive human resources. Ostensibly, China has made significant strides in human resource development, directing it to touch the Zenith of growth and development. As a result, it has become the top country with the highest STEM graduates, contributing to making the country economically and socially stable. On the same footing, South Korea has emerged as a country that achieved sustenance and growth due to its consistent efforts in upgrading the human resources of the country. Consequently, the state ranks high in terms of having the strong pool of skilled and professional workforce due to its 100 per cent population being literate.

On the other hand, the countries with poor and substandard human resource capital lagged in almost every domain and fell into the pit of darkness. An illuminating example of this fact is Pakistan, which due to the lack of vocational and training institutions, the shortage of fund allocation to the educational sector, and the higher percentage of illiteracy and inequality in the society, faces the brunt of incompetent and inefficient human resources. Similarly, Afghanistan is in shambles and has inept and unskilled human personnel, owing to the poor quality of education along with its political, social and economic chaos. Thus, both countries need to revamp their educational sectors by giving due importance to technological advancement along with research and development in order to produce a skilled labour workforce.

Critically, the role of human resource development in the progress and prosperity of a country is second to one. Every country in today’s globalized world can only attain advancement and growth with competent human capital. Moreover, it is an efficient human resource development that can also be proved crucial in the social sustenance of a country. Consequently, it elevates the overall development in a society. However, poor human resource development can lead a country towards the edge of a deep cliff, making it suffer socially, economically and politically. Therefore, efficient and skillful human resource is necessary for the sustainable progress of a state.

In conclusion, a competitive and skilful workforce is critical for the unfathomable progress of a nation. It not only improves employment rate, living standards and inclusiveness but also enhances foreign direct investment along with improving productivity and adaptability of a country’s workforce. Countries like Singapore, Germany, and China are the shining stars in this regard. However, inefficient and incompetent human resources can make a country fall into a pit of social and economic darkness. Thus, skilful and competent human resource development is a gateway to the progress and prosperity of a country.

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