Role of Responsible Media

Role of Responsible Media

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This PMS Ministerial essay is attempted by Zahid Khan on the given pattern, which Sir Syed Kazim Ali teaches to his students, who have consistently been qualifying their CSS, and PMS essays. Sir Syed Kazim Ali has been Pakistan’s top English writing and CSS, PMS essay and precis coach with the highest success rate of his students. The essay is uploaded to help other competitive aspirants learn and practice essay writing techniques and patterns.

How To Attempt 25-Marks PMS Ministerial Essay?

Unlike CSS or PMS essays, the essays asked in the PMS ministerial or any descriptive examinations in Pakistan are of 25-marks. All you need to qualify for the PMS ministerial essay paper is to understand the topic, create an outline displaying the proper plan of your essay and write an introduction precisely carrying the thesis statement. An introductory paragraph of such essays is a 150- to 200-word paragraph that gives your examiner a quick overview of your essay and its organization. It should express your thesis (or central idea) and your key points. Remember, the introductory paragraph is a concise summary of the essay, upon which your success standstill. However, the body of your essay will develop and explain these ideas much more thoroughly. As you will see in the solved essay below, the proportion of your introduction that you dedicate to each kind of information and the sequence of that information might vary, depending on the nature and genre of the essay you select. Nevertheless, in some cases, some of this information is implied rather than stated explicitly. For better preparation, revise my lectures on how to attempt a 20 or 25 marks essay, write its outline and introduction and prove your arguments with relevant evidence in the essay’s body paragraphs. 

1- Introduction

  • The backbone of any democracy is an independent, professional and responsible media. 
  • Responsible media can bring transparency to the country’s social and political affairs. 
  • It prevents a country from ongoing social, political and economic challenges.

2- What is meant by responsible media?

  • It eliminates all social evils and brings peace and harmony among nations.

3- Role of media in contemporary times

4- How can the Role of responsible media uplift a country?

  • Gives knowledge about new things
    • Evidence: Around 21% of Americans get their current knowledge through media channels (Pew Research Center)
  • Warns the country about upcoming disasters
    • Evidence: During the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, ethical reporting positively influenced public trust in the media. (WHO)
  • Discourages unethical factors of society
    • Evidence: The OHCHR conduct investigation, provide guidance and advocate for human rights across the world.
  • Promotes transparency of the government
    • Evidence: The Panama Papers leak revealed a massive global network of offshore tax evasion and money laundering.
  • Supports Democracy
    • Evidence: Media enable citizens to access information, participate in public debates, and hold governments accountable. (UNESCO)

5- What are the consequences of biased media for a country?

  • Pushes a country into political turmoil
    • Evidence: It escalates political tensions and social conflicts by disseminating hate speech and engaging in biased reporting. (ECRI)
  • Causes clashes among the masses and the government
    • Evidence: RSF’s annual World Freedom Index accesses the state of media freedom and provides insights into instances where media and governments clash due to limitations on press freedom.

6- How to ensure the true role of social media

  • To motivate and unite people
  • To highlight the positive face of the country

7- Critical analysis

8- Conclusion

The backbone of a democratic country relies on its independent and responsible media. Through free and fair media, people can point out the shortcomings of a sitting government; hence, it highlights not only the ongoing challenges and their roots but also raises the voices of common people and their issues. In addition, the role of responsible media can help a country save itself from national and international devastations; thus, it gives knowledge to everyone, creates awareness among people, prevents social evils from society, and supports democracy in a country. In contrast, biased and unprofessional media plays a negative and unchangeable role in society. It pushes the nations into political unrest, civil clashes, and uncertain democratic norms, which can destabilize a country socio-politically and socio-economically. Thus, apart from showing negative news, the media channels should highlight a country’s positive situations and progress for social peace and national security. Moreover, it should educate and integrate the people through the patriotism campaign. As a result, a nation and the whole world can progress towards peace and prosperity and elevate the developing nations socially, politically, and economically.

Before discussing the role of media, understanding the term responsible media is imperative. The term media is used for all the means through which the current news and scenarios are discussed; further, all the information is transformed to the masses throughout the world. Thus, sometimes, it also knows as mass media. However, the true importance of media can ensure the responsibility of media. Responsible media always tries to eliminate the social evil from society and make a country a true democracy.

Unfortunately, in the present time, the media has lost its role due to promoting false news and combating the nations among themselves. A country raises propaganda against its enemy country and creates an ideological war between two nations. Moreover, due to technological advancement, most unauthorized and unofficial Television (TV) channels have emerged throughout the world; sadly, such kinds of media news promote fake and vague news about a particular issue. Thus, in modern times the knowledge and information through media is waste and uncountable, but picking true and real base facts from them is difficult for people. As a result, it puts people in doubt and uncertainty.

Nonetheless, the role of responsible media is much more needed for a country’s socio-political and economic development. Thus, there are some domains in which the media can excel itself and elevate the nations’ progress. Among them, the domain of knowledge is the first responsibility of media to educate people and reduce illiteracy. Education and knowledge can be any type, but they must be true and morally good for society. Thus, most of the young generation listens to the news to understand and know the present world’s political and social circumstances. According to Pew Research Center, around 21% of American people listen to news channels for political and social awareness. In a nutshell, the nations that have high professional and responsible media are more civilized and literate, and they touch the peaks of their advancement.

 Unfortunately, climate change and global warming have deconstructed the natural harmony and balance in nature. As a consequence, the world is facing natural calamities and social degradation. Thus, the role of media is more important for prevention and awareness of upcoming disasters. According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), During the Ebola outbreak in Nigeria, ethical reporting positively influenced the public trust in the media. Moreover, political and economic ties with other nations make the media a need of the hour because it warns the nations to prevent themselves from wars and disintegration. In short, responsible media protects countries and humanity from the brink of their lives.

Moreover, the growing number of social evil and disharmony in society awaken the media to prevent them. True professional media channels can play a positive role in making a nation morally prosperous and peaceful. Moreover, it raises some social campaigns against national and international enemies and makes them prosper in their agendas. For instance, The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) conduct investigation, provide guidance and advocate for human rights across the world. Apart from that, the increasing use of social media and online platforms for different fields needs media channels to protect them from online harassment and bullying. To sum up, the positive role of media has the potential to erase all the evils and make the world peaceful and harmonious.

Further, for the true implementation of democracy in a state, it is needed to be transparent the jobs of political authorities. In democratic countries, the concept of checks and balances in political affairs is common. For example, the Panama Papers leak revealed a massive global network of offshore tax evasion and money laundering. In addition, the media has the power to stop politicians and elite groups from corrupting the society and political structure of a country. All in all, it is the faithful role of media channels which can make nations politically strong in the world.

In the end, from all the above missions of social media, the nations become stronger in democracy. With transparency and check and balance, the nations decide their future by themselves. According to The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), media enable citizens to access information, participate in public debates, and hold governments accountable. In fact, no political figure or elite class can interfere in the will of a common person. Nonetheless, all the basic rights and the idea of disagreeing is possible because of the loyalty of the media. Therefore, the nations which are democratically strong are due to the authenticity of democracy in people’s affairs.

Unfortunately, due to the misuse of social media, unofficial and unauthorized TV channels can spoil the duty of accurate, responsible media channels. Such kind of channels are only used for rating and subscriptions. As mentioned by Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI), the media escalates political tensions and social conflicts by disseminating hate speech and engaging in biased reporting. Sadly, they promote fake news about politicians and political ideas, due to which the elite group of society start fighting against each other. As a result, the common people face the harsh outcomes of political clashes and instability in a country.

In addition to that, the biased media make the masses of a country biased and oppose the politician as well as the country. It is more dangerous for a country because it brings revolution and destruction. As indicated by Reported Without Borders (RSF), the annual World Freedom Index accesses the state of media freedom and provides insights into instances where media and governments clash due to limitations on press freedom. Thus, unofficial and unprofessional media channels create hatred among people against politicians. As a result, unrest and uncertainty started in the country, and it lost its image across the world.

However, promoting the true essence of responsible media is pertinent for a country’s social and political progress. For this, the nations should take some positive steps to eliminate social and political unrest. Among them, it is important to motivate people about their identity and make them unite. Thus, if the people unite themselves in a single ideology and nationhood can never allow fake news to prevent them. Further, ensuring social identity can create a strong bond among the masses. In consequence, the country will be more peaceful and stronger.

Moreover, in modern times, uncertainty, unrest, and social evils can grow faster and more easily on media. Thus, most TV channels depict only the negative circumstances happening in the country. Therefore, it is the duty of the state and responsible media channels to highlight the positive aspects and progressive movements of the country. As a result, it can reduce the growing disasters of hatred and prejudices among different ethnic groups and societies. 

Critically, the countries’ peace and progress are most important for their socio-political development. For that reason, the role of media can play a beneficial part; thus, it is the media which educate the people and make them the growing civilization of the world. Although, technological advancement has badly affected the true essence of professional media channels, which are the key figures in elevating the nation’s socially connected, morally heightened, and politically strengthened.  Therefore, it is most important to set and overcome the economic and political uncertainty across the globe through media channels. In consequence, the lives of innocent people and unrest in developing countries can pe prevented, and they will live with peace and prosperity.

To conclude, the political system and social culture of the country is actually the depiction of media. It is the media which can make a country the world’s most powerful democracy because it not only transparent the political jobs of the government but also educate the people to unite and choose their own system. Thus, responsible media is bound to eliminate evils, unrest, uncertainty and political turmoil from society. On the other hand, biased and unauthorized media channels bring destruction, hat, and devastation among the nations. Therefore, the faithfulness and maturity of the media is needed to educate the people and unite them for peace and prosperity. In short, the positive role of media can save the lives of innocent people and uplift them educationally, morally, and economically in the world. 

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